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Summer Term

SDSU offers a variety of courses throughout the summer for students to continue their studies. Wondering what courses are available? Browse for summer classes on Self-Service.

2023 Summer Term

SessionDateDrop Date with Full Refund
May InterimMay 8 - May 26May 9
10-week SessionMay 30 - August 4June 4
First 5-week SessionMay 30 - June 30June 1
Second 5-week SessionJuly 3 - August 4July 5
Summer 2023 Graduation Applications DueTBD 

Note: Some courses have a different start, end, drop, and withdraw dates; View the full list of these details.

Browse for Online Summer Classes

Getting Started.

If you are a current SDSU student, please utilize your academic advisor and Banner self-service to register for summer courses.

Contact the Office of Admissions at 605-688-4121 to adjust your start term at SDSU from fall 2023 to summer 2023. The Office of Admissions will assist through advising and registration ahead of your New Student Orientation program this summer.

Interested in getting started at SDSU this summer and pursuing your degree? Apply to SDSU now as a degree-seeking student.

What you’ll need:

Completed Admission Application

  • Choose your degree path and intention within the application
  • Indicate location as main campus or online
  • Submit transcripts necessary based on your past education
  • Submit $20 application fee



Interested in taking an online course through SDSU but not a full program? This is the place for you. We have a wide variety of courses available online that you may take for professional development or just for fun. Apply to SDSU as a non-degree seeking student. (Not eligible for financial aid.)

What you'll need:

Completed Admissions Application

  • Choose “I do not plan to pursue a degree and will be taking courses as a non-degree seeking student. I understand that this educational goal does not qualify me to receive federal financial aid.”
  • Indicate location as “Online”
  • An application fee is not required for non-degree seeking students



To apply for summer financial aid, first make sure you filed the FAFSA for the upcoming school year and the results have been sent to SDSU (code 003471). You must also complete the Summer Financial Aid Application (available in March) and return it to the Financial Aid Office.

For registration questions email CDE or call 605-688-4154.