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Military Science Leadership 401-402

Blackhawk Operations

MSL 401 Developing Adaptive Leaders
Introduces formal management skills including problem analysis, planning techniques, and the delegation and control of activities, providing an understanding of the command and staff organization used in the modern army and creating a forum for discussing professional and ethical decisions faced by commissioned officers. Corequisite course MSL 401L.

MSL 401L Developing Adaptive Leaders Lab
Designed to accompany MSL 401L. Corequisite course MSL 401.

MSL 402 Leadership in a Complex World
Provides information for transition to active or reserve commissioned service, developing administrative controls essential in managing a military organization, introducing the management of financial and personal affairs, and allowing time for discussion and analysis of the ethical decision-making process. Corequisite course MSL 402L.

MSL 402L Leadership in a Complex World Lab
Designed to accompany MSL 402. Corequisite course 402.