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Jacks LeaP for Math Success

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Learn more about Jacks LeaP for Summer 2020 and during the 2020-2021 school year!

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Students: Join us for Jacks Learning Partnerships this Summer!

Beginning June 2021

Contact the Summer Leap, Rebecca Diischer coordinator by email.

Jacks LeaP for Summer

The Jacks Summer LeaP program is a FREE student success program designed to help you prepare for your first math class at SDSU. Whether you are a new SDSU student, a dual credit student or a returning student, Jacks LeaP can help you be the best you can be when classes begin in the fall.

Customized, online study programs with extensive support from online tutors and mentors prepare you to do your best in your first math class. You may even earn the chance to improve your first math class placement, saving you hundreds of dollars and improving your chances of graduating on time!

Meet Summer Jacks LeaP!

 How Summer Jacks LeaP works

By the numbers 2019:

23% of students who signed up for LeaP increased their placement.

41% of students who participated in 5 or more hours in the program increased their placement.

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Jacks LeaP for Fall and Spring (FREE!)

To learn more about the Fall and Spring LeaP program, contact your instructor or contact the Fall/Spring coordinator Nick Brown.

Meet Jacks LeaP!

Math Classes with LeaP mentor groups: Math 101 (Intermediate Algebra), Math 103 (Mathematical Reasoning), Math 114 (College Algebra), Math 115 (Precalculus), Math 121 (Survey of Calculus), Math 123 (Calculus), Math 125 (Calculus 2)

  • Homework help sessions
  • Small group supplemental labs
  • Free one-on-one tutoring
  • Mentor-led group activities
  • Mentor success coaching 

See what our students have to say in the column in the right ->