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Service Catalog

Our service catalog provides a list of all the services the Division of Technology & Security provides to campus. Looking for instructions to set up an email account or who to call when you have to reset your password? The service catalog contains all this information plus details on how to request new services, who the services is available to, any associated costs, and who to contact with questions and problems.

 complete listing of services

Business Tools and Services

All faculty, staff, and students have access to email account provided by Division of Technology & Security. 
Email Resources: Outlook InsideState Area (Employees)  | Outlook MyState Area (Students)

Form Requests
Provides faculty and staff a centralized list of forms for requesting technology services on campus. 

Paperless Content Management (ImageNow)
Division of Technology & Security offers a software suite that enables employees to organize content from many different sources, including paper documents. 

Site Content/Customization
Provides content customization of various web sites associated with South Dakota State University. 

Software Request
Software Request refers to the installation and activation of supported software for faculty and staff. 

Zoom Video Conferencing
Zoom provides simple online meetings, audio and video conferencing, and content sharing for faculty, staff, and students.
Zoom Resources: Zoom InsideState Area (Employees)  Zoom MyState Area (Students)

Connectivity and Networks

Network Accounts
All faculty, staff, and students have an active directory account which houses their SDState usernames and passwords. 

Network Cable Drops+
Request for a new network cable drop and port activation. 

Network Port Activation/Deactivation
The Division of Technology & Security is the primary internet service provider for all of campus. 

Network Storage
All university faculty, staff, and departments have an allotted amount of virtual storage available on the campus network. 

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
VPN allows university faculty and staff access to the campus internal network while traveling or from the comfort of their home. 

Wireless Area Coverage
Upon request wireless access points can be installed around campus for better wireless coverage. 


Help and Support

Classroom Support
Provides faculty, staff, and students support for a variety of technologies in the classroom. 

Computer Repair Services
Desktop and laptop computing solutions such as hardware installation, troubleshooting, and repair. 

Incident Ticket System
Ticket system is a computer software package that provides record keeping of specific issues across campus for individuals. 

Information Technology Training
Division of Technology & Security offers training on how to be safe and secure while using technology. 

Technical Assistance
Division of Technology & Security provides phone assistance and support on all technology needs. 


Information Security

Application Whitelisting
Provides faculty and staff a centralized list of approved software for installation. 

Computer Forensics
Digital forensic science pertaining to legal evidence found in computers and digital storage media. 

Encrypted Flash Drives
Encrypted flash drives are a secure manner for transporting sensitive information via an external flash drive. 

Firewall Services
A Firewall is a software or hardware-based device that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. 

Hard Drive Encryption
Encryption is a technology that provides protection from information by encoding the data. 

Incident Response Team
Individuals from the Security Office who respond to any potential network threats. 

Security Cameras
Placement of security cameras around campus for the safety and security of the university. 


Learning Tools and Services

Classroom Technology
Provides faculty, staff, and students technologies to enhance teaching and learning experiences in the classroom. 

Computer Lab Technology Services
Division of Technology & Security provides faculty, staff and students assistance for using technology within campus labs. 

Equipment Loan Services
Rental of various equipment for use in the classroom, labs, or on-campus events.

Student Data Request
Request form to obtain current student information as well as historical data.