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Online Photo Submission

Photo guidelines

To ensure that your photo is suitable for a MyJacks Card, please follow the guidelines below.

File format

We accept photos in jpg, png or gif format.

Acceptable format    Unacceptable Format: Too blurred

Good                                              Too blurred


Photo should be in full color and taken against a white, off-white or very light background. Do not submit photos in black and white, or with any effects applied.

Good format: Person in front of a white background  Unacceptable Format: Person in front of a busy background

 Good                                           Busy background

 Unacceptable Format: Black and White Photo  Unacceptable Format: A filter is applied to the photo

  Black and White                          Filters

Your image

  • The photo must show a close-up of your face and shoulders; clothing must be visible.
  • Look straight ahead with a relaxed face, not frowning. Feel free to smile!
  • Your face and eyes must be clearly visible. If you wear glasses, ensure there is no reflection and the frames do not obstruct your eyes.  Caps, hats and dark glasses are not acceptable.
  • Religious headwear is allowed but it must not cover your face.

Acceptable Format: Properly staged and litperson in front of a white background  Unacceptable Format: Person with his eyes closed

  Good                                          Eyes closed

 Unacceptable Format: Person with half of his face obscured (half lit, half in a shadow)  Unacceptable Format: Person wearing sun glasses

   Obscured face                            Covered hair or eyes

Terms and Conditions

Policy on Release of MyJacks Card Digitized Photographs

Purpose: The use of any photograph submitted through the MyJacks Card online photo software is only to obtain a new MyJacks Card (ID card).  If you are wanting a new picture on your MyJacks Card, the standard replacement fee applies.  If incorrect picture is submitted and card is printed, at time of pickup fee will be required to have new card printed with correct picture.

When a photograph is taken for the issuance of a MyJacks Card, the digitized photo will be stored electronically for identification and security purposes. In addition, the photo may be used for approved internal university business purposes (i.e., class rosters, seating charts, academic advising rosters, and business uses that may be approved in the future).

Orientation Students:

How to submit your photo online:

  1. About 1 week before your orientation session, student will receive an email from SDSU Card Services.
  2. Read the email and look over examples of proper photos. Return to the email and click on “upload your photo” link.
  3. Link will redirect student to MyJacks Card online photo submission page. On this page please submit a photo that follows guidelines given.
  4. Once photo is approved, ID will be printed and waiting for pickup at your specified orientation session.

    **Do not wait until fall to submit your MyJacks Card photo!  

    **Important information: Please remember to bring your valid government issued photo identification card to obtain your new MyJacks Card. (Either U.S. Driver’s License issued by DMV, Passport or U.S. Military ID Card).