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History of SDSU Ice Cream

Sales clerk with student

Our Ice Cream History

It’s been more than a century since the first commercial ice cream was made it SDSU, and over time, it has evolved from a dessert bought for special occasions at the drug store, to a regularly eaten food found in the freezer of many American homes.

1910: SDSU made its first commercial ice cream.

1929: A service counter was built in the south end of the creamery where college students sold ice cream, butter, cheese and milk.

1948: 5-cent ice cream cones were sold at the original Dairy Bar.

1960: The price of sugar and other ice cream ingredients began an upward spiral, driving up the price of ice cream; half-gallon containers sold in U.S. stores for 79 cents.

1962: Glenda Rasmussen, wife of Wayne Rasmussen—SDSU football player and subsequently for the Detroit Lions—was the Dairy Bar sales clerk.

1979: Oreo ice cream, later named Cookies ‘n Cream, was invented by dairy plant manager Shirley Seas and dairy science students Joe Leedom and Joe Van Treeck.

1990: The department became a recognized leader in the development of low-fat cheese and ice cream products.

2004: SDSU ice cream sales went statewide; proceeds help support the dairy student education.

2006: In honor of the 125th anniversary of SDSU, the dairy science department launched Campanile Crunch ice cream. The flavor captures SDSU’s contributions to the state in the past 125 years, containing a unique mixture of wheat, oats, honey-roasted soy nuts, sunflower seeds, corn sweetener and chocolate chips.

2011: The newly renovated Dairy Bar and Davis Dairy Plant opened.

2013: SDSU Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream named best ice cream treat in South Dakota by Food Network Magazine.

2015: Student edition ice cream and 4 oz packages introduced.