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Thomas Daschle Papers. U.S. Senate Papers

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Thomas A. Daschle Career Papers

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Collection Summary


DA 2


Thomas A. Daschle Papers: U.S. Senate papers


Senator Thomas Andrew Daschle




660 linear feet (660 records center boxes)




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

Access note

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Preferred Citation

Name of item. Thomas A. Daschle Papers: U.S. Senate papers. DA 2. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota


Composed of records created by Tom Daschle and his staff during his tenure in the U.S. Senate. Included are trip schedules, speeches, sponsored and cosponsored legislation, and administrative files including financial disclosures, appointments and schedules. This series does not contain much material related to Daschle's campaigns for voting records during this time. Also included are files on the Whitewater issue during the Clinton administration, veterans’ issues, Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota Water Projects, the accident of South Dakota Governor Mickelson, and aviation issues.

Historical Note

In 1986, Daschle was elected to the Senate in a close victory over incumbent Republican James Abdnor, becoming the nation's 1,776th senator. In his first year, he was appointed to the Finance Committee. In 1994, he was chosen by his colleagues to succeed the retiring Senator George Mitchell as Democratic Minority Leader. In the history of the Senate, only Lyndon B. Johnson had served fewer years before being elected to lead his party. In addition to the Minority Leader's post, Daschle also served as a member of the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry. South Dakotans re-elected Daschle to the Senate by overwhelming margins in 1998. At various points in his career, he served on the Veterans Affairs, Indian Affairs, Finance and Ethics Committees.

During his brief stint as the 20th Senate Majority Leader, he became part of the phenomenon in which a new congress takes office before a new presidential administration. From January 3, 2001, to January 20, 2001, Daschle became Senate Majority Leader for the first time. The Senate was evenly divided with 50 members from each major party, but Vice President of the United States Al Gore acted in his constitutional capacity as ex officio President of the Senate, and used his tie-breaking vote to give the Democrats the majority in that chamber. Upon the swearing-in of the George W. Bush Administration on January 20, 2001, Dick Cheney became Vice President and the Democrats returned to being in the minority and Daschle reverted to being Senate Minority Leader.

However, when Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont announced in that he was leaving the Republican caucus to become an independent and would caucus with Democrats, this returned control of the body to the Democrats and Daschle again became Majority Leader.

Democratic losses in the November 2002 elections returned them to the minority in the Senate in January 2003 and Daschle reverted to being Minority Leader.

Contents Note

The U.S. Senate papers series on the Tom Daschle Congressional Career Papers is composed of records created by Tom Daschle and his staff during his tenure in the U.S. Senate. Included are trip schedules, speeches, sponsored and cosponsored legislation, and administrative files including financial disclosures, appointments and schedules. This series does not contain much material related to Daschle's campaigns for voting records during this time.

The trip schedules and files regarding his frequent trips back to South Dakota, including quite a few of Daschle's "Trip Notes" which are Daschle's notes to his staff regarding his impressions of the details of the trip and issues and concerns encountered on the trips that he wanted his staff to address.

Also included are files on the Whitewater issue during the Clinton administration, veterans issues, Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota Water Projects, the accident of South Dakota Governor Mickelson, and aviation issues.

Due to the size and scope of the Daschle collection this collection was minimally processed.

This means that material was placed in acid-free folders and containers, but processing at the item level was keep to a minimum. Only folders that had little or no description were looked into with more depth, or contained items that appeared at risk, due to deteriorating fasteners or fragile material. This type of material was handled on a case-by-case basis.

Books and other publications were separated from the collection and shelved. Artifacts, such as plaques, framed items, textiles, art, and other three-dimensional items, were separated and placed in appropriate storage. Photographs were also separated and placed in proper storage containers.

Dates for each folder were chosen on what could be quickly ascertained. The dates are meant to give researchers a general idea of the dates of the material that is in each folder. These dates were selected on what could be quickly ascertained. If there was a range of dates covering material, then the earliest date was chosen.

Key Words

Daschle, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrew), Senator, 1947-

Administrative Information

Legal Status

Materials and resources from the Thomas A. Daschle Career Papers are not in the public domain and copyright is largely held by the donor. Staff makes these materials available for private study, research, and teaching. Online material may be downloaded and printed without prior permission for these purposes, on condition that you attribute the Archives in all copies.

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Researchers conducting extensive research are asked to make an advance appointment to access archival material. Please call or e-mail prior to visiting the collection and indicate as much detail as possible about a particular topic and intended use.

South Dakota State University supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted as a result of their fragile condition or by contractual agreements with donors.

Copyright note

Copyright restrictions apply in different ways to different materials. Many of the documents and other historical materials in the Archives are in the public domain and may be reproduced and used in any way. There are other materials in the Archive carrying a copyright interest and must be used according to the provisions of Title 17 of the U.S. Code. The Archive issues a warning concerning copyright restrictions to every researcher who requests copies of documents. Although the copyright law is under constant redefinition in the courts, it is ultimately the responsibility of the researcher to properly use copyrighted material.

Arranged and Described by

Arranged by Ruby Wilson and James Borchert under the direction of the University Archivist, Stephen Van Buren. Described by Crystal J. Gamradt, C.A.

Container List

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Thomas Daschle Papers. U.S. Senate Papers Container List. DA 2

