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Support Desk FAQ

If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please contact our office. Plus, we may just add your question here, too.

Our services are free to all SDSU students with their personal systems.

Most majors allow any computer to be used as long as the system meets the recommended system specifications. We strongly encourage you to contact your college or department, though, for any additional specific requirements. 

You can walk-in, call or email the SDSU Support Desk, and we will assist you to the best of our ability to resolve your issues.

Our office is located in Morrill Hall room 131.

Phone number: 605-688-6776

Submit a ticket:


If your major requires laptop usage, you can bring the invoice to the Financial Aid Office for a one-time budget increase. You can also check out the Paying for College site for more information, or contact the Financial Aid Office.

We do not sell devices or hardware at the SDSU Support Desk. The SDSU Bookstore has a very limited selection of tech.

The Support Desk does provide free Ethernet cords if you require one.

The Login Help page will allow you to change your SDSU passwords. If you have issues using this site, you can contact the SDSU Support Desk and we can assist you further. 

Due to security reasons, we are unable to change passwords via email.

The South Dakota Board of Regents has purchased Duo Two-Factor Authentication, to add a second layer of security to online accounts, for all higher education institutions in the state. Duo will require a second form of authentication during sign-in, similar to an online banking and Gmail account.

If you would like further information on DUO, you can visit our Support Desk DUO page.

As of the Fall 2020 semester, the Support Desk is no longer processing Safeware claims. If you need to submit a Safeware claim, you can go to the Safeware Plan Lookup page, or you can contact them at 800-800-1492 or email them.

As companies have endeavored to make laptops smaller and lighter, many internal components in laptops are now soldered or glued down, making hardware repairs difficult and increasing the chance of damaging the system during a repair. Due to this complexity, we recommend reaching out to the manufacturer, an authorized service center, or a local computer repair shop to have your system repaired. Most systems are covered with a one year manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects.

We also do not do any data recovery for students. The Support Desk can refer you to a local repair shop for all hardware repairs and data recovery.