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Thomas A. Daschle Papers. U.S. House of Representatives Papers

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Thomas A. Daschle Career Papers

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Collection Summary


DA 1


Thomas A. Daschle Papers: U.S. House of Representatives Papers


Senator Thomas Andrew Daschle




76 linear feet – 76 records center boxes




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota

Access note

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Preferred Citation

Name of item. Thomas A. Daschle Papers: U.S. House of Representatives papers. DA 1. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


This collection is composed of papers created during Tom Daschle's tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives. Material includes voting record information and "The Daschle Record" which container data on his voting record, sponsorships, and summaries of committee and subcommittee records from 1979 to 1986. Also included are some campaign files.

Historical Note

In 1978, Daschle was elected to the United States House of Representatives, winning the race by a margin of 110 votes, following a recount, out of more than 129,000 votes cast. Daschle served four terms in the House of Representatives and quickly became a part of the Democratic leadership.

At the 1980 Democratic National Convention Congressman Daschle received 10 (0.30%) delegate votes for Vice President of the United States. Although he was not a candidate, Daschle (along with others) received votes against incumbent Walter Mondale, who was re-nominated easily.

Contents Note

The U.S. House of Representatives papers series on the Tom Daschle Congressional Career Papers is composed of some campaign files and voting record information. Also included is "The Daschle Record" which contains 12 books compiled by his staff containing Daschle's voting record, sponsorships, and summaries of committee and subcommittee records from 1979 to 1986.

Due to the size and scope of the Daschle collection this collection was minimally processed.

This means that material was placed in acid-free folders and containers, but processing at the item level was keep to a minimum. Only folders that had little or no description were looked into with more depth, or contained items that appeared at risk, due to deteriorating fasteners or fragile material. This type of material was handled on a case-by-case basis.

Books and other publications were separated from the collection and shelved. Artifacts, such as plaques, framed items, textiles, art, and other three-dimensional items, were separated and placed in appropriate storage. Photographs were also separated and placed in proper storage containers.

Dates for each folder were chosen on what could be quickly ascertained. The dates are meant to give researchers a general idea of the dates of the material that is in each folder. These dates were selected on what could be quickly ascertained. If there was a range of dates covering material, then the earliest date was chosen.

Key Words

Daschle, Thomas A. (Thomas Andrew), Senator, 1947-

Administrative Information

Legal Status

Materials and resources from the Thomas A. Daschle Career Papers are not in the public domain and copyright is largely held by the donor. Staff makes these materials available for private study, research, and teaching. Online material may be downloaded and printed without prior permission for these purposes, on condition that you attribute the Archives in all copies.

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Researchers conducting extensive research are asked to make an advance appointment to access archival material. Please call or e-mail prior to visiting the collection and indicate as much detail as possible about a particular topic and intended use.

South Dakota State University supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted as a result of their fragile condition or by contractual agreements with donors.

Copyright note

Copyright restrictions apply in different ways to different materials. Many of the documents and other historical materials in the Archives are in the public domain and may be reproduced and used in any way. There are other materials in the Archive carrying a copyright interest and must be used according to the provisions of Title 17 of the U.S. Code. The Archive issues a warning concerning copyright restrictions to every researcher who requests copies of documents. Although the copyright law is under constant redefinition in the courts, it is ultimately the responsibility of the researcher to properly use copyrighted material.

Arranged and Described by

Arranged by Ruby Wilson and James Borchert under the direction of the University Archivist, Stephen Van Buren. Described by Crystal J. Gamradt, C.A.

Container List

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Daschle U.S. House of Representatives Papers Container List. DA 1