111991 Charitable Contributions Requests1991
12Christmas Gifts 1990 Received1990
131989 Contributions1989
141990 Contributions1989
151989 Financial Disclosure1990
161990 Financial Disclosure1990
171991 Financial Disclosure1992
18Financial Disclosure Filing 19911978
19Financial Disclosure Filing for Staff (1991)1992
110Gifts 19901990
1111991 Gifts1991
1121989 gift list1989
113Honoraria 1987 filing1988
114Honoraria 1988 filing1989
115Honorarium File--19881988
116Honoraria 19891989
1171989 Honoria1989
118Honoraria 1989 filing1989
1191991 Honoraria1991
1201991 - Information for Disclosure1990
1211987 Mass Mailing Registration1987
122Mass Mailing 19881988
1231989 Mass Mailing Registration1989
1241990 Mass Mailing Registration (filed January 25, 1991)1991
125Mass Mailing Registration for 1st Quarter - April 25, 19911991
126Mass Mail Registration for Second Quarter on July 25, 19911991
127Mass Mail Registration for Third Quarter on October 25, 19911991
128Mass Mail Registration for Fourth Quarter on January 24, 19921992
129Mass Mail Registration for First Quarter on April 27, 19921992
130Mass Mail Registration for Second Quarter on July 27, 19921992
131Mass Mail Registration for Third Quarter on Oct, 26, 19921992
132Mass Mail Registration for Fourth Quarter on Jan, 25, 19931993
133Mass Mail Registration for First Quarter On April 26 19931993
134Mass Mail Registration for 2nd Quarter On July 26, 19931993
135Office Memos1991
136Sen Garn's Ski Cup Fundraiser1989
137Travel 19891987
21South Dakota Trip #2 January 23-261987
22South Dakota Trip #3 Feb. 6-151987
23South Dakota Trip #4 March 6-81987
24South Dakota Trip #5 March 12-161987
25South Dakota Trip #6 April 9-151987
26South Dakota Trip #7 May 1-31987
27South Dakota Trip #8 May 8-101987
28South Dakota Trip #9 May 22-261987
29South Dakota Trip #10 June 5-71987
210South Dakota Trip #11 July 17-191987
211South Dakota Trip #12 July 24-261987
212South Dakota Trip #13 Aug. 13-191987
213South Dakota Trip #16 October 23-251987
214S.D. Events January1987
215S.D. Events February1987
216S.D. Events March1987
217S.D. Events April1987
218S.D. Events May1987
219S.D. Events June1987
220S.D. Events July1987
221S.D. Events Aug.1987
222S.D. Events September1987
223S.D. Events October1987
224S.D. Events Nov.1987
225S.D. Events December1987
226S.D. Events--Scheduling Form Letter 
31National Trip #4 Columbus / Kansas City1987
32Letters for Advisory Committee1987
33Letters to be Read at Ceremonies1987
35January 19891989
36February 19891989
37March 19891989
38April 19891989
39May 19891989
310June 1989 (1)1989
311June 1989 (2)1989
312July 19891989
313National Requests: by month : January-March National Request1988
314National Requests: by month : April-July National Requests1988
315National Requests: by month : August-October National Requests1989
316National Requests: by month : November-December National1989
317National Requests: by month : January-March 1990: national1989
318National Requests: by month : Open Ended National Requests1987
319National Requests: by month : DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign committee) Events Calendar1989
320National Requests: by month : Political outline: Rickie P1988
321National Requests: by month : Past National Requests 1986-19881987
322National Requests: by month : National Requests Thomas A. Daschle Does Not Want to Consider1988
323Outstanding Requests 1986-1987 : Outstanding Requests 1986-1987 Rated A11987
324Outstanding Requests 1986-1987 : Outstanding Requests 1986-1987 Rated A21987
325Outstanding Requests 1986-1987 : Outstanding Requests 1986-1987 Rated A31986
326Outstanding Requests 1988 : Outstanding Requests 19881988
327Outstanding Requests 1988 : Outstanding Requests Miscellaneous 
328Outstanding Requests 1988 : Outstanding Requests on Hold1986
329Outstanding Requests 1988 : Outstanding Scheduling Requests Done but Never Filed1988
330Standing Requests 19891989
331Outstanding Requests1989
332Gary Wean Lawsuit1988
333Trip Notes January-August1987
334Campaign Clips, Media Contacts1986
335Senate AG Trip to Vermont 19871987
41Trip #1 January 6-91993
42Trip #2 February 7-121993
43Trip #3 March 5-81993
44Trip #4 March 26-281993
45Trip #5 April 71993
46Trip #6 April 22-231993
47Trip #7 May 1-31993
48Trip #8 May 22-241993
49Trip #9 May 30-June 21993
410Trip #10 June 12-141993
411Senate Agriculture Committee Trip Moscow July 2-121993
412Dallas / Houston Fundraising Trip July 18-191993
413Trip #11 July 23-261993
414Trip #12 July 30-August11993
415Trip #13 August 19-25 (1)1993
416Trip #13 August 19-25 (2)1993
417Trip #14 September 1-61993
418Trip #15 September 24-261993
419Trip #16 October 11-121993
420Trip #17 October 16-171993
421Trip #18 Pheasant Hunt October 22-251993
422Trip #19 November 11-141993
423Trip #20 December 2-31993
424Trip #21 December 7-121993
425Trip #22 December 14-171993
426Ski Trip '931993
51Honorary Committees (1)1994
52Honorary Committees (2)1994
53Daschle Vacation1994
54Trip #1 January 10-161994
55Trip #2 February 18-211994
56Trip #3 February 12-181994
57Trip #4 March 5-61994
58Trip #5 April 4-81994
59Michigan Trip April 241994
510Trip #6 May 6-81994
511Trip #7 May 27-311994
512Trip #8 June 10-131994
513Trip #10 July 4th Recess1994
514Texas Trip - McCurdy July 15-17, 19941994
515Trip #11 July 22-241994
516Trip #12 August 29-September 91994
517Trip #13 September 23-261994
518Trip #14 September 30-October 31994
519Trip #15 October 9-101994
520Trip #16 October 19-201994
521Trip #17 October 18-191994
522Trip #18 October 26-281994
523Trip #19 November 3-91994
524Trip #21 December 12-181994
61Abbott Laboratory Trip1987
62Aspen, CO DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) - Majority Trust Weekend March 30 - April. 11990
63Blue Cross & Blue Shield1988
64Christmas Card Lists & Information1987
65Committee Assignments1989
67Congressional Club 
68Congressional Page Service1988
69Convention Speech1988
611Democratic Policy Committee 
612Derby Information1988
613DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) California Weekend June 24-251988
614DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) Freshman Class Tour September 16-181988
615Finance, Personal1987
616Financial & Honorarium (1)1988
617Financial & Honorarium (2)1988
618Flight and Travel Information1988
619Freshmen Democrats1988
620Grown in America1987
621Honoraria & Financial Reports1988
622Honoraria File (1)1987
623Honoraria File (2)1987
624Hunting Trip1987
625Miami Flight1987
626Missed Votes1987
627Missed Votes1988
628Missed Votes1990
629National Schedules1987
630National Trip #1 (New York) January 6-81988
631Portable Phone Information1988
632Schedules, Events, Financial1987
633South Dakotans (and Staff) in Area1988
634Tennis Instruction1987
635Travel (1)1987
636Travel (2)1987
637Water: 1987, General Position Papers1987
638WEB (Walworth-Edmunds-Brown) / Belle Fourche Reprogramming 19871987
71Daschle Clips - August 101995
72Pressler Clips - August 101995
73Delegation Clips - August 101995
74Janklow Clips - August 101995
75Daschle Clips - August 171995
76Pressler Clips - August 171995
77Johnson Clips - August 171995
78Delegation Clips - August 171995
79Janklow Clips - August 171995
710South Dakota General Clips - August 171995
711Daschle Clips - August 241995
712Pressler Clips - August 241995
713Johnson Clips - August 241995
714Delegation Clips - August 241995
715Janklow Clips - August 241995
716South Dakota General Clips - August 241995
717Daschle Clips - August 311995
718Pressler Clips - August 311995
719Delegation Clips - August 311995
720Janklow Clips - August 311995
721Daschle Clips - September 71995
722Pressler Clips - September 71995
723Johnson Clips - September 71995
724Delegation Clips - September 71995
725Janklow Clips - September 71995
726South Dakota General Clips - September 71995
727Daschle Clips - September 141995
728Pressler Clips - September 141995
729Johnson Clips - September 141995
730Delegation Clips - September 141995
731Janklow Clips - September 141995
732Daschle Clips - September 211995
733Pressler Clips - September 211995
734Johnson Clips - September 211995
735Delegation Clips - September 211995
736Janklow Clips - September 211995
737Daschle Clips - September 281995
738Pressler Clips - September 281995
739Johnson Clips - September 281995
740Delegation Clips - September 281995
741Janklow Clips - September 281995
742Daschle Clips - October 51995
743Pressler Clips - October 51995
744Johnson Clips - October 51995
745Delegation Clips - October 51995
7461996 Election Clips - October 51995
747Janklow Clips - October 51995
748Daschle Clips - October 121995
749Pressler Clips - October 121995
750Johnson Clips - October 121995
751Delegation Clips - October 121995
7521996 Election Clips - October 121995
753Janklow Clips - October 121995
754Daschle Clips - October 191995
755Pressler Clips - October 191995
756Johnson Clips - October 191995
757Delegation Clips - October 191995
758Janklow Clips - October 191995
759Daschle Clips - October 261995
760Pressler Clips - October 261995
761Delegation Clips - October 261995
7621996 Election Clips - October 261995
763Janklow Clips - October 261995
764Daschle Clips - November 21995
765Pressler Clips - November 21995
766Johnson Clips - November 21995
767Delegation Clips - November 21995
7681996 Election Clips - November 21995
769Janklow Clips - November 21995
770Daschle Clips - November 91995
771Pressler Clips - November 91995
772Johnson Clips - November 91995
773Delegation Clips - November 91995
774Janklow Clips - November 91995
775Daschle Clips - November 161995
776Pressler Clips - November 161995
777Johnson Clips - November 161995
778Delegation Clips - November 161995
7791996 Election Clips - November 161995
780Janklow Clips - November 161995
781Janklow Clips - November 221995
782Delegation Clips - November 221995
783Johnson Clips - November 221995
784Pressler Clips - November 221995
785Daschle Clips - November 221995
786Daschle Clips - November 301995
787Pressler Clips - November 301995
788Johnson Clips - November 301995
789Delegation Clips - November 301995
7901996 Election Clips - November 301995
791Janklow Clips - November 301995
792Daschle Clips - December 71995
793Pressler Clips - December 71995
794Johnson Clips - December 71995
7951996 Elections Clips - December 71995
796Janklow Clips - December 71995
797Daschle Clips - December 141995
798Pressler Clips - December 141995
799Johnson Clips - December 141995
7100Delegation Clips - December 141995
7101Election Clips - December 141995
7102Janklow Clips - December 141995
7103Daschle Clips - December 211995
7104Pressler Clips - December 211995
7105Johnson Clips - December 211995
7106Delegation Clips - December 211995
7107Janklow Clips - December 211995
7108Daschle Clips - December 281995
7109Pressler Clips - December 281995
7110Johnson Clips - December 281995
7111Delegation Clips - December 281995
71121996 Election Clips - December 281995
7113Janklow Clips - December 281995
7114General Clips - December 281995
7115Daschle Clips - January 41996
7116Pressler Clips - January 41996
7117Johnson Clips - January 41996
7118Delegation Clips - January 41996
71191996 Election Clips - January 41996
7120Janklow Clips - January 41996
7121Daschle Clips - May 151997
7122Johnson Clips - May 151997
7123Thune Clips - May 151997
7124Janklow Clips - May 151997
7125General Clips - May 151997
7126General Clips - May 211997
7127Delegation Clips - May 211997
7128Janklow Clips - May 211997
7129Thune Clips - May 211997
7130Johnson Clips - May 211997
7131Daschle Clips - May 211997
7132General Clips - May 291997
7133Delegation Clips - May 291997
7134Janklow Clips - May 291997
7135Thune Clips - May 291997
7136Johnson Clips - May 291997
7137Daschle Clips - May 291997
81March 25 (1)1999
82March 25 (2)1999
83March 25 (3)1999
84March 26 (1)1999
85March 26 (2)1999
86March 30 (1)1999
87March 30 (2)1999
88April 6 (1)1999
89April 6 (2)1999
810April 71999
811April 81999
812April 9 (1)1999
813April 9 (2)1999
814April 121999
815April 131999
91July 21999
92July 61999
93July 91999
94July 121999
95July 131999
96July 141999
97July 151999
98July 161999
99July 191999
910July 201999
911July 211999
912July 221999
913July 231999
914July 26 (1)1999
915July 26 (2)1999
916July 27 (1)1999
917July 27 (2)1999
101July 281999
102July 291999
103July 301999
104August 21999
105August 31999
106August 41999
107August 51999
108August 61999
109August 91999
1010August 101999
1011August 111999
1012August 121999
1013August 131999
1014August 161999
1015August 171999
111August 181999
112August 191999
113August 201999
114August 231999
115August 241999
116August 251999
117August 261999
118August 271999
119August 301999
1110August 31 (1)1999
1111August 31 (2)1999
1112September 11999
1113September 21999
1114September 31999
1115September 71999
1116September 81999
1117September 91999
121May 92002
122May 102002
123May 132002
124May 14 (1)2002
125May 14 (2)2002
126May 152002
127May 162002
128May 172002
129May 202002
1210May 212002
131Daschle Clips - January 111996
132Pressler Clips - January 111996
133Johnson Clips - January 111996
134Delegation Clips - January 111996
1351996 Election Clips - January 111996
136Janklow Clips - January 111996
137Janklow / South Dakota Clips - January 181996
138Delegation Clips - January 181996
139Daschle Clips - January 181996
1310Daschle Clips - January 181996
1311Pressler Clips - January 181996
1312Johnson Clips - January 181996
1313Delegation Clips - January 181996
13141996 Election Clips - January 181996
1315Janklow Clips - January 181996
1316Daschle Clips - January 251996
1317Pressler Clips - January 251996
1318Delegation Clips - January 251996
13191996 Election Clips - January 251996
1320Janklow Clips - January 251996
1321Daschle Clips - February 11996
1322Pressler Clips - February 11996
1323Johnson Clips - February 11996
13241996 Election Clips - February 11996
1325Janklow Clips - February 11996
1326Daschle Clips - February 81996
1327Pressler Clips - February 81996
1328Johnson Clips - February 81996
1329Delegation Clips - February 81996
13301996 Election Clips - February 81996
1331Janklow Clips - February 81996
1332Daschle Clips - February 151996
1333Pressler Clips - February 151996
1334Delegation Clips - February 151996
1335Janklow Clips - February 151996
1336Daschle Clips - February 221996
1337Pressler Clips - February 221996
1338Delegation Clips - February 221996
1339Janklow Clips - February 221996
1340South Dakota General Clips - February 221996
1341Daschle Clips - February 291996
1342Pressler Clips - February 291996
1343Johnson Clips - February 291996
1344Delegation Clips - February 291996
1345Janklow Clips - February 291996
1346South Dakota General Clips - February 291996
1347Daschle Clips - March 71996
1348Pressler Clips - March 71996
1349Johnson Clips - March 71996
1350Delegation Clips - March 71996
1351Janklow Clips - March 71996
1352South Dakota General Clips - March 71996
1353Daschle Clips - March 141996
1354Johnson Clips - March 141996
1355Pressler Clips - March 141996
1356Delegation Clips - March 141996
1357Janklow Clips - March 141996
1358South Dakota General Clips - March 141996
1359Daschle Clips - March 211996
1360Pressler Clips - March 211996
1361Johnson Clips - March 211996
1362Delegation Clips - March 211996
13631996 Election Clips - March 211996
1364Janklow Clips - March 211996
1365Daschle Clips - March 281996
1366Pressler Clips - March 281996
1367Johnson Clips - March 281996
1368Delegation Clips - March 281996
13691996 Election Clips - March 281996
1370Janklow Clips - March 281996
1371Daschle Clips - April 41996
1372Pressler Clips - April 41996
1373Johnson Clips - April 41996
1374Delegation Clips - April 41996
1375Election Clips - April 41996
1376Janklow Clips - April 41996
1377Daschle Clips - April 111996
1378Pressler Clips - April 111996
1379Johnson Clips - April 111996
1380Janklow Clips - April 111996
1381Delegation Clips - April 111996
13821996 Election Clips - April 111996
1383Daschle Clips - April 181996
1384Pressler Clips - April 181996
1385Johnson Clips - April 181996
1386Delegation Clips - April 181996
1387Janklow Clips - April 181996
13881996 Election Clips - April 181996
1389Daschle Clips - April 251996
1390Pressler Clips - April 251996
1391Johnson Clips - April 251996
1392Delegation Clips - April 251996
1393Janklow Clips - April 251996
13941996 Election Clips - April 251996
1395Daschle Clips - May 21996
1396Pressler Clips - May 21996
1397Johnson Clips - May 21996
1398Delegation Clips - May 21996
1399Janklow Clips - May 21996
13100Daschle Clips - May 91996
13101Pressler Clips - May 91996
13102Johnson Clips - May 91996
13103Delegation Clips - May 91996
13104Janklow Clips - May 91996
131051996 Campaign Clips - May 91996
13106Daschle Clips - May 161996
13107Pressler Clips - May 161996
13108Johnson Clips - May 161996
13109Delegation Clips - May 161996
13110Janklow Clips - May 161996
131111996 Campaign Clips - May 161996
13112Daschle Clips - May 231996
13113Pressler Clips - May 231996
13114Johnson Clips - May 231996
13115Delegation Clips - May 231996
13116Janklow Clips - May 231996
131171996 Election Clips - May 231996
13118Daschle Clips - May 301996
13119Pressler Clips - May 301996
13120Johnson Clips - May 301996
13121Delegation Clips - May 301996
13122Janklow Clips - May 301996
131231996 Election Clips - May 301996
13124Daschle Clips - June 61996
13125Pressler Clips - June 61996
13126Johnson Clips - June 61996
13127Delegation Clips - June 61996
13128Janklow Clips - June 61996
131291996 Election Clips - June 61996
13130Daschle Clips - June 131996
13131Pressler Clips - June 131996
13132Johnson Clips - June 131996
13133Delegation Clips - June 131996
13134Janklow Clips - June 131996
131351996 Election Clips - June 131996
13136Daschle Clips - June 201996
13137Pressler Clips - June 201996
13138Johnson Clips - June 201996
13139Delegation Clips - June 201996
13140Janklow Clips - June 201996
131411996 Election Clips - June 201996
13142Daschle Clips - June 271996
13143Pressler Clips - June 271996
13144Johnson Clips - June 271996
13145Delegation Clips - June 271996
13146Janklow Clips - June 271996
131471996 Election Clips - June 271996
13148Daschle Clips - July 31996
13149Pressler Clips - July 31996
13150Johnson Clips - July 31996
13151Delegation Clips - July 31996
13152Janklow Clips - July 31996
131531996 Election Clips - July 31996
141Flag Requests1995
1515/9/1995 (1)1995
1525/9/1995 (2)1995
1535/10/1995 (1)1995
1545/10/1995 (2)1995
1555/10/1995 (3)1995
1565/11/1995 (1)1995
1575/11/1995 (2)1995
1585/12/1995 (1)1995
1595/12/1995 (2)1995
161Daily Mail 2/17/1997 to 3/14/19971997
171Daily Mail 4/17/1997 to 4/25/19971997
181Daily Mail 3/19/1997 to 4/17/19981998
19243-10-2000 (1)2000
19253-10-2000 (2)2000
2013-10-2000 (3)2000
2023-10-2000 (4)2000
2043-14-2000 (1)2000
2053-14-2000 (2)2000
2083-17-2000 (1)2000
2093-17-2000 (2)2000
20113-21-2000 (1)2000
20123-21-2000 (2)2000
20133-21-2000 (3)2000
20143-22-2000 (1)2000
20153-22-2000 (2)2000
20163-22-2000 (3)2000
20173-23-2000 (1)2000
20183-23-2000 (2)2000
20193-23-2000 (3)2000
211Loose Misc. Mail1989
221Miscellaneous Mail1989
231AG31E - No Ag Crisis1989
232AG31G - Budget Cuts Con1990
233AG49A - Specific Areas1990
234AG49B - Barley1990
235AG49C - Dairy1989
236AG49CD - Dairy Price Support Cuts Con1989
237AG49E - Grain1989
238AG49EB - Dirty Grain1989
239AG49EC - Corn1989
2310AG49ED - Grain Elevators1989
2311AG34A - Farm Programs1989
2312AG34AB (Drought Assistance)1990
2313AG34M - 1990 Farm Bill (1)1989
2314AG34M - 1990 Farm Bill (2)1989
2315AG28D - Debt Forgiveness1989
2316AG28DC - Debt Forgiveness Con1989
2317AG31A - Farm Economy1989
2318AG31C - Ag Crisis1989
2319AG31C - Ag Crisis1990
2320AG34A - Farm Programs1990
2321AG25A - Farm Credit1989
2322AG25GD - Federal Lank Bank1989
2323AG25I - Farm Credit System1989
2324AG28A - FmHA (1)1990
2325AG28A - FmHA (2)1989
2326AG28AC - FmHA con1989
2327AG28CP - Dexter Gunderson Pro1989
2328AG19E-CRP (Conservation Reserve Program)1989
2329AG19E- CRP1990
2331AG19K - Swampbuster1989
2332AG19M - Waterbank1989
2333AG19P (Wetlands)1989
2334AG20A - Corporate Farmers1990
2335AG20C - Family Farm $Limit1989
2336AG22A - Extension Service1990
2337AG22AP - Ext. Service - concuts1989
2338AG34C -0-921989
2339AG 34E- Deficiency Payments1989
2340AG34EP (ASCS Deficiency Payments)1990
2341AG34K - Yields1989
2342AG34G - Disaster Payments1989
2343AG34GB (Drought Assistance)1990
2344AG37A- FCIC (Federal Crop Insurance)1989
2345AG37AC (Crop Insurance)1990
2346AG37AP (Crop Insurance)1990
2347AG40A - FIFRA1989
2348AG49EF - Wheat and Feed Grains1989
241AG43A - Food and Nutrition1990
242AG43C - FDA1989
243AG43G - Food Stamps1989
244AG49EL (Corn in Reserve)1991
245AG49G - Honey1989
246AG49I - Livestock1989
247AG49IB - Cattle1989
248AG49IF - Grazing Fees1989
249AG49ID - Hogs1989
2410AG43GC - Food Stamp Fraud1990
2411AG43E - Food Safety & Inspection1989
2412AG43H - Hunger in America1990
2413AG43I - School Lunch Program1989
2414AG43K - Surplus Commodity Distribution1989
2415AG43M - WIC (Women, Infants & Children)1989
2416AG44E - Firewood Collection1990
2417AG46A - Legislation1990
2418AG49K - Oats1989
2419AG49IH - Sheep1989
2420AG49M - Poultry1989
2421AG49N - Soybeans1989
2422BF01A - Miscellaneous1989
2423AG49NC - Soybean Checkoff Con1989
2424AG49Q - Sunflowers1989
2425AG49S - Tobacco1990
2426AG49U - Wool1990
2427BF04A - Credit Unions1989
2428BF03EC - Takeovers Con1989
2430BF07A - Credit Card Interest Rates1989
2431Mail Answered in 19861986
2432Mail Answered in 19871987
2433Mail Answered in 1988 (1)1987
2434Mail Answered in 1988 (2)1987
2435Mail Answered in 19891988
2436Mail Answered in July1990
2437May (1)1990
2438May (2)1990
2439August - In (1)1990
2440August - In (2)1990
2441October - In1990
2442November - In1990
251HUD (Housing and Urban Development) - Con1994
252Aid to Russian Soldiers - Con1994
253BHNF (Black Hills National Forest) "People & Land" Pro1994
254Biodiversity Con1994
255Brady II / H.R. 4300 - Con1994
256Canistota Open Door1994
257Cigarette Tax - Con1994
258Clark Open Door1994
259Combat Women Con1994
2510Correspondence September 25-October 281994
2511Correspondence A-F Answered November 11994
2512Correspondence G-M Answered November 11994
2513Correspondence N-Z Answered November 11994
2514Correspondence Answered November141994
2515Crime - Con1994
2516Crime Bill Grant Information1994
2517Crime - Gun / Con1994
2518Cuban Embargo - Con1994
2520Director of Admissions1994
2521Environmental Concerns1994
2522EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)/Con1994
2523Flex Accounts / Café Plans1994
2524Foreign Policy Ballot / Con1994
2525GATT - Con (1)1994
2526GATT - Con (2)1994
2527GATT - Con (3)1994
2528GATT - Pro1994
2529GATT - Budget Waiver - Con1994
2530GATT - Budget Waiver - Con1994
2531GATT - Dairy / Con1994
2532GATT - Environment / Agricultural Concerns - Con1994
2533GATT - Fasttrack / WTO - Con1994
2534GATT & WTO - Con1994
2535Grant Open Door1994
261Haiti - Con (1)1994
262Haiti - Con (2)1994
263Health Care / Con (1)1994
264Health Care / Con (2)1994
265Health Care / Con (3)1994
266Health Care - Pro1994
267Health Care - Abortion - Con (1)1994
268Health Care - Abortion - Con (2)1994
269Health Care Concerns Section 125 Benefits Tax1994
2610Health Care / Chiro1994
2611Health Care / Cost Containment / Con1994
2612Health Care / Communication - Hearing Disorders1994
2613Health Care Crime - Con1994
2614Health Care Elderly1994
2615Health Care / FEHE (Federal Employee Health Benefits)1994
2616Health Care / Long Term1994
2617Health Care / McCarren-Ferguson1994
2618Health Care Opinion Ballot1994
2619Health Care / Prescription Drugs1994
2620Health Care / Taxes (Benefit Tax)1994
2621High Gas Prices1994
2622Horse Slaughter1994
2623H.R. 8 Con1994
2624Job Reject1994
2625Job Seekers1994
2626Lunch / Nutrition to USDA1994
2627Medicare Reimbursement Pro1994
2628Mental Health1994
2629Merchant Marine Act1994
2630Miller Open Door1994
2631Mining Reform - Anti1994
2632Lobby Disc. - Con1994
2633National Health Care Survey1994
2634NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) / Con1994
2635Outdoor Robo1994
2636Price Controls Con1994
2637Respiratory Therapy1994
2638Resume' Con1994
2639Retailers Assoc.1994
2640S. 55 Pro1994
2641S. 349 Con1994
2642S. 349 Con (Lobby Disclosure)1994
2643S. 784 Follow-up1994
2644S. 1513 "Petition" - Con1994
2645S. 1513 / H.R. 6 Con1994
2646S. 1822 Pro (1)1994
2647S. 1822 Pro (2)1994
2648Section 125 Benefit Tax Concerns1994
271ASCS Closing1995
272BB (Balanced Budget) - Con1995
273BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment) Con1995
274BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment) - Con / SS Cuts Con1995
275Balanced Budget - Pro (1)1995
276Balanced Budget - Pro (2)1995
277BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment) Pro (1)1995
278BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment) Pro (2)1995
279BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment) Pro / SS Cuts Con1995
2710Correspondence - Miscellaneous Issues January-February1995
2711Correspondence - Miscellaneous Issues March 2-171995
2712Correspondence - Miscellaneous Issues March 20-311995
2713Court Reporters1995
2714Fossil Collection Pro1995
2715Fossil Robo (1)1995
2716Fossil Robo (2)1995
2717Foster Nomination Pro1995
2718Line Item Veto Pro/Post Vote1995
2719Military COLAS (Cost of Living Adjustment)1995
2721NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) / NEH Funding Pro1995
2722PBS (Public Broadcasting) Funding Pro1995
2723PMAs (Power Marketing Agencies) - Con1995
2724PMAs (Power Marketing Agencies) / WAPA (Western Area Power Administration) Sale - Con (1)1995
2725PMAs / WAPA (Western Area Power Administration) Sale - Con (2)1995
2726Resume Con1995
2727S. 1976 / Pro1994
2728S. 2111 / Mix Up1994
2729Sheridan / User Fees1994
2730Social Security Trust Fund Mailing1994
2731Springfield Bridge - Pro1994
2732Springfield Open Door1994
2733S.R. 70 Rights of the Child1994
2734Swift Fox / Con1994
2735Team Act - Con1995
2736Timber / Mining Subsidies1994
2737Unitary-Pryor Con1994
2738United Nations Women's Treaty - Con1994
2739VA Health Petition1994
2740Veterans - Health Care1994
2741Welfare Reform Postcard1994
2742WIC / Pro1994
2743Wildlife Refuges1994
2744WTO (World Trade Organization) - Con1994
281Ag Prices1995
282ASCS (Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service) Office Closing / Alexandria1995
283BHNF (Black Hills National Forest) - People & Land Pro1995
284Cattle Prices1995
286Foster - Con1995
287GATT - Con1994
288Leader Congratulations / National General1995
289Leader Congratulations / National - Personal1995
2810Leader Congratulations - Outside the USA1995
2811Livestock Prices (1)1995
2812Livestock Prices (2)1995
2813Livestock Prices (3)1995
2814Mining Reform - Con1994
2815NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) Postcard1994
2816PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) / CBS Funding Pro1995
2817PMAs (Power Marketing Agencies) Sale - Con1995
2818Prison Petition1995
2819Responses - Leader Congratulations - Local / D.C.1995
2820Resume Con1995
2821S. 2238 - Con1994
2822Section 125 Benefit Tax Concerns1994
2823Senior Nutrition Programs - Pro1995
2824Superfund - Con1994
2825Thank You Leader Congratulations - South Dakota (1)1994
2826Thank You - Leader Congratulations South Dakota (2)1994
2827Tricare - Con1995
2828Tuition Assistance - Tax Exemption1994
2829United Nations Rights of the Child - Con1995
2830Welfare Reform Postcard1994
291Aid to Mexico - Con Answered 3/11995
292Aid to Russian Soldiers - Con Answered 3/11995
293Food / Nutrition Program / PRA (Personal Responsibility Act) Con Answered 3/11995
294National Views Answered 2/141995
295National Views Answered 2/16 (1)1995
296National Views Answered 2/16 (2)1995
297National Views Answered 2/281995
298National Views Answered 3/11995
299National Views Answered 3/21995
2910National Views Answered 3/71995
2911National Views Answered 3/101995
2912National Views Answered 3/141995
2913National Views Answered 3/151995
2914National Views Answered 3/291995
2915National Views Answered 4/61995
2916National Views Answered 6/131995
2917NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) / NEH Pro Answered 3/11995
2918PBS (Public Broadcasting) Pro answered 3/11995
2919PMAs (Power Marketing Agencies) / WAPA (Western Area Power Administration) Sale - Con Answered 3/11995
2920Resume-Con Answered 3/11995
2921Social Security / Medicare Cuts Con Answered 3/11995
30160 Minutes Follow-up1995
302Ag Prices1995
303Aid to Russian Soldiers - Con1995
304ASCS (Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service) Office Closing1995
305Balanced Budget - Pro1995
306Baseball Strike1995
307BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment) Con - Post Vote1995
308BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment) Pro (1)1995
309BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment) Pro (2)1995
3010BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment) Pro (3)1995
3011Court Reporters1995
3012Food / Nutrition Pro1995
3013Foster - Con1995
3014Leader Congratulations1995
3015Line Item Veto - Pro1995
3016Livestock Prices Answered 7/241995
3017Mexican Bailout - Con1995
3018Mount Rushmore Renovation - Con1995
3019NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) / NEH Pro1995
3020PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) / CPB - Pro (1)1995
3021PBS (Public Broadcasting Service)- Pro (2)1995
3022PMAs (Power Marketing Agencies)1995
3023Pro Gun Control1995
3024Resume - Con1995
3025Senior Meals - Pro1995
3026Social Security / Medicare Cuts Con1995
3027Tuition Assistance1995
3028United Nations Right of the Child Con1995
3029United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Con1995
311Court Reporters1995
312Drug Free Schools Fund Pro / Post Vote1995
313Flood Disaster1995
314Fossil Robo1995
315Foster Nomination Con1995
316Foster Nomination - Pro1995
317Higher Ed. Funding Pro1995
318Impact Aid1995
319Land Transfer / Standing Rock Sioux1995
3110Legal Reform - Con1995
3111Livestock Prices (1)1995
3112Livestock Prices (2)1995
3113Military Retirees1995
3115NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) / NEH Pro1995
3116Nutrition Block Grants - Con1995
3117PBS (Public Broadcasting System) Pro1995
3118Phone Exchange Sales - Con1995
3119Product Liability Act - Con1995
3120Product Liability Pro (1)1995
3121Product Liability Pro (2)1995
3122Product Liability Pro (3)1995
3123Product Liability Pro (4)1995
3124Resume - Con1995
3125Self-employed Deduction1995
3126Senior Meals - Pro1995
3127Telecommunications Reform1995
3128United Nations Child / Thomas A. Daschle Co-sponsorship1995
321Ag Tax1997
322Albright Nomination Con1997
323Anniversary Stamp1997
324BBA (Balanced Budget Amendment) Pro1995
325Black Hills Forest Con1997
326Credit Union (1)1997
327Credit Union (2)1997
328Credit Union Letters (1)1997
329Credit Union Letters (2)1997
3210Debra's Files Mail Report (1)1995
3211Debra's Files Mail Report (2)1995
3212Disaster Aid Thanks1997
3213FSA (Farm Service Agency)1997
3214Overseas Abortion Con1997
3215Pierre Flight Station1997
3216PMAs (Power Marketing Agencies) / WAPA (Western Area Power Administration)1995
3217Propane Prices1997
3219Satellite TV1997
331Abortion Bill Late Term - Con (1)1996
332Abortion Bill Late Term - Con (2)1996
333Abortion Bill Pro / Con Veto1996
334Balanced Budget Debate General1995
335Bosnia Con1996
336Blue Cross / Blue Shield Prescription Changes1995
337Church Simplifications Tax Pro1995
338Credit Union Pro1996
339Davis-Bacon (S. 1183) Con1996
3310Education Cuts Con1996
3311Farm Program / Farm Bill Pro1996
3312Federal Shutdown (1)1995
3313Federal Shutdown (2)1995
3314Flag Amendment Pro Post Vote1995
3315Fossil Preservation Act Pro1996
3316FSA (Farm Service Agency) / EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentive Program)1996
3317Gun H.R. 2181995
3318Livestock Prices1996
3319Meat Testimony1996
3320Medicare / Medicaid Cuts Con1996
3321Parental Rights Act Pro1996
3322Prescription Drugs1996
3323Pro S. 884 - H.R. 1745 Con1996
3324Rejection Letters (Employment)1996
3325S. 1028 Kass / Kenn Health Care Pro1996
3326S. 1459 Rangeland Pro1996
3327S. 1459 Rangeland Reform Con1996
3328Scotchman Industries1995
3329Selling Broadcast Spectrum Con1996
3330Utah Wilderness Act Con1996
341May D.C. Events (1)1987
