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UPD Firearms Storage

South Dakota State University realized that some of our students participate in activities that involve firearms. After very careful consideration, involving input from many sectors of the campus community, it was decided that there was a need to offer safe and secure storage of firearms.

Firearm Storage Information

The SDSU Police Department offers safe and secure storage for firearms. We strongly encourage you to plan ahead and use the on-line submission form. 

Firearms may be checked in or out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

If it is outside normal business hours contact the SDSU PD by phone (605-688-5117) before coming to the department to verify if an officer is available. Persons checking firearms in or out may be subject to waiting for a police officer to become available.

Storage Instructions

  • (Initial Storage) Fill out and submit the Firearm Application and Agreement (One for each firearm).
  • Contact the SDSU Police Department at 605-688-5117 to make arrangements to meet with an officer at the department. (1405 Jackrabbit Avenue)
  • You must legally transport the firearm(s) to the SDSU Police Department.
  • During normal business hours, bring the lockable cased, unloaded firearm to the SDSU Police Department parking area, the on-duty officer will meet you at your vehicle.
  • The firearm must be secured with your own trigger lock. We are not able to provide you with a trigger lock. An integrated trigger locking device on the firearm itself will fulfill this requirement.
  • No ammunition will be accepted.
  • Anyone wishing to store a firearm must provide a current SDSU ID or valid state issued driver’s license.
  • You will be provided a receipt for each firearm.

Retrieval Instructions

  • Contact the SDSU Police Department at 605-688-5117 to make arrangements to meet with an officer at the police department.
  • Bring a vehicle to the SDSU Police department parking area to transport your firearm off campus.
  • You must present the officer with the firearm receipt, current SDSU ID or valid State issued driver’s license to validate ownership.
  • You will sign the firearms transfer log, indicating the firearm is now in your possession.
  • The officer will escort you and the firearm out of the department.