11Hearings House Committee on Agriculture v. 1 Serial Numbers 1-91983
12Hearings House Committee on Agriculture v. 2 Serial Numbers 10-211983
13Hearings House Committee on Agriculture v. 3 Serial Number 22, v. 1-41983
14Hearings House Committee on Agriculture v. 4 Serial Numbers 23-341984
21Hearings House Committee on Agriculture v. 5 Serial Numbers 35-451984
22Hearings House Committee on Agriculture v. 6 Serial Numbers 46-571984
23Hearings House Committee on Agriculture v. 7 Serial Numbers 58-691984
24Hearings House Committee on Agriculture v. 8 Serial Number 70 Parts 1-31984
25Hearings House Committee on Agriculture v. 9 Serial Number 70 Parts 4-91984
26Hearings House Committee on Agriculture v. 10 Serial Numbers 71-811984
27Hearings House Committee on Agriculture v. 11 Serial Numbers 82-921984
28House Committee on Agriculture Committee Prints Miscellaneous1983
31H.J. Res. 606 Co-sponsor1986
32H.J. Res. 615 Co-sponsor1986
33H.J. Res. 618 Co-sponsor1986
34H.J. Res. 619 Co-sponsor1986
35H.J. Res. 629 Co-sponsor1986
36H.J. Res. 6421986
37H.J. Res. 643 Co-sponsor1986
38H.J. Res. 6561986
39H.J. Res. 692 Co-sponsor1986
310H.J. Res. 733 Sponsor1986
311H.R. 2 Co-sponsor1985
312H.R. 10 Co-sponsor1985
313H.R. 11 Co-sponsor1985
314H.R. 12 Co-sponsor1985
315H.R. 13 Co-sponsor1985
316H.R. 21 Co-sponsor1985
317H.R. 43 Co-sponsor1985
318H.R. 68 Co-sponsor1985
319H.R. 85 Co-sponsor1985
320H.R. 99 Co-sponsor1984
321H.R. 100 Co-sponsor1985
322H.R. 283 Co-sponsor1985
323H.R. 362 Co-sponsor1985
324H.R. 382 Co-sponsor1985
325H.R. 505 Co-sponsor1985
326H.R. 5121986
327H.R. 531 Original Co-sponsor1985
328H.R. 583 Introduction1985
329H.R. 585 Co-sponsor1985
330H.R. 587 Co-sponsor1985
331H.R. 622 Co-sponsor1985
332H.R. 659 Co-sponsor1985
333H.R. 693 Co-sponsor1985
334H.R. 700 Co-sponsor1985
335H.R. 747 Co-sponsor1985
336H.R. 757 Co-sponsor1985
337H.R. 796 Co-sponsor1985
338H.R. 773 Co-sponsor1985
339H.R. 797 Co-sponsor1985
340H.R. 800 Co-sponsor1985
341H.R. 822 Co-sponsor1985
342H.R. 825 Co-sponsor1985
343H.R. 845 Original Co-sponsor1985
344H.R. 847 Co-sponsor1985
345H.R. 864 Co-sponsor1985
346H.R. 874 Co-sponsor1985
347H.R. 876 Co-sponsor1985
348H.R. 927 Co-sponsor1985
349H.R. 945 Original Co-sponsor1985
350H.R. 994 Co-sponsor1985
351H.R. 1006 Co-sponsor1985
352H.R. 1017 Co-sponsor1985
353H.R. 1021 Co-sponsor1985
354H.R. 1066 Co-sponsor1985
355H.R. 1068 Co-sponsor1985
356H.R. 1096 Co-sponsor1985
357H.R. 1108 Co-sponsor1985
358H.R. 1156 Introduction (Bereuter)1985
359H.R. 1195 Co-sponsor1985
360H.R. 1207 Co-sponsor1985
361H.R. 1279 Co-sponsor1985
362H.R. 1284 Co-sponsor1985
363H.R. 1304 Co-sponsor1985
364H.R. 1309 Co-sponsor1985
365H.R. 1356 Co-sponsor1985
366H.R. 1383 Original Co-sponsor1985
367H.R. 1395 Co-sponsor1985
368H.R. 1399 Original Co-sponsor Introduction1985
369H.R. 1400 Co-sponsor1985
370H.R. 1426 Original Co-sponsor1985
371H.R. 1436 Co-sponsor1985
372H.R. 1444 Co-sponsor1984
373H.R. 1454 Co-sponsor1985
374H.R. 1458 Co-sponsor1985
375H.R. 1523 Co-sponsor1985
376H.R. 1524 Co-sponsor1985
377H.R. 1552 Co-sponsor1985
378H.R. 1577 Co-sponsor1985
379H.R. 1591 Introduction Original Co-sponsor1985
380H.R. 1615 Co-sponsor1985
381H.R. 1616 Co-sponsor1985
382H.R. 1665 Co-sponsor1985
383H.R. 1668 Co-sponsor1985
384H.R. 1709 Co-sponsor1985
385H.R. 1720 Introduction Original Co-sponsor1985
386H.R. 1730 Original Co-sponsor/Introduction1985
387H.R. 1802 Co-sponsor1984
388H.R. 1805 Co-sponsor1985
389H.R. 1875 Co-sponsor1986
390H.R. 1887 Co-sponsor1985
391H.R. 1914 Co-sponsorundated
392H.R. 1917 Co-sponsor1985
393H.R. 1940 Co-sponsor1985
394H.R. 1950 Co-sponsor1985
395H.R. 1989 Introduction Original Co-sponsor with Dorgan1985
396H.R. 1994 Co-sponsor1985
397H.R. 2001 Co-sponsor1985
398H.R. 2007 Co-sponsor1985
399H.R. 2025 Introduction Original Co-sponsor1985
3100H.R. 20301986
3101H.R. 2069 Co-sponsor1985
3102H.R. 2080 Co-sponsor1985
3103H.R. 2119 Co-sponsor1985
3104H.R. 2116 Co-sponsor1984
3105H.R. 2158 Introduction Original Co-sponsor1985
3106H.R. 2185 Co-sponsor1985
3107H.R. 2205 Co-sponsor1985
3108H.R. 2216 Co-sponsor1985
3109H.R. 2262 Co-sponsor1985
3110H.R. 2343 Co-sponsor1985
3111H.R. 2344 Co-sponsor1985
3112H.R. 2382 Introduction Original Co-sponsor1985
3113H.R. 2383 Co-sponsor1985
3114H.R. 2424 Co-sponsor1985
3115H.R. 2504 Co-sponsor1984