342May D.C. Events (2)1987
343May D.C. Events (3)1987
344June D.C. Events (1)1987
345June D.C. Events (2)1987
346June D.C. Events (3)1987
347July D.C. Events (1)1987
348July D.C. Events (2)1987
349August Appointments1987
3410September Appointments (1)1987
3411September Appointments (2)1987
3412September Appointments (3)1987
351misc. loose mail 1988-19901988
361Response to Cox Report1999
362Campaign Finance Reform1995
363Campaign Finance Reform - Memos1995
364Administration Nominees1997
365Babbitt Investigation1998
366California / Methyl Tertiary - Butyl Ether (MTBE)1998
367Food and Drug Administration Commissioner1997
368Forum with University Presidents1997
369Internet Tax Commission1998
3610IRS Reform1997
3611Tobacco Settlement1996
3612Year 2000 Issues1998
3613Ethics Stuff1993
3614Rushmore Ethics Complaint1996
3615Ethics - White Face, Charmaine1997
3616Kentucky Senate Race1996
3617Maine Senate Race1995
3618Senate Races1996
3619Durbin Campaign1996
3620Tim Johnson for Senate1995
3621Oregon Special Election1995
3622South Dakota House Race1996
3623South Dakota Senate Race1996
3624Alcalde, Nelson1995
3625Ballen, Ken1995
3626Barnett, David1995
3627Bennett, Courtney - Recommendations1995
3628Blair, Peter1995
3629Brody, Baruch1995
3630Burhop, William1995
3631Chen, Nancy1995
3632D'Amato, Dick1996
3633Davidson, Michael1995
3634deCarbonnieres, Tanguy1995
3635Dugger, Robert1996
3636Durante, Raymond1993
3637McGarr, Cappy1995
3638Erdreich, Ben1995
3639Fang I-Shun (Nicholas Fan)1996
3640Forde, Maura1995
3641Futter, Ileana1996
3642Glovsky, Dick1995
3643Hall, Kathryn1995
3644Hall, Tony1995
3645Handleman, Kenneth1995
3646Heffernan, Brian1995
3647Heyman, Ronnie1995
3648Hogan, Phillip1995
3649Kitsos, Tom 
3650Kornmann, Charles B. - Judicial Nominee1994
3651Mark, Hans1995
3652Matz, Debbie1995
3653McDonald, Gail1995
3654McGuire, Sheila1994
3655Moore, Charles1996
3656O'Brien, Judge Donald E.1995
3657Porter, Elizabeth1995
3658Prins, Curtis1995
3659Robertson, Kirk1995
3660Thornton, Michael1996
3661Townsend Wheat, Yolande1995
3662Weiss, Kelly1996
3663Wofford, Harris1995
3664Zarcena, Mario1996
3665Daschle Remarks on Homeland Security Act2001
3666107th Congress Committee Reorganization2001
3667Letters of Condolence (911)2001
371Abourezk City Club1995
372Advisory Committee on Presidential Candidate Protection1996
373Advisory Committee on Records of the Congress1995
374Affirmative Action1995
375Agency for Health Care Policy and Research1995
376Arctic National Wildlife Refuge1995
377Architect of the Capitol1995
378Balanced Budget1995
379Brown, Ron - Resolution1996
3710Budget Debate 1995-961995
3711Budget Numbers1995
3712Campaign Office - Dispute with Rockefeller1995
3713Capital Budgeting1995
3714Citizen Jury Project1994
3715CommCo L.L.P. Issue1996
3716Computers for Campaign Office1995
3717Congressional Reform / Gift Ban1995
3718Congressional Coverage1995
3719Continuing Resolution Impasse1995
3720C-Span Working Group1995
3721Constituent Service Guidelines1995
3722Crime Bill Strategy1995
3723Daschle Foreign Policy Article and Bosnia Trip Report1996
3724Daschle Leadership Assessment1996
3725Daschle Talking Points 
3726D.C. Financial Board1995
3727Debt Limit / CR1995
3728Democratic Action Agenda1996
3729Democratic Agenda Task Force1995
3730Democratic Convention1995
3731Democratic Leadership Council Steering Committee1996
3732Democratic Views1995
3733DPC TV Station Contract1996
3734Deputy Postmaster - Work Reports1995
3735Deputy Press Secretary1994
3736Deputy Senate Legal Counsel1995
3737Dole Quality of Life / Reorganization Working Groups1995
3738Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee1995
3739Durable Medical Equipment / Kennedy / Kassebaum1995
3740Environmental Protection & Regulation Reform Survey / Mellman1995
3743Ethics / Consultancy Issue1995
3744Ethics Disclosures1994
3745Exon Security Clearance Issue1995
3746Federal Election Commission Personal Use Rules1995
3747Federal Election Commission1995
3748Feinstein Election Challenge1994
3749Financial Disclosure (Personal)1995
3750First Hundred Days1995
3751Floor Agenda1996
3752FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) Regulations1996
3753Foreign Travel Guidelines1995
3754General Accounting Office Details1996
3755General Accounting Office Audit - Secretary of Senate and Sergeant at Arms1994
3756General Accounting Office Computer Security Report1996
3757Gift Ban1995
3758Gifts and Lobbying Reform Working Group1995
3759Gifts Returned1995
3760Government Shutdown1995
3761Guns - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms - Curios & Relics1994
3762Heffernan / RFA1995
3763House Democratic Leadership1994
3764Interparliamentary Travel1995
3765Janklow Nurses1996
3766Judiciary Position - November1996
3767Key Senate Staff1995
3768Leader Requests1995
3769Leadership Committees1995
3770Leadership Staffing Issues1995
3771Legal Counsel1995
3772Legislation - Republicans and Reform1995
3773Letters to the Editor1995
3774Medicare / Tax Cuts1995
3776Mexican Loan Guarantees1995
3777Milhans, Bruce1995
3778Muenster, Ted - State Director1995
3779Office of Compliance1995
3780Office of Senate Fair Employment Practices1996
3781Overtime Study1995
3782Office Space1996
3783One Stop Shopping Issue1995
3784Overtime Procedures1995
3786Podesta, John1996
3787Political Attacks on Daschle1996
3788Polling Surveys1995
381Port of Entry - Sioux Falls1995
382Press Operation1995
383Product Liability1995
384Radio - TV Gallery Senate Broadcast Coverage Summaries1996
385Regulatory Reform1995
386Reformulated Gasoline Program1995
387Recess Memos1996
389RWJ (Robert Wood Johnson) Fellow1995
3810S. 1 Unfunded Mandate Reform Act1995
3811S. 6 - S. 10 Democratic Initiatives1995
3812Senate Audit1995
3813Senior Floor Position1996
3814Sergeant at Arms vs. Office of Fair Employment Practices1995
3815Sievert, Colleen - Recommendations1995
381660 Minutes - Forest Service Inspections1994
3817Space Allocation (Democratic / Republican)1995
3818S.R. 91 Toll Road (California)1995
3819Staff Memos1995
3820State of the Union1995
3821State of the Union1996
3822State Staff Reports1995
3823Subway Incident1995
3824Telecommunications Reform1995
3825U.S. Marshall Vacancy1996
3826VCR Owner's Manual (RCA)1991
3827Washington Advisory Committee1995
3828Watertown Postmaster Problem1990
3829Weekly Mail Report1995
3830Weekly Political Update (1) (Erpenbach)1995
3831Weekly Political Update (2) (Erpenbach)1996
3832Welfare Reform1995
3833Welk Foundation / Glynn1996
3834White House Legislative Affairs1995
3835Whitewater Colloquy1996
3836Whitewater Inquiry1994
3837Whitewater Resolution1995
3838World War II Commemoration Delegation1995
3839Working Group on Mexican Debt 
391Ethanol (1997)1996
392Ethanol and ISTEA (Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act)1997
393Line-Item Veto - Military Construction1997
394Clean Air Regulations1997
395Federal Elections Commission Commissioners1997
396Gambling Commission1996
397Families First1994
398Lou Gehrig's Disease - Myotrophin1997
399105th Congress - Set-up1996
3910Senate Democratic Leadership Meeting1996
3911Daschle, Tom - Articles1996
3912Campaign Finance Reform1997
3913Whitewater (1995)1994
3914Gambling Commission1992
3915Ethanol - Responses to Court Ruling on the Renewable Oxygenate Requirement (ROR)1995
3916TCI / Telquest FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Application - Eckart / Thompson1996
3917Hanson, Peter2002
3918Oversight Hearings - Homeland Defense2001
3919Percent Voting in Election Years2000
3920Millsap, Michael2001
3921Correspondence (1)2001
3922Correspondence (2)2001
3923Correspondence (3)2001
3924Correspondence (4)2001
3925Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI)1993
3926Regulatory Moratorium Reports1995
3927Direct Lending1995
3928Yankton Sioux Boundaries1995
3929School of Mines1997
3930South Dakota Outreach1991
402Alaskan Timber Sales1999
403Articles, Correspondence and Memos2001
404Contact Information2001
405Correspondence and Memos (1)2001
406Correspondence and Memos (2)2000
407Correspondence and Memos (3)2001
408Correspondence and Memos (4)2001
409Daschle Staff Retreat2000
4011Hold - College Project2001
4012Hold - Federalists2000
4013Hold - Judicial Nominees2001
4014Memos - Miscellaneous2001
4015Memos - Globe Briefing2001
4016Memos - LA Times Briefing2001
4017Memos - New York Times Briefing2001
4018Memos - Recess Memos2001
4019Memos - This Week2001
4020Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether / Renewable Fuels Act2000
4022Nursing Home Bankruptcies - Elkins - Integrated Health Systems2000
4023Pew Research Center2000
4025Press Clips2001
4027Rural Community Innovations2001
4028Social Security2001
4029South Dakota Press Clips on Majority Leader and Trip Home2001
4030State Information2001
4032Taxes and March 9-11 Trip Clips2001
4033TomDash Emails2001
4034Trip Report January 6-82001
411Banking Issues1988
412Bank Insurance Fund1990
413Civil War Coin Bill1987
414Community Development Plan1993
415Credit Unions1987
416Daschle Bank Bill1993
417Howling, Rob 6 / 131994
418Interstate Banking1994
419Money Laundering1988
4110Prisoner-of-war Commemorative Coin Act1993
4111Product Liability1992
4112Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) Funding1993
4113S. 549 Dollar Coin Bill1993
4114Savings and Loans (1)1985
4115Savings and Loans (2)1989
4116Savings and Loans - Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) Funding1991
421Thank Yous2001
422South Dakota INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) Office1996
423Boot Camp1995
424JJ (Juvenile Justice) House1999
425Feinstein, Dianne - Correspondence1995
426Thomas A. Daschle Legislation - 105th Congress1996
427Firearms and Ammunition Tax1993
428US Marshall / Ecoffey Position1993
429Memos, Briefings, Notes on Various Legislation, Impeachment, Caucus (1)1993
4210Memos, Briefings, Notes on Various Legislation, Impeachment, Caucus (2)1999
4211H.R. 2076 Commerce, Justice and State, The Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations, FY 1996 (1)1995
4212H.R. 2076 Commerce, Justice and State, The Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appropriations, FY 1996 (2)1995
4213Drugs - National Guard1997
4214Disaster South Dakota Payment (1)1995
4215Disaster South Dakota Payment (2)1997
4216Disaster South Dakota Payment (3)1996
4217Our Union Is Our Voicecirca 1998
4218Crime Against Elderly FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)1989
4219Crime Against Elderly FMLA II 19971995
431California MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) Issue (1)1998
432California MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) Issue (2)1999
433California MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) Issue (3)1998
434California MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) Issue (4)1999
435California MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) Issue (5)1998
436Cheyenne River JTAC (Joint Tribal-Federal Advisory Committee)1999
437Blunt Reservoir1999
438BH (Black Hills) Forest Plan1996
439BHAD (Black Hills Army Depot) (1)1993
4310BHAD (Black Hills Army Depot) (2)1964
4311Biodiesel / EPACT (Energy Policy Act of 1992)1992
4312Biodiversity Treaty1994
4313OTAG (Ozone Transport Assessment Group)1997
4314Nepal Trust Fund1997
4315Native American Economic Development Foundation1984
4316Mni Sose (1)1995
4317Mni Sose (2)1996
4318Missouri River Corridor Project1994
4319Missouri River Water Flow Maintenance Fund1998
4320MOREAP (Missouri River Environmental Assessment Program)1998
4321Mining Reform (1)1994
4322Mining Reform (2)1993
4323MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) Investigation1998
4324Mining IMF Gold Sale1999
4325MBI (1)1998
4326MBI (2)1997
4327Master Manual1999
4328Lincoln-Pipestone EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) (1)1994
4329Lincoln-Pipestone EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) (2)1998
4330Lincoln-Pipestone RWS (Rural Water System)1999
4331Lake Cochrane1995
441Bioenergy / Ethanol2002
442Missouri River Ecosystem (1)2002
443Missouri River Ecosystem (2)2002
444Daschle's ETBE (Ethel Tertiary Butyl Ether) Tax Credit Clarification2002
445Letters / Documents Concerning Missouri River Use (1)1997
446Letters / Documents Concerning Missouri River Use (2)1997
447Supreme Court Case Over the Effects of Missouri River Dams1997
448Water Resources Development Act1999
449Federal Reformulated Fuels Act of 2000 / MTBE (Methyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether2000
4410Energy Policy Act2002
4411Hallberg - 2PF21998
4412Grazing Permit Extension1995
4413GAO (General Accounting Office) - RFG (Reformulated Gasoline) Study1995
451Imprimis Information Aberdeen January-May (1)1989
452Imprimis Information Aberdeen January-May (2)1989
453International Trade Seminar Sioux Falls August1988
454South Dakota Japan Conference1987
455Follow-ups to Japan / Korea Trip1987
456Japanese Press Clippings from Japan Conference - A1987
457Japan Conference - B1987
458South Dakota Japan Trade & Culture Exchange Conference November1988
459Press Release on Japan Korea Follow-up1987
4510Thank You Notes1988
4511Preparations for Japan / Korea Trip1987
4512Sen. Daschle's Trip to Korea February1988
4513Clippings from Trade Mission February1988
4514Follow-up Reports - Sen. Daschle's Trip to Japan & Korea1988
4515Set-up Japan / Korea Trip (1)1988
4516Set-up Japan / Korea Trip (2)1988
4517Potential German Conference Rapid City1989
4518Vision 20001990
4519Eastern Europe Conference Columbia Institute1989
4520Venture Capital Conference Rapid City August1989
461Letters to the Editor1999
462Staff Memos1997
463The Hill Newsletters1995
464Job Corps in Action1998
465Sioux Falls Argus Leader (Spencer Tornado)1998
466Children's Care Hospital & School Reflections v.47, no.11999
467Press Clips1996
469Press from South Dakota Trip November 4-72000
4610Press from South Dakota Trip November 29-December 12000
4611Press for November 20-21 South Dakota Trip1999
4612Press for South Dakota Trips in August1999
4613Press Coverage of Recent South Dakota Trips1998
4614Press During August Trip to South Dakota1998
4615Press Clips March1998
4616Press Coverage of State Trip May 23-261998
4617Grant Correspondence2000
4618Mailing Lists1998
4619Trip (Black Hills)1999
4620DSCC Lunch1999
4621South Dakota Photo Clips1999
4622Gift Shop Purchases for Thomas A. Daschle1999
4623Ranking Members Lunch1999
4624Done Food Order2002
4625Declined Foreign Meeting Requests2002
4626Declined Speech Requests 2000, 20012002
4627Room Request Done2002
4628Ranking Members Lunch (1)2001
4629Ranking Members Lunch (2)2001
471Domestic Hunger / Rural Hunger (1)1988
472Domestic Hunger / Rural Hunger (2)1988
473CFSP (Comprehensive Child and Family Services Plan) - Formula 
474Food Stamps (1)1988
475Food Stamps (2)1987
476Food Aid & Development1987
477Food for peace1987
479Letters for Jerry (1)1986
4710Letters for Jerry (2)1986
4711South Dakota Trip #14 September 3-91987
4712South Dakota Trip #15 October 2-51987
4713South Dakota Trip #17 October 30-November 21987
4714South Dakota Trip #18 November 9-111987
4715South Dakota Trip #19 December 4-71987
4716National Jewish Fund1987
481Trip #1 January 14-151995
482Trip #2 February 17-201995
483Trip #3 March 17-201995
484Trip #4 April 11-141995
485Trip #5 May 19-211995
486Trip #6 May 28-June 31995
487Trip #7 June 10-121995
488Trip #8 July 21-231995
489Dallas August 111995
4810Omaha, NE Trip August 231995
4811Trip #9 August 24-261995
4812Trip #10 August 29-September 51995
4813Trip #11 September 22-251995
4814Trip #12 October 3-91995
4815Trip #13 November 3-51995
4816Trip #14 November 10-121995
4817Trip #15 November 21-221995
4818Trip #16 November 26-271995
4819Iowa Trip February 91996
4820Trip #1 January 11-151996
4821Trip #2 January 311996
4822Trip #3 February 12-151996
4823Trip #4 February 21-231996
4824Trip #5 March 9-101996
4825Trip #6 March 16-171996
4826Trip #7 April 1-21996
4827Trip #8 May 4-51996
4828Trip #9 May 27-281996
4829Trip #10 June 8-91996
4830Trip #11 June 21-221996
491Trip #1 January 13-161997
492Trip Notes #2 February 15-211997
493Trip Notes #3 March 7-91997
494Trip #4 March 28-April 21997
495Trip #5 April 111997
496Trip #6 April 261997
497Trip #7 May 9-121997
498Trip #8 May 24-June 11997
499Trip #10 July 4-71997
4910Trip #11 July 25-271997
4911Trip #12 August 4-81997
4912Political Trip August 11-151997
4913Trip #14 August 20-251997
4914Trip #15 August 27-September 11997
4915Trip #16 September 13-151997
4916Trip #17 September 27-281997
4917Trip #18 October 41997
4918Trip #19 October 10-171997
4919Trip #21 November 10-121997
4920Trip #22 November 22-231997
4921Trip #1 January 4-111998
4922Trip #2 January 19-251998
4923Trip #3 February 18-201998
4924Trip #5 March 26-281998
4925Trip #6 April 4-81998
4926Trip #8 May 22-261998
4927National Trip June 6-71998
4928Trip #9 June 26-281998
4929Trip #10 July 2-51998
4930Trip #11 July 24-271998
4931Trip #12 August 13-141998
4932Trip #14 August 17-211998
4933Trip #15 Aug 25-291998
4934Trip #16 September 4-71998
4935Trip #17 September 18-211998
4936Trip #18 September 25-261998
4937Trip #19 October 2-41998
4938Trip #20 October 17-181998
4939Trip #21 October 21-231998
4940Trip #22 October 26-281998
4941Trip #23 October 30-November 41998
4942Trip #24 December 11-121998
49431998 : January 19981998
49441998 : February 19981998
49451998 : March 19981998
49461998 : April 19981998
49471998 : May 19981998
4948June 19981998
4949July 19981998
4950August 19981998
4951September 19981998
4952October 19981998
4953November 19981998
4954December 19981998
501Bosnia - Elections1996
502Bosnia - Equipment & Train1996
503Bosnia - War Criminals1997
504Kosovo Congratulatory Resolution1999
505Kosovo Post Air Strikes (1)1999
506Kosovo Post Air Strikes (2)1999
507Kosovo Resolutions1999
508Bosnia - Iranian et al. Presence1996
509Iran / Bosnia1996
5010Bosnia - Post SFOR (Stabilization Force)1997
5011SFOR (Stabilization Force)1995
5012Kosovo Pre Air Strikes1998
5013Peterson Nomination - ? to Vietnam1997
5014Scheuter Case - Agent Orange1997
5015Bosnia / Croatia / Serbia / Yugoslavia (1)1995
5016Bosnia / Croatia / Serbia / Yugoslavia (2)1995
5017Asia Trip - Press Accounts November1996
5018Follow-up / Asia Trip November1996
5019President's Trip to China June1998
5020Jiang Summit October1997
5021Asia Trip1996
511Wakpa Sica1998
513State Tribal Meeting Missouri River Management1996
514North Shore Land Development1996
515Mitigation - Faxes Sent October 61997
516Mitigation Bill1997
517Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (1) Wakpa Sica1989
518Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (2) BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Trust fund Issue1998
519Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (3) Trust Funds1999
5110Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (4) Trust Fund Issue Babbit February 19991999
5111Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (5) Enzi Language1999
5112Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (6) Sovereignty / Gaming Memo1999
5113Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (7) Federal Taxation & Indian Tribes February 19991999
5114Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (8) DOI (Department of the Interior) Regulations - Land into Trust June 19991999
5115Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (9) Programs / Projects Money Needs FY 1999 Appropriations February 19981998
5116Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (10) FY 1999 Appropriations Letters1998
5117Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (11) Bravo Project1999
5118Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (12) Tribal Government Insurance Guidelines Act July 19981998
5119Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (13) Department of Justice - Indian Programs - FY 19991998
5120Generally - YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe): IHS (Indian Health Service) Background Information (14)1988
5121Oacoma Land - Lower Brule 1998 - S. 773 (1) RCIHB (Rapid City Indian Health Board)1997
5122Oacoma Land - Lower Brule 1998 - S. 773 (2) Rosebud1997
5123Mni Wiconi Water Project (1) Mni Wiconi July 19981998
5124Mni Wiconi Water Project (2) Mni Wiconi June 19981998
5125Mni Wiconi Water Project (3) Mni Wiconi October 19981998
5126Blood Run1998
5127Mni Sose / Winters Doctrine Water Rights February 1998 (1) Winter Doctrine Indian Water Rights1998
5128Mni Sose / Winters Doctrine Water Rights February 1998 (2) Water Rights1997
5129YST (Yankton Sioux Tribe) JTAC (Joint Tribal Advisory Council)1999
5130Rosebud Hog Farms (1)1999
5131Rosebud Hog Farms (2)1998
5132Rosebud Hog Farms (3) EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Rules on Corporate Hog Farms1998
5133Rosebud Hog Farms (4) Rosebud Sioux Tribe Health Administration Faxes1998
521Rural Development Administration Program, Plans (1) Black Hills American Indian Center1998
522Rural Development Administration Program, Plans (2) Senator Daschle1998
523Rural Development Administration Program, Plans (3) Letters / Background1999
524Rural Development Administration Program, Plans (4) NIGA Letters to Thomas A. Daschle1999
525Rural Development Administration Program, Plans (5) Sisseton / Wahpeton / Roberts County / Jail Facility 2/981998
526Rural Development Administration Program, Plans (6) Senate Indian Council 7/981998
527Rural Development Administration Program, Plans (7) Aberdeen Areas Answer to the TPA (Tribal Priority Allocations) Distribution 10/981998
528Rural Development Administration Program, Plans (8) Flandreau Indian School Funding1998
529Rural Development Administration Program, Plans (9) USDA Rural Development1998
5210WH (White House) Meeting with Aberdeen & Billings Area Tribal Leaders1999
5211Missouri River2000
5212S. 1905 Revisions CRST (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe) - JTAC 7/981998
5213S. 1905 CRST (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe) - JTAC (Joint Tribal Advisory Council) 1999 March1998
5214Cheyenne River - JTAC (Joint Tribal Advisory Council) Bill 1998 July1998
5215Cheyenne River - JTAC (Joint Tribal Advisory Council)1998
5216Tribal Government Addresses 
5217Sioux Benefit - Information BIA Realty1994
5219Trip Notes1996
5220Presidential Executive Order / Tribal Consultation 5/981998
5221Native American Empowerment Legislation 4/981998
5222Building Economic Self - Def. in Indian Communities Conference1999
5223Emergency Response Memo - Reservations (IHS) 6/981998
5224TRI STAR (IHS)1998
5225IHS - Arrow Project - 1997 Volunteer Nurses & Dr.'s1997
5226STAR (Special Team for Advanced Response) Proposal / Pine Ridge Health Care1997
5227Older Americans Act Reauthorization 19991999
5228Electric Power Generation on Reservation1999
5229Northern Plains Chemical Dep. Assoc. 9/981995
5230White House Meeting 5/99 Issues1999
5231Foster Care Amendment for Title IV-E S.S. Act May 19991999
5232PILT (Payment-in-Lieu of Taxes) 1998 June1995
5233Sections 118 & 120 / Gaming 19971997
5234Gorton Bills - S. 2298-23031998
5235S. 2237 Indian Self Determination act Memo July 19981998
5236S. 2097 - Conflict Resolution 981998
5237S. 1797 - Tobacco Bill 3/98 Tobacco Settlement S. 14151998
5238S. 474 Internet Gambling Memo - 1998 July1998
5239Memo - S. 391 Mississippi Sioux 1998 July1998
5240Emergency Appropriations Bill Enzi Amendment / BIA - Regs Gaming 7/981997
5241Docket 74-A H.R. 3595- Santee's Claim 19961996
5242Dear Colleague Lts / Cosign Letters1993
5243Title XX Indian Amendment1989
531FY 1998-1999 (1) Budget1998
532FY 1998-1999 (2) Appropriations / Budget1997
533Tobacco (1) Tobacco Asbestos - Worker Health Plans - State & Local Government1998
534Tobacco (2) Liggett1998
535Tobacco (3) Tobacco / Company Finances - Cost of Smoking1998
536Tobacco (4) Healthy Kids Act1998
537Tobacco (5) Tobacco / Attorney's Fees1998
538Tobacco (6) Tobacco / Liability & Antitrust1998
539Tobacco (7) Harkin-Chafee1998
5310Tobacco Background (1) McCain-Hollings Bill1998
5311Tobacco Background (2) Republican Amendments / Democratic Amendments1998
5312Tobacco Background (3) Tobacco Lite1998
5313Tobacco Background (4)1998
5314Tobacco Information (1) Members1997
5315Tobacco Information (2) Ags1996
5316Tobacco Information (3) Tobacco Industry1997
5317Tobacco Information (4) News Articles1997
5318Tobacco Information (5) Background1997
5319Tobacco Information (6) Health Advocates1997
5320Tobacco Information (7) Class Actions / Castano1997
5321Tobacco Information (8) AG (Attorney General) Humphrey1997
5322Tobacco Information (9) Other Affected Parties1997
541Immigration - 105th Congress1998
542S.10 Record keeping hearing1998
543S.10 105th Congress : S.3 / S.10 Dem. Amendments / Strategy1997
544S.10 105th Congress : S.10 opposition1997
545S.10 105th Congress : US Marshals Service1996
546S.10 105th Congress : Terrorism ? Taggants / Wiretap - TWA - Atlanta1995
548S.543 / S.544 Volunteer Protection Act1997
549Coast Guard Reauthorization - Limit Liability for Cruise Lines1996
5410Breast Implants1996
5411Bio materials1996
5412News Clips 1997 PPA (Paycheck Protection Act) / CFR1997
5413Official Time 19971996
5414House parents Exemption1997
5415ABC lockout1999
5416Minimum Wage Amendments 19961996
5417Minimum wage 1997/19981997
5418COBRA / WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification) Act - Dakoe Pork Shutdown1997
5419Express Carrier RLA (Railway Labor Act)1996
5420Northwest Pilots Strike 981998
5421Hours of Service Act1996
551Overground Storage - 1989 (1) Media1989
552Overground Storage - 1989 (2) Williams Pipeline 19911990
553Overground Storage - 1989 (3) Fuel1989
554Overground Storage - 1989 (4) Fuel1989
555Uniform Fire Code1988
556Committee Hearing (1) Report 100-377 Family Security Act 1988 S. 15111988
557Committee Hearing (2) Serial No. 100-15 Continuing Efforts to Coordinate & Simplify Major Federal Assistance Programs1987
558Committee Hearing (3) Serial No. 100-16 Barriers to Participating in Federal Assistance Programs1987
559Committee Hearing (4) Serial No. 100-13 Assessing the Effectiveness of Federal Assistance Programs in Rural Mississippi1987
5510Committee Hearing (5) 100-471 New Uses for Farm and Forest Products1987
5511Living Hungry in America1987
5512Food Security Act of 1985 Report 99-4471985
5513Committee Hearing (6) Serial No. 100-27 Implementation of and Amendments to the Conservation Title of the Food Security Act, and the Lower Des Plaines Tributaries Water shed Project, Illinois1987
5514Committee Hearing (7) 100-370 WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Program1988
561Conference Report 100-490 / Proving Credit Assistance to Farmers, to Strengthen the Farm Credit System...1987
562Agricultural Credit Act of 1987 Public Law 100-2331988
563Improving Commodity Distribution Programs Report 100-1271987
564Commodity Distribution Program Reform Act of 1987 S. 305 S. Hearing 100-3511988
565Proceedings of the First Annual Corn Utilization Conference1987
566South Dakota's Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program1988
567Conservation / Caves Federal Cave Resources Protection Act of 19871987
568The Border War on Drugs1987
569Letter James Abourezk from Frank Denholm1974
5610Nutrition Monitoring1984
5611Report to Congress on the Dairy Promotion Program1988
5612WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) Facts1988
5613Conservation Trees: Temper the Wind (1)1987
5614Conservation Trees: Temper the Wind (2)1987
5615CRS (Congressional Research Service) Information / Guides1986
5617Meat and Poultry Inspection1987
5618Ag Documentary / Julie Motz1987
5619Conservation Easements1988
5620Agricultural Research & Development1987
5621Legislative Process1986
5622Daschle Press Release / Clips1987
5623Correspondence (non-constituent.)1987
5624Corn Plastics / Biodegradables1987
5625Conservation Compliance1988
5626Sustainable Agriculture1988
5627Farm Credit System, 1987 Legislation (1)1988
5628Farm Credit Legislation (2)1987
5629Farm Credit System, 1987 Legislation (3)1987
5630Farm Credit System1987
571Sen. Daschle - Member Indian Contracting ISBA (Indian Contracting Small Business Administration) Hearings February 11989
572Sen. Daschle Special Committee on Investigations Hearings on Fisheries and Water Issues Tues. May 161989
573Sen. Daschle Special Committee on Investigations Conflicts in Legal Representation and Policy Making Thurs. February 231989
574Sen. Daschle Special Committee on Investigations Corruption Among Tribal Government Officials Tues. February 71989
581Sen. Daschle Special Committee on Investigations Fri. May 12 Government Management of Royalties of Allottees1989
582Sen. Daschle Special Committee on Investigations Thurs. May 18 Natural Resources: Arkansas Riverbed & Hopi Tribe1989
583Sen. Daschle Special Committee on Investigations Thurs. May 11 Royalty Management1989
584Sen. Daschle Special Committee on Investigations Wed. May 10 BLM Enforcement1989
585Sen. Daschle Special Committee on Investigations Agency and Tribal Responses to Hearings February 271989
586Sen. Daschle Member / Indian Contract Tribal Corruption Hearings February 21989
587Sen. Daschle Special Committee on Investigations Corruption among Tribal Government Officials Mon. February 61989
588Sen. Daschle Special Committee on Investigations Contracting under Indian Preference Hearings Tues. January 311989
589Thomas A. Daschle, Member Special Committee on Investigations Legal Representation Hearings Afternoon January 301989
59.11December 1999-September 2000 Schedule Pages1999
59.12January-March Schedule Pages2001
59.13February-December Schedule Pages2002
59.14.1Appointments and Schedules January (1)2003
59.14.2Appointments and Schedules January (2)2003
59.15.1Appointments and Schedules February (1)2003
59.15.2Appointments and Schedules February (2)2003
59.16.1Appointments and Schedules March (1)2003
59.16.2Appointments and Schedules March (2)2003
59.17.1Appointments and Schedules March (3)2003
59.17.2Appointments and Schedules March (4)2003
59.18Appointments and Schedules April (1)2003
59.19Appointments and Schedules April (2)2003
59.110Appointments and Schedules May (1)2003
59.111Appointments and Schedules May (2)2003
59.112Appointments and Schedules May (3)2003
59.21Appointments and Schedules June (1)2003
59.22.1Appointments and Schedules June (2)2003
59.22.2Appointments and Schedules June (3)2003
59.23June-December Hard Copy Schedules2002
59.24January-July Hard Copy Schedules (1)2003
59.25January-July Hard Copy Schedules (2)2003
601Appointment Accept & Decline October2000
602.1Appointment Accept & Decline November-December (1)2000
602.2Appointment Accept & Decline November-December (2)2000
603.1Appointment Accept & Decline February-December (1)2001
603.2Appointment Accept & Decline February-December (2)2001
604.1Appointment Accept & Decline October (1)2001
604.2Appointment Accept & Decline October (2)2001
605Appointment Accept & Decline November2001
606Messages November-January2001
607.1Appointment Accept & Decline January (1)2002
607.2Appointment Accept & Decline January (2)2002
608February-April Appointment Declines (1)2002
609February-April Appointment Declines (2)2002
611D.C. Schedule December1990
612D.C. Schedule January1991
613D.C. Schedule February1991
614D.C. Schedule March1991
615.1D.C. Schedule April (1)1991
615.2D.C. Schedule April (2)1991
616.1D.C. Schedule May (1)1991
616.2D.C. Schedule May (2)1991
617.1D.C. Schedule June (1)1991
617.2D.C. Schedule June (2)1991
618.1D.C. Schedule July (1)1991
618.2D.C. Schedule July (2)1991
619D.C. Schedule August1991
6110D.C. Schedule September1991
6111D.C. Schedule October1991
6112D.C. Schedule November1991
6113D.C. Schedule December1991
6114.1D.C. Schedule (1)1993
6114.2D.C. Schedule (2)1993
6115.1D.C. Schedule (1)1994
6115.2D.C. Schedule (2)1994
6116Miscellaneous D.C. Schedule1992
621Appointment Information March & April (1)2002
622Appointment Information March & April (2)2002
623Appointment Information May (1)2002
624Appointment Information May (2)2002
625Appointment Information June (1)2002
626.1Appointment Information June (2)2002
626.2Appointment Information June (3)2002
627Appointment Information July (1)2002
628Appointment Information July (2)2002
629Appointment Information Aug2002
6210Appointment Information September (1)2002
6211Appointment Information September (2)2002
