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Dairy Plant Video

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Students in the Dairy Science program supplement rigorous classroom time with hands-on experience in SDSU's state-of-the-art farm-to-table dairy processing. SDSU students process raw milk into finished dairy products such as pasteurized milk, ice cream, cheese and butter.



The SDSU Davis Dairy Plant opened in 2011 and includes the industry's latest innovations and technology. The Dairy Plant processes approximately 10,000 pounds of milk a week and employs more than 20 students part time.


Milk Receiving Room

In the milk receiving room, SDSU students clean, check and change all equipment for the handling of raw milk after it arrives from the dairy farm.


Cheese Production

Cheddar, Colby, Cojack, Jalapeno, Monterey Jack, Caraway - it's all made here in 210 pound batches.


Fluid Milk Processing

SDSU students demonstrate the steps from taking whole milk through separation, pasteurization and packaging skim milk, 2 percent milk and chocolate milk for use on campus.


Ice Cream Production

Producing the more than 60 flavors of SDSU ice cream takes several procedures and tests to take the beginning materials to the final product sold on campus and throughout the state.


Dry Ingredients Room

The state-of-the-art equipment in the dry ingredients room allows SDSU to make nonfat dry milk. The university and industry has used the room for research and production of dairy and non-dairy products.


Sales and Marketing

In addition to creating new ice cream flavors, SDSU students are involved in the production, promotion and pricing of products at the SDSU Davis Dairy Plant and Dairy Bar.