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Study Hub

There are so many resources available to SDSU students! Study Hub puts all of the information about academic resources in one place so you know the options available to you.

There are two parts to Study Hub. The first section includes information on study strategies. The second part of the page provides details about academic support, which are organized by subject.

Learning Strategies:

Set yourself up for success with these tips to remove distractions from your study time!

Check out this sample planner you can use to create your own!

Tips and group project guide to help keep you on track!

Improve your sleep routine to help with stress, fatigue and illness!

So much more than just an in-class activity! Get Note Taking tips here!

Learn how to make reading college textbooks more efficient!

Semester deadlines are already on the calendar for you. Use this calendar of due dates for assignments and exams on SOAP! 

A list of accessible dates are available on the Records and Registration page under Class Schedules.

Take these steps to develop strong time management!

Check out these Study Resources!

Study Smarter Not Harder with these Study Skills tips!

Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction (SI) by subject: