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Jacks LeaP for Math Success

Meet Jacks LeaP

Math Classes with LeaP mentor groups: Math 114 (College Algebra), Math 121 (Survey of Calculus), Math 123 (Calculus)

Homework help sessions
Mentor-led group activities
Mentor success coaching

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To learn more about the LeaP program, ask your instructor or contact the Jacks LeaP coordinator Bill Alsaker.

Jacks LeaP Meeting times (TBD)

ClassDay and TimeRoom    
Math 121 Survey of CalculusThursday 2pmAME 214                                   
Math 121 Survey of CalculusThursday 5pmAME 210    
Math 123  Calculus 1Thursday  pmAME 220    
Math 123 Calculus 1Thursday 5pmAME 220    
Math 114 College AlgebraTuesday 3pmAg Eng 122    
Math 114 College AlgebraTuesday 5pmAME 214    

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