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Academic Excellence

SDSU is committed to quality education both in the physical and online classroom. SDSU offers robust training and development opportunities for faculty to successfully transition courses to the online classroom to offer students a rich and rigorous educational experience.

Excellence in Online Teaching

The Excellence in Online Teaching award is to recognize an SDSU faculty member who has demonstrated commitment to excellence in online teaching and course development of for-credit courses through South Dakota State University.

Through this award SDSU recognizes outstanding online teaching faculty who:

  • Uses innovative and effective online teaching strategies and technologies that result in student engagement, student satisfaction and achievement of desired student learning outcomes.
  • Examines methods of assessment of student learning to inform teaching practices and reshape online courses based on an on-going and data-driven process.
  • Utilizes interactive strategies to promote and foster instructor-student interaction, student-student interaction and student collaboration in the online learning environment.
  • Exhibits a high level of instruction by using standards established by SDSU’s quality assurance review rubric.
  • Demonstrates dedication to enhancing online teaching skills, improving online curriculum and/or advancing research opportunities in the area of online education.


Academic YearRecipientDepartment


Jennifer Anderson

Communications and Journalism

2021-2022Stephen SnyderEnglish and Interdisciplinary Studies
2020-2021Marina HendricksCommunications and Journalism
2019-2020Becky DiischerMathematics
2018-2019April MyrickEnglish
2017-2018Rocky DaileyCommunications and Journalism
2016-2017Sarah ClarkMathematics
2015-2016Rocky DaileyCommunications and Journalism
2014-2015Lyle OlsonCommunications and Journalism

Online/Hybrid Instructor Certification Recognition

In order to enhance SDSU’s commitment to academic excellence, a training program has been designed specifically for online/hybrid instructors. This program focuses on the skills, knowledge and best practices required of high quality online/hybrid instruction. The program allows online/hybrid instructors to choose to become certified at one of three levels: Basic, Advanced and Master.

