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Jacks for Jacks

Employee Resource for Student Success

Welcome! No matter what is in our job description, we all have a role to play in helping our students be successful. Jacks for Jacks brings together information for university-wide student resources in one place – so we can give the best advice and guidance to our students, while saving time helping them find who they need to connect with.

For course placement and registration, campus adjustment support, Banner Student/Self-Support training:

  • First Stop, provides links and videos with information for all current students regarding registration and planning, grades and transcripts, student success, campus resources and financial support.
  • Academic Advising for online students varies by department and major, see Continuing and Distance Education.
  • First Year Students in program other than the 2-year Ag. Science program pre-nursing, biology pre-professional and pre-pharmacy will be advised in the First Year Advising Center.

For a desire to experience campus diversity or connect with students from ethnically diverse backgrounds, visit the American Indian Student Center.

Provides academic planning and registration support for student athletes in all academic majors. Also, addresses any student eligibility questions.

To purchase a parking permit, pay parking citations, or for parking regulations/maps, visit Parking Services.

Email: SDSU Parking Info
Phone: 605-688-PARK (7275)

For trouble with access to a building, vending machine issues, laundry payment issues, or printing issues. Also, adding Hobo Dough, questions on eAccounts or Mobil ID cards, or reserving MyJacks Card reader for an event, see Card Services.

To explore major and career options, internship and job search information, resume review and practice interviews, contact the Office of Career Development.

The Office of Career Development specializes in employment and internship opportunities, while in school and after graduation. Join handshake - it connects talent and opportunities!

Visit their office in the University Student Union, Suite 136, or call 605-688-4425.

For bill payment, understanding of student fees, or setting up a payment plan, contact the SDSU Cashier's Office. Email their office at Student Bills, or call 605-688-6116.

A department resource to help students with chemistry concepts, homework and test preparation. Located in the Avera Health Science Center, room 247. Contact the Chemistry Department for more details.

A college dean's office administers a student's major or courses required for graduation. See the list of academic colleges and departments from the SDSU online catalog.

Visit the Support Desk for questions about wireless internet access, difficulty setting up student email accounts or MyState, or problems with computers or connectivity.

The Support Desk staff are located in Morrill Hall, room 131. You can also email Support Desk, or call 605-688-6776.

For student assistance with registering for distance courses and resources to support distance student success call 605-688-4154, go to Distance Education.

For students who are having issues with adjustment/transition, relationship concerns, alcohol/chemical dependency, stress management or anxiety/depression/trauma.

Please make references to the Student Counseling Services, by email: Student Health Clinic, or phone: 605-688-4157. For appointments, call: 605-688-6146.

For URGENT after Hours Mental Health needs, these contacts may help you:

Brookings contacts:

  • UPD: 605-688-5117
  • UPD from campus phone: 111
    • UPD can reach an on-call counselor after hours during the academic year.
  • Brookings Police Department: 605-692-2113
  • Brookings Sheriff's Department: 605-696-8300
  • Brookings Health System (Hospital): 605-696-9000
  • East Central Mental Health Center: 605-697-2850

Sioux Falls Contacts:

  • Avera Behavioral Confidential Assessment Line
    • 800-691-4336 or 605-322-4065

National Suicide Hotline:
1-800-784-2433 (suicide)
1-800-273-8255 (talk)
TTY: 1-800-799-4889

For more information, please see Instructional Design Services (IDS).

View a list of organizations from the Jacks Club Hub. Find opportunities for social activities focused on academic majors, plus, career and professional networking.

Provides academic support and classroom accommodations for students with disabilities.

More information is available at Office of Disability Services. Visit their office in the University Student Union, room 271 or call 605-688-4504.

Students can learn more from International Affairs about travel/learning overseas, understanding and appreciating diversity. The International/Study Abroad Coordinator is located in Briggs Library, phone: 605-688-4122.New accordion content

For assistance with financial aid questions and forms, to determine how credit load affects financial aid, or work-study eligibility.

The Financial Aid Office is housed in the Enrollment Services Center. Call 605-688-4695 or email Financial Aid.

Free food for students struggling to pay for food on their own. Provided by students, faculty and staff.

Visit Jacks Cupboard located on the southeast side of Ben Reifel Hall with free 20-minute parking spaces available. Open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-6:30 p.m.

Fraternity and Sorority Life at SDSU allows students to make social connections, join in campus and community service projects.

To contact the Fraternity and Sorority Life Adviser, visit University Student Union, room 140, or call 605-688-4525.

Contact Residential Life for residence hall policies, roommate problems, information about services/campus resources, and student success programming. Residential Life can also help finding off-campus housing.

The Residential Life main offices are located in Caldwell Hall, room 167, or call 605-688-5148.

The SDSU Office of International Affairs (OIA) is a comprehensive home for international student and scholar services, international undergraduate admission, study abroad planning, and community connections program.

The Office of International AffairsStudent and Scholars Services provides international student orientation, interpreting immigration regulations, advising, issuing official documents and maintaining records for international students attending SDSU.

Located in H. M. Briggs Library, suite 119, phone: 605-688-4122, email: International Students.

For students to get involved on campus or participate in wellness activities, refer then to the Miller Wellness Center Recreation Programs. Call 605-697-9355 or email Wellness Center

View a list of Departmental, Cultural, and Greek Life organizations from the Jacks Club Hub. Find opportunities for social activities focused on academic majors, plus, career and professional networking.

Legal Aid, sponsored by the Students' Association, is a free service regarding legal issues or assistance with interpretation of leases.

Located in the University Student Union, room 128, or call 605-688-5181.

Visit Hilton M. Briggs Library for research assistance, online and print resources, help with citing resources, individual study space as well as study space for groups, public computers, laptop checkout, printers, scanner, University archives/history and Government information.

