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MyJacks Card Terms and Conditions

Use and Ownership 

The MyJacks Card Credentials are the official physical and digital (mobile ID) means of identification for South Dakota State University. The MyJacks Card Credentials are issued to you to provide access as a member of the SDSU community, under the following terms and conditions of use. Please read all terms, as these constitute legal obligations between you and the University. Upon first use of your MyJacks Card Credentials, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the SDSU MyJacks Card program.

Although the card is the property of SDSU, it is entrusted to you for your convenience while enrolled at the SDSU. No account should be accessed by anyone other than the intended cardholder. Only the person pictured on the ID card is entitled to spend money from the account or use the card to gain access to SDSU facilities. Unauthorized use, alteration or duplication for fraudulent use warrants confiscation and/or disciplinary action.

Security Responsibility 

Each Cardholder is responsible for ensuring the security and proper use of their MyJacks Card Credentials. MyJacks Cards Credentials are not transferrable and should never be lent to others. Use of your MyJacks Card Credentials by anyone other than the card owner, as well as tampering or alteration of the card, will warrant confiscation of the card and/or disciplinary action by SDSU.

Lost or Stolen Cards 

Lost or stolen MyJacks Card Credentials must be reported immediately to the Card Services office at 605-688-MYID (6943) or go online to freeze the account. If you do not inform the Card Services office about a lost or stolen card, the Card Services office and SDSU are not responsible for any charges made to the Hobo Dough Account. We are entitled to charge you a replacement fee each time we issue a replacement card to you. 

Hobo Dough

Cash refunds are not given on open accounts. The Hobo Dough account is not used as an ATM – once you deposit funds onto your Hobo Dough account, the funds are not refundable until you graduate or leave the university, either by transferring to another university or withdrawing. The funds transfer from semester to semester and year to year.

Refunds on closed accounts with a balance must be requested and will be mailed to the last known address. All balances greater than $5.00 will be returned. If you have less than $5.00 remaining on your card, we will not issue a refund but encourage you to spend the balance out. All debts on the participant's Student Account must be satisfied prior to a refund check being processed.  Any negative Hobo Dough Account balances will be charged to participant's Student Account (student) or billed directly to the participant (faculty and staff).

Online Transactions

By logging into the e-accounts system with your campus credentials, you are authorizing any and all transactions.

Online Credit Card Refunds

SDSU Card Services does not process any credit card refunds back to a credit card. In the case that there is same day transaction, we are able to cancel your transaction in the credit card processor.

Door Access 

Cardholders may be held responsible for any unauthorized access to doors by individuals not named on the MyJacks Card Credentials.


Cardholders will pay a non-refundable replacement fee for lost or stolen MyJacks Card Credentials. The replacement fee also refers to a physical MyJacks Card that need to be replaced due to damage. The Cardholder agrees to pay a replacement fee to have your physical MyJacks Card replaced prior to reissuance.

Change of Name 

Physical MyJacks Cards (if eligible) will be replaced free of charge for cardholders that have legally changed their name. The name change must be processed first through the University. Proper documentation must be presented.

Changes to Terms 

Future changes in terms and conditions regulating use of this card will apply to all cards in circulation and use at that time and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the card was acquired. SDSU reserves the right to change any of the aforementioned policies without notice.

Service Charge 

No service charges are assessed for active accounts. However, accounts inactive for six months or more are assessed a monthly service charge. If the service charge exceeds the account balance, the account is automatically closed.

Private Data Protection

When MyJacks Card Credentials are issued, the cardholder's photo is stored in the ID card database. SDSU protects personal identification information as private data. This data will not be released outside the University unless it is in response to a subpoena or other legal process.

Flex Plans 

All meal plans purchased for use in Jacks' Dining locations are for the personal use of the owner of the account or plan only and are non-transferable. The Jacks' Dining meal plans cannot be used as a gift card or gift certificate.

  • Flex Dollar Plans are non-refundable and expire on the last day of Spring semester.
  • Block Meal Plans are non-refundable and expire on the last day of each semester.

If a MyJacks Card Credential is lost or stolen, the cardholder must report such activity to Card Services and the Jacks' Dining office. Card Services and Jacks' Dining will deactivate the card. Any monies used from lost or stolen card will not be reimbursed if Card Services and Jacks' Dining are not notified immediately. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to manage all monies and transactions on the card.