3116H.R. 2523 Co-sponsor1985
3117H.R. 2581 Co-sponsor1985
3118H.R. 2591 Introduction Original Co-sponsor1985
3119H.R. 2676 Co-sponsor1985
3120H.R. 2781 Co-sponsor1985
3121H.R. 2795 Introduction Original Co-sponsor1985
3122H.R. 2798 Co-sponsor1985
3123H.R. 2821 Introduction Original Co-sponsor1985
3124H.R. 2823 Co-sponsor1985
3125H.R. 2829 Co-sponsor1985
3126H.R. 28401985
3127H.R. 2850 Introduction Original Co-sponsor1985
3128H.R. 2854 Co-sponsor1985
3129H.R. 2860 Co-sponsor1985
3130H.R. 2908 Original Co-sponsor1985
3131H.R. 2911 Co-sponsor1985
3132H.R. 2943 Co-sponsor1985
3133H.R. 3006 Co-sponsor1985
3134H.R. 3018 Co-sponsor1985
3135H.R. 3026 Co-sponsorundated
3136H.R. 3043 Co-sponsor1985
3137H.R. 3087 Co-sponsor1985
3138H.R. 3099 Co-sponsor1985
3139H.R. 3131 Introduction Original Co-sponsor1985
3140H.R. 20 Co-sponsor1985
3141H.R. 25 Co-sponsor1985
3142H.R. 60 Co-sponsor1985
3143H.R. 72 Co-sponsor1985
3144H.R. 74 Co-sponsor1985
3145H.R. 131 Co-sponsor1985
3146H.R. 144 Co-sponsor1985
3147H.R. 165 Co-sponsor1985
3148H.R. 194 Co-sponsor1985
3149H.R. 245 Co-sponsor1985
3150H.R. 268 Co-sponsor1985
3151H.R. 311 Co-sponsor1986
3152H.R. 352 Co-sponsor1985
3153H.R. 4121986
3154H.R. 424 Co-sponsor1986
3155H.R. 4455-Emergency Livestock Feed Assistance - Statement1986
3156H.R. 1096 - Statement1985
3157H.R. 3927 Emergency Farm Credit Act of 1985 (opposition) - Statement1985
31581985 Farm Bill: Bases and Yields Record - Statement1986
3159Farm Credit Crisis - Statement1986
3160USDA Disaster Assistance Record - Statement1986
3161H.R. 4267 D-B (Daschle-Bedell) Emergency Farm Income and Credit Act of 1986 - Statement1986
3162Daschle on Reagan's Budget for FY 1987 - in House Floor - Statement - 1986 March 131986
3163Agriculture: Prospects for 1986 University of South Dakota - Speech1986
3164Washington Update - Summary of the 1985 Farm Bill1985
3165Congressional Record: Letters from South Dakota Schoolchildren 1985 October 241985
3166Congressional Record: "Complex Problems" - Editorial on Farm Crisis 1985 October 241985
3167Congressional Record: Article on Goose Surplus - "Roast Goose" 1985 December 31985
3168Congressional Record: Letters from South Dakota Farmers 1985 December 171985
3169Congressional Record: Trapping and Hunting 1985 September 181985
3170Alexander Amendment to Farm Bill - Speech1985
3171Farm Bill (1985) at the Crossroads - Press Release1985
3172H.R. 2100 The Farm Bill - Speech1985
3173Congressional Record: "Farm-aid Concert" 1985 September 181985
3174H.R. 2211 - Family Farm Bankruptcy Act - Speech1985
3175Congressional Record: Letter from Alden Flakoll to President 1985 June 121985
3176Congressional Record: Farm Crisis - Wall St. Journal Article 1985 June 111985
3177Congressional Record: H.R. 3037 (2 statements) 1985 July 311985
3178Congressional Record: Farm Emergency Credit Act 1985 March 51985
3179Dear Colleague: National Agriculture Day 1985 March 181985
3180Dear Colleague: Farm Crisis Not Over 1985 June 71985
41Small And Medium-sized Family Farms And Presidential Commission On World Hunger Report - Hearing - House of Representatives - Committee on Hunger - 96th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 96-III1980
42World Hunger Situation - Hearing - House of Representatives - Committee on Agriculture - 97th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 97-Q1981
43Accessibility And Effectiveness Of Anti-Hunger Programs - Hearing - House of Representatives - Select Committee on Hunger - 98th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 98-11984
44Alleviating Hunger: Progress And Prospects - Hearing - House of Representatives - Select Committee on Hunger - 98th Congress 2nd Session1984
45Effective Uses Of Agricultural Abundance For Hunger Relief - Hearing - House of Representatives - Select Committee on Hunger - 98th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 98-51984
461984 Progress Report Of The Select Committee On Hunger - House of Representatives - 98th Congress 2nd Session - Report 98-11761985
47Hunger Among The Homeless - Hearing - House of Representatives - Select Committee on Hunger - 99th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 99-131986
