Personal Computers & Technical Services

Personal Computers & Technical Services

All faculty, staff, and students planning to purchase a new computer should consider few things in order the computer to access the network on campus.

Recommended Minimum Hardware Specifications

Below are the suggested minimum specifications for student systems as determined by the Office of Information Technology.

Please note that while SDSU strongly encourages students to meet these minimum specifications, it is not a requirement.

Be sure to check with your major advisor for information regarding any specific requirements they may have.

Windows Computers:

Processor: i5 or i7 Quad Core

Memory: 8 GB

Hard Drive: 256 GB or larger Solid-State Drive

Operating System: Windows 10

Mac Computers:

Processor: i5 or i7 Quad Core

Memory: 8 GB

Hard Drive: 256 GB or larger Solid-State Drive

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.13 High Sierra


Note: iPads, Kindles, Chromebooks, laptops with Windows S Mode, and other Android devices, are not recommended as primary devices for school work. They may not be able to run required software for some classes.


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is now available for currently enrolled students to download (Includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, etc.). Currently enrolled students will be able to install Office on up to five personally-owned computers. Office is supported on iOS and Android platforms.

Provided Technical Services for Students

We recommend all the students to do regularly their Windows Updates. The Support Desk staff provides assistance for configuring your Wireless Settings for campus access.

If you are experiencing viruses, blue screen, or any other obscure issues with your system, we suggest you run a Windows Refresh on your system. A Windows Refresh will not affect any of your files, pictures, etc. on your computer. The Refresh takes just a few hours and will resolve most, if not all, of the issues you are experiencing. If you continue to experience issues you can bring you device into the Support Desk, along with you charger, and we can check it in. We have a two-day turnaround (depending on the time of the year) for checked in systems. If you are planning to bring your device to the Support Desk for repair, we ask you to please fill out our IT SERVICE CHECK-IN FORM.

The Support Desk has limited hardware services available. You can bring your device into the desk and we can attempt to diagnose the issue and let you know if we are able to do the repair here, or refer you to a third-party location for service.

Note: If your hard drive becomes corrupt, or unreadable, we will be unable to recover your files. It is always a good idea to have a backup of all your files.

The Support Desk staff can:

      • Service computers for preventive and corrective maintenance.
      • Diagnose hardware problems.
      • Show students how to configure their computer for Windows Updates.
      • Help connect laptops to the wireless network.

The Support Desk staff are unable to provide technical support for the following:

      • Personal student-owned printers.
      • Devices with liquids spilled on them, or fraying/damaged power cords.
      • Most hardware repairs and installations on student-owned computers. (Includes: ordering parts, motherboard maintenance, and laptop screen repair. ITS is able to refer students to local computer shops for such repairs.)