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The Advisor's Signature

As an Advisor you may be asked to sign a number of different forms for your organization. When signing any form, review each item carefully and ask questions. Do not just sign your name without reviewing the information. 

When signing an SAARF Form review each item and ask questions about the event. Without an Advisor signature, the event cannot take place. When signing SAARF forms or other documents for the organization consider the following: 

  • Has the event been planned carefully? Has a SAARF been completed? 
  • Is there support for the event? Are the members and other students excited and willing to participate in the event? 
  • Are students aware of University policies and state and federal regulations that may be relevant? Identifying policies may be a useful opportunity to help members learn how to plan ahead. 
  • Contracts cannot be signed by Advisors. No officers, members or Advisors should sign contracts of any kind with an entity outside the University. Contracts presented to RSOs should be brought to the Office of Student Activities to obtain the proper signatures. RSOs do not have the legal authority to enter into a contract. Any person that signs a contract, except for the University approved signatories, will become personally liable for the agreement.