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Event Services

Event Services strives to provide SDSU students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community with friendly, efficient and dependable full service special events, meeting and conference coordination. Our goal is to provide accurate and efficient reservation information and scheduling, and to educate users about the planning process. This will help ensure a successful event as well as provide the individual with the resources necessary to plan and execute events successfully.

Reservations for rooms and audio-visual equipment can be made through Event Services at Information Exchange or through Central Reservations.

Event Services Road Map

Although not required for expressive activities by students, staff, and their guests in many outdoor areas of campus per University Policy 6:8, reservations are required for using indoor spaces in the Union and elsewhere on campus for events.  Reservations ensure that there are no double bookings for needed space and that all campus entities and service providers know you’re planning an activity. Contact Information Exchange (605-688-6127) or Central Reservations (605-688-4022) to reserve your space. Reservable spaces in the Union include the Volstorff Ballroom (VBR), 19 different conference rooms, the Market Stage, Jack’s Place, various lounges, Main Street Tables as well as exterior patio spaces adjacent to the Union. Registered Student Organizations can reserve space within the Union up to seven semesters in advance (3.5 years).

Depending on the space you’re reserving and the number of attendees you expect, you may be required to complete a SAARF. The SAARF is designed to ensure that all customers are aware of policies governing special activities and complete the necessary signatures to receive approval (facility manager, contract approval, State Tech, Catering, event parking reservations and security). If your space requires you to complete a SAARF, it will be attached to your reservation confirmation email. Print it off and review the process outlined on the form.

Call Event Services at 605-688-4960 to schedule a meeting with staff to review your event plans and if applicable, get signatures for the SAARF. You’ll meet with our assistant director of event services and union operations manager who will help guide you through the signature process. Some things to note about facility usage:

  1. All reservable spaces can be used by recognized student organizations in their standard configurations free of charge. A map of standard room configurations as well as seating capacities can be found by visiting our Central Reservations website. Union Room Capacities (PDF). 
  2. Spaces without fixed conference room tables can be customized for a setup fee based on the space used. All customizations need to be completed by Union staff. If the client customizes rooms on their own, a setup fee will still be assessed.  Make sure to communicate your setup needs with our event services staff and we will make the event as close to a plug and play event as possible. Our event planners are on staff and ready to assist you in realizing your vision for your event.
  3. All conference rooms include projectors and screens. The Union does not provide computers but groups are welcome to use their own laptops or can check out a laptop from Information Exchange for same day usage from the Information Exchange. Checkout laptops are first come, first serve and cannot be reserved or removed from the building.

State Tech operates and maintains lighting, stage and sound equipment to service students and university needs across campus ranging from lectures, dances, movies and major concerts. Arrangements for AV can be made at the time of your planning meeting. State Tech has the first right of refusal for audio service within the Union unless groups can provide documentation showing outside service providers are donating their equipment and time.

Any organization wishing to advertise within the Student Union will need to meet with BluePrint Staff in the lower-level of the Union. Banners and t-stands are reservable spaces for advertising campus events. All reservable spaces must be designed by BluePrint staff. In addition BluePrint staff can design and print additional marketing materials for use outside the Union, if the organization desires. All billing can be added to current reservations.

Once your SAARF is complete, turn it in to Information Exchange at least three working days prior to your event.

If event details change, be sure to contact Event Services to update the service providers the plans. Their focus is to make your event successful so communication is key!

If the customer confirms a reservation, it is expected that the requestor will either use the facility or cancel the reservation with at least 24 hour notice. Customers who do not utilize reserved facilities and do not cancel with a minimum of 24-hour notice will be responsible for the applied fees and/or a cancellation fee.

  • Failure to notify Central Reservations of a cancellation will result in forfeiture of all deposits or other payments. Any meeting room rental or other billable items as a result of services rendered without notice of cancellation will also be invoiced and collected.

Personal items left in a room are removed to the Information Exchange lost and found. It is the customers’ responsibility to retrieve such items.

General Information/Reservation Policies:

  1. Reservations can be made by SDSU Student Organizations free of charge.
  2. The renter is allowed a maximum of two tables at one time, unless pre-approved by the Union Operations Manager or Assistant Director of Events Services.
  3. Tables cannot be reserved for more than five working days in a row and no more than two work weeks in a row, unless pre-approved by the union operations manager or assistant director of events services. 
  4. Approved Business at tables include:
    1. General Information Booth
    2. Merchandise sales (Appropriate form completion is required)
    3. Lottery or Raffle Sales (Appropriate form completion is required)
    4. Group Fundraising
  5. Table Representation:
    1. Tables must have a sponsor representative present for the duration of the reservation.
      1. Sponsor representative is defined as: being currently involved with an organization/department and currently an SDSU student or staff member.
    2. If the Information Exchange staff or Union Operations Manager speaks with a sponsor three times about lack of representation at the reserved table(s), the sponsor will lose the rights to reserve Main Street Tables for two weeks.
  6. Main Street Reservation Guidelines for Merchandise Sales
    1. The use of space for any type of sales (merchandise or fundraising) requires the completion of a Main Street Sales/Fundraising Form 
    2. On-campus affiliates desiring Main Street table reservations for the purpose of sales with the items supplied by an outside vendor must work with the union services manager or assistant director of event services to ensure that policies are followed for Non-Affiliated Users.
    3. All merchandise must be confined to the Main Street area.
    4. Meeting rooms may be reserved for sales requiring more tables or a larger display area.
    5. In special cases, other areas may be used for sales upon prior approval from the union operations manager or the assistant director for event services (The Union, Room 150).
    6. Merchandise, which promotes the use, refers to or depicts alcohol or controlled substances, is prohibited.
    7. Any merchandise carrying the name or logo of South Dakota State University or Hobo Day (in any form) must be approved by University Marketing and Communications before the sale can begin.
    8. Prepared food/beverage sales are prohibited without prior approval from SDSU Dining Services.
  7. University Lottery/Raffle Requests:
    1. All Student Organizations/Affiliated customers wishing to conduct a lottery or raffle must submit a completed Lottery/Raffle Request to the Information Exchange Desk located in the Student Union. Forms are available in Information Exchange and must be submitted two weeks prior to offering chances so approval can be directed by the Executive Director of the Union. 
    2. By signing the request form, the sponsoring organization agrees not to engage in house-to-house solicitation within the city of Brookings. 
    3. If a prize containing alcohol is offered, the sponsoring organization agrees to also offer a non-alcoholic prize as an alternative. Both prizes must be equally advertised.  
    4. In addition, the sponsoring organization agrees that the proceeds from the lottery or raffle will not benefit any individual.