Email: Phone: 605-688-5107. Library Services Desk located by main entrance.

Click "Ask@Briggs" for contact information or to chat with a librarian.

A Mathematics Department resource to help students with math concepts, homework and test preparation. The Math Help Center is located in Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall, room 292. Call 605-688-6196 with questions.

Students enrolled in any level of Spanish, German and French can practice their conversation skills and/or seek help for homework doubts and difficulties in round table sessions. The Modern Language Round Table is located in Wagner Hall, room 104. Call 605-688-5101 with questions.

Experience campus diversity and intercultural awareness, connect with students from ethnically diverse backgrounds, participate in the Minority Peer Mentoring Program. The Multicultural Center is located in the University Student Union, room 271. Call 605-688-5585.

Self Service access for registration, financial aid, student bill and Jacks Email.

It is also the place for students to communicate with faculty, advisers and SDState staff as well as find campus news, events and messages.

Vocal and instrumental music for credit or co-curricular activity. Pride of the Dakotas.

Call the Performing Arts Center at 605-688-5187, or contact the Music department within the School of Performing Arts.

For students who have a desire to experience other U.S. universities and colleges.

Contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Accessibility at 605-688-5585 or visit their office in the University Student Union, room 065. 

For student assistance with registering for distance courses and resources to support distance student success call 605-688-4154, go to Distance Education, or email

For transcript requests, petition forms, or registration problem resolution.

Contact the Enrollment Services Center, call 605-688-6195, ext. 3, or email:

For all of your questions regarding to living on campus, in the Southeast University Neighborhood, or University Apartments, visit Residential Life. You can also call 605-688-5148, or visit their main office in Caldwell Hall.

For emergency situations, safety escort or stolen property concerns.

University Police Department (UPD)

Brookings Police Department, phone: 605-692-2113


With questions regarding the Jackrabbit Guarantee, SD Opportunity Scholarship, or SDSU scholarship information, visit University Scholarships. The University Scholarships Coordinator is located in the Enrollment Services Center, call 605-688-5203, or email:

The Speech Center offers an opportunity for SPCM 101 students to practice their speech and receive feedback. Located in Pugsley Center, room 305. Call 605-688-6131, or to schedule an appointment, visit ConnectState.

For student Primary Care, Reproductive Health, Adult Immunizations, and Nutrition counseling, visit the Student Health Clinic. Check out other services available in the Miller Wellness Center.

Student Health and Counseling, phone: 605-688-4157, or email:

Brookings Hospital: 605-696-9000
Avera Medical Group: 605-697-9500
Sanford Health Clinic Brookings: 605-697-1900

Additional resources are available at: YOU|South Dakota State University.

Jacks Club Hub contains tips and resources on how to get involved in campus activities and make social connections.

The Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center provides advising for first-year and deciding students, tutoring, academic support and study skills assistance.

Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center features:

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a feature of the Wintrode Student Success and Opportunity Center. SI is series of weekly review sessions for historically difficult courses for students who wish to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades.

  • Phone: 605-688-4155
  • SDSU Tutoring
  • Visit the Study Hub, which provides Learning Strategies and a list of all Tutoring (provided by the Wintrode Tutoring Program) and Supplemental Instruction resources by subject.

The staff of the Testing Center can assist students with the following testing options:

  • Praxis Exam,
  • Credit for Prior Learning
    • Advanced Placement,
    • CLEP Exams,
    • Challenge by Examination,
    • Challenge by Portfolio,
    • DANTES
  • Proctoring Services,
  • National Entrance Exams,
  • Placement Exams,
    • English Placement
    • Mathematics Placement
    • Reading Placement
    • High School Dual Credit
    • ACCUPLACER exam (former exam used was COMPASS testing).
  • Modern Language Placement.

Contact the Testing Center staff at 605-688-6460 or email their office at: SDSU Testing Center.

To help students determine which courses completed at other colleges will apply toward credit at SDState and to help plan summer courses at colleges near home.

Check out the Transfer Credit Evaluator or fill out a Transfer Pre-Evaluation Form to to get a clear picture of your transfer credits.

Located in the Enrollment Services Center, you can email the Transfer Services Coordinator, or call 605-688-4067.

Transportation services for Brookings/SDState Community:

Support for students with comprehensive academic difficulties; difficulty with transition to college, peer mentoring services, personalized assistance and referrals. Must be first generation, low income, or have a documented disability.

TRIO Programs staff are located in Larson Commons, room 104. Phone: 605-688-6653.

To improve understanding of course material or learn more effective study strategies. Tutoring support for select SDSU courses which can be found at Wintrode Tutoring Program .

The Study Hub site provides Learning Strategies and a list of all Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction resources by subject.

Located in the Wintrode Student Success Center. Phone: 605-688-4155 or email: SDSU Tutoring.

Find resources to help guide your overall wellness. Complete your profile, take a reality check and set goals. Or, there are dozens on current events, tips and advice, or resources available for YOU.

Policy and administrative concerns for veterans, financial support information and available resources.

Find the Veterans Affairs Resource Center in Brown Hall, room 134. Their entrance is on the north side of Brown Hall. Or, call 605-688-4700 or email: Veteran's Affairs.

For assistance with developing writing skills or questions about developing or improving any writing project.

The Writing Center is located in the H. M. Briggs Library, room 103. Phone: 605-688-4700.

Not finding what you are looking for? Help us do a better of job of helping you and our fellow Jackrabbits. Email your feedback and updates to the Student Success Committee Jacks for Jacks Action Team. We will work on integrating your contributions into the online resource list. After all that is what Jacks for Jacks is all about!