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MyJacks Card Mobile Credential

SDSU faculty, staff and students are eligible to add their MyJacks Card to their mobile device for door access at university buildings, payment at participating campus venues, dining, vending, and laundry machines. With the exception of a few vending machines, your Mobile MyJacks Card can be used to access and pay wherever your physical MyJacks Card is accepted.

Tips for using your MyJacks Card on your mobile device:

  • Hold the top back side of your device toward the reader.  If you have an iPhone later than the 6 or 6 Plus, your card is set to Express Mode. This means you can simply tap your iPhone at a reader without a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID. If you’re prompted for a passcode, tap the code to access your phone. Hold the top of your mobile device or the display of your Apple Watch within a few centimeters of the middle of the card reader until you feel a vibration. You'll see Done and a checkmark on the display. Please Note: If you’re using an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, double-click the Home button, then tap your default payment card and select your student ID. Rest your finger on Touch ID to authenticate and hold the top of iPhone 6 or 6 Plus near the contactless reader.
  • Your mobile device must be turned on, but it doesn't have to be connected to a network. You don't need to validate with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode, and you don't need to wake or unlock your device or open an app.
  • To display your MyJacks Card, open Apple Wallet or Google Pay.
  • To see your ID number, go to Apple Wallet or Google Pay, tap your MyJacks Card, then tap the three dots (…) in the upper right corner and scroll down to ID#.
  • Questions? Review the MyJacks CardFAQ website for more information or contact the Card Services office at

Terms of Service Agreement

Use and Ownership

The Mobile ID is issued to you to provide access as a member and cardholder of South Dakota State University (SDSU), under the following terms and conditions of use.  Please read all terms, as these constitute legal obligations between you and SDSU.  Upon your first use your Mobile ID, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the SDSU MyJacks Card Program.  No Mobile ID should be accessed by anyone other than the intended cardholder.  Unauthorized use, alteration or duplication for fraudulent use may warrant in deactivation of Mobile ID and/or disciplinary action. 

Security Responsibility

Each cardholder is responsible for ensuring the security and proper use of their Mobile ID.  Mobile ID’s are not transferable and should never be lent to others.  Use of your Mobile ID by anyone other than the card owner, as well as tampering or alteration of the ID, will warrant revocation of the Mobile ID.

Lost or Stolen ID

Lost or stolen Mobile IDs must be immediately frozen by calling Card Services at 688-MYID (6943) or by going online at to freeze the account.  The Card Services office and SDSU are not responsible for financial transactions or door access used while ID is in cardholder’s possession.

Door Access

Cardholder will be held responsible for any unauthorized access to doors by individuals not linked to ID.

Changes to Terms

Future changes in terms and conditions regulating use of this ID will apply to all ID’s in circulation and use at the time and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the ID was acquired.  SDSU reserves the right to change any of the aforementioned policies without notice.

Mobile Setup Instructions

Apple         Android

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