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Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report
South Dakota State University

Message from Tim Heaton, Chief of University Police

Welcome Jackrabbits!

You have made a great choice to come to South Dakota State University. The University Police Department (UPD) provides many services to the university community. Department contact and other valuable information is available on the University Police Department website. The safety of our community is an obligation we share with the rest of the university community. A safe community requires the engagement and active participation of all members of the community. The University Police Department works to create a strong partnership with the community to create an inviting and safe community.

Contained in this page is the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (ASR). This document provides information so members of the community can make informed decision about their own safety. Additionally, the ASR provides statistical information about crimes occurring on SDSU Clery geography, educational programs and other resources and information regarding the rights and responsibilities for both victims of crimes and those accused of committing crimes. Information is provided on the reporting of crimes, to include confidential reports and victims’ rights and responsibilities. I hope you find this information valuable!

Tim Heaton
Chief of the University Police Department

Emergency Contacts

  • UPD: 111 from campus phone
  • UPD: 605-688-5117
  • Brookings Police Department: 911

Jackrabbit Guardian App

The vice president for technology and security, or designee, is responsible for the ad hoc and annual review of this policy and its procedures. The university president is responsible for approval of this policy.

Source: Approved by president on Feb. 5, 2015.