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SDSU Dairy Bar

Attached to the Davis Dairy Plant, the SDSU Dairy Bar offers dairy products manufactured by students in a pleasant setting.  If you haven’t tried SDSU ice cream yet, it’s time.

Food Network Magazine said it, and we’ll say it again, the SDSU Dairy Bar sells the best ice cream treat in South Dakota. SDSU’s Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream voted in 2013 the best ice cream treat in the state!

Manufactured by SDSU students, our cow-to-cone ice cream process ensures visitors a memorable scoop.

More than 60 decadent flavors of rich, homemade ice cream and sherbet are served at the Dairy Bar and can be purchased in half-gallon containers.

So, come grab a cup of coffee, taste our ice cream and see for yourself that SDSU ice cream is worth the scoop!