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Online Graduate Degrees

Career enhancement at your fingertips.

A fully accredited master’s degree is highly attainable no matter your geographic location. Access to the internet and the desire to enhance your career are the first requirements of earning an SDSU online graduate degree.

Wherever you live, you can earn an online graduate degree from SDSU.

All graduate degrees are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission North Central Association and/or other accrediting bodies. 

Your major options.

A graduate degree can improve your pay, your job skills and your overall abilities. SDSU offers a variety of Master’s degree options that can be earned from your web-connected device of choice.


Ready to begin the next phase of your career?

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Professional Certification/Licensure

South Dakota State University offers a variety of courses and programs online and is committed to providing a quality education to help you reach your professional goals. Some professions require certification or licensure in order to practice/work in the field; for instance, a student must hold a teacher certification to teach or a nurse must be licensed to work in a hospital. SDSU strives to assist students through its programs and curriculum to allow you to meet certification and licensure requirements in South Dakota; however, these requirements do vary by the state in which you live and work. If you are seeking certification or licensure you should contact the appropriate governing body (ex. Department of Education, Board of Nursing, Board of Behavioral Sciences, etc.) for the relevant state professional certification or licensure requirements within the state you plan to work.  SDSU program advisors and faculty are willing to assist students in identifying the appropriate governing body in their home states and understanding requirements for certification or licensure.

Questions regarding Professional Certification/Licensure can also be directed to Continuing and Distance Education here.