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Parents Information

Greetings Parents!

The MyJacks Card is an essential component of the college living and learning environment for your SDSU student. All SDSU students receive a personalized MyJacks Card which serves as their student identification card, and provides access to dining halls, libraries, campus facilities, and events. Hobo Dough is a flexible spending account that is used to cover all of your student's expenses-everything from printing, vending, and laundry to dining out, student health, and pharmacy needs without needing a credit card or cash. See a listing of the off-campus merchants who proudly accept HoboDough. 

See how to depositmoney on your student's MyJacks Card.

Sample Semester Budget

  • School Supplies--Suggested: $125
  • Laundry--Suggested: $50
  • Printing --Suggested: $25
  • Vending--Suggested: $50
  • Off Campus Merchants--Suggested: $100
  • University Apparel--Suggested: $100
  • Entertainment--Suggested $50