6212Appointment Information October2002
6213Appointment Information November2002
6214Appointment Information December2002
631South Dakota Water Quality1997
633.1Wetlands / NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) Decision (1)1999
633.2Wetlands / NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) Decision (2)1999
634Wetlands Reform1995
635Wetlands / CWA (Clean Water Act) 4041997
636Ward Valley1996
637UST (United Sioux Tribes) - EA (Employment Assistance) Programs June1998
638.1Takings Legislation (1)1995
638.2Takings Legislation (2)1995
639Standing Rock Grasslands1994
6310Max Shauck1994
6311Regulatory Reform / Small Business1996
6312Regulatory Reform / General1995
6313.1Regulatory Reform / Levin Bill (1)1998
6313.2Regulatory Reform / Levin Bill (2)1998
6314PMA (Power Marketing Administration) Sale1995
641Renewable Fuels1999
642.1Ethanol (1)2000
642.2Ethanol (2)2000
643.1Ethanol (3)2000
643.2Ethanol (4)2000
644Curios & Relics1997
646Bioclean Fuels1997
649Ethanol - E851996
6410One-pound Waiver1995
6411USDA Material1997
6412Fish & Wildlife Funding Initiative1996
6413Firefighter Pay - S. 471994
6414Energy Tax Cuts1998
6415EPA Water Enforcement1995
6416ESA (Endangered Species Act) Reauthorization1997
6417Credit for Early Action1999
6418Climate Change / Agriculture1998
6419Climate Change / Kyoto Protocol1997
6420Climate Change / Polling1997
6421Climate Change1997
651Northwestern Bell1987
652Northwestern Public Service Company1987
653NSP (Northern States Power)1986
654Offices - Miscellaneous1986
655Office Automation1987
656Omni Parker House1987
657Package Express1986
658The Paper Company1986
659Park Grant Company1986
6510Pay 'n Park1986
6511Penn Press 19861986
6512Peterson Equip Art.1986
6513Pier 1 Imports1987
6514Plusco Printing1986
6515Potomac Color Printers1987
6516Printers Inc.1986
6517Printing Miscellaneous1986
6518Tim Johnson Campaign1987
6520Kessler's , Inc.1986
6521KEVN 71987
6523Knecht Lumber Mart1986
6524Kozy Korner - Pierreundated
6525Legal Miscellaneous1985
6526Mailway Printers1986
6527Mayflower Hotel1986
6528McLeod Printing1986
6529Media Group1986
6530Meek, Robert1986
6532Medwest Film1986
6533Midwest Photo Co. Inc.1986
6534First Edition1986
6535First Photo, Inc.1987
6536First Stop Gun & Coin1987
6537Fitzpatrick & Associates Inc.1985
6538Fleming & Company1986
6539Florists Miscellaneous1986
6540Food For All Seasons1986
6541Framing Shop1986
6542Freeze Voter1986
6543Fryin Pan1987
6544Gourley Dist. Co.1986
6545G/S Printing1986
6546Grocery & Liquor Miscellaneous1986
6547Groton Independent1986
6548GTE Sprint1986
6549Harold's Camera Store1984
6550Harriman Communications Center1986
6551Hickory House Motor Inn - Huron1987
6552Hillcrest Inn1987
6553Hilton Inn Restaurant1986
6554Holiday Inns (South Dakota)1986
6555Homestead Building Supplies1986
6556Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees International Union1986
6557Annmarc, Inc.1987
6558Applied Progressive Electronics1987
6559Arrowhead Country Club1986
6560Artz Camera Supply1987
6561Avis Rent A Car1987
6562Bass, Meyerson & Association1986
6563The Barn Restaurant1986
6564Balloons Because1986
6565B & L Aviation1985
6566B & H Publishing1987
6567Benson / Goodman1987
6568Best Western - Restaurant1985
6569Bethesda Engravers1986
6570Bob's Lock & Key1986
6571Bonneville Satellite1986
6572Brand & Lowell1985
6573Brookings Daily Register1986
6574Brown & Sanger1986
6575Bus Systems1986
6576Cakes by Loretta1987
6577Campaigns & Elections1986
6578Cantrell / Cutter Printing1985
6579Carmae Office Products1986
6580Catterton Printing Co.1986
6581Century Business Products1986
6582Charter Flights, Inc.1987
6583Clark Flower & Gift Shop1987
6584Coca-Cola Bottling Co.1986
6585Cody's Homestead Caféundated
6587Courier Dispatch1986
6588AAA Travel Agency1987
6589Colle & McVoy.1986
6590Daily Newspapers1986
6591AAA Sanitary Service & Dependable Sanitation1986
6592A&B Business Equipment Corp.1985
6593AB Dick1986
6594Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce1986
6595Aberdeen Flying Service1985
6596Aberdeen Jaycees1987
6597Ace Couriers1986
6599All Net1986
65100All State Courier1986
65101American Express (1)1986
65102American Express (2) Credit Slips1986
65103American Express (3)1986
65104Dakota Typewriter1986
65105Deadline Press1986
65106Democratic Policy Committee1987
65107Democratic Media Center1986
65108DC Supplies Miscellaneous1986
65109DC Receipts1985
65110DC Printing Miscellaneous1986
65111DCFR Miscellaneous1985
65112Dependable Sanitation, Inc.1986
65113Dial Net1986
65114Duhamel Broadcasting1986
65115Dutch's - Restaurant1986
65117E&J Specialties1986
65118Entertainment America1986
65119Entre Computer Center1985
65120Epicured Smoked Fish, Inc.1987
65122The Farmer / The Dakota Farmer1986
65123Farmers Cashway1986
65124Federal Express1987
65126James Wholesaleundated
65127Jaymar Business Forms1986
65128Milburn & Associates, Inc.1987
65129Miscellaneous in Alpha Order1986
661Fedex Holding1986
662HyVee Food Store1986
663Information Associates1985
664Modern Press1986
665Mother's Restaurant1987
666Muth Communications1986
667National Democratic Club1987
668National Governor's Association1987
669National Publishers of the Black Hills1986
6610Neeb's Downtown Flowers1986
6612Nicky's Restaurant1988
6613North's Office Machine Exchange1986
6614Northlander Corporation1985
6615Northwest Orient1986
6616Northwest VIP1987
6617Production Exp. Miscellaneous1986
6618Professional Flight Service1987
6619Qualified Presort1986
6620Quality Inn - D.C.1987
6621Radio Time Miscellaneous1986
6622Radisson Park Terrace Hotel1987
6623Ramkota Inn - Watertown1987
6624Randall Foods1986
6625Rapid City C of C (Chamber of Commerce)1986
6626RCI Sound Systems1986
6627Reedy Business Machines1986
6628R.L. Polk and Co.1986
6629Rothstein and Company1986
6630Roto Rooter Sewer Service1986
6631Rushmore Plaza Civic Center1987
6632Safway Scaffolds Co. of South Dakota1986
6634St. Joseph's Indian School1986
6635Schulze Florist1987
6636Secretary of State - South Dakota1986
6637Severson, Jody1986
6638Severson / Edmonds Creative Options1986
6639Sharp, Kenneth1986
6640The Sheraton Grand1987
6641Sheraton Inn - Aberdeen1986
6642Sioux Falls Rubber Stamp Factory1986
6643Sioux Falls Utilities1985
6644Software Unlimited1987
6645Sooper Dooper #21986
6646South Dakota Cable1986
6647South Dakota Bureau of Administration1986
6648South Dakota Magazine1986
6649South Dakota Peace Officer Assoc.1986
6650South Dakota Public Broadcasting1987
6651SDSU (South Dakota State University) Alumni Assoc.1987
6652South Dakota Water Congress1986
6653Stec's Advertising (1)1986
6654Stec's Advertising (2)1986
6655Strasser, Joel1986
6656Sturgis Meat Service1986
6657Superior Reproduction Systems1987
6658Supplies Miscellaneous1986
6659Survey Sampling Inc.1986
6661Tea Steak House1986
6662Terrie's Floral1986
6663TV Miscellaneous1986
6664Thorson Heating Company1986
6665Time Insurance Co.1986
6666Time, Tool & Equipment Rental1986
6667Turnbull, Susanundated
6668Unger / Thomas1987
6669United Building Centers1986
6670United Business Machines1987
6672US House Office Supply1987
6673US Postmaster1987
6674US Sprint1987
6675Video Reflections1986
6676Walker's Flower Shop1987
6677Walsh Communications1986
6678The Ward1987
6679Izaak Walton League1987
6680Weekly Newspapers Miscellaneous1986
6681West River Office Products1986
6682Western Printing1986
6683Yankton Inn1986
6684Yellow Cab Company1986
6685Zale S. Koff Graphics, Inc.1986
6686Old Checks (1)1987
6687Old Checks (2)1987
6688Old Checks (3)1987
6689Old Checks (4)1987
671Financial Aid Forms - Education1987
672Budget-Presidents 89 Request1988
673Health - Dr. Krishna Yemmanur1988
674Gridley, Jack1988
675Elderly - Volunteer Service Promotion Act S. 11891987
676Elderly - FY 1988 Budget1987
677Ellsworth MBA (Masters in Business Administration) Program1987
678Impact Aid1987
679Europe (1)1992
6710Europe (2)1992
6711Europe (3)1992
6712GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) and Uruguay Round (1)1989
6713GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) and Uruguay Round (2)1989
6714GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) and Uruguay Round (3)1989
6715GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) and Uruguay Round1988
6716Letters Co-signed by Tom1986
6717Rural Health Centers1987
6718Child Health Programs and Proposals - Hearing1987
6719Health - Prescription Drug Marketing Act H.R. 12071988
6720Taxes - Vaccine Injury Compensation1987
681Correspondence with Ellsworth1992
682Ellsworth AFB (Air Force Base) / 1992 : Memos / Miscellaneous1992
683Ellsworth AFB (Air Force Base) / 1992 : Press Clips1992
684Ellsworth AFB (Air Force Base) / 1992 : Correspondence w/ AF-announcement1992
685Foreign Operations Appropriations FY 19951995
686Amendments - Foreign Operations Appropriations FY 1995 (1)1994
687Administration Foreign Operations Appropriations FY 1995 (2)1994
688DPC (Democratic Policy Committee) / Arms Control - Foreign Operations Appropriations FY 19951994
689Memos - Foreign Operations Appropriations FY 19951994
6810Miscellaneous - Foreign Operations Appropriations FY 19951994
6811Administration / Miscellaneous - Israel 103rd Congress1994
6812AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Miscellaneous Information - Israel 103rd Congress1994
6813AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) Speech December 11 - Israel 103rd Congress1994
6814Cosigned Letters - Israel 103rd Congress1994
6815Memos to Thomas A. Daschle - Israel 103rd Congress1994
6816Miscellaneous Information - Israel 103rd Congress1994
6817Foreign Operations Appropriations / FY96 : Administration1995
6818Foreign Operations Appropriations / FY96 : Amendments1995
6819Foreign Operations Appropriations / FY96 : Miscellaneous Background info.1995
6820Military Construction Appropriations FY 19951994
6821Military Construction Appropriations FY 19961995
6822Montecristi Corporation1994
6823National Guard Add-ons FY 19951994
6824National Guard Add-ons FY 19961995
6825National Guard / FY 1993-19941992
6826National Guard / Reserve FY 19951994
6827National Rehabilitation Hospital1994
6828Rivers / Todd / Case1995
6829Run for Peace1995
6830SANE FREEZE PAC (Political Action Committee)1992
6831State Dept. Authorization 1S. 908 : Administration1995
6832State Dept. Authorization 1S. 908 : Amendments1995
6833State Dept. Authorization 1S. 908 : DPC Bulletins / Dem.1995
6834State Dept. Authorization 1S. 908 : Iraqi Claims provision1995
6835State Dept. Authorization 1S. 908 : Memos1995
6836Superconducting Super Collider1993
6837UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population Activities)1989
6838VA (Veterans Affairs) / HUD Appropriations FY 19951994
6839VHA (Variable Housing Allowance) Cuts1992
6840V-22 Osprey FY 19951994
6841Women in Combat1992
691Mickelson Accident : Airworthiness Directives1993
692Mickelson Accident : Daschle / Johnson Letters1993
693Mickelson Accident : Daschle Press Releases1993
694Mickelson Accident : FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)1993
695Mickelson Accident : Hartzel1992
696Mickelson Accident : Hearing1993
697Mickelson Accident : Memos1993
698Mickelson Accident : Miscellaneous1993
699Mickelson Accident : Notes1993
6910Mickelson Accident : Press1993
6911Mickelson Accident : Pressler Letters1993
6912Mickelson Accident : Pressler Legislation1993
6913Mickelson Accident / NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) - (1)1993
6914Mickelson Accident / NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) - (2)1993
6915Miscellaneous Cases / FAA1982
6916Miscellaneous Cases / FAA : "Gear Down"1989
6917Miscellaneous Cases / FAA : Butts, Clifford Problems w/ FAA1987
6918Misc. Cases / FAA : FAA Regulations / Murl Bellew1991
6919Misc. Cases / FAA : Prebeck, CA (Miscellaneous January 15-29)1987
6920Miscellaneous FAA Cases1993
6921Forest Service User Fee 6-28-841984
6922Misc. FAA Cases : TN044 Federal Aviation Administration1987
6923Misc. FAA Cases : Rout, Jerry - info. From FAA 82373000041987
6924Pennel, Virginia C Forser Closed July 241986
6925Parks, Donna CNAT February 91987
6926Misc. FAA Cases : Truth in Aviation Act S.1989
6927Brandner, Dr. Michael - FS 90373000061989
6928Misc. FAA Cases : AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association)1988
6929Fife, Frank - Forest Service 82293000021988
6930Misc. FAA Cases : Kasen, Paul - FAA Official Leave1984
6931Mode C Transponders (1)1988
6932Mode C Transponders (2)1988
6933Pearsoll, Grant - FAA1985
701DOD Appropriations Bill FY 931992
702DOD Authorization Bill FY 1993 : Bumpers / SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative)1992
703DOD Authorization Bill FY 1993 : Bumpers / Trident II1992
704DOD Authorization Bill FY 1993 : Graham / Cuban Democracy1992
705DOD Authorization Bill FY 1993 : House DOD Authorization1992
706DOD Authorization Bill FY 1993 : Hatfield / Amendment (Moratorium - Nuclear Testing)1992
707DOD Authorization Bill FY 1993 : Kennedy / Right of Hire1992
708DOD Authorization Bill FY 1993 : Leahy / B-21992
709DOD Authorization Bill FY 1993 : Leahy / Landmine (Moratorium)1992
7010DOD Authorization Bill FY 1993 : Misc. Info / Amendments1992
7011DOD Budget Request FY 1993 : Administration Info1992
7012DOD Budget Request FY 1993 : Economic Conversion1992
7013DOD Budget Request FY 1993 : Letters / Cosigned1992
7014DOD Budget Request FY 1993 : Misc. Background Info.1992
7015DOD Budget Request FY 1993 : Personnel Reductions1992
7016Military Construction FY 19931991
7017National Guard & Reserve Cuts FY 1993 : Administration's Proposal1992
7018National Guard & Reserve Cuts FY 1993 : Floor Statement1992
7019National Guard & Reserve Cuts FY 1993 : Letters / Cosigned to Committee1992
7020National Guard & Reserve Cuts FY 1993 : Memos to Thomas A. Daschle1992
7021National Guard & Reserve Cuts FY 1993 : Miscellaneous Background Information1992
7022National Guard & Reserve Cuts FY 1993 : Press Clips / South Dakota1992
7023National Guard / Panama 931993
711American Housing Consortium1995
712Base Closure & Realignment / 1993 (1) Base Closure Commission1993
713Base Closure & Realignment / 1993 (2) Commissioners1995
714Base Closure & Realignment / 1993 (3) Congressional Actions1993
715Base Closure & Realignment / 1993 (4) Ellsworth AFB1993
716Base Closure & Realignment / 1993 (5) Memos1993
717Base Closure & Realignment / 1993 (6) Overseas Bases1992
718Base Closure & Realignment / 1993 (7) Defense Base closure and Realignment Commission 1993 Report to the President1993
719Base Closure & Realignment / 1993 (8) Defense Base Closures and Realignments1993
7110Base Closure & Realignment / 1993 (9) DOD Announcements1993
7111Burg, Casey1995
7112Bottom-up Review / 19931993
7113Burden Sharing 1992-19941992
7114Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations FY 19951994
7115Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations FY 1996 (1)1995
7116Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations FY 1996 (2)1995
7117DOD Authorization FY 1995 (1) Amendment / Miscellaneous1994
7118DOD Authorization FY 1995 (2) Bradley / Selective Service1994
7119DOD Authorization FY 1995 (3) Bumpers / Milstar1994
7120DOD Authorization FY 1995 (4) Daschle Ellsworth1994
7121DOD Authorization FY 1995 (5) Dole / Lieberman / Bosnia1994
7122DOD Authorization FY 1995 (6) Feingold / CVN-761994
7123DOD Authorization FY 1995 (7)Feingold USUHS (Uniformed Services University of the Health Service)1994
7124DOD Authorization FY 1995 (8) Feinstein - Johnston / Sealift1994
7125DOD Authorization FY 1995 (9) Ford Bond National Guard1994
7126DOD Authorization FY 1995 (10) Grassley / C-171994
7127DOD Authorization FY 1995 (11) Harkin / Doe Nucs1994
7128DOD Authorization FY 1995 (12) Peace Keeping1994
7129DOD Authorization FY 1995 (13) Levin, ETAC / B-21994
7130DOD Authorization FY 1995 (14) McCain / Seawolf1994
7131DOD Authorization FY 1995 (15) Nunn v. Warner COLA1994
7132DOD Authorization FY 1995 (16) Riegle / Persian Gulf Vets1994
7133DOD Authorization FY 1995 (17) Smith / POW - MIA1994
7134DOD Authorization FY 1995 (18) SPECTER / Base Closure1994
7135DOD Authorization FY 1996 (1) Amendments1995
7136DOD Authorization FY 1996 (2) Memos1994
7137DOD Authorization FY 1996 (3) Miscellaneous Background Information1995
7138DOD Budget Request FY 19951994
7139DOD Budget Request FY 19961995
7140Department of Defense Appropriations FY 19951994
7141DOD Supplemental Appropriations FY 19951995
7142Ellsworth Add-ons FY 19941992
7143Ellsworth Add-ons FY 19951994
7144Ellsworth Add-ons FY 19961995
721Budget Reconciliation 1993: Finance Committee (1) Summary of the President's Revenue Proposals1993
722.1Budget Reconciliation 1993: Finance Committee (2) Revenue Reconciliation Proposal1993
722.2Budget Reconciliation 1993: Finance Committee (3) Revenue Reconciliation Proposal1993
723Budget Reconciliation 1993: Finance Committee (4) Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 19931993
724.1Budget Reconciliation 1993: "Rec Room" Materials (1)1993
724.2Budget Reconciliation 1993: "Rec Room" Materials (2)1993
725Budget Reconciliation 1993: "Rec Room" Materials (3)1993
726.1Miscellaneous Tax Information (1)1992
726.2Miscellaneous Tax Information (2)1992
727Miscellaneous Tax Information (3)1992
728Subcommittee: Hearings on Renewable Energy and Conservation (1)1988
729.1Subcommittee: Hearings on Renewable Energy and Conservation (2)1991
729.2Subcommittee: Hearings on Renewable Energy and Conservation (3)1991
731Bellew, Murl1992
732Bown, Richard1993
733Correspondence with FAA-USDA1992
734Daschle Statement1995
735Dickson, Bill1994
736FAA / USDA Report1995
737Forest Service - Miscellaneous Information1993
738Forest Service Accident 6-22-951995
739GAO (General Accounting Office)1995
7310Helicopter Association / Miscellaneous Information1994
7311ICAP (Interagency Committee for Aviation Policy)1992
7312Interior Department1989
7313IG (Inspector General) Report1995
7315Letter of Support (1) Agripulse1995
7316Letters of Support (2) Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association1995
7317Letters of Support (3) Helicopter Association International1995
7318Letters of Support (4) Kiteley, Gary W.1995
7319Letters of Support (5) Kolstad, James L.1995
7320Letters of Support (6) National Air Transportation Association1994
7321Letters of Support (7) South Dakota / Miscellaneous1995
7322Memos to Thomas A. Daschle1992
7323Miscellaneous (Letter from Ronald Jacobs)1995
7324National Transportation Safety Board1994
7325New York Times1994
7327Trip Notes 1993-19941993
732860 Minutes1994
7329Reinventing Government1993
7331Pressler Legislation1994
7332.1Press Clips (1)1994
7332.2Press Clips (2)1994
7333Perkins Cole1992
741Subcommittee Hearings: Renewable and Conservation Energy Tax Incentives (1)1991
742Subcommittee Hearings: Renewable and Conservation Energy Tax Incentives (2)1991
743Subcommittee Hearings: Renewable and Conservation Energy Tax Incentives (3)1991
744Miscellaneous Bills1991
745Bills / Energy1991
746.1Partnership Roll-ups (1)1991
746.2Partnership Roll-ups (2)1991
747Partnership Roll-ups (3)1991
748Partnership Roll-ups (4)1991
749Partnership Roll-ups (5)1991
7410.1Partnership Roll-ups (6)1991
7410.2Partnership Roll-ups (7)1991
7411Energy / Wind Energy1991
7511491 Chemicals1995
752Pesticides / Toxicology1995
753Noxious Weeds1993
754.1S. 1166 The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 (1)1996
754.2S. 1166 The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 (2)1996
755S. 1166 The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 (3)1996
756.1S. 1166 The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 (4)1996
756.2S. 1166 The Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 (5)1996
757FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act) (1)1996
758.1FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act) (2)1996
758.2FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act) (3)1996
7591993 & 1994 Noxious Weeds1993
7510Pesticides 1992-1994 (1) FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act) 19941994
7511Pesticides 1992-1994 (2) IPM (Integrated Pest Management)1994
7512Pesticides 1992-1994 (3) Pesticide Emissions from Crops (AIR)1993
7513Pesticides 1992-1994 (4) Laura Lengnick1992
7514Pesticides 1992-1994 (5) Methyl Bromide1993
7515Pesticides 1992-1994 (6) Facts about Chemicals1993
7516Pesticides 1992-1994 (7) Pesticide Worker Protection Standards1994
7517Pesticides 1992-1994 (8) Worker Protection Standard / Hill Staff Briefing January 261995
7518Pesticides 1992-1994 (9) Pesticide Control Regulations1993
761.1Jenny Luitjens 509 Senate Hart (1)1996
761.2Jenny Luitjens 509 Senate Hart (2)1996
762Jenny Luitjens 509 Senate Hart (3)1996
763Completed Condolences1995
764Buff Letters1996
765Nancy Erickson Letters1996
766.1Thank Yous Completed (1)1995
766.2Thank Yous Completed (2)1995
767Completed Presidential Photos1994
768Inactive (Odyssey of the Mind)1995
769Thomas A. Daschle Recipe Requestsundated
7610Completed Presidential Greetings1995
7611Email Requests1994
7612.1Completed Scout Awards (1)1996
7612.2Completed Scout Awards (2)1995
7613Graduation Invites1995
7614.1Thomas A. Daschle / South Dakota Information - Completed (1) Congratulations / Commendation Completed (1)1996
7614.2Thomas A. Daschle / South Dakota Information - Completed (1) Congratulations / Commendation Completed (2)1995
7615Thomas A. Daschle / South Dakota Information - Completed (3) Miscellaneous Requests1993
7616Completed Get Well1994
7619.1Thomas A. Daschle Photos Completed Bios (1)1996
7619.2Thomas A. Daschle Photos Completed Bios (2)1996
7620Recipe Requests1994
7621Congratulations Academic1995
7623Congratulations Miscellaneous1995
772Food Safety - Safe Handling Labels1993
773Meat and Poultry Inspection / Irradiation1989
774Poultry Inspection1993
775Wholesale Clubs Meat Inspections1994
776Comparison of Meat - Poultry Regulations1993
777Meat May/June 1994 (1)1994
778Meat May/June 1994 (2) Zero Tolerance Hearing (Kerrey) May 241994
779Safe Food Legislation1994
7710Meat Inspection Background (1) Meat Inspection - SFC (Safe Food Coalition) & GAP (Government Accountability Project) Materials1993
7711Meat Inspection Background (2) USDA1992
7712Meat Inspection Background (3) Seafood Inspection1993
7713Meat Inspection Background (4) News Release / Special Report1993
7714Meat Inspection Background (5) Witnesses - Meat Inspection1994
7715Meat Inspection Background (6) S. 13491993
7716Food Safety (1)1996
7717Food Safety (2)1995
7718Food Safety (3)1995
7719Food Safety Two (1)1996
7720Food Safety Two (2)1992
781Tax Fairness / Economic Growth Bill 3/92 (1)1992
782Tax Fairness / Economic Growth Bill 3/92 (2)1992
783Tax Fairness / Economic Growth Bill 3/92 (3)1992
784Tax Fairness / Economic Growth Bill 3/92 (4)1992
785Tax Fairness / Economic Growth Bill 3/92 (5)1992
786Tax Fairness / Economic Growth Bill 3/92 (6)1992
787Tax Fairness / Economic Growth Bill 3/92 (7)1992
788Comparison of Revenue-related Provisions of H.R. 4210 as Passed by the House and the Senate1992
789Energy Tax Bill1992
7810Ethanol Amendments1992
7811Budget Reconciliation 1993: Floor / Conference (1)1993
7812Budget Reconciliation 1993: Floor / Conference (2)1993
7813Budget Reconciliation 1993: Floor / Conference (3)1993
791CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission)1995
792Meat Inspection (1)1994
793Meat Inspection (2)1995
794Sheep (1)1995
795Sheep (2)1995
796Amendments to the Commodity Exchange Act1997
798Animal Welfare1993
799Animal Damage Control / General Information1990
7911Jorgensen Case - Dakota Lean1996
7913.1Vaccine - Animal (1)1996
7913.2Vaccine - Animal (2)1996
7914Soil & Water Hearing and Background (1)1993
7915Soil & Water Hearing and Background (2)1994
7916Soil & Water Hearing and Background (3) Our Copies - Letters to S&W Witnesses1994
7917Soil & Water Hearing and Background (4) Witnesses 1/27/94 Soil & Water Hearing1994
7918Budget - Amendments / Staff1995
7919Photographs of Agricultural Land, etc.2005
7920CFTC(Commodity Futures Trading Commission) - Area Yield1995
7921Clean Water Act1993
801April Dim Letters1997
802Congratulations and Thank Yous from Thomas A. Daschle (1)1996
803Congratulations and Thank Yous from Thomas A. Daschle (2)1996
804.1Congratulations and Thank Yous from Thomas A. Daschle (3)1997
804.2Congratulations and Thank Yous from Thomas A. Daschle (4)1997
805Old Dims 1995-19971997
806Dims (1)1997
807Dim to Print1997
808.1Dims (2)1997
808.2Dims (3)1997
809Done Mail1997
8010May DIM Letters1997
8011Outreach Letters (Miscellaneous)1996
8012February Dim Letters1997
8013Congratulations Letters1997
8014Richard Scollon Recommendation1998
8015Letters to be Edited1997
8016Letters from Thomas A. Daschle (1)1997
8017.1Letters from Thomas A. Daschle (2)1997
8017.2Letters from Thomas A. Daschle (3)1997
8018Letters from Thomas A. Daschle (4)1997
8019Letters from Thomas A. Daschle (5)1997
8020Mitrovitch, Tim1997
811H.R. 11 Senate Consideration (1)1992
812H.R. 11 Senate Consideration (2)1992
813H.R. 11 Senate Consideration (3)1992
814H.R. 11 Senate Consideration (4)1992
815H.R. 11 Conference (1)1992
816H.R. 11 Conference (2)1992
817Budget - President's FY 19921991
818Budget Reconciliation: Procedures in Senate1986
819Business Speech Material 
8110Corporate Take-overs1988
8111Tort Reform: Aviation1986
8112Tort Reform (1)1987
8113Tort Reform (2)1987
8114Tort Reform (3)1992
8115Tort Reform (4)1992
821Parity Giving1991
822Parity Giving Hearing 10/16/91 (1)1991
823Parity Giving Hearing 10/16/91 (2)1991
824Farm Tax Issues Hearing 4/29/92 (1)1992
825Farm Tax Issues Hearing 4/29/92 (2)1992
826Farm Tax Issues Hearing 4/29/92 (3)1992
827Farm Tax Issues Hearing 4/29/92 (4)1992
828Studies / Analysis / Reports1993
829Alternative Fuels Hearings #1 (1)1993
8210Alternative Fuels Hearings #1 (2)1993
8211Alternative Fuels Hearings #1 (3)1992
8212Alternative Fuels Hearings #1 (4)1993
8213Alternative Fuels Hearings #1 (5) Michelle P.1993
8214Alternative Fuels Hearings #1 (6)1993
831South Dakota1996
832Food Safety1997
833Blackbirds & Sunflowers1997
834BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy)1996
835E. coli Outbreak1997
836Cosigned Letter - Copier1997
837CRP (Conservation Reserve Program)1997
838Farm Program Application Package1997
839South Dakota Mediation1997
8310Advanced Meat Recovery Systems1997
8311FSIS (Food Safety and Inspection Service) Information Kit (Time / Temp Briefing)1996
8312Foodborne Pathogens1997
8313Labeling - Country of Origin1997
8314HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Systems) Inspection1997
8315USDA's National Union1997
8316USDA Information Management1996
8317FSIS National Food1997
8318EQIP (Environmental Quality Incentives Program)1997
8319Got Milk?1997
8320CRC (Crop Revenue Coverage)1997
8321.1Crop Insurance and GAO Report (1)1997
8321.2Crop Insurance and GAO Report (2)1997
8322Disaster Assistance1997
8323Mastitis Control / Somatic Cell Counts1997
8324EPA FQPA (Food Quality Protection Act)1996
8325World Food1996
8326FDA (Food and Drug Administration)1996
8327GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)1996
8328Biotechnology in a Global Economy1991
8329Farm Credit1997
8330SPS (Sanitary and Phytosanitary Safety) - Trade1996
841Loss Limitation: RE (Real Estate)1987
842Master Limited Partnerships (1)1987
843Master Limited Partnerships (2)1987
844Miss America Scholarships1987
845Netherlands Antilles Tax Treaty (1)1987
846Netherlands Antilles Tax Treaty (2)1987
847NOL - Davis transition rule1987
848Nomination: Glen Bower1988
849Nomination: Brady, Secretary of Treasury1988
8410Nomination: O. Donaldson Chapotan1987
8411Nomination: Alan F. Holmer1987
8412Nomination: Jill Kent1988
8413Nomination: - McPherson1987
8414Nomination: John K. Meagher1987
8415Nomination: Mark Sullivan General Counsel of the Treasury1988
8416Nominations: Whalen and Ruwe1987
8417Patronage Credits: Farmer Crops Sale of Property1988
8418Pension: Withdrawal Liability in Case1988
8419Production Tax Credit: "in service"1987
8420Rural letter carriers - Estimated Mileage Allowance1987
8421Safe Harbor Leasing1987
8422Salomon Rifle Shot Request1988
8423Single-purpose Agriculture1987
8424Tax Exempts: Net Investment Income of 501 (c)(6)'s1987
8425Tax Exempts: Television Ministries1987
8426Tax Exempt Status: Blue Cross1987
8427Tax Exempt Bonds: Georgetown University1987
8428Tax Exempts: 501 (c)(25) Corps1987
8429Tax Exempt Bonds to Acquire Utilities1987
8430Tax Exempt Bonds: Student Loans1988
8431Tax Exempt Bonds: Indians1987
8432Taxpayers Bill of Rights (1)1987
8433Taxpayers Bill of Rights (2)1987
8434Uniform Capitalization: Artists1987
8435Uniform Capitalization: Authors1987
8436Uniform Capitalization: Photographers1987
8437Uniform Capitalization: Preproductive Expenses Livestock1988
8438Whole Herd Buyout Program1987
8439Wine Flavors Tax Credit1988
8440Woods Investment: Effective Date1987
851Preneed Funeral Trusts1987
853Loan Losses - Farm Credit1987
854Amendment to Section 174 Internal Revenue Code1987
855PIK (Payment in Kind) Certificates1987
856Amendment for Cash Accounting (1)1987
857Amendment for Cash Accounting (2)1986
858Dry Cargo Marine Container1989
859ETBE (Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) Alcohol Fuels Mixture Credit (1)1989
8510ETBE (Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) Alcohol Fuels Mixture Credit (2)1989
8511Accounting: Reserve Method for Loan Losses - Small Banks1988
8512Accrual Accounting Cattle Feeders1989
8513Amerind Risk Management Company1989
8514Bankruptcy: Chapter 121987
8517Charitable Donations of Inventory: Third Party1988
8518South Dakota DOL (Department of Labor) Retirement Plan (Cremer)1989
8519Ethanol: Hastings, NE Plant1989
8520Export Financing1987
8521FICA Tax Exemption for Students1987
8522Foreign Income: Hedging Transaction1987
8523Foreign: 10-50% Limitation 59021988
8524Foreign Income Export Source Rule1988
8525Halpern Nomination1990
8526Leveraged Buy-outs (LBO's) (1)1989
8527.1Leveraged Buy-outs (LBO's) (2)1989
8527.2Leveraged Buy-outs (LBO's) (3)1987
8528Leveraged Buy-outs (LBO's) (4)1989
8529Lloyd's of London1990
8530South Dakota Symphony1989
861Dahlberg, Jim CNAT / CBLM / Honeywell 1987 April 41987
862Haack, Kath T-CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)1987
863Asper, Kathleen Drug Abuse Grant DOE (Department of Education) / HHS)1987
864Heier, Rudolf Akaska Corporation 4-4-871987
866Kornmann, Charles C-ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission)1987
867Kriz, Thomas CNAT - Land Exchange1987
868Mitchell EDA (Economic Development Administration) Grant1987
869Neuberger, Ruth Pillow Information1987
8610Robinson, Richard HHS (Health & Human Services) / PHS (Public Health Service) Contracts1987
8611Scenic Road Troubles CTRANS1987
8612Scott, Mike CMISC1987
8613SDSU (South Dakota State University) / NASA Grant1987
8614Small Business Development Center1987
8615Stahl, Albin CHUD $1987
8616Fedderson, Gary, ILA, ART and Bonnie1987
8617Feyerisen, ED CASCS1987
8618Chell, Dale Housing Bill S. 8251987
8619Cox, Bill - Valentine, NE Sen. Zorinsky's Case1987
8620Christensen, Tom CASCS 4-4-871987
8621Bland, George Custer Co. Mining Concerns1987
8622D.C. Boothe Fish Hatchery P-$1987
8623Bugge, Adolf - Red Bird Petroleum1986
8624Burtz, Earl1987
8625Bishman Industries - DOD / SBA1987
8626.1Honeywell / Hot Springs (1)1987
8626.2Honeywell / Hot Springs (2)1987
8626.3Honeywell / Hot Springs (3)1987
8627Computer Cognition SBA Proposal1987
8628Burke School System Asbestos Abatement 
8629Dakota State College1987
8630FmHA Rapid City1986
8631FmHA Housing Loan / Watertown1987
8632Growing Tree Day Care Center Federal Funding1987
8633Grubbs, George Gregory Runway Repairs1988
8634Food and Drug Administration Bulk Drug1987
8635Haley, Patrick CHHS Grant1987
8636Weather / Hail Paul Smith1987
8637Holman, Sam CFDA1987
8638Department of Health Drug Abuse / Mental Health1986
8639Cancer Control Project South Dakota Dept. of Health1987
8640Indian Health Service 1955 Legislation1988
8641Stratford Development Association1987
8642Keely, Dr. Mike Cornbelt Cooperative Education1987
8643Kennedy, Jared CED Miscellaneous1986
8644LeCompte, Rocky1987
8645Martin Dam Reconstruction1987
8646M-Tron / Marton Kiousis1987
8647Olson, Merrill K. USD (University of South Dakota) Medical School $1987
8648Pickstown Legislation1987
8649Peterson, Dennis Farm Credit System Information1987
8650Rick, Vickie C-Post1988
8651Saugstad, Lloyd Waubay Schools $1987
8652Sides, Helen CNAT 
8653Smith, George P. Handicapped Funds1987
8654Split Rock Quarry P - EPA / South Dakota Water and NATRES1987
8655Sisseton Airport1987
8656Sisseton Goose Plant1987
8657United Cerebral Palsy Building Project - Sioux Falls1987
8658US West Research Facility1987
871Responses to Constituent Letters - January-February1987
872Responses to Constituent Letters - March1987
873Responses to Constituent Letters - April1987
874Responses to Constituent Letters - May 1-201987
875Responses to Constituent Letters - May 21-291987
876Responses to Constituent Letters - June 1-101987
877Responses to Constituent Letters - June 11-301987
878Responses to Constituent Letters - July 1-91987
879Responses to Constituent Letters - July 10-241987
8710Responses to Constituent Letters - July 25-311987
8711Responses to Constituent Letters - August 1-121987
8712Responses to Constituent Letters - August 131987
8713Responses to Constituent Letters - August 14-181987
8714Responses to Constituent Letters - August 19-201987
8715Responses to Constituent Letters - August 21-311987
8716Responses to Constituent Letters - September 1-231987
8717Responses to Constituent Letters - September 24-301987
8718Responses to Constituent Letters - October 1-141987
8719Responses to Constituent Letters - October 15-191987
8720Responses to Constituent Letters - October 20-311987
8721Responses to Constituent Letters - November1987
8722Lake Andes Town Meeting Week of 1987 March 21987
8723Gettysburg Town Meeting1987
8724Berkhout, Broderick1987
8725Vermillion Town Meeting Week of 1987 March 21987
8726Clark Town Meeting Week of 1987 March 21987
8727Pay Raise (1)1987
8728Pay Raise (2)1987
8729Scenic Town Meeting 1987 June 61987
8730Sisseton Town Meeting1987
8731Sturgis Kids - Black Hills Bill1987
8732Letters needing Follow-up - Sam1987
8733Campaign Spending1987
881Calling - September 22-28undated
882Media Schedules 1984-19861984
883South Dakota Trip #19 September 19-211986
884Calling - September 8-141986
885Linda Trip #6 Schedule - September 19-221986
886South Dakota Trip #19 & 20 September 26-291986
887South Dakota Trip #18 August 27-September 71986
888Campaign Schedule September-October1986
889Calling - October 6-121986
8810Calling - September 29-October 51986
8811Calling - October 13-191986
8812Linda Trip #7 Schedule - September 26-291986
8813Schedules January 1985-December 19861985
8814Jim Abdnor Huron Meetings August 26-271986
8815South Dakota Trip #16 August 8-101986
8816South Dakota Trip #17 August 16-201986
8817Campaign Media Advertising and Schedules1986
8818Linda Trip #4 August 16-181986
8819Linda Trip #5 August 27-September 71986
8820T.V. Paid Media - February1986
8821T.V. Paid Media - March1986
8822T.V. Paid Media - April1986
8823Emergency Handbook / Directory1984
8824T.V. Paid Media - June1986
8825T.V. Paid Media - July1986
8826T.V. Paid Media - August1986
8827Radio - Paid July1986
891HE22CJ Prescription Drug Amendment1990
892HE22CG Federal Employee1989
893HE22CF Home Health Care Provisions Pro1989
894HE22CB Cat Health Pro1989
895HE22CS Spousal Impoverishment1989
896HE22CL Drug Amendment Pro1989
897HE22CI Long-Term Care Pro1989
898HE37R (Medicaid Eligibility)1990
899HS13A Low-Income Housing1989
8910HS10A Legislation1989
8911HS08S HUD Scandal1989
8912HS08A Case [Separately Filed]1989
8913HS07A Homeless1990
8914HS07C Homeless - Address Problem1991
8915IN01A Miscellaneous (1)1991
8916IN01A Miscellaneous (2)1989
8917HE34A Tobacco1989
8918HE34RC Smokers Rights Con1989
8919HE22IR RVS (Relative Value Scale) Pro (1)1989
8920HE31A Rural Health (1)1989
8921HE31A Rural Health (2)1989
8922HE22IR RVS-Pro (2)1989
8923HS01A Miscellaneous1990
8924HE34RP (Smoking - Nursing Homes)1990
8925HE22IB Nurse Anesthetists1991
8926HE221A Cataract Surgery1989
8927HE27A Nursing1990
8928HE25A Mental Health1989
8929HE28E (Hospice)1990
8930HE28A Nursing Homes1989
8931HE221S Social Workers1989
8932HE22IE Expenditure - Con1989
8933HE22IF Radiologists, Anesth, Pathologists DRG1989
8934HE22H Psychologists1989
8935HE22IN Nurse Practitioners1989
8936HE22ID Physician's Assistants1989
8937HE22I Reimbursement (1)1989
8938HE22I Reimbursement (2)1989
8939HE22I Reimbursement (3)1990
8940HE22I Reimbursements (1)1990
8941HE22I Reimbursements (2)1990
8942HE22CT Catastrophic Health Prem Inc.-Con1989
8943HE22E Premium Increase Con1990
8944HE22D Early Release From Hospitals1989
8945HE22GB Urban / Rural Differential1989
8946HE22H Reagan Budget Con1990
8947HE22I (Medicare Inefficiency)1989
8948HE19A Medical Research1989
8949HE19E Medical Research Cuts Con1989
8950HE22A Medicare (1)1990
8951HE22A Medicare (2)1990
8952HE22A Medicare (3)1989
8953HE22C Catastrophic Health Insurance1989
901Appointments - January 1-151989
902Appointments - January 16-191989
903Appointments - January 20 - Presidential Inaugural Invitations1989
904Appointments - January 21-251989
905Appointments - January 26-311989
906Appointments - January General and Undated Requests1989
907Appointments - February 1-51989
908Appointments - February 6-91989
909Appointments - February 10-221989
9010Appointments - February 23-281989
9011Appointments - February General and Undated Requests1989
9012Appointments - March 1-21989
9013Appointments - March 3-71989
9014Appointments - March 8-101989
9015Appointments - March 11-141989
9016Appointments - March 15-161989
9017Appointments - March 17-311989
9018Appointments - March General and Undated Requests1989
9019Appointments - April 1-41989
9020Appointments - April 51989
9021Appointments - April 6-101989
9022Appointments - April 111989
9023Appointments - April 12-151989
9024Appointments - April 16-181989
9025Appointments - April 19-201989
9026Appointments - April 21-251989
9027Appointments - April 26-301989
9028Appointments - April General and Undated Requests1989
9029Scheduling - Committee and Legislative, January-April1989
9030Scheduling Memos to Daschle - January1989
9031Scheduling Memos to Daschle - February1989
9032Scheduling Memos to Daschle - March1989
9033Scheduling Memos to Daschle - April1989
911.11992 Re-election Congratulations (1)1992
911.21992 Re-election Congratulations (2)1992
9121992 Re-election Congratulations (2)1992
913Miscellaneous Cable Information at South Dakota & National (1) Cable Rate Information1989
914Miscellaneous Cable Information at South Dakota & National (2) Cable TV FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Ruling1989
915Miscellaneous Cable Information at South Dakota & National (3) FCC RM-24931988
916Miscellaneous Cable Information at South Dakota & National (4) Cable South Dakota1991
917Miscellaneous Cable Information at South Dakota & National (5) Information Pack1984
918Miscellaneous Cable Information at South Dakota & National (6) Cable in the Classroom1989
919Copyright Office - Proposed Ruling - Wireless Cable Systems1991
9110FCC - Transfer Fees - October1987
9111Spectrum Allocation1990
9112Sioux Valley TV 3/921992
9113S.1207 Radio License Renewal1989
9114Indecent Advertising1988
9115FCC Rules - Starting A Radio Station1991
9116FCC Syndication Ruling (1991)1991
9117Dial - Netletter - Local Access Charges1991
91181991 PUC (Public Utilities Commission) Telecommunications Report1991
9119HR. 5096 - Further Restrictions on Bell Co. 1992 (Rep. Brooks)1992
9120Surcharge on Long Distance & the Troops1991
9121Phone Tapping Legislation1992
9122S. 652 Senator Kohl - Caller ID1992
9123Telemarketing Bills S. 1410 S.14621991
9124AT&T Proposed FCC Rule1991
9125Dallas Phillips / Telephone FCC / AOS (Alternative Operator Service)1989
921Kingsbury County Highways1987
922Lake Poinsett Sewer Grant1988
923Northeast South Dakota Community Action Program - Revolving Loan1988
924North Leewood Development Corporation - HUD1987
925Nebraska Sioux Lean Beef1988
926We Care, Inc. Stephen M. Engel1987
927Wollengurg, Ritzman & Co. Quality Award Application / Department of Commerce1988
928UPS - Customs Service Rulemaking1988
929Joachim, Marcus - Big Boat on Big Store Lake Project1987
9210Jones, Delbert Bureau of Reclamation1988
9211Leibrich, Bob1988
9212Redfield / Schools Armory1988
9213Tower Engineering1987
9214Camelot Water Development District - Chris Schobrich1987
9215Design Memorandum MG-123 (Master Plan Missouri River, Nebraska and South Dakota)1988
9216Custer State Hospital1988
9219Rapid City Central Band1988
9220RC (Rapid City) Arts Council1988
9221South Dakota Community Foundation1988
9222St. Benedict Hospital Parkston1988
9223SDPR (South Dakota Public Radio) - Faith Tower1987
9224Olde Glory Marketing PICC / UPS Tariff1987
9225Sioux San Land Transfer (Rapid City)1988
9226TB Productions / Ginger Thompson Letter of Recommendation1988
9227Deadwood Fire Information1987
9228Yankton Post Office1987
9229Yankton - Historic Building Restoration 
9230Card, Darrell Heat Generator - ED1988
9231Dakota Arms1987
9232AT&T (Mega com) Rapid City1988
9233Yankton College Prison (1)1988
9234Yankton College Prison (2) Fedex Envelope1987
9235Yankton College Prison (3) Hearing1987
9236Huron UDAG (Urban Development Action Grant)1988
9237Grahek, Diane and Ralph - FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Firefighting Funds1987
9238Senate Concurrent Resolution 127 (FCC Spectrum Reduction)1988
9239Flandreau Golf Course1987
9240Lewis-Kirkeby-Hall Real Estate, Inc. Rapid City1988
9241Nelson, Marguriete1987
9242TSP - Air Force King1988
9243Terry's Propane1987
9244Ipswich Hospital 6/881988
9245Roscoe - Leroy Knuths1988
9246Bruns - Winnie / Fed. Retirement1988
931Alexander, Dianne Telephone Complaint1987
932Alpena Kippard Beef - Wally1988
933Solid Waste - Aberdeen1989
934Bruns, Winnie1988
935Custer Fire1988
936Bernhard / B&E engineering1988
937Chamberlain Taft Hotel1988
938Daktronics Tax1989
939Evergreen Publications / Pfeiffer1988
9310Flag City / Deadwood1989
9311Gantz / Virgin Islands Telephone1989
9312Galland - Sturgis - FEMA1988
9313Hengel Associates / TSP1988
9314Hosmer Noodle Co. - Tina 
9315Huron Old Stone Church1988
9316HMC Takeover Gary State Bank 10-881988
9317Huron Regional Medical Center OB / Gyn Obligated Scholar Position1987
9318Henderson, Greg - Yankton EDA (Economic Development Administration)1987
9319Faulkton - Pickler Home1988
9320Ft. Pierre - Flood Plain1988
9321Kissel - Rolling Truck Stop1988
9322Kimco - Cliff Sanford1988
9323Kimball Memorial Centennial1988
9324Imprimis - Aberdeen Plant Closing1989
9326Marion School District - Asbestos1989
9327Madison EDA (Economic Development Administration)1989
9328Nohr, A. Nohr Engineering1988
9329Northern State College UMTA (Urban Mass Transportation Administration) Grant1988
9330Minnesota Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center - Reg. Coalition 11-881988
9331Morgan Industries 1st Bank1988
9332NESDCAP (Northeast South Dakota Community Action Program) - HHS Grant1989
9333Northern Electric / ESPN1989
9334Northern Electric MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service)1987
9335Northeast South Dakota EDA (Economic Development Administration) Application1989
9336Rapid City / Flood Insurance1988
9337Rapid City Fire1988
9338Breaw, Charles & Rosella1989
9339Rapid City Museum Center1988
9340Peever Grain Elevator1988
9341Oahe Lodge1988
9342South Dakota Foreign Trade Co.1988
9343SDSU (South Dakota State University) - NASA (1)1987
9344SDSU (South Dakota State University) - NASA (2)1987
9345Sun Rise Construction1989
9347Webster Truck1989
9348Watertown Bramble Park Zoo1988
9349Yankton / EPA1989
9350Wagner Industries1987
9351Now - Wagner Industries Potato1988
9352Vermillion HUD - Enterprise Zone1989
9353Water Bank / Lake Thompson1987
9354Weather Modification Research - South Dakota School of Mines1988
9355Sioux Falls UDAG (Urban Development Action Grants)undated
941DOT - Drug Testing1988
942Harbor Maintenance Tax Increase FY 1991 Bush Proposal1990
943CNW (Chicago and Northwestern Railroad) / Japonica Takeover1989
944Brookings Cross Wind Runway1987
945BN (Burlington Northern) Rail Car Shortage1990
946Brod-Korb, Larry (Case) South Dakota DOT (Department of Transportation) / Complaints1987
947Rail Rate Increases - B/N (Burlington Northern)1989
948Burtington Northern System Diagram Map1990
949ATA (Air Transport Association) - Talking Points1987
9410Airport Improvement / Trust Fund Information1990
9411Aberdeen Intrastate Commuter Air Service Proposal1989
9412Odometer Verification PL 99-579 / S. 853 (Mickelson)1987
9413S. 1007 - National Highway Fatality and Injury Reduction Act of 891989
9414National Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Week (Humphrey)1989
9415S. 2364 / Amtrak - Veto Override1990
9416S. 432 - Scenic Byways Act1989
9417S. 1277 Airline Acquisitions1989
9418S. 1741 Hub Airports and Code Sharing1989
9419Labor Protection - Airlines (Transportation)1987
9420S. 519 - Airline Smoking Ban - 101st Congress1989
9421Airport Trust Fund / EAS (Essential Air Service) S. 1412 Baucus Bill1989
9422S. 653 (Glenn) Aviation Career Improvement Act1989
9423S. 596 - Aviation Security Notification Act of 19891989
9424Transportation Press1990
9425FELA (Federal Employers' Liability Act)1987
9426Forest City Bridge1988
9427DOT Forest City Bridge1990
9428Federal Highway Administration Reauthorization - South Dakota Information1990
9429S.2013 Highway Trust Fund1990
9430Rural & South Dakota Highway Information1990
9431Heartland Expressway1989
9432Highway 14 Reconstruction1988
9433Intrastate Air Service1990
9434Intrastate Air Service1989
9435ILS (Instrument Landing Systems) Acquisition Information1987
9436Mode "C" Transponder Requirements PL 100-202 / 100-2231 FAA 255311988
9437Northwest Airlines Takeover1989
9439Railroad Shortlining1987
9440Railroad Information1987
9441Rapid City Airport1990
9442Commission on Railroad Retirement Reform1990
9443Soo Line1987
9444Smoking Ban on Airlines1987
9445South Dakota DOT (Department of Transportation) - Construction Plan1990
9446Statement of National Transportation Policy1990
9447South Dakota DOT (Department of Transportation) Testimony1989
951Aboveground Storage Tanks1990
952Aboveground Storage Tanks - Daschle Bill: Index & Copies of Bills1991
953Williams Pipeline Spill1987
954Williams Pipeline Spill #21987
955Williams Pipeline Spill: Hayward Neighbors Survey1987
956Williams' Meeting #2 : Hayward Property Owner Meeting1987
957Aboveground Storage Tanks1991
958Williams Pipeline: Burn-pit Contamination1988
959Williams Pipeline Company Fuel Spill (1)1987
9510Williams Pipeline Company Fuel Spill (2) Incident Reports1987
9511Williams Brochure1985
9512Oil Storage / Spill Prevention1988
9513NYS (New York State) Spill Info1988
9514Pennsylvania / Illinois State Chemical Regulations1984
9515Florida EPA Spill Information1989
9516S. 236, State Hazardous Material Spill Reports, EPA1988
9517Minnesota Petroleum Spill Information1970
9518Underground Storage Tank (UST) Info.1988
9519Texas Spill Information1988
9520Storage Tank Bill: S. 8991985
9521Storage Tank Bill - Post Pitts Hearing1988
9522CRS (Congressional Research Service) Issue Brief: Oil Storage Tanks1989
961Adopt-a-Family Richard Lehman-Homeless1988
962Andal Disabled Housing Facility / SXF1988
963Black Hills Regional Eye Institute1988
964Black Hills Packing Company Fed.1989
965Bartholomew, Dr. Medical Records / Research1988
966Clendenon / Drug Center For Youth1989
967Coldwell Banker Rapid City, Ken Steiner1989
968Doorn's Incorporated - Tax1985
969Drought 1988 SBA (Small Business Administration)1988
9610Edgemont, South Dakota1989
9611First District Revolving Loan Fund / IG (Inspector General) Report1989
9612Freeman - Prison Proposal1989
9613Forest Service Communication Fee Schedule1988
9614Hyberston - Therm Dynamics1989
9615Lake County - FEMA Flood PMTs (1) Disaster Assistance 1984-19861987
9616Lake County - FEMA Flood PMTs (2)1984
9617Lynch / Parnell Family Farms1989
9618Loomis - Martin, South Dakota1989
9619Lemmon Hospital1988
9620Lemmon Hospital Continued1989
9621Lemmon Hospital Assumption Proposal 2-891988
9622Lemmon Hosp. II Contracts etc.1988
9623Missouri River Bridges1989
9624Krause / Missouri River Levels1989
9625New Underwood Radar Site1988
9626Pavlacky, Larry - Red Owl / Britton1989
9628Reed, Cindy Botanical Gardens1987
9629Remund, Rick1989
9630Reinfeld / Telephone ITI1989
9631Rapid City Regional Airport1988
9632Rangel - Indian1989
9633South Dakota / Tiltroter Proposal1988
9634Sioux Falls - UDAG (Urban Development Action Grants) - Lou Harwitz1989
9635Scalp Creek Enterprise Cooperative - Dorothy Boes / Bonesteel1989
9636Schumacher / Thayse Management1989
9637Schroeder, Alvin1988
9638South Dakota Commemorative Day1988
9639South Dakota Centennial1987
9640South Dakota DOT (Department of Transportation) Public Lands Highway Funds 19901989
9641Sunrise Industries1990
9642OSHA Proposed Rule 29 CFR - Respirator Use - 3M1988
9643Underground Storage Tank - Regulations & Insurance - S. 15601989
9644Watertown Day Care / Dr. Wernerundated
9645Watertown Monument Works1988
9646Webster Nutting Company1989
9647Blue Corn - Deloy, Jim (2)1990
9648Blue Corn - Deloy, Jim (1) Flour : Alternative Agriculture1990
9649General Mills Background on Oats Production, etc.undated
9650Veblen School District Impact Aid $1987
9651Chase Manhattan in Rapid City1989
9652Winner Wheat Processors1989
9653Quaker Oats - Brookings1987
971Agency Correspondence: Administrative1989
972Agency Correspondence: Bureau of the Census1987
973Agency Correspondence: Committees, House, Education and the Workforce1989
974Agency Correspondence: Committees, Senate, Agriculture - Appropriations, Subcommittees Agriculture-Foreign Operations1987
975Agency Correspondence: Committees, Senate, Appropriations, Subcommittee on Interior1987
976Agency Correspondence: Committees, Senate, Appropriations, Subcommittee on Labor, Health1987
977Agency Correspondence: Committees, Senate, Appropriations, Subcommittees Military - VA, HUD,1987
978Agency Correspondence: Committees, Senate, Banking - Commerce, Science and Transportation1989
979Agency Correspondence: Committees, Senate, Energy - Ethics1987
9710Agency Correspondence: Committees, Senate, Finance - Indian Affairs1987
9711Agency Correspondence: Committees, Senate, Judiciary - Veterans Affairs1987
9712Agency Correspondence: Congressional Budget Office - Customs1990
9713Agency Correspondence: Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service1987
9714Agency Correspondence: Department of Agriculture, Farmers Home Administration1987
9715Agency Correspondence: Department of Agriculture, Secretary1987
9716Agency Correspondence: Department of Agriculture, Various Offices1987
9717Agency Correspondence: Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration1988
9718Agency Correspondence: Department of Commerce, Secretary1987
9719Agency Correspondence: Department of Commerce, Various Offices1989
9720Agency Correspondence: Department of Defense, Secretary1987
9721Agency Correspondence: Department of Defense, Various Offices1987
9722Agency Correspondence: Department of Defense, Air Force, Secretary1987
9723Agency Correspondence: Department of Defense, Air Force, Various Offices1988
9724Agency Correspondence: Department of Defense, Army, Corps of Engineers1987
9725Agency Correspondence: Department of Defense, Army, Secretary1988
9726Agency Correspondence: Department of Defense, Army, Various Offices1988
9727Agency Correspondence: Department of Defense, National Guard1987
9728Agency Correspondence: Department of Defense, Navy1990
9729Agency Correspondence: Department of Education1987
9730Agency Correspondence: Department of Energy1990
9731Agency Correspondence: Department of Health & Human Services, Food and Drug Administration1987
9732Agency Correspondence: Department of Health & Human Services, Health Care Financing Administration1987
9733Agency Correspondence: Department of Health & Human Services, Indian Health Service1987
9734Agency Correspondence: Department of Health & Human Services, Secretary1987
9735Agency Correspondence: Department of Health & Human Services, Social Security Administration1988
9736Agency Correspondence: Department of Health & Human Services, Various Offices1987
9737Agency Correspondence: Department of Housing & Urban Development1987
9738Agency Correspondence: Department of Interior, Secretary and Various Offices1987
9739Agency Correspondence: Department of Interior, Indian Affairs1987
9740Agency Correspondence: Department of Justice1989
9741Agency Correspondence: Department of Labor1987
9742Agency Correspondence: Department of State, Embassies1989
9743Agency Correspondence: Department of State, Secretary1989
9744Agency Correspondence: Department of State, Various Offices1987
9745Agency Correspondence: Department of the Treasury1989
9746Agency Correspondence: Department of Transportation, Secretary1987
9747Agency Correspondence: Department of Transportation, Various Offices1987
9748Agency Correspondence: Department of Veterans Affairs1989
9749Agency Correspondence: Environmental Protection Agency1987
9750Agency Correspondence: Executive Office of the President, President1988
9751Agency Correspondence: Executive Office of the President, Various Offices1988
9752Agency Correspondence: Executive Office of the President, Vice President1987
9753Agency Correspondence: Federal Communications Commission - General Accounting Office1987
9754Agency Correspondence: Immigration and Naturalization Service - International trade1987
9755Agency Correspondence: Library of Congress - Office of Surface Mining1989
9756Agency Correspondence: Postal Service March 1987-February 19901987
9757Agency Correspondence: Postal Service March-August1990
9758Agency Correspondence: Railroad Retirement Board - Veterans Administration1987
9759Correspondence with Colleagues1989
981Media listsundated
982The Sioux Falls Argus Leader Index Misc. 1989-19911989
983The Sioux Falls Argus Leader Index January-June1993
984The Sioux Falls Argus Leader Index January-December1993
985The Sioux Falls Argus Leader Index January-June1994
986The Sioux Falls Argus Leader Index July-November1994
987The Sioux Falls Argus Leader Index January-December1994
988Media Reports February-March1992
989Media Reports April-May1992
9810Media Reports June-July1992
9811Media Reports August1992
9812Media Reports September-October1992
9813Media Reports November-December1992
991Washington Reports: June-November1993
992Washington Reports: January-May1994
993Open Doors (1993-1994) Lemmon, Buffalo, Redfield, June 11-121994
994Open Doors (1993-1994) Presho 1-10-94 7:00 p.m.1993
995Open Doors (1993-1994) Hot Springs 1-12-94 7:30 p.m.1993
996Open Doors (1993-1994) Platte, Tuesday 1-11-94 12:00 p.m.1993
997Open Doors (1993-1994) Canton 1-20-94 7:00 p.m.1994
998Open Doors (1993-1994) Gettysburg 1-13-94 7:00 p.m.1993
999Open Doors (1993-1994) Clark 1-15-931993
9910Open Doors (1993-1994) Garretson 2-14-941994
9911Open Doors (1993-1994) Parker 2-15-941994
9912Open Doors (1993-1994) Milbank 3-5-941994
9913Open Doors (1993-1994) Madison 3-6-941994
9914Open Doors (1993-1994) Wessington Springs, Friday 12-10-931993
9915Open Doors (1993-1994) Howard 12-11-93 (Canceled)1993
9916Open Doors (1993-1994) Miller 9-1-941994
9917Open Doors (1993-1994) Flandreau 8-30-941994
9918Open Doors (1993-1994) Wicksville 2-16-941994
9919Open Doors (1993-1994) Plankinton 12-8-931993
9920Open Doors (1993-1994) Springfield 10-12-941994
9921South Dakota News Wires - November1995
9922.1South Dakota News Wires - October 1-151995
9922.2South Dakota News Wires - October 16-311995
9923.1South Dakota News Wires - September 1-151995
9923.2South Dakota News Wires - September 16-301995
9924.1South Dakota News Wires - August 1-151995
9924.2South Dakota News Wires - August 16-311995
9925.1South Dakota News Wires - July 1-151995
9925.2South Dakota News Wires - July 16-311995
9926.1South Dakota News Wires - June 1-151995
9926.2South Dakota News Wires - June 16-301995
9927.1South Dakota News Wires - May 1-151995
9927.2South Dakota News Wires - May 16-311995
1001.1Media Reports January1993
1001.2Media Reports February1993
1002.1Media Reports March1993
1002.2Media Reports April1993
1003.1Media Reports May1993
1003.2Media Reports June1993
1004.1Media Reports July1993
1004.2Media Reports August1993
1005Media Reports September1993
1006.1Media Reports October1993
1006.2Media Reports November-December1993
1007.1Media Reports January1994
1007.2Media Reports February1994
1008.1Media Reports March1994
1008.2Media Reports April1994
1009Media Reports May1994
10010Media Reports June1994
10011Media Reports July1994
10012.1Media Reports August1994
10012.2Media Reports September1994
10013Media Reports June-September1994
10014.1Media Reports October1994
10014.2Media Reports November1994
10015Media Reports December1994
1011.1S. 1614 103rd Cosponsor Child Nutrition Reauthorization (1)1993
1011.2S. 1614 103rd Cosponsor Child Nutrition Reauthorization (2)1994
1012S. 1614 103rd Cosponsor - Child Nutrition Reauthorization : Out of State Sec. 208 - Con1994
1013S. 1614 103rd Cosponsor - Child Nutrition Reauthorization : Sec. 208 - Pro1994
1014S. 1614 103rd Cosponsor - Child Nutrition Reauthorization : Wheat / Grain1994
1015S. 1614 103rd Cosponsor - Child Nutrition Reauthorization : Info after passage1994
1016School Meals / Dietary Guidelines 1994 Child Nutrition Reauthorization1994
1017Healthy Kids1994
1018Council on Welfare Fraud Resolutions1992
1019Day Care Information1994
10110Food Pyramid1992
10111Food Stamp Anti-Counterfeit S.1359 -103rd 19941993
10112Food Stamp / EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer)1990
10113Food Stamp Issues 103rd OBRA (Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)1993
10114.1Food Stamp Quality Control (1) August 1987-May 19931987
10114.2Food Stamp Quality Control (2) June 19931993
10114.3Food Stamp Quality Control (3) July 1993-May 19941993
10115Fraud in Federal Nutrition Programs - Hearing / February 2, 19941994
10116Ag Hearing Fraud in Nutrition Programs February 2, 19941994
10117Hunger Miscellaneous Information1992
10118Medford Declaration to End Hunger in the U.S. 19921992
10119Mickey Leland Hunger Relief Act - S. 7571992
1021CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program)1995
1022WIC (Women, Infants and Children) - 104th1995
1023Section 41995
1024Nutrition / Welfare1995
1025March 1, 1994 Hearing S. 16141993
1026S.1614 Hearing Sec. 208 May 16, 19941994
1027Cash out Food Stamps1994
1028Child Nutrition S. 16141995
1029Child Nutrition S. 1614 : Comments on USDA Rule1994
10210Child Nutrition S. 1614 : Congressional Record Statement1994
10211Child Nutrition S. 1614 : General Information1993
10212Child Nutrition S. 1614 : Thomas A. Daschle Amendments, Memos to TAD1994
10213Child Nutrition S. 1614 : Thomas A. Daschle Amendments1994
10214Child Nutrition S. 1614 : H.R. 8, Section 106 Negotiated Regulations1994
10215Child Nutrition S. 1614 : News Releases1994
10216Child Nutrition S. 1614 : Thank Yous1994
10217Child Nutrition S. 1614 : USDA Proposal1994
1031Martin Landfill1993
1032Solid Waste Management1992
1033STEP (Small Town Environmental Planning Act)1991
1034Superfund - Miscellaneous Information : EPA Superfund Sites & Regulations1991
1035EPA Superfund Sites and Regulations1990
1036Tri-County Landfill1994
1037Landfill-Financial Assurance1994
1038Landfill Legislation - 103rd1993
1039Solid Waste Disposal Facility Criteria; Delay of the Effective Date; Proposed Rule1993
10310Walworth County1994
1041Mickey Leland Childhood Hunger Relief Act, 103rd1993
1042Nutrition Bulletins - Pierre1993
1043Nutrition / Learning1993
1044Nutrition Reauthorization Information (1)1994
1045Nutrition Reauthorization Information (2)1994
1046Nutrition Legislation 102nd (1)1992
1047Nutrition Legislation 102nd (2)1992
1048S. 2327 - Suspend Certain Measures under School Lunch Act1992
1049School Lunch Bill Matz1995
10410South Dakota School Lunch / Breakfast Stats Information1993
10411School Lunch / Breakfast 102nd Congress1992
10412S.244 - Puerto Rico Food Assistance1990
10413S. Con. Res. 65 - WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Cosponsor1994
10414TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) - 103rd1994
10415Title III Senior Nutrition1995
10416USDA Proposed Food-based Rule1995
10417WIC Legislation 102nd Congress1991
10418WIC Legislation 103rd Congress1993
10419WIC Reauthorization 103rd Congress Appropriations1994
10420WIC Information / PRA (Personal Responsibility Act) (Rosebud - Good Info.)1995
1051Land Exchange: Ekberg - Copper Spur 1988-19901988
1052.1Land Exchange: Ekberg - Copper Spur 19911991
1052.2Land Exchange: Ekberg - Copper Spur 19921992
1053Land Exchange: Ekberg - Copper Spur 1993-19961993
1054S. 2: Education Agenda 1991-19921991
1055FY 1992 Impact Aid Issues1991
1056Smee Public School, Wakpala1991
1057SDEA (South Dakota Education Association) Congressional Questionnaire1991
1058PTA Issues 1990-19931990
1059PTA Bill - Family and Medical Leave Act1991
10510Elementary & Secondary Education Act Reauthorization1992
10511Chapter 1 - Elementary & Secondary Education1992
10512Special Education 1989-19931989
10513School Choice - Vouchers 1991-19921991
10514School Choice - Vouchers 19951995
10515Technology / Distance learning1992
10516Vocational Education 1988-19931988
10517Vocational Education : Consumer & Homemaking Education1992
1061Impact Aid1991
1062Trip Notes 1991-19941991
1063We The People National Finals: Marion High School1994
1064World Food Day - S.J.Res. 137 (Senate Joint Resolution) 103rd Cosponsor1993
1065Food Stamps Monthly Reporting / Staggered Issuance1994
1066Food Stamps / Staggered Issuance Reservations1991
1067Closed Cases : Education, Civil Service1995
1068Closed Cases : Andress1993
1069Closed Cases : Broad Ax1993
10610Closed Cases : Gallagher, Bill - FmHA1993
10611Closed Cases : Jackson County1991
10612Closed Cases : Kuecker Case - British Embassy1992
10613Closed Cases : Legion Rifle Case - Closed Cases1992
10614Closed Cases : Reardon - WIC1994
10615Closed Cases : Sewell Case - Cambodian Refugees1991
10616Closed Cases : Jamie Thompson - Forest Service 1993-19961993
10617Closed Cases : Torness Case / Nicollet Grave Marker1992
1071Williams Pipeline Company - Clips1987
1072AST (Aboveground Storage Tank) ConVault 1991-19921991
1073Region IX Incident Notification Report - California Pipeline Spills 1988-19891988
1074Aboveground Tanks - Advisory Group Meeting1991
1075Aboveground Tanks - Co-Sponsors1991
1076Aboveground Tanks - Dear Colleagues1991
1077Aboveground Tanks - Drafts of Legislation1991
1078Aboveground Tanks - Floor Statement April 2, 19871987
1079Aboveground Tanks - Hearing1991
10710Aboveground Tanks - Memos to Tom1991
10711Aboveground Tanks - Notes1991
10712Aboveground Tanks - Previous Bills1989
10713Aboveground Tanks - Reviews1991
10714Aboveground Tanks - Summary / Comparison1991
10715TC (Toxicity Characteristics) Meeting - Deferral Petitions1991
10716Participant List - TC (Toxicity Characteristics) Deferral Focus Meeting1991
10717Aboveground Tanks - U.S. Code Title 42 / The Public Health & Welfare 6501-79001991
10718Public Law: 94-580, 98-616, 101-5491976
10719Clean Air Act Amendments of 19891989
10720Miscellaneous Bills and Laws (Environmental Protection)1986
10721Bulk Chemical Storage Facilities - South Dakota1990
10722Williams Pipeline - Pipeline Safety 1991-19921991
10723Pipeline Safety Act: 19871987
10724Williams Pipeline Spill1987
10725Williams Spills (other states)1986
10726Williams Pipeline (Sioux Falls Spill) 1987 March 5-June 301987
10727Williams Pipeline (Sioux Falls Spill) 1987 July 1-1988 August 291987
10728Water / Clean Water1990
1081Conrad Bill - Insolvent Farmers 1986-19881986
1082Conrad Bill - Insolvent Farmers 1989-19911989
1083NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement): Implementing Legislation (1)1993
1084NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement): Implementing Legislation (2) Funding1993
1085NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement): Impact on U.S. Agriculture1993
1086NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement): Opposition, Names1993
1087GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): Subsidies1994
1088GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): Maritime Issues1989
1089GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): General 19931993
