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DFS Student Scholarships

DFS Scholarships

Through the support of alumni, industry and friends Dairy and Food Science (DFS) students are supported through scholarships and awards totaling nearly $170,000 for current undergraduate students and graduate students. Scholarships for incoming students are also made available through SDSU Admissions. In 2024, a total of 110 DFS scholarships and awards were awarded to 53 DFS students. A list of all Dairy Science scholarships is provided below. Awards are made at the Dairy and Food Science scholarships and awards banquet in the second week of April.

Other scholarship opportunities are also available to Dairy and Food Science students, e.g., from the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board, FFA, Duane Rath Foundation, Institute of Food Technologists and others. These will be announced as they become available.

2024 Dairy and Food Science Department Scholarships
Scholarship NameTotal Amount Awarded
Agropur Inc - Dairy Manufacturing$2,000
Agropur Inc - Dairy Production$2,000
Agropur/Jay Headley Memorial$1,500
Alfred Herman Rishoi Memorial$1,200
bel brands USA$3,000
Clyde G. and June R. Helsper Memorial$2,500
Clyde G. Helsper SD Dairy Field Representative funded by Central Plains Dairy Foundation$2,000
Dairy Connection Inc.$1,500
Dairy Club$2,500
Dairy Farmers of America$500
Dairy Fest$1,000
Dairy Science$2,000
Dairy Science Faculty$1,800
David A. Thompson in Dairy Manufacturing$5,500
David A. Thompson in Dairy Science$5,500
David H. Henry Memorial$600
David J. and Darlene K. Schingoethe in Dairy Science$1,500
De Laval Animal Welfare$1,000
De Laval Future of Dairy$1,000
De Laval We Live Milk$1,000
Dr. Vikram Mistry Endowment$2,200
Ed & Jennifer Bick Food Science$1,500
Emery H. Bartle Memorial$7,500
George Marx in Dairy Production$1,000
I-29 Legend-Dairy Golf Tournament$10,600
Idaho Milk Processors Association$4,000
James Marvel Memorial$400
John Anderson Memorial $6,000
John C. Gross$1,000
Joseph Van Treeck$2,000
Kemps LLC$1,500
Kenneth I. Gross In Dairy Production$600
Kirk and Dorothy Mears Memorial$1,050
Lactalis Dairy Manufacturing$4,000
Land O'Lakes Dairy Science$300
Leprino Foods$4,000
Midwest Dairy Association$10,000
MN Institute of Food Technologists$1,000
North Central Cheese Industries Association$6,175
Ode Family$500
Pete Behrends Memorial$3,000
Prairie Farms$2,000
Ralph Rogers Memorial$400
Robert Chamberlin in Food Science$1,300
Rogers Dairy$1,100
Ross Baker$500
Royal D. and Helen B. Doner in Dairy Production$400
Ryan Graber Memorial$1,000
Saputo Cheese USA$2,000
Sara Sontag Schmitt Memorial - AMPI$1,000
Schreiber Foods, Inc. $5,000
Schuch Family$2,000

SD Dairy Field Representative

funded by the Central Plains Dairy Foundation

SD Dairy Producers funded by the Central Plains Dairy Foundation$2,000
SDState Dairy Association funded by the Central Plains Dairy Foundation$6,000
Shirley Seas Memorial$450
Susan Hawkins$2,000
Valley Queen Charitable Foundation$10,000
Walt and Yvonne Wosje$2,000
William and Marge Kallemeyn & Sons$1,800

2024 Dairy and Food Science Department Student Awards
Award NameTotal Amount Awarded
Alfred and Hilde Tobkin Memorial$1,300
Arnold Hippen Dairy Challenge$800
Dairy Judging Manufacturing$150
Dairy Judging Production$150
Forbes Leadership$300
Howard Voelker Memorial$560
LeRoy Graber-Ford$300
Non-Dairy Science Student Dairy Club$1,000
Sara Sontag Schmitt Dairy Club Memorial$1,000
Delbert and Robert Breazeale Memorial - Graduate$3,100
Dairy Products Judging Graduate Student$325

2024 College Scholarships Awarded to DFS Students 
Scholarship NameTotal Amount Awarded
CAFES Dean's Excellence$2,000
Frank E. and Josephine Kaberna Memorial in Agriculture$650
J and J Sisco$13,000
Jackrabbit Journey Dual Credit$1,000
Merlin J. Snyder in Agriculture$2,000
Yellow and Blue$15,000