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What is Hobo Dough?

Deposit Hobo Dough

Hobo Dough is a prepaid stored value fund on your MyJacks Card. Having funds loaded onto your MyJacks Card allow you to simply tap and go. There are no fees to start or maintain a Hobo Dough account, simply add funds.

Hobo Dough is separate from your meal plan. Your meal plan is required for students living in the Residential Halls and Hobo Dough is a voluntary program that cannot take the place of your meal plan. If you use your MyJacks Card at a location where Hobo Dough and the meal plan are accepted, your meal plan account would automatically be used first and then roll over to the Hobo Dough account.

Hobo Dough is accepted all over campus as well as many off campus locations.

Hobo Dough funds transfer semester to semester. Unspent funds over $5 are returned when a cardholder leaves SDSU.