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Student Web Services

SDSU provides several web services that all current students, staff and faculty can utilize.

Student, faculty and staff email services are provided by Microsoft Office 365. This service provides you with 50 Gigabytes of storage and works with your current Outlook client or via a web interface. The web interface can be accessed by going to The Office 365 system uses your complete SDSU e-mail address and password. If you need assistance with access or have questions, please contact the SDSU Support Desk, 605-688-6776.

  • Office365 License Error
    • If you receive an error along the lines of "Something went wrong" or "You don't have an Office365 account" when trying to sign in to your email at all, please take a screenshot of the error and email it to the Support Desk. From there, the Support Desk can assign a ticket to our Office365 admin team to repair your license.

D2L is a portal to your online courses' (and many on-campus courses') materials. You can access course documents, quizzes, assignments, grades and discussion boards. You can access D2L by going to

Help Resources

The D2L/Brightspace help resource site covers Getting Started, Discussions, Courses, Quizzes and more.

View D2L Help Guides

D2L Resources

MyState is a central hub of information for students.

Here students can:

  • Change their contact information (address, secondary email)
  • Purchase parking passes
  • Add Hobo Dough
  • Register for classes
  • Apply for Housing
  • See their class and final schedule
  • Pay their fees (SDePay)
  • Purchase parking passes
  • Add Hobo Dough

Log In Credentials:

Username: your Jacks email

Password: same as your Jacks email

If user doesn't have access to MyState anymore but needs access to finish filling out graduation information have the user contact their adviser or department head. The student's adviser/department head will then contact records to add them to a manual list.

Graduation Form

If you are trying to access their graduation information on MyState and you receive an error… you will need to reset your password.

Log out completely, reset their password, then log back in and now you should be able to access the graduation information.

If you have already left the university and are no longer enrolled in classes, but need to fill out a graduation request form, you will need to contact the Records and Registration office.

ConnectState is SDSU’s student success platform. Students can use ConnectState to schedule appointments, communicate with faculty and advisors and access information about their courses, early alerts and campus resources. Students can access ConnectState from their MyState dashboard. For more information on ConnectState, visit the ConnectState site.

The box is an online data-storage solution for SDSU. All students, faculty and staff have an account through SDSU. Users get an unlimited amount of storage to use and can invite other users from either off-campus or within our network to collaborate on documents stored within.


You will use the same credentials you use to sign into MyState.

Box Sharing

Create a collaborative folder:

On the main page of your box account, select 'New' then select 'New Folder.'

Check 'Invite people to upload or download files.'

Share individual files:

Select 'Upload' on your box account's main page, then select a file from your computer.

Find your document in the list of files and folders on the main page and hit 'Share.'

Click on the 'Access' menu and choose how you want to share.

Select 'Send' and choose who would want to share the document with.

  • Select access type-choose what you will allow with your collaborators to do with your files.
  • Enter the email addresses of those you would like to share with.
  • Upload files and documents you would like to share in that folder.

DocuSign is an electronic signature service used to sign documents/agreements. It accelerates processes using a fast, secure network to send, sign and track important signed documents. With DocuSign, you can prepare and get electronic signatures quickly and easily. Faculty, staff and students all have access to DocuSign.

Signing Documents Through DocuSign

As a student, you currently have access to sign documents through DocuSign. To access your account, login with your MyState credentials here:

Sending Documents Through DocuSign

To request permissions to send documents through DocuSign, please fill out the DocuSign Request to Send Form located here:

You will receive an email once your request has been approved and once permissions have been granted.

Note: To update your permissions, you will need to login once here with your MyState credentials.

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MyState username and password

Need Assistance?

Please contact the SDSU Support Desk by phone at 605-688-6776 or by email at for any questions.