10810GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): General 1994 January-June1994
10811GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): General 1994 August-December1993
10812GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): Film Industry1993
10813GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): Agriculture - Side Letters and MOU's (Memorandum of Understanding)1993
10814GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): Agriculture - Support and Opposition1994
10815GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): Agriculture - Committee Recommendations and Provisions1994
10816GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): Agriculture Triggers1992
10817GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): Sanitary / Phytosanitary 1989 July-1990 May1989
10818GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade): Sanitary / Phytosanitary 1990 June-1992 October1990
10819NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement): Perot1992
1091Enterprise Zones - Rural1987
1092Enterprise Zones - Indian1990
1093Debt-for-Debt Exchanges1992
1094Uruguay Round GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) - Uruguay Agreements1994
1095Railroad Retirement1987
1096Pension Annuities1990
1097Mortgage Revenue Bonds1987
1098Micro-enterprise Proposal1991
1099Gift Tax: Interest, Related Parties1992
10910Family Tax Relief1989
10911GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) / Agriculture 1986-19891986
10912GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) / Agriculture 1990-19931990
10913GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) / Agriculture 19941994
10914NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - General 1990 December-1993 August1990
10915NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - General 1993 September1993
10916NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - General 1993 October1993
10917NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - General 1993 November-1994 August1993
1101Project Prosperity1993
1102NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) Materials1993
1103North American Free Trade Agreement / Volumes 1 and 21992
1104North American Free Trade Agreement Annex 302.2 Schedule of the United States1993
1105North American Free Trade Agreement Annex 302.2 Schedule of Mexicoundated
1106North American Free Trade Agreement Annex 302.2 Schedule of Canadaundated
1107Executive Compensation Deduction 1991 July-1992 May1991
1108Executive Compensation Deduction 1992 June 1-41992
1109Executive Compensation Deduction 1992 June 5-1993 April1992
1111Title I - Findings, Purposes, Goals, Least Cost Energy Strategy and Director of Climate Protection1991
1112Title III - Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)1991
1113Title IV - Fleets & Alternative Fuels1991
1114Title V - Renewable Energy1991
1115Title VI- Energy Efficiency1991
1116Title VII - Oil & Gas Leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge1991
1117Title VIII - Advanced Nuclear Power Commercialization1991
1118Title IX - Nuclear Reactor Licensing1991
1119Title X - Uranium1991
11110Title XI - Natural Gas1991
11111Title XII - Outer Continental Shelf1984
11112Title XV - Public Utility Holding Company Act Reform1991
11113Title XVI - Strategic Petroleum Reserve1991
11114ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) B.1991
11115General Pro - B1991
11116General Pro - A1991
11117General - Con1991
11118S. 1220 The Energy Security Act of 19911991
11119AGST (Aboveground Storage Tanks) Comments / Amendments: 1988-19901988
11120AGST (Aboveground Storage Tanks) Comments / Amendments: January-June1991
11121AGST (Aboveground Storage Tanks) Comments / Amendments: July-August1991
11122AGST (Aboveground Storage Tanks) Comments / Amendments: September1991
11123AGST (Aboveground Storage Tanks) Comments / Amendments: October-December1991
11124AGST (Aboveground Storage Tanks) Comments / Amendments: 1992-19931992
11125AGST (Aboveground Storage Tanks) Comments / Amendments: undatedundated
1121Senate Joint Resolution1989
1122101st Congress - Cosigned letters (1): January 31, 19891989
1123101st Congress - Cosigned letters (2): February 1, 19891989
1124101st Congress - Cosigned letters (3): February 14, 19891989
1125101st Congress - Cosigned letters (4): March 6, 19891989
1126101st Congress - Cosigned letters (5): May 17, 19891989
1127101st Congress - Cosigned letters (6): May 23, 19891989
1128101st Congress - Cosigned letters (7): June 6, 19891989
1129101st Congress - Cosigned letters (8): June 19, 19891989
11210101st Congress - Cosigned letters (9): June 19, 19891989
11211101st Congress - Cosigned letters (10): August 23, 19891989
11212101st Congress - Cosigned letters (11): September 28, 19891989
11213101st Congress - Cosigned letters (12): October 19, 19891989
11214101st Congress - Cosigned letters (13): November 6, 19891989
11215101st Congress - Cosigned letters (14): November 17, 19891989
11216101st Congress - Cosigned letters (15): June 7, 19901990
11217101st Congress - Cosigned letters (16): July 9, 19901990
11218101st Congress - Cosigned letters (17): August 28, 19901990
11219101st Congress - Cosigned letters (18): December 13, 19901990
11220101st Congress - Cosigned letters (19): December 20, 19901990
11221Agriculture / Trade (1): May 31, 19891989
11222Agriculture / Trade (2): September 19, 19891989
11223Agriculture / Trade (3): October 10, 19891989
11224Agriculture / Trade (4): October 20, 19891989
11225Agriculture / Trade (5): December 12, 19901990
11226Senate Con. Res. (1) Essential Air Service, January 251989
11227Senate Con. Res. (2) : S.Con.Res. 10 Protect Medicare 1990, January 311989
11228Senate Con. Res. (3) : S.Con.Res. 26 ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asia Nations) Refugees 5-1-891989
11229Senate Con. Res. (4) : S.Con.Res. 53 Iranian Bahaii resolution, April 31990
11230Senate Con. Res. (5) : S.Con.Res. 73 Congressional Support of Courageous people1989
11231Senate Con. Res. (6) : S.Con.Res. 88 Claude Pepper Commemorative1990
11232Senate Con. Res. (7) : S.Con.Res. 91 Harvest of Peace Resolution, February 221990
11233Senate Con. Res. (8) : S.Con.Res. 106 Moynihan Resolution on1990
11234Senate Con. Res. (9) : S.Con.Res. 123 Civic Education Resolution1990
11235Senate Con. Res. (10) : S.Con.Res. 125 Long-term Long Term Healthcare, June 191990
11236Senate Con. Res. (11) : S.Con.Res. 127 Greyhound Lines / Amalgamated Transit Union Negotiations, May141990
11237Senate Con. Res. (12) : S.Con.Res. 134 Resolution to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Older Americans Act of 19651990
11238Senate Resolution (1) : S.Res. 16 Sewage Treatment January 251989
11239Senate Resolution (2) : S.Res. 107 Shotwell-Valeo Commendation1989
11240Senate Resolution (3) : S.Res. 116 50th Anniversary of United Jewish Appeal, March 171989
11241Senate Resolution (4) : S.Res. 126 Addition of Health Commissioners to ProPAC, May 101989
11242Senate Resolution (5) : S.Res. 131 Amend Senate Rules to Improve Legislative Efficiency, March 201989
11243Senate Resolution (6) : S.Res. 180 Bill of Rights Bicentennial Day1989
11244Senate Resolution (7) : S.Res. 183 Resolution to Amend Standing Rules of Senate Regarding Amendments, September 261989
11245Senate Resolution (8) : S.Res. 231 Convention on the Rights of the Child, May 101990
11246Senate Resolution (9) : S.Res. 296 Resolution to Support Taiwan's Membership in GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)1990
11247Senate Resolution (10) : S.Res. 202 Lake Andes-Wagner1989
11248Senate Resolution (11) : U.S. Navy Contract for $15 Million and for FMC in Aberdeen, December 241992
11249Senate Resolution (12) : Journal of American Health Policy1992
11250Senate Resolution (13) : Human Rights Violations to Demonstrators in Beijing, June 81989
11251Senate Resolution (14) : Committee for Education Funding - Voting Record 102nd Congress1992
11252Senate Resolution (15) : World Summit for Children Voting Record1987
11253Senate Resolution (16) : October 271990
11254Senate Resolution (17) : Boat Ramps 1989 June 61989
11255Senate Resolution (18) : Essential Air Service1990
11256Senate Resolution (19) : MMT [Manganese-based additive] in Unleaded Gasoline1990
11257Senate Resolution (20) : Superfund Re-Authorization 100th Congress1988
11258Senate Resolution (21) : Southwest Voter Research Institute1989
11259Senate Resolution (22) : Campaign for Global Security1988
11260Senate Resolution (23) : Cosigned Letters 1987-19901987
11261Senate Resolution (24) : RCAPs (Rural Community Assistance Programs) Rural Water and Waste Disposal Systems1991
11262Senate Resolution (25) : CHAMPUS (Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services) Mental Health Benefit Restoration Act1991
11263Senate Resolution (26) : Economic Accomplishments of 19911991
11264Senate Resolution (27) : Cosponsor Memos1991
11265Senate Resolution (28) : South Dakota Constituent Letters1992
11266Senate Resolution (29) : Statements 1990-19921990
11267Cosponsored Legislation1992
11268S. 626 Trademark Protection Act, 1989 October 311989
11269S. 642 Democracy, Development and Peace in El Salvador Act of 19891989
11270S. 653 Aviator Career Incentive Pay Program1989
11271S. 702 Patient Outcomes Research1989
11272S. 704 Social Services Block Grant Restoration Act of 19901991
11273S. 714 Water Resource Institute Reauthorization Bill1989
11274S. 730 Congressional Gold Medals1990
11275S. 752 Outer Space Protection Act, 1989 February 91989
11276S. 785 Medicaid Home and Community Care Options Bill1989
11277S. 874 National Voter Registration Act of 1989, August 31989
11278S. 892 Exclusion of Agent Orange Settlement Payments1989
11279S. 919 Soybean Promotion1989
11280S. 933 Americans with Disabilities Act, 1989 September 61989
11281S. 997 Occupational Therapy Home Health Amendments of 19891989
11282S. 1000 A Bill to Exclude Malting Barley from National Price Calculation1989
11283S. 1053 Title V Infant Mortality Reduction Act of 19891989
11284S. 1060 Rural Primary Care Incentive Bill, 1989 June 81989
11285S. 1076 National Environmental Education Act, 1989 May 81989
11286S. 1078 Rural Health Clinic Improvement Act of 19891989
11287S. 1091 U.S. Coast Guard Bicentennial Medal Act, 1989 September 201989
11288S. 1199 Community Health Clinic Improvement Act of 19901989
11289S. 1 Post Employment Restrictions Act1989
11290S. 5 The Act for Better Child Care Services, 1989 January 251989
11291S. 29 Two-year Federal Budget Cycle, 1989 January 251989
11292S. 35 Establish Rural Enterprise Zones, 1989 January 251989
11293S. 100 Medicare Coverage for Psychologist's Services1989
11294S. 110 Family Planning Amendments of 19891989
11295S. 122 Medicare and Medicaid Coverage for Services of Clinical Social Workers1989
11296S. 135 Hatch Act Reform Amendments of 19891989
11297S. 148 Mount Rushmore Commemorative Coins1989
11298S. 190 Disability Compensation and Retirement Benefits for Military Retirees1989
11299S. 191 Disability Compensation and Retirement Benefits for Military Retirees1989
112100S. 195 Chemical and Biological Weapons Control Act of 19891989
112101S. 243 Regional Referral Center1989
112102S. 255 Local Rail Service Assistance Authorization1989
112103S. 256 USDA Study of Effects of Reclassification of Anhydrous Ammonia1989
112104S. 269 Solid Waste Disposal, 1989 October 131989
112105S. 274 Armed Forces Medical Malpractice, 1989 January 251989
112106S. 302, Postal Service Budget1989
112107S. 306, Medicare Payments to Rural Hospitals1989
112108S. 329 The State Grain Fund Protection Act of 19891989
112109S. 346 Tongass Timber Reform Act1989
112110S. 2737 Korean War Veterans Memorial Commemorative Coin1990
112111S. 2750 Federal Used Property for Domestic Use Act of 19901990
112112S. 2796 Resident Physician Student Loan Deferment1990
112113S. 2801 Area Wage Index Adjustment of 19901990
112114S. 2844 Rural Health Care Provider Recruitment and Education Act1990
112115S. 2898 Elementary School Counseling Demonstration Act1990
112116S. 2959 Railroad Retirement Benefits Bill1990
112117S. 1207 Radio License Renewal and Improvements Act of 19891989
112118S. 1277 Airline Leveraged Buyout Legislation1989
112119S. 1290 Guaranteed Job Opportunity Act, 1989 October 131989
112120S. 1314 Honey Research Promotion and Consumer Information Act Amendments of 19891989
112121S. 1346 Political Broadcasting Disclosure Act, 1989 September 21989
112122S. 1371 Sandford Rural Housing Bill, 1989 July 201989
112123S. 1430 National and Community Service Act, 1990 January 251990
112124S. 1462 Federal Nuclear Facilities Environmental Response Act1989
112125S. 1466 The Rural Hospital Improvements Act of 19891989
112126S. 1511 The Older Workers Benefit Protection Act1990
112127S. 1529 Intellectual Property Protection Act of 19891989
112128S. 1530 National Voluntary Reunion Registry1989
112129S. 1552 Allied Health Professions Promotion Act of 19891989
112130S. 1578 & S. 1579 Historic Preservation Administration Act1989
112131S. 1610 The Global Climate Change Prevention Act of 19891989
112132S. 1690 The Foreign Language Competence for the Future Act of 19891990
112133S. 1698 Satellite Television Fair Marketing Act1989
112134S. 1783 Indian Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act1989
112135S. 1791 Tourism Policy and Export Promotion Act of 1989, October 311989
112136S. 1795 Exclude Social Security Surplus from Deficit Calculation1989
112137S. 1809 The Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act of 19891989
112138S. 1821 Indian Housing Opportunity Act1989
112139S. 1850 Gramm-Rudman Sequestration Requirement1989
112140S. 1873 Amendment to Repeal Termination of the Veterans' Educational Assistance Program1990
112141S. 1911 Young Americans Act1990
112142S. 1942 Medicaid Home and Community Care Options Bill1991
112143S. 2013 Highway Trust Fund Bill, 1990 January 231990
112144S. 2039 National Writing Program Act, 1990 March 301990
112145S. 2041 CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) Payment Amendments of 1990, January 301990
112146S. 2056 National Health Objectives Act, 1990 March 161990
112147S. 2093 Amend Federal Election Campaign Act, 1989 July 201989
112148S. 2108 Organic Foods Act of 1990, February 81990
112149S. 2111 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, 1990 April 301990
112150S. 2128 Comprehensive Services Program for Homeless Veterans Act of 19901990
112151S. 2155 To Amend the Federal Home Loan Bank Act1991
112152S. 2187 The State Offices of Rural Health Act of 1990, April 121990
112153S. 2189 Health Insurance Counseling and Assistance Act of 19901990
112154S. 2204 To Amend the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, 1990 February 281990
112155S. 2229 Head Start Expansion and Quality Improvement Act of 19901990
112156S. 336 Rural Health Manpower Assistance Act of 19891989
112157S. 384 Medicaid Home and Community Quality Service Act of 19891989
112158S. 416 The COLA Equity Act of 19891989
112159S. 432 The Scenic Byways Act of 19891989
112160S. 458 Temporary Stay of Deportation for Salvadorans and Nicaraguans1989
112161S. 461 Extend Medicare Reimbursement to Physician's Assistants1989
112162S. 494 Extend Income Tax Deduction for Self-employed Health Insurance Premiums1989
112163S. 527 Sole Community Hospital Preservation Act of 19891989
112164S. 562 Social Security Services Improvement Act of 19891989
112165S. 582 High Risk Occupational Disease Notification Act, 1989 March 151989
112166S. 583 National Plumbing Products Efficiency Act1989
112167S. 621 Agricultural Research Commercialization Corporation Act of 19891989
1131S. 1 Increase the Rates of Disability Compensation for Veterans1991
1132S. 2 Strengthening Education for American Families Act1990
1133S. 4 Child Welfare and Preventative Services Act1991
1134S. 5 Family and Medical Leave Act1991
1135S. 68 To Authorize Chiropractors as Commissioned Officers in the Armed Forces1991
1136S. 102 Resident Physician Student Loan. Sponsor: Cohen1991
1137S. 108 Amendment to the Mount Rushmore Commemoration Coin Act1991
1138S. 138 Allow a Deduction for Travel Expenses for Certain Loggers1991
1139S. 140 Increase Federal Payments to Units of Local Government1991
11310S. 150 Treatment of Bonds Issued for Section 501 Organizations1991
11311S. 153 Authorize States to Regulate Solid Waste1991
11312S. 167 Amend the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) of 1986 to Extend Mortgage Bonds1991
11313S. 173 Permit Bell Telephone Company to Conduct Research1991
11314S. 190 Permit Veterans to Receive Disability and Retirement Pay Concurrently without reduction. Sponsor: Graham1989
11315S. 239 Authorizing Alpha Phi Alpha to Establish a Monument in D.C. to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King. Sponsor: Sarbanes1991
11316S. 242 Amend the Ethics in Government Act1991
11317S. 250 To Establish National Voter Registration Procedures for Federal Elections. Sponsor: Ford1991
11318S. 255 Congressional Recycling Act of 19911991
11319S. 264 Authorize a Grant to the National Writing Project1991
11320S. 279 Requires New Standards for Corporate Average Fuel Economy1991
11321Agriculture : Jeffords-Metzenbaum Amendment to raise Grazing Fees, 1991 September 161991
11322Agriculture : Letter to Mr. Allen Atwood, Grade Standards for Canola1991
11323Agriculture : Clean Air Act - Corn Growers Association, 1991 March 211991
11324Agriculture : Dairy Relief vs. Aid to Jordan, 1991 March 221991
11325Democratic Party Issues : 1991 November 61991
11326Democratic Party Issues : 1992 February 191992
11327Democratic Party Issues - Partnership with Our People1991
11328Education : Statement before the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services - Educationundated
11329Education : National Guard and Selected Reserve Education Act S. 256 Thomas A. Daschle Floor Statementundated
11330Environment : Statement in Support of the Reid Amendment Number 2739, 1992 July 221992
11331Environment : Encouragement fo Alternative Energy Industry, 1992 February 51992
11332Environment : Disposition of Real Property at Missile Sites, 1992 October 81992
11333Environment : Renewable Energy Development1991
11334Foreign Affairs : Statement Regarding an Article About Providing Assistance to Emerging Democratic Governments, 1982-19911982
11335Foreign Affairs : Statement Introducing S. 1861, the Foreign Capital and Securities Markets Study Act, 1991 October 231991
11336Foreign Affairs :Statement on the Visit of the Prime Minister of Greece, 1991 December 121991
11337Foreign Affairs : Authorization of Use of Force Against Iraq Thomas A. Daschle Floor Statement, January 101991
11338Foreign Affairs : Operation Desert Storm Authorization for Department of Defense Supplemental Appropriation S. 5781991
11339Foreign Affairs / Human Rights : Statement on the Civil Rights Bill that Mark, Pete Rouse Worked on, 1991 October 291991
11340Governmental Affairs / Miscellaneous : Boy Scout Troop 10 of Aberdeen, South Dakota - A Tribute, 1992 January 281992
11341Governmental Affairs / Miscellaneous : Statement Honoring Senator Tim Wirth, 1992 April 81992
11342Governmental Affairs / Miscellaneous : Statement of Senator Daschle with Regard to Raising the Debt Ceilingundated
11343Governmental Affairs / Miscellaneous : Statement introducing an Amendment in Regard to Raising the Debt Ceilingundated
11344Governmental Affairs / Miscellaneous : Statement upon Introducing the Constitutional Amendment on Congressional Pay, 1991 November 261991
11345Governmental Affairs / Miscellaneous : Statement upon Introduction of the Fair Market Standards Act, 1992 January 311992
11346Health : The Rural Medical Assistance Facilities Actundated
11347Health : Childhood Hunger Prevention Act of 1991 S. 6021991
11348Health : Coverage of Certain Chiropractic Services under Social Security S. 614 Thomas A. Daschle Floor Statement1991
11349Regional Issues : Congratulatory Statement on the 40th Annual Convention of the Licensed Practical Nurses Association, 1991 April 111991
11350Regional Issues : Homestake-Black Hills Land Exchange Bill 101st - Statement on the Introduction1990
11351Regional Issues : Statement to Designate 1992 as the "Year of Reconciliation Between American Indians & Non-Indians1992
11352Regional Issues : Tribal Jurisdiction Testimony, 1992 February 71992
11353Regional Issues : A Statement Recognizing the 10th Anniversary of the Death of Korczak Ziolkowski, 1992 October 81992
11354Regional Issues : Honoring Crazy Horse and Korczak Ziolkowski for His Vision of a Monument to Crazy Horse, 1992 February 61992
11355Regional Issues : Banker of the Year (Leslie H. Olsen)1991
11356Gasoline Prices in Rapid City - Thomas A. Daschle Statement1991
11357Veterans Issues : Veteran's Memorial Dedication May 27 Thomas A. Daschle's Remarks1991
11358Veterans Issues : Vet's Education Assistance Benefits for Flight Training S. 2537 - Floor Statementundated
11359Veterans Issues : The Agent Orange Act of 1991 S. 2381991
11360S. 357 Stop Reclassification of Anhydrous Ammonia1989
11361S. 369 The Global Poverty Reduction Act1989
11362S. 378 Steel VRA (Voluntary Restraint Agreements)1988
11363S.J.Res. 95 National Checkup Week1989
11364S.J.Res. 104 Health of America's Children1989
11365S.J.Res. 118 German-American Day 1989 April 131989
11366S.J.Res. 120 Designates the Week of 1989 November 12-18 "Geography Awareness Week"1989
11367S.J.Res. 153 National Tourism Week 1989 June 71989
11368S.J.Res. 156 Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of NASA1989
11369S.J.Res. 158 World Population Awareness Week 1989 June 161989
11370S.J.Res. 164 International Year of Bible Reading 1989 September 21989
11371S.J.Res. 183 Balanced Budget Amendment 1989 October 121989
11372S.J.Res. 184 National Home Care Week September 181989
11373S.J.Res. 186 National Quarter Horse Week 1989 September 201989
11374S.J.Res. 198 An End to Hunger Education Month1989
11375S.J.Res. 208 Lithuanian Independence Day1990
11376S.J.Res. 215 National Military Recognition Day1989
11377S.J.Res. 221 National Women Veterans Recognition1989
11378S.J.Res. 229 National Prevent-A-Litter Month1990
11379S.J.Res. 231 National State Veterans Home Week1990
11380S.J.Res. 235 Constitutional Amendment to Limit Congressional Terms1990
11381S.J.Res. 243 Greek Independence Day1990
11382S.J.Res. 245 Commemoration of Idaho Centennial1990
11383S.J.Res. 248 International Visitors' Month1990
11384S.J.Res. 251 Baltic Freedom Day Resolution1990
11385S.J.Res. 263 "National Society of the DAR Centennial"1990
11386S.J.Res. 265 Commemorates May 18, 1990 25th Anniversary of Head Start1990
11387S.J.Res. 273 National Health Care Food Service Week1990
11388S.J.Res. 278 Flight Attendants Safety Professionals' Day1990
11389S. 2240 Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Care Act of 19901990
11390S. 2250 Federal Law Enforcement Pay Reform Act1990
11391S. 2256 Fair Treatment Act1990
11392S. 2283 Breast & Cervical Cancer Mortality Prevention Act1990
11393S. 2415 The Solar and Geothermal Production Incentives Act1990
11394S. 2459 Medicaid Child Health Act1990
11395S. 2491 Pressler Housing Measure1990
11396S. 2525 Domestic Fruit and Vegetable Study1990
11397S. 2556 Radiation-exposed Veterans Compensation Amendments1990
11398S. 2617 National Health Service Corps Revitalization Act1990
11399S. 2641 Medigap Simplification Act1990
113100S. 2703 Aid for Trade Act1990
113101S. 2720 Employee Ownership and Participation1990
113102S.J.Res. 281 National DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Day1990
113103S.J.Res. 287 Early Prohibition of Nuclear Explosions1990
113104S.J.Res. 290 Remembrance for Those Who Served in the Korean War1990
113105S.J.Res. 298 Combat Glider Pilots of WWII1990
113106S.J.Res. 301 National Breast Cancer Awareness Month1990
113107S.J.Res. 307 National Women Veterans Recognition Week1990
113108S.J.Res. 310 Korean War Remembrance Day1990
113109S.J.Res. 314 50th Anniversary of the National Federation of the Blind1990
113110S.J.Res. 316 National Children's Day1990
113111S.J.Res. 317 National Radon Action Week1990
113112S.J.Res. 320 National Literacy Day1990
113113S.J.Res. 321 National Agricultural Research Week1990
113114S.J.Res. 322 National Aviation Education Week1990
113115S.J.Res. 324 National WWII Observance Week1990
113116S.J.Res. 335 Imported Oil Dependence Day1990
113117S.J.Res. 342 Designates October 1990 as "Ending Hunger Month"1990
113118S.J.Res. 350 "National Hardwood Day"1990
113119S.J.Res. 358 "National Women and Girls in Sports Day," September 101990
113120S.J.Res. 362 "National Adoption Week," 1990 September 211990
113121S.J.Res. 364 "National Parents and Teachers Association Week"1990
113122S.J.Res. 366 National Doctors Day1990
113123S.J.Res. 375 "Refugee Day," October 301990
113124S.J.Res. 1 Constitutional Amendment Equal Right for Men / Women January 251989
113125S.J.Res. 6 Pay Raise Disapproval, January 251989
113126S.J.Res. 10 National Foster Care Month1989
113127S.J.Res. 15 National Children's Day, May 151989
113128S.J.Res. 20 Payraise Disapproval, January 251989
113129S.J.Res. 25 Jewish Heritage Week, February 71989
113130S.J.Res. 32 National Women in Sports, January 301989
113131S.J.Res. 33 Payraise Disapproval, January 251989
113132S.J.Res. 40 National Arbor Day, January 301989
113133S.J.Res. 42 Freedom of Information Day, March 151989
113134S.J.Res. 43 National Former POW Recognition Day, February 11989
113135S.J.Res. 44 Crime Victims Week, February 221989
113136S.J.Res. 48 Constitutional Amendment to Limit Campaign Spending1989
113137S.J.Res. 52 Gratitude for Law Enforcement Personnel, February 101989
113138S.J.Res. 55 Mental Illness Awareness1989
113139S.J.Res. 57 National Policy on Permanent Paper, March 201989
113140S.J.Res. 58 High School ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) Recognition Day1989
113141S.J.Res. 60 National Drinking Water Week, February 141989
113142S.J.Res. 63 Baltic Freedom Day, February 141989
113143S.J.Res. 76 Food and Technology Week, March 171989
113144S.J.Res. 78 National Hospice Month, April 121989
113145S.J.Res. 126 Coast Guard1989
113146S.J.Res. 131 National Diabetes Month1989
113147S.J.Res. 137 National Law Enforcement Training1989
113148S.J.Res. 138 World Food Day May 181989
113149S.J.Res. 81 National Health Care Food Service Week1989
113150S. 236 Above Ground Storage Tanks1989
113151S. 979 Rural Medical Assistance Facilities Act1989
113152S. 1153 Agent Orange Comp.1989
113153S. 1384 Rural Nursing Incentive Act of 19891989
1141Regarding Henry Edwin (Sonny) Kinsey III Agent Orange Case To: Edward J. Derwinski From: Daschle Date: October 181991
1142Regarding To Request Funding for Medical Care, Research and Equipment at Levels No Lower than Those Approved by the House From: Leahy, Daschle To: Barbara Mikulski Date: June 171991
1143Regarding An Introduction to Department of Veterans' Affairs Law To: Dear Colleague Date: February 271991
1144Voting Record 102nd Congress American Association of University Women1992
1145Voting Record 102nd Congress American Federation of Government Employees1992
1146Voting Record 102nd Congress Americans for Democratic Action1992
1147Voting Record 102nd Congress American Security Council1992
1148Voting Record 102nd Congress Christian Coalition Congressional Scorecard1992
1149Voting Record 102nd Congress Committee for Education Funding1992
11410Voting Record 102nd Congress Congressional Health Care Report Card1992
11411Voting Record 102nd Congress Consumer Federation of America1992
11412Voting Record 102nd Congress COPA (Committee on Political Action - American Postal Workers Union) Honor Roll1991
11413Voting Record 102nd Congress Council for a Livable World - Senate Nuclear Arms Race Index1992
11414Voting Record 102nd Congress The Federal Employee1991
11415Voting Record 102nd Congress League of Conservation Voters1991
11416Voting Record 102nd Congress NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) - Congressional Record on Abortion1991
11417Voting Record 102nd Congress Secure Retirement Congressional Scorecard1992
11418Voting Record 102nd Congress Voices in Politics1992
11419Voting Record 102nd Congress Transportation Trades Department1992
11420Legislation Introduced by Senator Daschle 102nd Congress1992
11421The American Health Security Plan - A Synopsis1992
11422Legislative Activities - The Honorable Tom Daschle of South Dakota1991
11423S. 786 Authorize the Provision of Medical Supplies to the Kurdish Peoples1991
11424S. 810 The Elementary Counseling Demonstration Act Sponsor: Harkin et. al1991
11425S. 823 Authorize Funds for Improvement of Highways1991
11426S. 843 Requirement that the Secretary of Transportation Collect a Fee or Charge for Recreational Vessels1991
11427S. 846 Amend the Social Security Act to Establish Federal Standards for Long-term Care Insurance Policies1991
11428S. 878 World Summit for Children Implementation Act of 1991. Sponsor: Dodd1991
11429S. 881 Social Work Support Act of 1991 To Provide Educational Support for Individuals Pursuing Graduate Degrees in Social Work. Sponsor: Inouye1991
11430S. 887 Provide a Special Evaluation of Sensitive Environmental Areas for Estate Tax Purposes1991
11431S. 894 Amend the Lanham Trademark Act Regarding Gray Market Goods1991
11432S. 900 Provide Tax Relief for Farmers Who Realize Capital Gain on the Transfer of Farm Property to Satisfy an Indebtedness1991
11433S. 903 Children's Security Trust Fund Act - Establishes a Fund to Expend Critical Programs for Needy Children. Sponsors: Bradley, Chaffee1991
11434S. 911 The School Readiness Act of 1991. Sponsor: Kennedy1991
11435S. 914 Restore to Federal Civilian Employees Their Right to Participate Voluntarily1991
11436S. 971 To Promote the Development of Microenterprises in Developing Countries. Sponsor: DeConcini1991
11437S. 985 Horn of Africa Recovery and Food Security Act of 1991. Sponsor: Simon1991
11438S. 1060 Authorize Appropriations for Local Rail Freight Assistance through Fiscal Year 19941991
11439S. 1088 To Establish a Center for Tobacco Products, to Inform the Public1991
11440S. 1094 To Amend Title US Code to Provide That Service Performed by Air Traffic 2nd Level Supervisors and Managers be Creditable for Retirement1991
11441S. 1095 Improve Reemployment Rights and Benefits of Veterans1991
11442S. 1102 Provide Coverage of Mental Health Professional Services in Mental Health Centers1991
11443S. 1125 Provide Incentives to Health Care Providers Serving Rural Areas1991
11444S. 1176 To Establish the Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Foundation. Sponsor: DeConcini1991
11445S. 1197 Amend the Public Health Service Act Concerning Family Planning (reversing "gag rule"). Sponsor: Kennedy1991
11446S. 455 Radon Testing for Safe Schools Act1991
11447S. 456 Amend Chapter 83 of Title 5 of the US Code Extend Civil Service Retirement Provisions1991
11448S. 460 Require Grain Elevators to Participate in State Grain Indemnity Funds1991
11449S. 466 Renewable Energy Development Act of 19911991
11450S. 470 Repeal the Reduction in the Milk Price Support for 19921991
11451S. 474 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act Sponsor: DeConcini1991
11452S. 486 Require Federal Departments to Separate Certain Solid Waste for Recycling Purposes1991
11453S. 492 The Live Performing Arts Labor Relation Amendments of 1991 Sponsor: Simon1992
11454S. 493 Amend the Public Health Service Act to Improve the Health of Pregnant Women, Infants & Children. Sponsor: Kennedy1991
11455S. 501 Student Counseling and Assistance Network Act of 1991. Sponsor: Kohl1991
11456S. 511 Global Education Opportunities Act of 1991 - Establish Programs to Improve Foreign Instruction and Promote Equal Access to Study Abroad. Sponsor: Dodd1991
11457S. 530 Repeals the 30% Gross Income Limitation on Regulated Investment Companies1991
11458S. 532 Prohibit the Retroactive Application of Treasury Department Regulations and Rulings1991
11459S. 567 Amends Title II of the Social Security Act1991
11460S. 575 Radon Testing for Safe Schools Act1991
11461S. 581 Amend IRC (Internal Revenue Code) of 1986, Provide for a Permanent Extension of the Targeted Jobs Tax Credit1991
