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Distinguished Alumni

Alumni and Friends

Distinguished Alumni and Friends of the SDSU Army ROTC program include Medal of Honor recipients, COL Leo K. Thorsness and CPT Willibald C. Bianchi. The Medal of Honor Park at SDSU was dedicated in September 2000 to honor these two men who served with distinction.

Memorial Park
                       Medal of Honor Park 

General's Row

Brigadier General Archie Higdon (1928)

Major General Charles V. Wilson (1940)

General William DePuy (1941)

Brigadier General Don Holliday (1950)

Major General Alan Nord (1952)

Major General Robert F. Schulte (1959)

Brigadier General Jake Krull (1960)

Brigadier General Myrna Williamson (1960)

Lieutenant General Merle Freitag (1962)

Brigadier General Ronald W. Mielke (1965)

Major General Gary Wattnem (1968)

Major General Lloyd Burtch (1969)

Brigadier General Keith W. Corbett (1976)

Brigadier General Rodney Johnson (1977)

Brigadier General Craig A. Bargfrede (1986)

Brigadier General Jill K. Faris (1987)