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Becoming a SI Leader

Welcome to the SI Leader Application Process! 

Student Applicants:

Thank you for your interest in the Wintrode SI Leader Program! 

  • Step One: Access DocuSign complete and submit your application online. Hard copies of the application are available at the Wintrode Student Success Center.
  • Step Two: Two references are required for your application packet. 
    • One reference is required to be completed by the professor who taught you in the course you wish to lead SI in, or teaches the course you wish to lead SI in.
    • The second reference can be completed by a professor, advisor, or other faculty/staff member who knows you well.
  • Direct your references to this page (instructions below) for a link to an online reference form. Or, a printable SI Leader Reference form is available. 


Thank you for acting as a reference for this SI Leader applicant! Please access DocuSign to complete a reference form online. If you prefer to complete your reference in hard copy form, a printable SI Leader Reference form is available.  

If you have questions, please contact the Wintrode Student Success Center at 605-688-4155. 

Linde Murray, Director, Tutoring and TRIO Programs,
Wintrode Student Success Center (SWSC) 124, Box 2214