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Growing, High-Performing & Healthy Department

Davis Dairy Plant


Davis Dairy Plant: built with industry and dairy farmer support, it is a one of a kind facility for innovations in dairy processing research and teaching

  1. Infuse core values throughout the university
    • Embrace a culture of responsibility and accountability to our university.
    • Promote faculty, staff and student leadership across campus.
    • 40% of students will have an ACT of 25 or more.
    • 10% of undergraduate students will be enrolled in the Honors College.
    • Develop joint degree programs with dairy and food-related international institutions.
    • Develop a Dairy and/or Food Engineering option in collaboration with the College of Engineering, including a dairy specific engineering course.
    • Develop a collaboration with the Management program in the Economics Department.
    • Initiate on-line courses in Dairy and Food Science.


  2. Grow and sustain financial resources aligned with the mission of the department and SDSU
    • Increase undergraduate student enrollment through the initiation of a targeted recruitment committee.
    • Recruit undergraduate students from at least eight states other than SD, MN, IA and NE.
    • Increase scholarship opportunities for students in Dairy Science.
    • Increase external grants, contracts, and gifts.
    • Continue existing endowed Chair and initiate others.
    • Maintain dairy plant revenues through continued sales of products and services to industry.
    • Investigate potential for synergistic linkages with other universities and programs (i.e. synergy between Culinology programs at Southwest Minnesota State and Mitchell Technical Institute and the Food Science Curriculum)


  3. Structure department resources to achieve strategic priorities
    • Create a culture that encourages and supports collaboration, creativity and bold ideas.
    • Implement systems that incorporate efficiencies and continuous improvement.
    • Expand capabilities for processing dairy-based ingredients within the Davis Dairy Plant.
    • Develop ingredients from materials currently considered dairy by-products to improve functionality of new and existing dairy-based food products.

Goals & Strategies