11462S. 596 Federal Facility Compliance Act of 1991 - To Provide that Federal Facilities Meet Federal & State Environmental Laws and Requirements: Sponsor: Mitchell1991
11463S. 597 Children of Substance Abusers Act1991
11464S. 601 To Withhold US Military Assistance for El Salvador, Subject to Certain Conditions. Sponsor: Adams1991
11465S. 602 Childhood Hunger Prevention Act of 19911991
11466S. 603 Plastic Container Coding and Recycling Bill1991
11467S. 612 Amend IRC of 1986, Encourage Savings and Investment Through Individual Retirement Accounts1991
11468S. 618 Establish a Police Corps, and Aid Program for Recruiting Young People to Enter Police Force in Return for Scholarship Aid. Sponsor: Biden1991
11469S. 619 Establish a Link-up Learning Demonstration Grant Program1991
11470S. 670 The Retired Enlisted Association Charter1990
11471S. 694 Increase the Support Provided to Programs for the Training of Medical Rehabilitation Health Personnel1991
11472S. 702 Authorize the Planning and Construction of the Mid-Dakota Rural Water System Project1991
11473S. 715 Waive Application to Vehicles Used to Transport Farm Supplies1991
11474S. 716 Establish Replacement Fuels and Alternative Fuels Programs1991
11475S. 729 Assist Small Communities in Construction of Facilities for the Protection of the Environment and Human Health1991
11476S. 741 Promote Cost Efficient Energy Efficiency Improvements in all Sectors of the Economy1991
11477S. 773 To Amend Title XIX of the Social Security Act to Create to Provide Access to Services for Medically Underserved Populations. Sponsor: Chafee1991
11478S. 775 Increase the Rates of Compensation for Veterans with Service-connected Disabilities1991
11479S. 781 Authorizes Indian American Forum for Political Education to Establish A Memorial to Mahatma Gandhi in D.C. Sponsor: Sarbanes1991
11480S. 281 Military Children and Families Relief Act of 19911991
11481S. 284 Amend the IRC of 1986 for Tax Treatment Payments Under Life Insurance Contracts for Terminally Ill Individuals1991
11482S. 294 Amend the Federal Election Campaign Act to Exclude the Definition of Independent Expenditures1991
11483S. 308 Permanently Extend the Low-income Housing Credit1991
11484S. 324 Establish a National Energy Strategy for the US1991
11485S. 327 Requires the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Furnish Outpatient Medical Services for a POW (Prisoner of War)1991
11486S. 330 Amendments to Soldiers and Sailors Right Act1991
11487S. 334 Child Care for Desert Storm Families and Other Benefits1991
11488S. 360 Military Reservists Small Business Relief Act1991
11489S. 369 Global Poverty Reduction Act Sponsor: Boschwitz1989
11490S. 370 American Heritage Trust Bill Sponsor: Chafee et.al1988
11491S. 383 Provide Tax Incentives for the Establishment of Tax Enterprise1991
11492S. 388 Amend the Trade Act of 19741991
11493S. 389 Restructure the RTCOB (Resolution Trust Corporation Oversight Board) and Board of Directors into a Single Governing Entity1991
11494S. 393 Provide Fair Treatment for Farmers and Ranchers Participating in the Persian Gulf War1991
11495S. 447 The Retired Enlisted Association Federal Charter1991
11496S. 452 Authorize a Transfer of Administrative Jurisdiction over Certain Land to the Secretary of the Interior1991
1151U.N. Conference on Environment and Development - Letter to Bush.1991
1152November 12 Massacre in Dili East Timor1991
1153Lubavitch Texts Returned1992
1154Ron Arad (Israel; POW in Lebanon)1992
1155U.S. Recognition of Former Yugoslav Republic "Macedonia"1992
1156Compensation for Families Evacuated from Kuwait During the Gulf War1992
1157Human Rights Situation in Guatemala1992
1158Forced Repatriation of Haitians1992
1159Cambodian Peace Agreement, Threat of Khmer Rouge1991
11510Reported Sale of F-15 Aircraft to Saudi Arabia1991
11511Saudi Contribution to Desert Shield1990
11512Human Rights in Kuwait1991
11513Cyprus settlement1991
11514Child Survival Spending in US Foreign Aid Budget1991
11515Recognition of Baltic States1991
11516Shooting of Human Rights Lawyer Vidal Tombo1991
11517Marco Tulio Hernandez1991
11518Persecution of Human Rights Monitors in Guatemala1991
11519Arrests and Harassment of Human Rights Activists in Cuba1991
11520Lend Support for the Peace Accords in El Salvador - September 15, 19921992
11521Government Recent Arrest of Pro-democracy Advocates and Concern for their Safety, Premier Li Peng - October 5, 19921992
11522Death Threats Received by Human Rights Activists in Colombia1991
11523Norma Alicia Corona Sapien1991
11524Vedat Aydin1991
11525Bheki Mlangeni1991
11526To Urge Release of Political Prisoners1991
11527Concerns Regarding Martial Law & Treatments etc.1991
11528To Oppose the Proposed Arms Sale to the United Arab Emirates1991
11529Arab League Economic Boycott of Israel1991
11530To Request $6 million be Programmed for the Salvadoran Government1991
11531To Request Personal Attention to U.S. Humanitarian1991
11532Support S.Res. 1161991
11533USSR Law on Procedures for Leaving1991
11534Negotiating a Temporary Moratorium1991
11535To Express the Importance of Saudi Arabia's Cooperation in US Middle East Peace Conference1991
11536To Request GAO (General Accounting Office) Do an Extensive Study on US Assistance of Military Aid and Police Training1991
11537Urging Kuwait to End Boycott on Israel1991
11538World Summit for Children Goals - Health & Education1991
11539U.S. Military Aid to El Salvador1991
11540Congressional Friends of Human Rights Monitors1991
11541To Request High Level Missions to Coordinate and Accelerate Famine Relief in Africa1991
11542Chinese Human Rights Violations1991
11543Human Rights in Guatemala1991
11544Peace Treaties Between Israel and her Neighbors1991
11545His Excellency of Walid Al-Moualem Embassy1992
11546His Royal Highness Prince Norodom Sihanouk - Cambodia - 1992 July 101992
11547To: Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz over November 19th Attack - 1991 December 121991
11548To Request GAO Do an Extensive Study on US Assistance on Military Aid and Police Training - March 1, 19911991
11549Health: Funding for Title IV of the Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration Reorganization Act - September 9, 19921992
11550Health: Funding for Supplemental Food Program1992
11551Health: Child Hunger1992
11552Health: World Bank Anti-Poverty Lending1992
11553Health: Extension of the Grandfather Clause for Rural Reference Centers1991
11554Health: Low Income Home Energy Assistance1991
11555Health: Suspension of Toll-free Information1991
11556Health: Community Food and Nutrition Program (FY 1992)1991
11557Health: March of Dimes Report on Infant Mortality1991
11558Health: Senate Rural Health Care Caucus1991
11559Health: Impact of Proposed Reductions in Conversion Factor for Physicians Services HCFA Resource-based Fee Schedule1991
11560Health: Asks for Appropriation of $10 Million to Fund State & Local Health Insurance1991
11561Health: Encourages HHS (Health and Human Services) to Develop a Program to Ensure Low Income Seniors Know About Medicine1991
11562Health: Express Support for Selected Health Programs1991
11563Health: Request for Additional $50 Million for Children Immunity Program1991
11564Health: To Request $1 Million for Expansion of University Affiliated Program into South Dakota & South Carolinaundated
11565Health: To Request Surgeon General Convene a Workshop on Autism1991
11566Health: To Request Release of $101.3 Million from a Contingency Fund1991
11567Health: Health Care Reform Bill (California Senate Bill #6) - 1992 September 151992
11568Human Rights: Obtaining Assistance in Insuring Families are Compensated While Fleeing Kuwait - July 15, 19921992
11569Human Rights: Oppression of Syrian Jews - 1992 March 101992
11570Human Rights: Continuing Reports of Serious Human Rights Abuses in Syria - 1992 August 121992
11571Human Rights: To Bush to Encourage Him to Secure Freedom of Ron Arad - 1992 March 21992
11572Human Rights: Recent Threat of Human Rights Monitors in Brazil - 1992 August 71992
11573Indian Affairs: Reservation Extension Agents1992
11574Indian Affairs: Enactment of S. 23421992
11575Indian Affairs: Funding for Roads on Indian Reservations1991
11576Indian Affairs: Funding for Indian Reservation Roads1991
11577Indian Affairs: Eligibility of Tribal Governments for EPA Funds - Wastewater1991
11578Indian Affairs: Fundraising on Behalf of Native American Organizations1991
11579Indian Affairs: Funding for Tribally Controlled Community Colleges1991
11580Indian Affairs: To Urge Attendance at an Indian Health Advisory Board Meeting1991
11581Miscellaneous: National Affordable Housing Act - 1991 May 171991
11582Miscellaneous: A Federally-run, Residential Civilian Community - 1992 December 71992
11583Miscellaneous: FY 1993 Department of Transportation Appropriations Bill - 1992 September 41992
11584Miscellaneous: Council on Competitiveness1992
11585Miscellaneous: Parking Facility at Mount Rushmore1992
11586Miscellaneous: S.1901 "Democracy Day"1992
11587Miscellaneous: Siouxland Business Conference1992
11588Miscellaneous: Stimulate Competitive Research Funding - National Science Foundations1992
11589Miscellaneous: Air Carrier Service Between O'Hare and North Dakota & South Dakota Airports1992
11590Miscellaneous: Law firm of Cravath, Swaine and Moore1992
11591Miscellaneous: Election Result Polls1992
11592Miscellaneous: Federal Highway Administration's.. Guidelines1992
11593Miscellaneous: Funding of Mining & Mineral Resources Research Institute1992
11594Miscellaneous: To Request Additional Funds for the National Affordable Housing Act1991
11595Miscellaneous: To Request $4 Million for a Bridge Between Springfield South Dakota & Niobrara Nebraska1991
11596Miscellaneous: S. 612 Super IRA Bill1992
11597Miscellaneous: Motorcycle Helmet and Seatbelt Provisions in S. 12041991
11598Miscellaneous: Senate Funding Formulas for Highway Funds1991
11599Miscellaneous: Introduction of Democracy Day Bill1992
115100Miscellaneous: Sunny Crest Village, Sioux Falls1991
115101Miscellaneous: Cosponsor Letter for S. 13331991
115102Miscellaneous: Express Concerns about Proposal to Replace Essential Air Service1991
115103Miscellaneous: Request Appropriation of $40 Million for Historic Preservation Fund for FY 19921991
115104Miscellaneous: Elimination of CCF (Capital Construction Fund) & CRF (Capital Reserve Funds) Subsidies for Shipbuilding1991
115105Miscellaneous: Baseball of the Western Plains1991
115106Veterans Affairs: Veterans Employment and Training Act - 1992 May 211992
115107Veterans Affairs: Consolidation of VA (Veterans' Affairs) Insurance Centers into Philadelphia Office1992
115108Veterans Affairs: Funding of Ranch Hand Study of Effects of Agent Orange1992
115109Veterans Affairs: CDC (Centers for Disease Control) Destruction of Agent Orange Project Files1992
115110Veterans Affairs: To Request Increased Funding for VA (Veterans Affairs) Medical System1991
115111Veterans Affairs: S. 869 Maintaining Congressional Control over Veterans' COLA1991
115112Veterans Affairs: Increase Funding for VA Medical Care (FY 1993)1991
115113Veterans Affairs: Rural Veterans' Access to VA Health1991
115114Veterans Affairs: Readjustment Counseling Centers1991
115115Veterans Affairs: VA Funding in Rural Areas1991
115116Veterans Affairs: Vietnam Veterans of America's Program to Honor Veterans1991
115117102nd Congress: Various Cosponsored Legislation1991
1161Bradley Bill Clips 1987-19881987
1162Bradley Bill Clips 19891989
1163Brohm Mining (Technical Information Project)1989
1164EAS (Essential Air Service)1989
1165Editorial Responses1989
1166Economic Development1989
1168Elderly Statisticsundated
1169Electronic Users Fees1988
11610Ellsworth Housing1989
11611EPA Lead / Copper Drinking Water Regulations1988
11612FEC (Federal Elections Commission) ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers) Complaint1988
11613Federal Crop Insurance Commission1988
11614Forest - Thinning Problems in Black Hills1988
11615FSLIC (Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation) Problems / KELO Interest1988
11616FSX (Fighter Support-Experimental)1989
11617Gas Prices1989
11618Global Warming1988
11619Grain Quality1990
11620Gun Control1989
11621Harvey Dunn Exhibit to Brookings1988
11622Healthcare / Catastrophic Insurance1986
11623Hisega - Black Hills Land Exchange1987
11624Homestake / T. Boone Pickens1988
11625Richard Hopewell Case1989
116261990 Budget1989
11627Senate Recording Studio - Video Town Meeting1989
11628Byrd Tribute1988
11629Campaign - Partisan Tactics1989
11630Caves Bill1988
11631Chase Manhattan Acquisition1989
11632Cheney / EAFB (Ellsworth Air Force Base)1990
11633Child Care Op-ed1989
11634Clean Air1990
11635Clean Air1989
11636Commercial Licenses for Farm1988
11637Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange1988
11638Construction Bulletin Commentary1988
11639Conservation Legislation1988
11640Dakota Dunes Golf Course1989
11641Daschle Medicaid Bill1988
11642Daschle Trip to China1988
11643Debt Mediationundated
11644Deficit Reduction / Budget1988
11645Diesel Tax1988
11646Douglas School Project1989
11647Robert Bork Confirmation1988
11648.1Bradley Bill 19871987
11648.2Bradley Bill 1988-19891988
11649Aberdeen Weather Service Office1988
11651Agriculture Committee Mailing Lists1989
11652Agricultural Credit Hearing1989
11653Agent Orange (1)1987
11654Agent Orange (2)1987
11655Agent Orange (3)1986
11656Appropriations - Lake Thompson Wetland Acquisition1989
11657Archaeologists Cuts - Corps of Engineers1988
11658Asian-American Issues Seminar1988
11659Asian Trade Relations1988
11660Backscatter Radar1989
11661Daschle Nomination Speech of Lloyd Bentsen1988
11662Quayle / Bentsen Vice Presidential Debate1989
11663Black Hills Hydrology Study1989
11664Black Hills Water Crisis1989
11665Bradley Bill Clippings 1987-19881989
11666Bradley Bill Clippings 19881988
1171NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - Agriculture: 1991 March-1992 August1991
1172NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - Agriculture, 1992 September1992
1173NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - Agriculture, 1992 October-1993 June1992
1174NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - Agriculture, 1993 July1993
1175NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - Agriculture, 1993 Augustundated
1176NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - Agriculture, 1993 September1993
1177NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - Agriculture, 1993 October-19941993
1178NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - Environment 1992 February1992
1179NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - Environment 1992 March-September1992
11710NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - Environment 1992 October-19931992
11711NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - General 1989-19911989
11712NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) - General 19921992
1181Revenue Act of 19921992
1182Health - Burke Hospital1987
1183Health - National Vaccine Injury Act1990
1184Miscellaneous FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) Research 1979-19901979
1185Miscellaneous FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) Research 1991-19921991
1186Suter versus Artist (Foster Children)1992
1187Martin's Mail: ABC (Act for Better Child Care) Dear Colleagues1989
1188Martin's Mail: ABC (Act for Better Child Care) - Organization letters1989
1189Martin's Mail: Child Care - Stats. & Background RJC1988
11810Martin's Mail: ABC (Act for Better Child Care) - News Clippings & Editorials, 1987-19901987
11811Martin's Mail: ABC (Act for Better Child Care) - Background, 1988-19891988
1191D.C. Invites - Declined, January1992
1192D.C. Invites - Declined, February1992
1193D.C. Invites - Declined, March 1-161992
1194D.C. Invites - Declined, March 17-311992
1195D.C. Invites - Declined, April 1-91992
1196D.C. Invites - Declined, April 10-291992
1197D.C. Invites - Declined, April 30-undated1992
1198D.C. Invites - Declined, May 1-141992
1199D.C. Invites - Declined, May 15-311992
11910D.C. Invites - Declined, June 1-101992
11911D.C. Invites - Declined, June 11-191992
11912D.C. Invites - Declined, June 20-301992
11913D.C. Invites - Declined, July1992
11914D.C. Invites - Declined, August1992
1201Monthly wraps-ups1988
1202Weekly Vote Reports1987
1203100th Congress: Summary of Daschle's Senate Activities, Copies 1-21987
1204100th Congress: Summary of Daschle's Senate Activities, Copies 3-41987
1205Press Releases, September1987
1206Position Statementsundated
1207Washington Post Stories that mention Tom Daschle1987
1208Congressional Quarterly Stories that mention Tom Daschle1987
1209Research File - Ratings1987
12010Interviews / Questionnaires1987
12011Campaign File1987
12013Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. Amendment #457 for 1420 To Make Grant for International Trade Development Centers1987
12014Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: Amendment to Trade Bill, S. 490 #465, Senate Gephardt Amendment1987
12015Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: Amendment to the Trade Bill, S. 490 Exon Labeling, June 30, # 3491987
12016Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. Amendment 692 Strike Exon Amendment1987
12017Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. Amendment No. 706 Wearing of Religious Apparel1987
12018Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: Amendment #706 Religious Apparel for Servicemen1987
12019Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. Amendment No. 711 Kerry ASAT (Anti-satellite weapons) Amendment1987
12020Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. Amendment No. 729 Underground Nuclear Testing1987
12021Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: Amendment #730, Hatfield, Chemical Weapons to DOD1987
12022Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: Amendment #731, Pryor on Chemical Weapons, to DOD1987
12023Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. Amendment No. 799 Transfer of Forest System Lands in South Dakota1987
12024Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: Amendment #825, Salt II Sublimits to the Department of Defense Authorization1987
12025Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: Amendment #947, Prompt Payment Act Amendment Provides Interest on Unpaid Ag Payments1987
12026Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. Amendment #1044 for S. 1127, Drug Amendment1987
12027Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. Amendment No. 1181 Pick-Sloane Missouri River Basin1987
12028Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. Amendment #162 to H.R. 1157 To Require the Designation of Certain "Wetlands" Under the Water Bank Act1987
12029Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. Amendment #718 to S. 1174 To Amend Title 10 US Code to Require Advancement of Certain Army and Air Force National Guard Enlisted Personnel to a Higher Grade on the Retired List After 30 Years of Service1987
12030Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. Amendment #799 to H.R. 2712 - To Prohibit the Secretary of Agriculture from Transferring Certain National Forest System Lands in South Dakota1988
12031Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: #1345 for H.J.Res. 395 - Indian Education Funds1987
12032Daschle Co-sponsored Amendments: S. 2782 - Bill to Amend Title XIX1988
12033Daschle National Press: January - June 19881988
12034Accomplishments: January Press Releases1987
12035Accomplishments: February Press Releases1987
12036Accomplishments: April Press Releases1987
12037Accomplishments: May Press Releases1987
12038Accomplishments: June Press Releases1987
12039Accomplishments: July Press Releases1987
12040Accomplishments: August Press Releases1987
12041Vote Report - S. 557, January 25-291988
12042Vote Report - Kennedy Nomination, February 1-51988
12043Vote Report - Filibuster, February 15-191988
12044Vote Report - Wartime Reparations, April 18-221988
12045Vote Report - AIDS Bill, Continued Debate, April 25-291988
12046Vote Report - DOD Authorization, May 8-131988
12047Vote Report - INF (Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces) Treaty, May 16-201988
12048Vote Report - INF (Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces) Treaty, May 23-271988
12049Vote Report - Welfare Reform, June 13-171988
12050Vote Report - Fair Housing, August 1-51988
12051Vote Report - DOD, Supplemental, Drought, August 8-121988
12052Vote Report - Week of September 51988
12053Vote Report - Week of September 121988
12054Legislative Agenda - Week of September 191988
12055Legislative Agenda - Week of September 261988
12056Vote Report - Week of October 31988
12057Vote Report - Week of October 101988
12058S. 1464 Veterans' Beneficiary Travel Reimbursement1987
12059S. 1489 Phantom, Inc. 67 (c)1987
12060S. 1511 Family Security Act1987
12061S. 1518 Methanol and Alternative Fuels Promotion Act 7/16/871987
12062S. 1520 Fiscal Year Conference1987
12063S. 1522 Mortgage Revenue Bonds1987
12064S. 1537 Care Management, Children's Catastrophic1987
12065S. 1537 Provides Assistance for Families with Children Facing Catastrophic Health Expenses July 23, 19871987
12066S. 1567 Regulatory Fairness Act1987
12067S. 1651 Sponsored - Freeze Basic Price Support1987
12068S. 927 Federal Cave Resources Protection Act of 19871987
12069S. 1110 A Bill to Prohibit the Charging of Admission Fees - Mount Rushmore1987
12070Amendment #3652 to S. 2238 Taxation of Disaster Assistance Payments1988
12071Amendment #3681 to S. 20111988
12072S. 1122 Imported Meat Inspection Reciprocity1987
12073S. 1135 Hunger Emergency Assistance and Relief Trust Act of 19871987
12074S. 1239 IRS1986
12075S. 1287 Farm Credit System Management and Assistance Act of 19871987
12076S. 1416 A Bill to Authorize the Lymon-Jones, West River and Oglala Sioux RWS (Rural Water System)1987
12077S. 1305 Pine Ridge Indian Reservation - A Bill to Settle Certain Claims1987
12078S. 1622 A Bill to Amend the Internal Revenue Code of 19861987
12079S. 1623 A Bill to Amend the Internal Revenue Code of 19861987
12080S. 1649 A Bill to Provide for the Reduction of Carbon Monoxide Emissions1987
12081S. 1713 A Bill to Amend the Agricultural Act of 19491987
12082S. 1724 A Bill to Amend the Petroleum Marketing Practices Act1987
12083S. 1787 Veteran's Agent Orange Disabilities Act of 19871987
12084S. 2242 Free Postal Delivery Protection Act of 19881988
12085S. 1680 Relief of Barbara Temple-Thurston1987
12086S. 2129 Tax Reform Act of 1986 - Uniform Capitalization Rules1988
12087S. 889 Satellite Television Fair Marketing Act1987
12088S. 912 Amend Rural Electrification Act of 19361987
12089S. 943 Fair Treatment of Airline Employees1987
12090S. 964 Lamb Imports, April 8, 19871987
12091S. 970 "Alternative Agriculture Products Research Act of 1987"1987
12092S. 983 Rural Enterprise Zone Act of 19871987
12093S. 998 Funds to Support Small-scale Entrepreneurial Activities1987
12094S. 1002, Vets Radiation Disability Act1987
12095S. 1009 Redress for Japanese American Internment1988
12096S. 1009 Redress Bill1988
12097S. 1010 Medicaid Reform, July 151987
12098S. 1076 Improves Medicare for Home Health Care, April 221987
12099S. 1080 Gasohol Labeling Bill1987
120100S. 1106 (see also S. 472) Nuclear Testing Limits1987
120101S. 1108 Nursing Home Quality1987
120102S. 1127 Catastrophic Illness Coverage - Finance Committee, May 51987
120103S. 1179 Amend Rural Development Act1987
120104S. 1184 (Amendment 1068)1988
120105S. 1199 Youth Suicide Prevention Act1987
120106S. 1230 Physician Assistant Reimbursement1987
120107S. 1232 CCC (Commodity Credit Corporation) Stocks for Liquid Fuels1987
120108S. 1234 Veterans Beneficiary Travel Act, June 11987
120109S. 1239 Short Term Loans1987
120110S. 1247 Tomb of Unknowns1987
120111S. 1304 Ethanol Motor Fuel Act of 19871987
120112S. 1304 Ethanol, 50% Mandate1987
120113S. 1340 Rural Letter Carriers Vehicle Expense 3/111987
120114S. 1348 Comprehensive School Health Education Act1987
120115S. Amendment. 1354 (H.J.Res. 395) Naming of USS Stennis1988
120116S. 1390 Rural Health Care1987
120117S. 1390 Rural Health Care Viability Act1987
120118S. 1397 Non-Commissioned Officers Association1987
120119S. 1419 Legislation to Combat Ground Water Legislation, June 241987
120120S. 1438 Medicare Payment - Rural and Urban Hospitals, June 261987
1211Bicentennial of Congress1989
1213Banta, Hank - Crude Oil Underpricing: Background 1989-19901989
1214Banta, Hank - Crude Oil Underpricing: Dear Colleague1989
1215Banta, Hank - Crude Oil Underpricing: Inspector General Audit Report1991
1216Lobbying by Tax Exempt Organizations1987
1217Mickelson CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) Proposal1987
1218Mortgage Interest Deduction: Yachts, etc. as Second Homes1987
1219National Economic Commission1988
12110Flag Desecration1989
12111Hastings Impeachment1987
12112Morgan, Dr. Elizabeth1989
12113Alaska Native Corporations1988
12114Amortization of Intangibles1987
12115Budget: FY 19901989
12116Budget Reconciliation Documents1989
12117Budget Reconciliation1990
12118President's FY 1990 Budget1990
12119Charitable Deduction - Third World Debt1987
12120Completed Contract Method of Accounting 1987-19891987
12121Condominium Conversion1988
12122Employer Benefits: FIRF (Financial Institutions Retirement Fund) - Deductibility of Employer Contributions1988
12123Electronic Filing1989
12124Employer Benefits: Accounting for Post-retirement Benefits - FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board)1989
12125Employee Benefits: LTV Corporation1988
12126IRA's: State-issued Coins1987
1221Renewable Funds1991
1222Grain Oversight Quality Hearings, June 251991
1223Grain Oversight Quality Hearings - Testimony, June 251991
1224South Dakota Soil Conservation McPherson County1992
1225PL (Public Law) 480 - Food for Peace1989
1226Wild Horse Sanctuary1991
1227Grown In USA Daschle / Exon Amendment1990
1228Disasters, 1989-19911989
1229Disasters, January-April1992
12210Disasters, May-July1992
1231Foster Nomination Materials - Public Hearing Transcript pages 1-2081978
1232Foster Nomination Materials - Public Hearing Transcript pages 209-4401978
1233Foster Nomination Materials - Writing and Speeches, 1967-19801967
1234Foster Nomination Materials - Writing and Speeches, 1981-19931981
1235Foster Nomination Materials - Writing and Speeches, 1994-undated1994
1236Foster Nomination Materials - Writing and Speeches, undatedundated
1237Bloodborne Pathogens - Research 1991-19921991
1238Bloodborne Pathogens - Federal Register 1991 December 6, pages 64004-64182, copy 21991
1239Advisory Committee Requests1993
1241Transportation / Housing Bills, Voting Record1994
1242Mike Cole Housing Issues1994
1243Reference Request - Federal Records Centers1997
1244Jack Cole, 1994 September1994
1245H.R. 1555 Telecommunications1995
1246Technology in Education / Telecommunications Reform - Public Broadcasting1995
1247S. 652 Telecommunications Reform1995
1248S. 652 Long Distance / Cable Background Information1995
1249S. 652 Alarm Monitoring Services, March1995
12410S. 652 Long Distance Companies1995
12411S. 652 Broadcasters1995
12412S. 652 Cable1995
12413S. 652 Rural Telephone Companies1995
12414S. 652 Universal Service1995
12415S. 652 RBOC (Regional Bell Operating Companies) Long Distance1995
12416Telephone Notes1995
12417Slow Creep Landslide Assistance for Lead, SD1995
12418NECOG (Northeastern Council of Governments) / NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration), February-April1995
12419NECOG (Northeastern Council of Governments) / NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration), undatedundated
12420Port of Entry WAPA (Western Area Power Administration) - Huron, 1994-1995 July1994
12421Port of Entry WAPA (Western Area Power Administration) - Huron, 1995 August-November1995
1251Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 January 1-161994
1252Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 January 16-311994
1253Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 February 1-151994
1254Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 February 15-281994
1255Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 March 1-151994
1256Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 March 15-311994
1257Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 April 1-151994
1258Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 April 15-301994
1259Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 May 1-151994
12510Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 May 15-301994
12511Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 June 1-151994
12512Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 June 15-301994
12513Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 July 1-151994
12514Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 July 15-301994
12515MDE August Trip Follow Up1994
12516Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 August 1-151994
12517Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 August 16-311994
12518Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 September 1-151994
12519Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 September 16-301994
12520Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 October 1-151994
12521Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 October 15-311994
12522Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 November 1-301994
12523Correspondence to/from Mike Cole, 1994 December 1-151994
1261A Comparative Analysis of Light Manufacturing Costs in Sioux Falls and 3 Alternate Minnesota Locationsundated
1262Sioux Falls, South Dakota A - Location Study for the Food Processing Industryundated
1263Sioux Falls, South Dakota A - Location Study for the Electronics Industryundated
1264Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Comparative Operating Cost Study for Proposed Video Cassette Manufacturing Plant1988
1265Advantage Sioux Fallsundated
1266Sioux Falls, South Dakota - A Location Study for the Plastics Industryundated
1267Sioux Falls, South Dakota - A Location Study for the Medical Products Industryundated
1268The Boyd Company1988
1269Sioux Falls, South Dakota - A Location Study for Office Operationsundated
12610Rural Development Act - 19901990
12611Sisseton Community College1992
12612South Dakota Public Broadcasting1991
12613SDPB (South Dakota Public Broadcasting) - Preschool Initiative - Clarissa Kaiser1992
12614SDSU (South Dakota State University) - Radio FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Application1992
12615South Dakota June, 1992 Storm / Flood / Tornado1992
12616Ken Sutton - Diesel Liquefier 
12617Anne Thompson - SDSU (South Dakota State University) - LD Learning System1991
12618Trail King Industries1992
12619USD (University of South Dakota) - European - Economics Trip1992
12620David Westbrock Immigration Act of 19901990
12621Wild Mustangs Dayton O. Hyde February 61990
12622Ken Gilbert - Ethanol Plant1991
12623Kids Voting1991
12624Indian Economic Development Forum1988
12625Proposed Indian Agenda1989
12626Rosebud Industrial Development - Folkerts1989
12627Pine Ridge Dairy Cattle1991
12628Putnam Financial Services1992
12629Ron Brodowicz "Spirit of RC (Rapid City) / Democracy1991
12630Busskohl Tire Recycling (Burns Busshkohl)1992
12631Road Pro - Software for Country Roads1991
12632Reptile Garden - Rapid City1991
12633Sioux Falls - Potsdam Delegation1991
12634Mount Rushmore Fundraising 1987-19901987
12635Mount Rushmore Fundraising 1991-19921991
12636Business Update - Spring 19921992
12637Steven Green Proposal '891989
12638Ferruzzi Diesel-BI, 1992 March 281992
12639Ferruzzi Group - Italy1991
12640Toshiba (Shoto-tien)1992
126411992 South Dakota Procurement Conference1992
12642Mount Marty Education Application1993
12643Onida / Wessington Springs, Disaster Assistance1993
1271Senate Finance Subcommittee Social Security Testimony1995
1272Joint Economic Committee1995
1273National Endowment for the Arts1995
1274Art Issues South Dakota Arts Council1992
1275Art Issues - Art and Culture Letters1992
1276NEA (National Endowment for the Arts)1993
1277National Endowment for the Arts - Chair Nominees1993
1278NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) Funding - Controversial Exhibits1993
