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About the Department

Welcome from the Department Head

Welcome to the Dairy and Food Science Department at South Dakota State University. We offer outstanding opportunities for initiating careers in the areas of dairy production, dairy manufacturing and food science which enables students and faculty to cover the entire spectrum of dairying, extending into food. Department faculty and staff members, with their experience, recognized expertise and passion for teaching, research and service enable undergraduate and graduate students to shape their careers that will prepare them for life-long, fulfilling careers in their chosen fields. The Alfred Dairy Science Hall, the state of the art Davis Dairy Plant and the Dairy Research and Training Facility (dairy farm) together are central to supporting students for productive interaction with faculty and staff, while receiving hands-on experiential learning in activities ranging from production of milk to processing milk, and applications in foods. Students have the option of working towards bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees.  Generous scholarship support is provided each year as well as proactive support to students for identifying internship and permanent employment opportunities. Our students typically have multiple job offers well before graduation. We also have strong support of alumni and industry personnel for further enhancing your dairy and food career development journey. Whether you are an aspiring faculty member, staff member, or student, I am confident that you will find the offerings in the department to be most valuable in supporting your goals. I welcome you to visit our facilities and personnel and invite you to become a part of this exciting program.

Dr. Sanjeev Anand
Interim Department Head and Professor
Dairy and Food Science Department