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Mathematics (B.S.) - Applied Mathematics Concentration

It's a complicated world. Most of the easy problems were solved a long time ago. So how do you solve the tough ones that remain? You use Applied Mathematics, of course! What, you expected some other answer on a page like this?

So what is Applied Mathematics, anyway?

Most often, it involves the use of high performance computing (think supercomputers) to implement sophisticated mathematical and statistical models of real world situations that arise in modern science, engineering, medicine, business, product development and almost everywhere else you can imagine. Frequently, it is used to computationally conduct experiments that are either too expensive, too dangerous or simply impossible to carry out in the real world.

Can SDSU prepare me for a career in Applied Mathematics?

Absolutely. We have a strong Applied Mathematics program from the freshman level all the way up through the Ph.D. Our Applied Mathematics faculty are excellent teachers and have active research programs that feature extensive undergraduate and graduate student involvement.

Here are some examples of what you might do as a Applied Mathematician:

  • Predict disease spread after bioterrorism attack
  • Design drugs for pharmaceutical companies
  • Create more realistic movie animations
  • Optimize production in an automobile factory
  • Create more effective cancer therapies
  • Mathematically model an exploding star
  • Optimize traffic flow patterns in a city
  • Maximize reward/risk ratios in investments
  • Optimize best forest management strategy
  • Improve weather prediction techniques

Who hires Applied Mathematicians?

  • Government agencies (NSA, CIA, NASA)
  • State and municipal governments
  • Computer companies (Microsoft, IBM)
  • Animation firms (Industrial Light and Magic)
  • Energy firms (Lockheed-Martin Energy Research)
  • Electronics firms (Phillips, Motorola, IBM)
  • Aerospace firms (Boeing)
  • Auto manufacturers (Ford, GM)
  • Financial firms (Prudential)
  • Communications firms (Verizon, AT&T)
  • Pharmaceutical firms (Pfizer, Merck)
  • Petroleum producers (Exxon, Amoco)

More information about careers in Applied Mathematics: