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SDSU Public Event Accessibility Resources

As South Dakota State University is a recipient of federal funds, any program or activity at the university must be accessible to individuals with disabilities. The following information related to accessibility issues should be considered while planning a university-sponsored event. 

  • Make every effort to locate your event in an accessible location. (Note: If you hold your event at an inaccessible location and an individual shows up using a wheelchair or assistive mobility device, you are required by law to accommodate him or her).
  • Individuals with disabilities who would like to attend this event, please contact [insert event sponsor’s name and phone #] regarding any special accommodation needs. It is requested that individuals requiring auxiliary aids such as sign language interpreters and alternative format materials notify the event sponsor at least seven working days in advance. Every reasonable effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations in an effective and timely manner.”
  • Design all advertisements to include a disability statement so that individuals with disabilities can request program accommodations and dietary needs at least three weeks prior to the event. An example of the statement follows:
    • “South Dakota State University is committed to ensuring that no individual with a disability is excluded, or denied access because of the absence of auxiliary aids or services. If you plan to request specific dietary needs, or programmatic accommodations, (sign language interpreter, alternate format for print information), please contact the coordinator of the program with your requested accommodations prior to the event (three weeks in advance is suggested). If you use a wheelchair or other mobility assistive device, please notify the coordinator of the program prior to the event (three weeks in advance is suggested).”
  • Reserve seats in the front of the venue for persons who might have visual or auditory limitations.
  • If a sign language interpreter is requested, the local resource for this service is Interpreter Services, LLC. Their phone number is 605-331-7800. (Note: It is the responsibility of the sponsoring university department or organization to provide the funding for these services.)
  • It is important to become familiar with the accessibility features of the building in which your event is located.


Campus accessible parking and building entrances map on Parking Services.

Large Print:

Requests for Large Print may be accommodated by either enlarging the material to the requested type size prior to printing, scan or photocopy the material and then enlarge it if it is not available electronically. It is a good idea to ask what their preferred format is before generating materials for them.

FM/Assistive listening systems:

  • PAC has them available for check out to guests. The Student Union has a system available for use.
  • Sign Language Interpreters:
    • Interpreter Services Inc., LLC
    • 605-331-7800
    • Please contact them as soon as the need is known. They have scheduling and cancellation policies. The event sponsor is responsible for funding this service.


  • If you are planning an event that involves transporting participants:
    • State Motor pool: a wheelchair-lift van is available. Standard reservation fees apply. Office number: 605-688-4323.
    • The Brookings Area Transit Authority (BATA): their fleet has wheelchair-lift vehicles. Some scheduling restrictions apply. Office number: 605-692-5416.
    • Harms Charter Service: their fleet has large capacity buses capable of interstate travel. 605-336-3339.