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Military Science Leadership 301-302

MSL 301 - Adaptive Team Leadership

Series of practical opportunities to lead small groups, receive personal assessments and encouragement and lead again in situations of increasing complexity. Uses small unit defensive tactics and opportunities to plan and conduct training for lower division students both to develop such skills and as vehicles for practicing leadership.

  • Corequisite course MSL 301L.

MSL 301L - Adaptive Team Leadership

Lab Provides the student with practical experience to supplement and reinforce classroom instruction. Subjects include drill and ceremonies, physical training instruction techniques and leadership, which will complement the student's preparation for camp.

  • Corequisite course MSL 301.

MSL 302 Leadership in Changing Environment

Continues methodology of MSL 301. Analyze tasks; prepare written or oral guidance for team members to accomplish tasks. Delegate tasks and supervise. Plan for and adapt to the unexpected in organizations under stress. Examine and apply lessons from leadership case studies. Examine importance of ethical decision making in setting a positive climate that enhances team performance.

  • Corequisite course MSL 302L.

MSL 302L - Leadership in Changing Environment Lab

Accompanies MSL 302.

  • Corequisite course MSL 302.

Advanced Course Physical Fitness

Required of students in MS 301, 302, 401 and 402, of which this program is an integral part. The Physical Fitness course has different roles for students at different levels in the program. Participate in and learn to plan and lead physical fitness programs. Develops the physical fitness required of an officer in the Army. Emphasis on the development of an individual fitness program and the role of exercise and fitness in one's life.