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Department Information

The SDSU Police Department is charged with protecting the largest university in the state of South Dakota. With an average daily population of 13,000 students, and another 2,200 employees, faculty and visitors the SDSU PD is a full service law enforcement agency.

Currently the SDSU Police Department is comprised of 12 state certified law enforcement officers. They include the Chief of Police, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Detective, 2 Corporals and 6 Patrolmen.

The department is responsible for protecting the campus community, ensuring a safe environment for continued education, providing enhanced security for the campus infrastructure and large scale public events, investigating crimes, providing uniformed patrol, deterring and detecting criminal activity and other policing services as needed. All of the responsibilities have a proactive approach to stop criminal behavior before it happens.

All of our officers have specialized in their area of their job. They annually attend advance trainings to learn more about that specialized area of law enforcement. Members of the Investigations Division have attended over 800 hours of training specific to their division.