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Licensed Vendors & Royalties

  • A university-licensed vendor must be used to produce all products utilizing a university logo, wordmark or registered verbiage. Exceptions will be made only for highly specialized items that current vendors do not already have. A one-time licensing waiver must be obtained from Trademarks and Licensing prior to placing an order.
  • Failure to use a licensed vendor and have artwork approved will result in the university confiscating and destroying the items at the club’s expense.
  • Apparel and merchandise for student clubs and organizations are subject to royalties. The only royalty exception is official uniforms for athletic play (t-shirts do not qualify).
  • The 10 percent royalty payment is paid to the university by the vendor, not the club or organization. The vendor will include this fee in the overall price of the product. When receiving a quote, be sure to ask if it includes the royalty fee or if royalties will be added on top of the quote.
  • The royalties paid to the university fund student scholarships.