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Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs in
Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science -
Driving the Decisions That Shape Our World

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we can expect mathematics, statistics and data science to play key roles in helping us learn the best lessons and make the best decisions about how to move forward in every part of our society.

The SDSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers the M.S. in Mathematics, the M.S. in Statistics, the M.S. in Data Science and the Ph.D. in Computational Science and Statistics. All four programs offer students the opportunity to pursue graduate studies in a collegial environment with high faculty-student interaction and research activity, and are particularly effective at preparing graduates to work in business, industry or government as well as the more traditional area of higher education.

Accelerated masters degrees are available in all three master's degree programs.

Assistantships are available on a competitive basis

Many graduate research and teaching assistantships and fellowships are available (currently 38), though applicants should note that admission to the graduate program does not guarantee that an assistantship or fellowship will be awarded.

Application for admission

Applications may be submitted at any time, but it is recommended that applications for admission for the fall semester should be made by February 1 for master's degree programs and by December 15 for the Ph.D. program. Application and graduate assistantship decisions are generally made by the first week of March. Late applications will be considered for both admission and assistantships, but assistantship availability for such applications is likely to be reduced.

Graduate School Admission Requirements

At the department level, admission decisions are based on applicants' level of achievement in prerequisite undergraduate courses and the extent to which applicants' educational and professional goals align with the department's areas of specialization.GRE scores are not required or considered.

Graduate Program Application for Admission