Ekaterina KoromyslovaConstruction and Operations Management
Larry BrowningPhysics
Madhav NepalBiology and Microbiology
Ryan McKnightEconomics
Steph JacobsonPharmacy and Allied Health Professions
Rebecca DiischerMath
Jodilyn AndrewsEnglish
Carol BirchNursing
Katie O’LearyEnglish
Sarah ThimsenPsychology
Amanda LambrechtsHealth and Nutritional Sciences
Aileen GarciaCounseling and Human Development
Albena YordanovaConstruction and Operation Management
Wendy AhrendsenMath and Statistics
Gary HatfieldMath and Statistics
Marvin BharMath and Statistics
Carri HalesMath and Statistics
Sarah ClarkMath and Statistics
Sarah MollmanNursing
Jo VossNursing
Hani GhoshehPlant Science
Marina HendricksJournalism and Mass Communication
Brandi PravecekNursing
Mary VockrodtNursing
LeAnn LambNursing
Alham AbuatiqNursing
Stella LiuHealth and Nutritional Sciences
Van Der Sluis, EverhardusEconomics
Nicole VelgersdkyCounseling and Human Development
Zhong Hu Mechanical Engineering
Steve WingateEnglish
Hung-Ling (Stella) LiuHealth and Nutritional Sciences
Janice Schardin Nursing
Patricia Da RosaNursing
Brandon VarilekNursing
May Beth JohnsonNursing
Wayne HintzNursing
Alper KayaalpPsychology
Xu LiConsumer Sciences
Leda CempellinSchool of Design
Kassandra EricksonAllied and Population Health
Takara SchombergNursing
Patrick VerleyNursing
Dannica CalliesNursing
Patricia Ahmed Sociology
SunWoo KangCounseling and Human Development
Sanjeev AnandDairy and Food Science
Lacey McCromackHealth and Nutritional Sciences
Peter WhiteTeaching, Learning and Leadership
Natalie MookUniversity College
William (Bill) AlsakerMathematics and Statistics
Byron Garry Construction and Operations Management
Anne Buttolph Nursing
Katherine Bissonette   Communication Studies and Theatre
Suzette Burckhard     Civil and Environmental Engineering
Gus Scully         University Center - Rapid City
Larry Taylor         School of Design
Cynthia Elverson       Nursing
Erika Huber               Nursing
Pat Tillie              Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions
Ruth Klawiter          Nursing
Roxanne Lucchesi       Journalism and Mass Communications
Paula Carson                 Nursing
Kay Foland               Nursing
Nicole Klein          Economics
Todd Trooien           Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Susanne Brokmeier     Teaching, Learning and Leadership
Annette Johnson  Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions
Christina PlemmonsNursing
Katherine Erdman Becker 
Axton Betz-HamiltonConsumer Science
Jessica SchadSociology
Jamie O'BrienEconomics
Heidi MennengaNursing
Robin BrownNursing
Jodilyn AndrewsEnglish
Cristina LammerNursing
Carol BirchNursing
Aileen GarciaCounseling and Human Development
Jo VossNursing
Albena YordanovaConstruction and Operations Management
Ekaterina KoromyslovaConstruction and Operations Management 
Aileen GarciaCounseling and Human Development
Robin ArendsNursing
Heidi PelzelNursing
Linda BurdetteNursing
Nicole VelgersdykCounseling and Human Development
Alhah Abuatiq Nursing
Katie O'LearyEnglish
Sarah ThimsenPsychology
Steven WingateEnglish
Jennifer AndersonCommunications and Journalism
Sarah MollmanNursing
Leda CempellinSchool of Design
Kassandra EricksonAllied and Population Health
Takara SchombergNursing
Patrick VerleyNursing
Dannica CalliesNursing
Brandon VarilekNursing
Stella LiuHealth and Consumer Sciences
Cori HeierNursing
Brandi PravecekNursing
Janice SchardinNursing
Karin Emery Nursing
Xu Li Health and Consumer Sciences
Nicole AlbertNursing
Kelsey RamlHealth and Nutritional Sciences
Jessica MeenderingHealth and Nutritional Sciences
Lori HayungsTeaching, Learning and Leadership
Mary BowneTeaching, Learning and Leadership
Lyle OlsonJournalism and Mass Communication
Karla HunterCommunication Studies
Melissa WuellnerNatural Resource Management
Nicole GravesTeaching, Learning and Leadership
Tami DaleCounseling and Human Development
Lisa MadsenEnglish
Lauri SohlGeography
Barbara ChristensenCounseling and Human Development
April MyrickEnglish
Rocky DaileyJournalism and Mass Communication
Elijah Van BenschotenSchool of Designs
Lynda VanhuizenTeaching, Learning and Leadership
Fathi HalaweishChemistry and Biochemistry
Melissa GranumUniversity College
Alexander (Sandy) SmartNatural Resource Management
Rebecca BrittJournalism and Mass Communication
George TsakiridisHistory
Elizabeth DrokeHealth and Nutritional Sciences
Erika HuberNursing
Sanjeev AnandDairy and Food Science
Susanne BrokmeierTeaching, Learning and Leadership
Ruth KlawiterNursing
Cynthia ElversonNursing
Jamie O'BrienNess School of Management and Economics
Albena YordanovaConstruction and Operation Management
Byron GarryConstruction and Operation Management
Todd TrooienAgricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Robin ArendsNursing
Heidi MennengaNursing
Anne ButtolphNursing
Ekaterina KoromyslovaEngineering
Paula CarsonNursing
Aileen GarciaCounseling and Human Development
Alham AbuatiqNursing
 Sarah MollmanNursing
Jo VossNursing
Stella LiuHealth and Consumer Sciences
Heidi PelzelNursing
Axton Betz-HamiltonHealth and Consumer Sciences
Amber JensenEnglish and Interdisciplinary Studies

Featured Faculty

Diischer serves as the online course coordinator to all online instructors within the math department to maintain consistency with course materials and prepares the teaching assistants to ensure they understand their important role in the online course.

In her online courses, Diischer focuses on how to help students learn and has embraced technology and new ideas in order to achieve that goal. Knowing that most students in her classes are not math majors, she incorporates real life problems to help students think about math in the context of their respective fields.

“She was an amazing teacher. I was a bit nervous about taking math online as I had never done it before. However, Mrs. Diischer was very helpful with any problems I had. These problems varied from actual math problems to technical problems to questions about the course. I really liked the content involved in this class, having some assignments on paper was really nice. Overall, this class taught me a lot and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering taking an online math class.”