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Academic Success and Recovery Program

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The Academic Success and Recovery Program (ASRP) supports students on probation or readmitted to SDSU following academic suspension. Program participants are enrolled in either ACS 111 or ACS 140.

Strategies for Academic Success

ACS 111 is an academic intervention course for students who have been readmitted following academic suspension. This course addresses critical academic and life skills students will be able to utilize to support their success at SDSU. 

Academic Recovery

ACS 140 is a course designed for students who have been placed on probation to help them regain good standing.

You are never alone.

What these courses have in common are, they:

  • Will empower students to become proactive, responsible self-advocates through utilization of strategies, which strengthen skills required for greater academic success. 
  • Are designed to help students identify issues that led to the probation or suspended status. 
  • Help develop a plan of action to ensure future academic success, increase personal responsibility and self-management.

Students have the opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance from an ASRP advisor. Plus, students have access to tutoring and other resources to fit their needs.

Students who actively participate and successfully pass these courses report:

  • Higher levels of achievement.
  • Increased motivation.
  • Increases in term and cumulative GPAs.
  • Less stress, anxiety and a stronger connection to and use of resources on campus.

The Academic Success and Recovery Program is funded by the Robert E. Litke Mentoring Program.