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Army ROTC in a college elective that teaches you the skills needed for a successful career. You'll combine classroom time with hands-on experience, and learn leadership and management skills. And because it's an elective, you can try it out for up to two years. Whatever you decide, the experience you'll gain in Army ROTC will give you the confidence you need to be a success in college and beyond. Whether you choose to pursue a career in the Army or in the corporate world, Army ROTC is "unlike any other college course you can take." 

Course Descriptions

Military Science Leadership 101-102
Military Science Leadership 201-202
Military Science Leadership 301-302
Military Science Leadership 401-402

Military Science Minor

A minor (23 credits) in Military Science is available to qualified students

  • Contracted Cadets
  • Final award of this minor is dependent on the receipt and acceptance after graduation from South Dakota State University of a commission in the US Army as a second lieutenant
  • Completion of Leadership Development and Assessment Course and completion of MSL 494 All 18 hours required for a minor in Military Science must be taken at South Dakota State University. Students transferring from another Army ROTC program to the program at SDSU may petition to the Professor of Military Science for an exception to this policy
  • There are no other electives applicable to this minor.
Military Science Minor Course Description


MSL 301 Adaptive Leadership


MSL 302 Leading in a Changing Environment  4
MSL 401 Army Officer  4
MSL 402 Company Grade Leadership 4
MSL 494 Leadership Development & Assessment Course 4
HIST 460 American Military History 3
Total Credits   23