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Lab/Faculty Research Pages

Request a Lab/Faculty Research Page

  1. Contact web support to request a lab/faculty research page.
    • Name of research lab/faculty research.
    • Department to affiliate with it.
    • Professors involved.
  2. Choose one of the following options.

Option 1

Web services creates one landing page from pre-written content. The editor agrees to complete accessibility training and maintain and edit content following SDSU web content governance policies.


  • Public visibility.
  • Searchable within
  • No cost.*
  • Ability to create, edit and maintain your content.**

*Additional pages, making PDF files accessible, and/or custom projects may incur a $35 an hour fee.

**Per SDSU web policy, editing the SDState website requires online accessibility training. Videos tutorials and other trainings are also available online. Additional support can requested from web support.

Option 2

Web services creates a landing page with up to six pages for $100.00*. Web services is contracted to make edits when needed.


  • Public visibility.
  • Searchable within
  • Bundled initial set up costs.
  • Saves time from training or editing as web services makes page edits for a $35 an hour fee.

*Prices do not include making PDF files accessible or newly themed landing pages.

To become a web editor on, please contact

Customizing the Page

Using paragraph elements, the web editor can customize any page. Create a custom layout by adding sliders, call to actions, columns and other elements.

Check out these paragraph examples for more information.

Request a custom URL (ex: "") via the