1279NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) Grant Awards1993
12710South Dakota Film Commission1990
12711NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) Basic Information1992
12712Art Issues1991
12713Arts 1990 (1)1990
12714Arts 1990 (2)1990
12715Arts 1990 (3)1990
12717Arts Issues Pro-NEA (National Endowment for the Arts) Materials1990
1281Sustainable Agriculture (1)1991
1282Sustainable Agriculture (2)1990
1283Hrinda FmHA (Farmers Home Administration) Housing Case1991
1284Crop Insurance (1)1990
1285Crop Insurance (2)1990
1286Crop Insurance (3)1990
1287Food Stamps & Indian Reservations 
1288USDA Reorganization1992
1289Food Labeling1992
12810Stamp Letter1991
12811FCS (Farm Credit System) / General1989
12812Mark Ulven Letters to be Approved1991
12813FCS (Farm Credit System) / Predatory Pricing1990
12814FmHA Guaranteed Loans (1)1991
12815FmHA Guaranteed Loans (2)1990
12817GAO (General Accounting Office) Credit Study1992
12818History of FmHA1985
12819Triad Program1992
1291Community Development Banking Act1994
1292Subcommittee on Agricultural Research, Conservation, Forestry, and General Legislation1994
1293Briefing Book; Subcommittee Hearing of S.1288 November 10, 1993 Agriculture Hearing1993
1294The Impacts of Environmental Protection and Food Safety Regulation on US Agriculture1993
1295Proceedings of the World Congress on Meat and Poultry Inspection - 19931993
1296CRS (Congressional Research Service) Report for Congress - Provisions of 1990 Farm Bill1990
1297Meat and Poultry Inspection1985
1298Alternative Fuels1987
1299New Farm and Forest Products (1)1987
12910New Farm and Forest Products (2)1987
12911New Farm and Forest Products (3)1992
12912AARC (Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Act) 1991 and Before1991
12913Corn Utilization1991
1301Postal Privatization Bill1989
1302Off-budget Legislation S. 24491988
1303S. 302 Post Off-budget Cong1989
1304S. 416 - COLA Equity Act of 19891989
1305Hatch Act Reform S. 135 - 19881989
1306Members, Staff, Federal Employee Pay1988
1307Hatch Act Reform1987
1308NASA / Space - Federal Employee Files1989
1309Federal Employees - Pay Equity Study 100th Congress1987
13010Federal Pay Raises - 19891989
13011Whistleblowers' Protection Act S. 201989
13012Casework Accomplishment Miscellaneous1989
13013Federal Employees1987
13014Federal Employee Retirement1989
13015Privatization Generally1988
13016Congressional Pay 1988-891988
13017Integrity in Post Employment Act S.2371987
13018Public Service Paul Volcker Commission1988
13019Federal Employee Leave Share1987
13020S. 1750 (Federal Employee)1987
13021Retirement Equality Act of 19841984
13022Federal Employees Retirement Generally1987
13023Federal Employees - FERS (Federal Employees Retirement System)1987
13024S. 566 Daschle Housing Amendment (1)1990
13025S. 566 Daschle Housing Amendment (2)1989
13027Gas Price Spike / 1990 / Legislative Response1990
13028Propane / Heating Fuel1990
13029Small Business Disaster Bill Information File1990
13030Small Business Informationundated
13031South Dakota Commemorative Legislation1988
13032Montreal Protocols1989
1311Amendments Sponsored - 100th Congress (1)1987
1312Amendments Sponsored - 100th Congress (2)1987
1313Amendments Sponsored - 100th Congress (3)1987
1314Amendments Sponsored - 100th Congress (4)1987
1315Amendments Sponsored - 100th Congress (5)1987
1316DPC (Democratic Policy Committee) Multi-year Issue Index 1979-19901991
1317Missed Votes1986
1318Rural Health Care Summit1993
1319Sponsored & Cosponsored (1)1987
13110Sponsored & Cosponsored (2)1989
13111Status of South Dakota Legislation and Other State Initiatives 105th Congress (1)1998
13112Status of South Dakota Legislation and Other State Initiatives 105th Congress (2)1997
13113Status of South Dakota Legislation and Other State Initiatives 105th Congress (3)1997
13114Trip Notes1998
13115Water Appropriation Hearing1987
1321Pressler Clips - August 81996
1322Johnson Clips - August 81996
1323Delegation Clips - August 81996
1324Janklow Clips - August 81996
1325Election 1996 Clips - August 81996
1326Daschle Clips - August 11996
1327Pressler Clips - August 11996
1328Johnson Clips - August 11996
1329Delegation Clips - August 11996
13210Janklow Clips - August 11996
13211Elections 1996 Clips - August 11996
13212Daschle Clips - July 251996
13213Pressler Clips - July 251996
13214Johnson Clips - July 251996
13215Delegation Clips - July 251996
13216Janklow Clips - July 251996
132171996 Election Clips - July 251996
13218Pressler Clips - July 181996
13219Johnson Clips - July 181996
13220Delegation Clips - July 181996
13221Janklow Clips - July 181996
13222Election 1996 Clips - July 181996
13223Daschle Clips - July 111996
13224Pressler Clips - July 111996
13225Johnson Clips - July 111996
13226Delegation Clips - July 111996
13227Janklow Clips - July 111996
13228Election 1996 Clips - July 111996
13229Daschle Clips - July 181996
13230Daschle Clips - August 81996
13231Daschle Clips - July 20 - August 31995
13232Pressler Clips - July 20 - August 31995
13233Tim Johnson Clips - July 20 - August 31995
13234Delegation Clips - July 20 - August 31995
13235Janklow Clips - July 20 - August 31995
13236South Dakota News Clips - July 20 - August 31995
1331Congressional Delegation Visit to the Balkans (1)1996
1332Congressional Delegation Visit to the Balkans (2)1996
1341Constituent Concerns / Speech Preparation / Turkey1992
1342Tom's desk1992
1343Schedules / The American Health Security Plan1991
1344Guy Gifford1992
1345Constituent Service (1)1992
1346Constituent Service (2)1992
1347Privatization of USPS (US Postal Service)1988
1348Postal Information Baxa Bunyon1992
1349Pete's Stuff on Post Office - Huron1992
13410Miscellaneous Stuff of Milt's1992
13411Daily 800 Call Sheets1993
13412Done Mail1993
134131993 Miscellaneous1992
13415Pending Mail1993
13417Creating a Government that Works Better and Costs Less1993
13418Postal Logo Information 1993 November1993
13419Re-invent Government Stuffundated
13420Office of Senate Fair Employment Practices1993
13421Front Desk Papers1992
13422Letters to Postal Liaisons1992
13423General Information for Letters1993
13424Vote Trading Story1993
13425Information for Paul Harvey Interviews1993
13426Disaster Information / Flood Damage1993
13427Done Mail 19931993
13428Possible Postal Responses1992
13429Copies of GAO (General Accounting Office) Report1993
13431Letters from Postal Liaisons1993
13432Postmaster Selection Process1992
13433Revoking Hours of Excess in Aberdeen1993
13434Cont. Cases Waiting to Hear - etc. 
13435Post Office Discontinuance Procedures1992
13436Postage Stamps - Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee1991
13437Letters Regarding General and Postal Treasury Billundated
13438Letters Regarding Mailing Lists1992
13439Government Publications - Order Form for Obtaining Them (Publications)undated
13440Reorganization Information for Letters1992
13441Letters Regarding Junk Mail & Mail Fraud1992
13442Positive Postal Letters1992
13443H.R. 5274 - Post Office1992
13444Postal News Newsletters1992
13445Postal Press Clips1992
13446Leave Request / Sheri Glenn1993
13447Recent Postal Information Breakfast etc. February 171992
13448US Department of Education1993
13449Sheri Stuff1992
13450US Postal Service Folder1987
13451Ron Wieczorek - Iraqi Milk Lift1991
13453SSC (Superconducting Super Collider) Information and Correspondence1992
13454Peace Corps Information1991
13455Possible SSC Responses1992
13456Waiting on Responses1992
13457Lerwick Macedonia 
13458Federal Employees1992
13459Science and Technology Information1992
13460EROS (Earth Resources Observation Systems) Information1992
13461CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Washington Alert Informationundated
13462Aspen Institute1990
1351Budget: FY 1989 Shortfall1988
1352Exparza: Sioux Falls VA (Veterans Administration) 1989 (1)1989
1353Exparza: Sioux Falls VA (Veterans Administration) 1989 (2)1989
1354Exparza: Sioux Falls VA (Veterans Administration) 1989 (3)1989
1355VA (Veterans Administration) Health Care (1) Daschle Veterans Health Care Bill1989
1356VA (Veterans Administration) Health Care (2) Means Test: 99-2721989
1357VA (Veterans Administration) Health Care (3)1989
1358Cosponsors - Veterans1989
1359Old Trip Background Vets Hospital Visit1989
13510VA (Veterans Administration) Health Recruitment / Retention 1989-19901989
135111990 AO (Agent Orange) Versus COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) Struggle S. 21001990
13512Veteran's Bill of Rights 19891989
13513Veterans Judicial Review 1989-19911988
1351489-90 JTPA - Veterans Job Training Partnership Act (1)1985
13515JTPA - Veterans Job Training Partnership Act (2)1989
13516Homeless Veterans1986
13517VA (Veterans Affairs) Disability Report 19901990
13518General - American Legion Statements '901990
136.11Charles Chiang-Visa1992
136.12Chung - Visitor's Visa1992
136.13WETA Foundations Information1992
136.14ED (Economic Development) Information1991
136.15Democratic Convention Speech Packet1992
136.16Grant Information Cathy's Stuff1992
136.17Example Letters (Robos)1987
136.18Other Foundationsundated
136.19Protecting the Nation's Ground Water1991
136.110Peace Corps Information (1) Romanian Adoptions 11991
136.111Peace Corps Information (2) Romanian Adoptions 21991
136.112Peace Corps Information (3) Arts (NEA Stuff)1992
136.113Peace Corps Information (4)undated
136.114PC (Processing Center) Strategy (1)1991
136.115PC (Processing Center) Strategy (2)1991
136.116S. 238 The Agent Orange Act of 19911991
136.117S. 256 National Guard and Selected Reserve1991
136.118S. 500 Requires the Secretary of Veteran1991
136.119S. 614 Chiropractic Service Authorization1991
136.120S. 650 Amend the Trade Act of 19741991
136.121S. 753 Relating to Indian Health Care1991
136.122S. 754 A bill to provide the a portion1991
136.123S. 828 clarify that the inspection of1991
136.124S. 852 to suspend temporarily the duty1991
136.125S. 853 to suspend temporarily the duty1991
136.126S. 854 to suspend temporarily the duty1991
136.127S. 879 To amend the Internal Revenue1991
136.128S. 897 Establish nursing school clinics1991
136.129S. 916 Regarding the modernization1991
136.130S. 922 Amend the IRC of 1986, to exclude1991
136.131S. 1157 Amend The IRC of 19861996
136.132S. 1168 authorize the Secretary of1991
136.133S. 1190 A bill to increase the standard1991
136.134S. 1245 The Amortization of Intangibles1991
136.135S. 1364 The Employee Benefits Simplification1991
136.136S. 1438 Spons: Daschle Burdan Sharing1991
136.137S. 1559 A bill to make a technical1991
136.138S. 1677 Medicard Substance Abuse1991
136.139S. 1854 Assessment of Water needs an1991
136.140S. 1770 A bill to convey certain surplus1991
136.141S. 1842 A bill to provide Medicaid payments1992
136.142S. 1861 To require the Secretary of the1991
136.143S. 1879 a bill to authorize the adjustment1991
136.144S. 1901 Democracy Day Sponsor: Daschle1991
136.145S. 2100 Renewable Energy and Energy1991
136.146S. 2174 Fair Market Standards Act Spon. Daschle1991
136.147S. 2342 An act to provide for the disposition1992
136.148S. 2474 To Authorize an exchange of lands1990
136.149S. 2513 The American Health Security Plan1991
136.150S. 2537 A bill to authorize the pursuit19992
136.151S. 26401991
136.152S. 2977 Indian Agricultural Resources1992
136.153S. 3183 A bill to amend the Public health1992
136.154S. 3200 A bill to amend the Civil Rights Act1992
136.155S. 3213 A bill to authorize the establishment1992
136.156S. 3280 National Health Safety Net1992
136.157S. 3379 A bill to amend the IRS code of 19861992
136.158S. Amendment # 1771 Prior to 104th Congress1992
136.159S. 138 To Amend the Internal Revenue Code..1991
136.160S. 139 To amend the Internal Revenue code of 1986 to make permanent, and to increase to 100% the deduction of self-employed individuals for health insurance costs sponsor: Daschle1991
136.161S. 141 Extend the solar & geothermal energy tax credits through 19961991
136.162S. Res. 279 to prohibit the provision to members and employees of the Senate, at Government expense, of unnecessary or inappropriate services and other benefits Sponsor: Daschle1992
136.163S. Amendment #3213 An amendment to H.R. 11 to require the Secretary of the Treasury to perform a study of Japan's capital and securities markets Sponsor Daschle1992
136.164S. Amendment #2585 Air force ranch hand study of the heat effects of Agent Orange1989
136.165S. Amendment #2885 Thomas A. Daschle amendment to Pressler's amendment to apply pay reductions to Level Vt executive appointments under the Gramm-Rudman-Holding debt reduction schedule Sponsor: Senator Daschle1990
136.166S. Amendment #824 Amendment to S. 1435 to require a moratorium on U.S. arm sales to the Middle East1991
136.167S. Amendment #2977 An amendment to H.R. 5488 to prohibit the appropriation of funds to approve a certificate of label, which authorizes the use of the name Crazy Horse on any distilled spirit Sponsor: Daschle1992
136.168S. Amendment #3321 An Amendment to H.R. 11 to conduct a study with respect to the deductibility of travel expenses of loggers Sponsor: Daschle1992
136.169S. Amendment #3225 Self - employed VI benefits amendment to H.R.11 Sponsor: Bentson1992
136.170S. Amendment #33 Military Personnel benefits for persons serving during Operation Desert Storm. Supplemental Appropriations Sponsor: Bumpes1991
136.171S. Amendment #829 Impact Aid Amendment to H.R. 2990 Sponsor: Wilson et. Al1989
136.172S. Amendment #3066 Egyptian Debt Relief Sponsor: Harkin, Dixon, et. Al1990
136.173S. Amendment 1188 An amendment to impound 30% of the military aid to El Salvador until those responsible for the murders of 6 Jesuit priests are apprehended Sponsor: Leahy-Harkin-Kerry-Kennedy1989
136.174S. Amendment #794 An amendment relating to the disclosure of information about the failed depository institutions added to the VA (Veterans Affairs) / HUP appropriations bill. H.R. #2519 Sponsor Wirth1991
136.175S.Res. 94 Regarding the humanitarian crisis in Sudan Sponsor: Sen. Simon1993
136.176S.Con.Res. 19 Withdrawal from treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear weapons Sponsor: Sen. Lieberman1993
136.177S.Con.Res. 24 Amendment regarding troop removal from the Baltics Sponsor: Sen. DeConcini1993
136.178S.Con.Res. 26 Many neighbors, One Earth Resolution Sponsor: Sen Simon1993
136.179S.J.Res 36 National Agriculture Day Sponsor: Sen. Leahy1993
136.180S.J.Res. 50 National Rehabilitation Week Sponsor: Sen. Specter1993
136.181S.J.Res. 52 National Hospice Month Sponsor: Packwood1993
136.182Violence Against Women Act of 1993 S. 11 Sponsor Sen. Biden1993
136.183S. 55 Striker Replacement Bill Sponsor: Barbara Warden1993
136.184S. 70 National Writing Project Spon: Reauthorizes Act1993
136.185S. 104 Senator Hatfields Bill to established National center for sleep research Sponsor: Senator Hatfield1993
136.186S. 175 To make WIC an Entitlement program Spon. Sen. DeConcini1993
136.187S. 176 Medicare Amendments of 1993 Sponsor: Sen Dole1993
136.21S. 297 Air Force Memorial Bill Sponsor, Sen. Ted Stevens1993
136.22S. 340 Amendment to the Federal Food, Drug & Cosmetic / Act Spon: Senators Heflim, Shelby and Pressler1993
136.23S. 382 Extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation sponsor: Sen. Moynihan1993
136.24S. 389 Amendment to the Solid waste Disposal Act Spon: Sen Daschle1993
136.25S. 455 Payment In Lieu of Tax Act spon: Daschle1993
136.26S. 466 The Medicaid Nursing Incentive Act spon: Mr. Daschle1993
136.27S. 482 Amendment to title 38 Requirement to furnish outpatient medical care to former POW's Sponsor: Mr. Beren1993
136.28S. 484 Medicaid Substance Abuse Treatment Act of 1993 Spon: Mr. Daschle1993
136.29S. 538 Long-term care insurance consumer protection act of 1993 Sponsor: Sen. Pryer1993
136.210S. 549 United States One Dollar Coin Act Spon: Amusement and Music Operators Association1993
136.211S. 833 and S. 834 Primary Health Care Practitioner Incentive Act of 1993 spon. Grassley1993
136.212S. 2044 Native American Languages Act of 1992 Sponsor: The Select Committee on Indian Affairs1992
136.213S. 1094 Amendment to Section 1710 of title 38 / Veterans spons Mr. Daschle1993
136.214S. 1268 The Retiree Health Benefits Protection Act of 1993 spon: Wofford1993
136.215S. 2113 Restoration to the second Amendment rights spon: Senator Smith1993
137 S. 1507undated
1371S.J.Res. 88 National Global Warming Policy Act1990
1372S.J.Res.,108 Designate the week of May 13-1919991
1373S.J.Res. 110 Spons: Moynihan, Packwood1991
1374S.J.Res. 117 designate December 7, 1991, as1991
1375S.J.Res. 120 designate May 1991 and 19921991
1376S.J.Res. 131 designate May 1991 and 19921991
1377S.J.Res. 132 designate the week of October 131991
1378S.J.Res. 134 designating May 1991, as1991
1379S.J.Res. 141 "National Week of Recognition1991
13710S.J.Res. 142 Spons: Shelby1991
13711S.J.Res. 145 designating the week beginning1991
13712S.J.Res. 146 designating July 2nd 19911991
13713S.J.Res. 147 Spons: Leahy To designate1991
13714S.J.Res. 150 designate June 15, 1991 as1991
13715S.J.Res. 151 designate October 6, 1991 and1991
13716S.J.Res. 157 Spons: Rockefeller to1991
13717S.J.Res. 159 Spons: Simpson to designate1991
13718S.J.Res. 165 Sponsor Cranston1991
13719S.J.Res. 172 "National American Indian"1991
13720S.J.Res. 183 Amendment to the Constitution1991
13721S.J.Res. 190 National Ellis Island day1991
13722S.J.Res. 196 Ending Hunger Math Spons1991
13723S.J.Res. 197 National Military Families1991
13724S.J.Res. 210 Girl Scouts 80th Anniversary day1991
13725S.J.Res. 222 Year of Reconciliation1991
13726S.J.Res. 237 Compensation of Services1991
13727S.J.Res. 242 National Rehabilitation1992
13728S.J.Res. 248 A joint resolution1992
13729S.J.Res. 251 J. Res to designate the1992
13730S.J.Res. 258 "National Correctional1992
13731S.J.Res. 278 "National Braille literacy1992
13732S.J.Res. 279 A joint resolution design1992
13733S.J.Res. 281 a joint resolution1992
13734S.J.Res. 297 A joint resolution1992
13735S.J.Res. 300 "National Aviation1992
13736S.J.Res. 316 "National Education1992
13737S.J.Res. 323 "National Refugee Day"1992
13738S.J.Res. 336 "Nat'l Hire a Veteran1992
13739S.J.Res. 337 "National POW / MIA1992
13740S.J.Res. 338 "World Population1992
13741Thomas A. Daschle Letter to Affordable Housing Comm in Des Moines, IA - Divider Agriculture1991
13742S. 2327A bill to suspend certain compliance1992
13743S. 2362 A Bill to amend Title XVII of1992
13744S. 2387 Every fifth Child Act1992
13745S. 2389 A bill to extend until January1992
13746S. 2481 Indian Health Care Amendments1992
13747S. 2515 Veterans Employment and Training1992
13748S. 2606 A bill to further clarify authorities1992
13749S. 2624 A bill to authorize appropriations1992
13750S. 2667 A bill to amend the Federal Food1992
13751S. 2668 The Global Climate Protection Act1992
13752S. 2759 Homeless Children Nutrition1992
13753S. 2813 Gateway to Government Act1992
13754S. 2914 Separate payment for interpretation1992
13755S. 2926 "Western Expressway" Corridor1990
13756S. 3098 One-year moratorium on land1992
13757S. 3119 USDA National Appeals Division1992
13758S. 3157 A Bill to provide for a National1992
13759S. 3167 To amend the Federal Crop1992
13760S. 32411992
13761S.Res. 141991
13762S.Res. 661991
13763S.Res. 411991
13764S.Res. 531991
13765S.Res. 571991
13766S.Res. 721991
13767S.Res. 901991
13768S.Res. 921991
13769S.Res. 951991
13770S.Res. 1081991
13771S.Res. 1161991
13772S.Res. 1171991
13773S.Res. 1311991
13774S.Res. 2601987
13775S.Con.Res. 41991
13776S.Con.Res. 131991
13777S.Con.Res. 161991
13778S.Con.Res. 221991
13779S.Con.Res. 261991
13780S.Con.Res. 351991
13781S.Con.Res. 431991
13782S.Con.Res. 441991
13783S.Con.Res. 531991
13784S.Con.Res. 1061990
13785S.Con.Res. 1131992
13786S.J.Res. 11991
13787S.J.Res. 31991
13788S.J.Res. 161991
13789S.J.Res. 181991
13790S.J.Res. 351992
13791S.J.Res. 361991
13792S.J.Res. 491991
13793S.J.Res. 521991
13794S.J.Res. 571991
13795S.J.Res. 611991
13796S.J.Res. 631991
13797S.J.Res. 641991
13798S.J.Res. 661991
13799S.J.Res. 701991
137100S.J.Res. 711991
137101S.J.Res. 721991
137102S.J.Res. 741991
137103S.J.Res. 751991
137104S.J.Res. 771991
137105S. 12121989
137106S. 12261991
137107S. 13271991
137108S. 13281991
137109S. 13291991
137110S. 13331991
137111S. 13721991
137112S. 13811991
137113S. 14241991
137114S. 14511992
137115S. 15531991
137116S. 15741991
137117S. 16101989
137118S. 16141992
137119S. 16231991
137120S. 16721991
137121S. 16911991
137122S. 17221991
137123S. 17771992
137124S. 18101991
137125S. 18381992
137126S. 18511991
137127S.J.Res. 94 (Did Not Cosponsor) (See Also S.J.Res. 75)1991
137128S.J.Res. 961991
137129S. 18621991
137130S. 18631988
137131S. 18721991
137132S. 19311991
137133S. 19721992
137134S. 19961992
137135S. 20271991
137136S. 20471991
137137S. 21821992
137138S. 22081992
137139S. 22501992
137140S.J.Res. 971991
137141S.J.Res. 1021991
137142S.J.Res. 1051991
137143July 30, 1991 [S. 452]1991
137144Regarding Certified Crop Advisors Program1992
137145Farmers Home Administration Loan Programs and Rural Development Administration Loan Programs1992
137146To Express Views on Implementation of Certain Research Provisions in the 1990 Farm Bill1991
137147GAO (General Accounting Office) Grazing Reports1992
137148Request Appropriations of $20 Million in FY 1992 for Alternative Ag Research and Commercialization Act1991
137149Request Additional $77 Million Above President Request for FY 1992 SCS (Soil Conservation Service) Conservation Technical Assistance Funding1991
137150Request FY 1992 Funding for Water Quality Incentives Program and Cooperative Extension Service to Educate Farmers1991
137151To Include $12.7 Million for Pseudorabies Control1991
137152Hilltop and Gray Goose Irrigation Districts1991
137153December 31, 1992 To : The Honorable Edwin[Grazing Federal Lands]1992
137154CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) Reauthorization Bill - Re: To support the CFTC Reauthorization1991
137155Meat / Poultry Nutrition Labeling1991
137156Integrated Farm Management Program Option Regulations1991
137157Re: Sheep Industry1991
137158Biotechnology - ABRAC (Agricultural Biotechnology Research Advisory Committee) and Public1991
137159Re: Urge Trade Representative / Capital Construction Fund and Capital Reserve Fund in OECD Talks1991
137160Re: European Community's Ban of US Pork and Beef1991
137161Re: CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) Reauthorization1992
137162October 30, 1991 Supplemental Appropriations - To: Honorable Barbara A.1991
137163Re: Jobs Corps Appropriations1992
137164Re: Support S. 532- prohibiting Treas1991
137165Re: Highway Trust Fund1991
137166Amendment to FY 1992 July 25, 19911991
137167Re: Extending Time of Eligibility for Purple Heart Award1992
137168July 23, 1991 [Amendment to S. 1438]1991
137169July 23, 1991 [Amendment to S. 256]1991
137170November 23, 1992 [Nuclear Weapons Policy]1992
137171Defense Spending Cuts Involving the National Guard1992
137172Re: Administration Request for Additional Bilateral Military Aid to the Salvadoran Armed Forces1992
137173Re : Accounting of POW / MIA's1992
1371741991 July 19 [H.R. 2521]1991
1371751992 September 241992
137176 RE:,Endorsement of Majority Leader's…Defense Savings / Bush Administration1992
137177Re: Request for KGB / GRU Information on American POW's1991
137178Re: FY 1992 / Ranch Hand Study1991
137179Re: To Express Concern About Draw-down of Army National Guard and Reserve Forces in Proposed DOD Force Structure Reductions1991
137180Re: Proposed 30% Reduction in Funding for Federally Impacted Schools1992
137181Re: 1992 September 231992
137182Re:1991 July 101991
1371831992 September 11 To: Senator Robert Byrd1992
137184Re: Request to Increase FY 1992 Funding for Section 2 Impact Aid Program to $22.2 Million1991
137185Re: To urge adoption of $4.4 billion"Homefront Budget Initiative" Request1991
1371861991 August 61991
137187Re: National Energy Security Act1992
137188Re: GM Announcement Recommending Use of Reformulated Gasoline in GM Vehicles1991
137189Re: Request Rural Electrification Administration Insured Loans be Restored to their 1990 Level1991
137190Re: Cosponsorship of S. 7161991
1371911991 July 311991
137192Re: Wetlands Reserve Programs Funds1992
137193Re: Environmental Safeguards in the North American Free Trade Agreement1992
137194Re: Funding for Weather Modification Research1992
137195Re: Ozone Depletion1991
137196Re: S. 1226 Small Town Environmental Planning Act of 19911991
137197Re: Amendment to DOD Authorization Bill Concerning Ethanol Use (1)1991
137198Re: Amendment of DOD Authorization Bill Concerning Ethanol Use (2)1991
137199Re: Asks for a Appropriation of $10 Million to Fund State and Local Health Insurance Counseling Program1991
137200Re: Support S. 1204 - Amendment to increase Funding Out of Highway Trust Fund for Indian Reservation Roads1991
137201Re: Express Strong Support for Funding of USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry Program1991
137202Re: Urge Support for an Increase in FY 1992 Funding Fish & Wildlife Service Law Enforcement and Other Programs1991
137203Re: Urge President Bush to Step Up Ozone Layer Protection Based on New Data.1991
137204Re: Request Continued Funding for Federal / State Cooperative Program in Atmospheric Modification Research in FY 1992 Budget1991
137205Re: Focus Attention on the Chemical Fenoxaprop Used on Wheat and Importance of a Decision by EPA1991
137206Re: Accelerated Phaseout of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons1991
137207Re: Express Concern About Protection of Antarctic Environment from Mining Activities1991
137208Re: To Inquire about the March 18 Deadline for Stormwater Discharge1991
137209Re: Clean,Air Act of 1990…1991
1372101993 January 81993
137211Re: Repatriation of Haitian Nationals1992
137212Re: Guatemalan Worker Rights Petition1992
137213Re: Syrian Government Charges Concerning Human Rights, Jewish Community, Terrorism, Drugs, Alois Brunner, Weapons, and Lebanon1992
1381Cosponsored Letters1992
1382Questions Regarding American POW's in the 1970's1992
1383Analysis of Live Sightings1992
1384Judicial Review Testimony (1)1988
1385Judicial Review Testimony (2)1988
1386POW / MIA - Important Memos / Correspondence (1)1991
1387POW / MIA - Important Memos / Correspondence (2)1991
1388Ross Perot1991
1389POW / MIA Important Documents / Paris Accords1992
13810Declassification (confidential)1992
13812Korea / Russia - Cold War1992
13813Press / Miscellaneous Vietnam Trip1992
13814Fraud / Fundraising (confidential)1992
139.11January 1988-Daily Schedules1988
139.12February 1988-Daily Schedules1988
139.13March 1988-Daily Schedules1988
139.14April 1988 - Daily Schedules1988
139.15May 1988- Daily Schedules1988
139.16June 1988-Daily Schedules1988
139.17July 1988 - Daily Schedules1988
139.18August 1988- Daily Schedules1988
139.19September 1988 - Daily Schedules1988
139.110October 1988- Daily Schedules1988
139.111November 1988 - Daily Schedules1988
139.112December 1988- Daily Schedules1988
139.113January 1988- mail1988
139.114February 1988 - mail1988
139.115March 1988- mail1988
139.116April 1988 - mail1988
139.117May 1988 - mail1988
139.118June 1988- mail1988
139.119July 1988 - mail1988
139.120August 1988 - mail1988
139.121September 1988-mail1988
139.122October 1988-mail1988
139.123November 1988-mail1988
139.124December 1998-mail1988
139.125Bob Grahman1988
139.126The People Press & Politics - book / Post-election Typology1988
139.127Past updates of '88 schedule1988
139.128Scheduling Data: for upcoming schedules1988
139.129Outstanding Requests Completed 19881988
139.130Pow Wows1987
139.131January 19881988
139.132Bork Information1987
139.133Congratulatories on Hold1988
139.134Trip notes March-October1988
1401Open Door Notices1991
1402Daschle Clips: February1991
1403Mentions in South Dakota Publications: 1990-19911990
1404Farmer's Almanac1990
1405National Press1990
1406Daschle Local Feel Goods1990
1407Daschle - News1992
1408Television Interviews (transc)1987
1409Miscellaneous Sources - Articles with Thomas A. Daschle 19871987
14010Open Hills / General Accomplishments1988
14011Television Interviews1988
14012National Mentions1991
14013Daschle Clips May1989
14014Miscellaneous National Mentions1988
14015Specialty Mentions - Daschle1987
14016Releases: January1991
14017Releases: December1991
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14028Releases: January1991
1411Congressional Pension1987
1412Weekly Federal Employees News Digest1989
1413S. 6851989
1414Social Security / Windfall Elimination Provision1989
1415Federal Employees Letters1989
1416Federal Employee Retirement1986
1417Railroad Retirement1987
1418Locality Pay Information1989
1419Federal Employees News Digest Lump Sum Payment1987
14110Clayton & Shirley Borah - Oldham FmHA Problems1987
14111Kevin Brown - Army Deserter (Kenneth Wayne)1987
14112Pauline Lloyd / Charles Gallant Red Bank TN-VA (Veterans Administration) Hospital 1987 November 201987
14113Kuen Lin - Flushing, New York Discrimination Charges1988
14114Cummings, Livingston - Veterans Affairsundated
14115Alex Lunderman, Sr. Artifacts1982
14116Rinee' Stephen Smith - New Braunfels, TX - PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) (1) Topeka, KS1987
14117Rinee' Stephen Smith - New Braunfels, TX - PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) (2)1987
14118AMP (Area Mail Processing) Correspondence (1) Press1987
14119AMP (Area Mail Processing) Correspondence (2) (confidential) Mail Received (from South Dakota)1988
14120AMP (Area Mail Processing) Correspondence (3) Letters1991
14121AMP (Area Mail Processing) Correspondence (4) Miscellaneous Milt Sumption Documents1993
14122AMP (Area Mail Processing) Proposals / Reports (1) Mail Processing / Huron, South Dakota1992
14123AMP (Area Mail Processing) Proposals / Reports (2)1992
14124AMP (Area Mail Processing) Proposals / Reports (3) USPS AMP (Area Mail Processing) Legislation1992
14125AMP (Area Mail Processing) Proposals / Reports (4) GAO Notes1992
14126AMP (Area Mail Processing) Proposals / Reports (5) (confidential) Information1992
14128USPS Notes1992
14129South Dakota Notes and Comments on USPS Huron Move1992
14130Mail Processing Center1992
14131Notes - Congressional Staff CRS (Congressional Research Service)1992
14132Melcher Amendment to Require Medicare Coverage of State and Local Employees1987
1421Financial Disclosure (Staff)1979
1422American Express1989
1423Abourezk (South Dakota Statues in Statuary Hall in Capitol)1991
1424Aberdak Travel1993
1425Crestar Bank Statements-(formerly NS&T)1987
1426Inaugural Activities1992
1427Intern; 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 19911987
1428Parking (1)1987
1429Parking (2)1987
14212Retirement Letters1992
14213Robo list (Weekly list of Needed Robos)1993
14214Schedules (Intern)1993
14215Schedules (Daily)1991
14216Scheduling Information1990
14217Staff list1988
14219Staff Retreat (State)1989
14220Statuary Hall (The Capitol)1991
14222Senate Identification Cards1987
14223Financial Disclosure (Confidential)1992
14224US Senate Public Financial Disclosure Report1992
14225Daschle's Check Book (1) Bank Checks / Office Account1990
14226Daschle's Check Book (2) Check Stubs1991
1431Mickelson (1)1990
1432Mickelson (2)1990
1433Daschle-Mickelson Cooperation1988
1435Memorandum / Thomas A. Daschle's Record1990
1436Record Keeping1990
1437Negative Press Conference1992
14311Staff Administrative Memos1991
14312Opposition Material / Consultants1987
14314SDVP (South Dakota Victory Project)1992
14316Ad Documents Ethanol1992
14318Vets Hospital1991
14319Trade Missions1988
14320Agent Orange1992
14321Ad Documents Farm Exports1991
14322Ad Documents Mallow1989
14323Ad Documents Hisega1986
14324Health (1)1991
14325Health (2)1991
14327Rosebud Dump1992
14329People Ad Document1992
14330Testimonial Stuff1991
14331August Shoot1990
14332Ad Documentation1992
14333Ethanol Information1991
14336Biostress Lab (1)1988
14337Biostress Lab (2)1990
14338Ad Stuff - Miscellaneous1992
14339Daschle Meeting Articles1991
14340Draft: Post -disclosure of Plan Articles1991
14341Draft: Pre-disclosure of Plan Articles1991
14342Draft: Documents and Analysis1991
14343Draft: Letters-to-the-editor1991
1441Farm Bill (1)1990
1442Farm Bill (2)1990
1443Farm Bill (3)1990
1444Farm Bill (4)1990
1445Farm Bill (5)1990
1446Farm Bill (6)1990
1447S. 2146 / Chronology1989