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Professional Licensure and Certification

Professional Licensure and Certification Programs

South Dakota State University offers a variety of courses and programs online and is committed to providing a quality education to help you reach your professional goals. Some professions require certification or licensure in order to practice/work in the field; for instance, a student must hold a teacher certification to teach or a nurse must be licensed to work in a hospital. The curriculum for a number of degree programs at SDSU have been designed to meet the licensure/certification requirements in South Dakota, and prepare students to sit for licensure exams in South Dakota. The various licensure boards in each state are responsible for setting requirements for licensure/certification in their state and distance students with intent of returning or moving to any state other than South Dakota should be aware of the unique requirements for that state.

Students seeking to establish licensure outside the state of South Dakota can find information pertaining to the licensure requirements in their state in the following charts. You are encouraged to engage with an academic advisor prior to beginning any online academic program that would lead to licensure, in order to best understand the licensure program in your intended state of residence.

Assistance will be provided to candidates by contacting the person listed in the program information below:

Questions Regarding Professional Certification and Licensure?