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MyJacks Card FAQs

MyJacks Card Credentials FAQs

1.  Can I (students) have more than one active MyJacks Card Credential?

No.  When you come to campus, after you have submitted your photo or had your picture taken, you can then download your mobile MyJacks Card Credential.  If your mobile device does work for the mobile ID, you will be issued a physical card.  

2.  What is the difference between Flex and Hobo Dough?

Flex dollars are your meal plan. Meal plan dollars can only be spent at the dining services locations and any unspent funds are lost after the spring semester. Hobo Dough can be spent at dining services as well as many other locations on and off campus and carries over from semester to semester as long as you are a student.

3.  Can I transfer my Flex (meal plan dollars) to my Hobo Dough?

No. Your meal plan dollars are a separate account from your Hobo Dough. Your meal plan dollars are specifically for Dining Services and can only be spent at those locations. Hobo Dough is your money that can be spent how you choose at participating locations.

4.  Am I charged sales tax at the dining service locations when I use my card?

Yes, sales tax is charged at all dining services locations whether you use cash or your card.

5.  Where can I use my Hobo Dough?

Hobo Dough can be used on and off campus. A list of locations can be found online at or by stopping in our office.

6.  Can I use my Hobo Dough to pay the replacement fee for a lost card?  

Yes, as long as you have adequate funds on your Hobo Dough.

7.  What is the cost to replace a physical ID?   


8.  Can I use a debit card to add funds? 

Yes, as long as it is a Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

9.  Do you take checks? 

Yes. Checks are made out to Card Services and must have the student's local address and phone number as well as the student ID number written on the check.

10.  I replaced my ID, but found the old card; can I reactivate the old card?  

No. Once a card has been reprinted the old card number is retired and cannot be reused for security purposes. This prevents someone else finding your card and using it.

11.  What are your office hours? 

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. except holidays. Online access to your accounts is available 24 hours a day at You can add money, view transactions and freeze your account from online.

12.  I need some cash; can I take it off my Hobo Dough?

No. Hobo Dough is not intended to be used like a bank card with ATM features. We also do not have cash on hand in the card office to give cash back. Once a student leaves school and is no longer a student, they can be refunded any funds over $5.00. A check will be mailed to the student from the SDSU cashiers office.

13.  When will the money be on the card? 

The money put on your account is available immediately.

14.  Can I transfer money directly from my bank account?

No. We currently do not have that capability.

15.  Can I get a temporary ID card? 

No, we do not issue temporary ID cards for students.

16.  Can I punch a hole in my physical card? 

No. The ID card is a smart card and has wires throughout the card. Once a hole is punched in the card it will not work and a replacement fee will be charged to get a new one.

17.  Is there a mobile app for MyJacks Card?

Yes. In your app store search "eAccounts Mobile". This app allows you to view your transactions, mark your card lost or found, or add funds to your account.  This app also allows you to download your MyJacks Card into the smart wallet on your device.

If you have additional questions, contact the Card Services Office in the Student Union, email or call 605-688-MYID.