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Mobile eAccounts App for MyJacks Card


  • Report Lost or Found Card (must come into Card Services Office for a new card; $20).
  • View transactions.
  • Add funds/view balance.


  • All students/staff need to enroll in SDSU Duo Security. For issues or help with Duo please contact the SDSU Support Desk (605-688-6776).


  1. Download the e-Accounts app. App Store | Google Play
  2. Open eAccounts and choose the correct site (search South Dakota) and portal (SDSU).

    eAccounts app with the site search and sdstate portals screens
  3. Log into eAccounts using campus network credentials. Then choose push or passcode then open the Duo app.

    eAccounts app with the credentials and duo button screens
  4. When you open Duo, depending on the verification method that you chose, you will see a passcode to enter in the eAccounts app. Or you will see an approve/deny button.

    eAccounts app with the approve or deny and approved screens
  5. After you go through this process, you will be logged into eAccounts.

    eAccounts app login screen