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Student Organizations

Math Club and SDCTM

SDSU math majors can participate in two active departmental student organization, the Math Club and the SDSU student chapter of the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). Both of these groups contribute to the social experience and professional development of SDSU math majors in important ways that classes, internships, and research experiences can't. Participation is very valuable, highly recommended, and fun!

Math Club

The SDSU Math Club is an active group of primarily math majors that meets monthly. In addition to just having some fun, they also bring in speakers to talk about career opportunities for math majors and ongoing research in mathematics, and take field trips to facilities that employ mathematicians. Recent field trip destinations have included Argonne National Laboratories, EROS Data Center, and regional financial institutions and mathematics conferences.

Student NCTM

SDSU has one of only thirteen student chapters of NCTM in the nation. It is extremely active in promoting the professional development of our mathematics education specialist students. Activities include traveling to the annual state convention of SDCTM, bringing in speakers such as recent alumni teaching in the area or high school principals who hire math teachers, and having more than a little fun along the way.