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Information for High School Students

Resources of interest and value to high school students are available in this section's navigation menu links.

Math Placement

A new Math Placement Policy takes effect beginning for classes in Fall 2022.

Dual Credit Courses

We offer an extensive array of online dual credit courses, with free tutoring support offered by the Math Help Center and Jacks LeaP program.

Math Help Center (Free!)

The Math Help Center provides free tutoring to students in all 100-level mathematics courses. It operates online to support students in online courses, as well as face-to-face in the Math Help Center facility on the second floor of the Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall.

Jacks LeaP Math Success Program (Free!)

The Jacks LeaP program can:

  • help you improve your first math course placement (and save you hundreds of dollars!). 
  • help you prepare for your first SDSU math class.
  • help you success while you're in your first SDSU math class.

The program offers mentoring, small group help sessions and free one-on-one tutoring.