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Message from the Department Head

Welcome to the South Dakota State University, Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)! Our program is also affiliated with Dakota State University in Madison and Augustana University in Sioux Falls and is designed with one goal in mind—training tomorrow's leaders. We are known as The West Point of The Plains and are dedicated to the success of each and every student in the program. Since 1916, we have helped transform over a thousand students into effective Army, local, state and national leaders.

Jackrabbit Army ROTC prides itself on providing students with challenging adventures, rigorous physical fitness training and world class leadership training. We also have scholarship support programs that include tuition, fees and books as well as monthly stipends for those who qualify. We are looking for scholars, athletes, adventurers and students who want to become leaders in the Army and their civilian community. We can also guarantee the start to a career in one of the most respected organizations in America - is Army ROTC for you?

The Army ROTC program is an excellent way to gain an edge - students that participate in ROTC find they surpass their collegiate counterparts in terms of confidence, maturity, organization skills and leadership abilities - valuable skills in today's workplace. Our program can help the student in the classroom, the scientist in the lab, the engineer in design as well as the athlete on the field of play. When you join you will become a Cadet and provided the opportunity to serve our nation in a wide variety of exciting leadership positions in the United States Army, the Army Reserve or the Army National Guard. As a Cadet, you will be challenged physically and mentally in various Army activities. Your military classes will teach you the importance of leadership, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

No matter what your interests are or what your degree is in, chances are there is an Army specialty for you. From Engineering to Nursing to Computer Science to Education, the diversity of the U.S. Army has a career path for you. Or maybe you want the adventure of a career in the Infantry, Field Artillery or Army Aviation. Whatever your interest, you can begin training for your military career today here at South Dakota State University.

ROTC scholarships are available to freshmen entering college and to students already enrolled at SDSU. Any student interested in the program can enroll in an Army ROTC class; the class is tuition-free with no obligation. Stop by our office in DePuy Military Hall or give us a call to discuss ROTC specifically as it pertains to you.

Thank you for viewing our website and for your interest in service to the greatest nation in the world. An Army career can be fun and rewarding and will most assuredly be challenging. Are you ready to be part of the Army ROTC team?

Colonel Jason Kettwig
Professor of Military Science