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Faculty & Staff Assistance

Information for Faculty and Staff

This page highlights technology services available to support SDSU faculty and staff.

Computer Support Specialists

Check out the CSS REPORT on InsideState to see what Computer Support Specialist supports your department.

Classroom Technology Services

Classroom Technology Services (CTS) provides the university with the necessary technology for classroom presentations, conference rooms, and videoconferencing needs.  To provide these resources, the staff researches and installs equipment, trains users on technology usage, maintain the equipment, and troubleshoots problems when they arise.

Instructional Design Services

Instructional Design Services (IDS) serves the faculty of SDSU and fulfills many roles throughout the decades of its operation. Firm commitment to support, development, and service have driven IDS to follow a vision. This desire for excellence leads to innovation and leadership. The goal of IDS is to support the university's instructional, research, institutional, and service missions.

By promoting contemporary, cutting edge technologies, IDS provides students, faculty, and staff universal access and guidance to worldwide electronic resources. Development and access to institutionally developed instructional and informational resources help poise SDSU to be a leader in education.

IDS is to help faculty, staff, & GTAs:

  • Design, develop, evaluate, & teach effective face-to-face, hybrid, & online courses with Cloud applications;

  • Apply current research & best practices on learning and innovative teaching technologies that support Active Learning Cloud;

  • Decide & create appropriate learning media to meet their instructional goals;

  • Gain access to training of the Cloud applications;

  • Become familiar with D2L.