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Summer Aid

To apply for summer financial aid, first make sure you filed the FAFSA for the upcoming school year and the results have been sent to SDSU (code 003471). You must also complete the Summer Financial Aid Application return it to the Financial Aid Office.

Typically, only Federal Loans and Federal Work-Study funds are available for summer. The 2017 Summer Financial Aid Application will be available on-line and in our office in April 2017. If you are eligible for a pell grant, you can receive it in the summer only if you forfiet it for the following spring semester. 

When a student receives financial aid in the summer, it is not an additional amount. The full amount the student is awarded for the year is split into three semesters (summer, fall, and spring), instead of two (fall and spring). 

Financial aid eligibility for summer classes is the same as the Fall and Spring semester requirements. A student must be:

  • registered as at least a half-time student (six undergraduate credits or five graduate credits)
  • enrolled in a degree program
  • in good-standing with federal student aid programs

Important: If you change your Summer enrollment by withdrawing, dropping or failing all classes, your aid is subject to reduction or cancellation.