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Interfraternity Council

Interfraternity Council

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body for the 8 fraternities at South Dakota State University.  The IFC is made up of the council's executive board and delegates from each chapter.  IFC creates and implements policies, programs, and other learning opportunities for its member chapters and serves as a liaison between the fraternity community and various SDSU departments and offices.  The IFC focuses on recruitment, social experiences, leadership development, community service, campus involvement, fraternal spirit, and academic achievement.

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Interfraternity Council

Interfraternity Council Recruitment

The Interfraternity Council supports two phases of recruitment:  Informal and Semi-Formal.  Semi-Formal recruitment takes place during the first 3 weeks of fall semester.  Interested men attend events hosted by chapters either at their chapter houses or around campus.  Informal recruitment takes place during the spring semester and over the summer.  Individual chapters decide to what extent they recruit and what events they hold during these times.

Interfraternity Council Chapters

Alpha Gamma Rho  ΑΓΡ

Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) is a unique fraternity at South Dakota State University. In AGR, you will get the opportunity to experience both a social and a professional aspects of fraternity life. AGR does what you expect a social fraternity to do: socialize with other students on campus and people in the community. AGR is similar to other social fraternities in that it has a strong group of members and a house you can live in during your college years. While we all enjoy the social side of the fraternity, AGR offers more. AGR is a professional fraternity as well, building our men to be active, engaged professionals in agriculture. No matter where the road will take you after college, you can go forward, knowing that you have become a better person during your time in AGR. All members have related career interests and backgrounds, which provides brotherhood to everyone. AGR is for young men pursuing any career related to the agriculture, food or fiber industries. We are always helping one another reach their goals, and we hope to be the people to make a difference in the future of the agricultural industry.

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Alpha Gamma Rho

Delta Chi  ΔΧ

Delta Chi is an international social fraternity that strives to promote friendship, develop character, advance justice and assist in the acquisition of a sound education.  We offer scholarship opportunities to our members as well as connections and real-world experiences to benefit themselves now and in the future.  Our chapter here at South Dakota State University is built upon the three pillars of world travel, leadership, and personal development.  We seek out men that can positively contribute to our fraternity and are interested in joining a lifelong brotherhood.

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Delta Chi

FarmHouse  FH

FarmHouse is a men's collegiate fraternity founded in 1905 at the University of Missouri. Today, we have 32 chapters both in the United States and Canada. The South Dakota State Chapter was founded in 1966 and has 48 members currently. The ideals and goals of our fraternity can best be described in the statement of our Object.

The object of our fraternity is to promote good fellowship, to encourage studiousness, and to inspire its members in seeking the best in their chosen lines of study as well as in life. Progress shall mark our every step; the spirit of congeniality shall reign at all times; and every member shall be honest with himself as with his brothers. Men elected to our membership are considered to be of good moral character, to be high in scholarship, to have the capacity for meeting and making friends, and to give promise of service to their fellowmen and to the world. To be and become such may at times require a sacrifice of time, pleasures and comforts.

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Lambda Chi Alpha  ΛΧΑ

Through our Core Values and ritualistic teachings , Lambda Chi Alpha aims to systematically develop our men by fundamentally shaping who they are, what they know, and what they can do.

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Lambda Chi Alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha   ΠΚΑ (PIKE)  

Pi Kappa Alpha is founded on the four pillars of SLAG (Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentleman). First, our success in the classroom is of the utmost importance to our chapter. Second, the men of PIKE are leaders on campus and also in the community of Brookings. Pi Kappa Alpha has members in a wide variety of clubs and with a variety majors, with no specific major required to join. PIKE also promotes intramural participation on campus and athletics in general. Finally, the men of PIKE are gentleman not only on campus but in the community of Brookings as well. 

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Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE)

Sigma Alpha Epsilon  ΣΑΕ

Sigma Alpha Epsilon's mission is to advance the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service for our members throughout life.

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Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Phi Delta  ΣΦΔ

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Sigma Phi Delta

Sigma Phi Epsilon  ΣΦΕ (SigEp)

SigEp is redefining fraternity on college campuses across the country. We complement a man’s education by delivering a premier student experience in one of the most formative times of his life. Through SigEp, men strengthen their character, build leadership and interpersonal skills, and learn to develop healthy, lifelong relationships that are essential to a successful and fulfilling life. SigEp was founded with the Cardinal Principles of Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love. Our mission is “Building Balanced Men,” which is achieved through a commitment to Sound Mind and Sound Body.

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Sigma Phi Epsilon