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Online Courses and Programs

Online Programs

The SDSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers two fully online programs:

Online Courses

The SDSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a wide selection of online courses throughout the year. These courses are taught by the same skilled and experienced faculty who teach our face-to-face classes on the SDSU campus. The content and rigor of our online courses is identical to that of our face-to-face courses. They will prepare you equally well for the rest of your academic and professional careers.





MATH 101 Intermediate Algebra  
MATH 093 Algebra for Mathematical Reasoning 
MATH 103 Mathematical Reasoning 
MATH 094 College Algebra Lab
MATH 114 College Algebra
MATH 115 Precalculus* 
MATH 120 Trigonometry*  
MATH 121/121L Survey of Calc 
MATH 123L Calculus I Lab 
MATH 123 Calculus I 
MATH 125 Calculus II 
MATH 225 Calculus III  
MATH 321 Differential Equations 
STAT 101 Intro to Data Science  
STAT 281 Introduction to Stat
STAT 381 Introduction to Prob
and Stat
STAT 414/514 Basic R Programming 

STAT 415/515 R Programming  
STAT 541 Stat Methods II 
STAT 600 Statistical Programming

*A note on Trigonometry vs Precalculus

For students who may choose a college major in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), MATH 115 Precalculus is better preparation than MATH 120 Trigonometry for taking MATH 123 Calculus. If in doubt, consult with your high school math teacher, science teacher or counselor, or contact our department for advice on which course best suits your needs.