48Family Food Production In Africa: Sustainable Agriculture Through Extension And Appropriate Technology - Hearing - House of Representatives - Select Committee on Hunger - 99th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 99-141986
49Hunger And The Elderly - Joint Hearing - House of Representatives - Select Committee on Hunger and Select Committee on Aging - 99th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 99-16 and Committee Publication No. 99-5721986
410Part 2: International Nutrition And Health - Hearing - House of Representative - Select Committee on Hunger - 99th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 99-161986
411Self-Help Programs - Hearing - House of Representatives - Select Committee on Hunger - 99th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 99-171986
412The Causes And Consequences Of Hunger And Poverty In Houston - Hearing - House of Representatives - Select Committee on Hunger - 99th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 99-181986
413Hunger Relief Act of 1986 - Joint Hearing on H.R. 4990 - House of Representatives - Committee on Agriculture, Committee on Education and Labor, Committee on Science and Technology, and Select Committee on Hunger - 99th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 991986
414U.S. Food Assistance And The Food Security Act of 1986 - Hearing - House of Representatives - Select Committee on Hunger - 99th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 99-201986
415Environmental Degradation: Linkages To Hunger/U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance Program - Hearing - House of Representatives - Select Committee on Hunger - 99th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 99-211986
416Empty Breadbasket? The Coming Challenge to America's Food Supply and What We Can Do About It - A Study of the U.S. Food System by The Cornucopia Project of Rodale Press1981
417Against The Grain by Tony Jackson with Deborah Eade1982
418Rising Poverty, Declining Health: the Nutritional Status of the Rural Poor - A Report by Public Voice for Food and Health Policy1986
419Food In The Warehouses, Hunger In The Streets - A Report on the Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program by Michael Libsky and Marc A. Thibodeau1985
420Overcoming World Hunger: The Challenge Ahead1980
421Select Committee on Hunger - Field Hearing/Pine Ridge Reservation - South Dakota 1985 October 111984
422Select Committee on Hunger Rural Perspectives of Poverty and Hunger in America - A case study of Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota - October 11, 1985 - Jane Dudley1984
423Poverty and Hunger1984
424Hunger Committee1986
425Hunger - Miscellaneous1985
426Physicians Task Force/South Dakota Hunger Contacts1986
427Hunger Committee Reports - House1986
428Hunger and the Homeless1986
429Homeless (1)1984
430Homeless (2)1985
51FCC (Federal Communications Commission)/Small Business - Access Charge1984
52Universal Telephone Mark-up1983
53Thomas A. Daschle - Telephone Meetings1983
54Washington Update Telecommunications1984
55Trip Book Information1982
56Trip Book1981
57Aberdeen Election Returns, etc.1978
5810% withholding1983
59Trade Task Force1983
510Trade Reciprocity1983
511Small Business and Regulation1983
512Synthetic Fuels Corporation1981
513Small Business Conference1983
514Solar Energy Tax Credit1983
515Solar, Passive1979
516Oil Shale1979
517Synthetic Fuels (1)1979
518Synthetic Fuels (2)1979
519H.R. 3020 - Small Business Authorizations1984
520Strategic Petroleum Reserve1982
521Solar, Financial/Tax Incentives1978
522Solar, Federal Buildings Program1979
523South Dakota Realtor Contacts1982
524Synfuels and Carbon Dioxide1979
525Regulation Yundated
61Allowances - 97th Congress1982
62Bills to Cliff- Campaign (not charge cards)1983
63Stationary Store - 19841984
64MasterCard File - Bills and Credits1983
65American Express File1983
66Stationery Receipts1983
71Fosburgh: WEB (Walworth-Edmunds-Brown) Financing Problemundated
72Fosburgh: Port User Fees1986
73Fosburgh: Yankton Sioux Tribe Irrigation1984
74Fosburgh: Rural Water Association Grant1986
75Fosburgh: Spink Co. Road - Rod Evans1986
76Fosburgh: Oglala Aquifer1985
77Fosburgh: H.R. 584: Lake Andes - Wagner - Authorization1985
78Fosburgh: Marty Indian School1986
79Fosburgh: 1985 Supplemental Appropriation. - Missouri Rec. River1985
710Fosburgh: Mellette Rural Water System1985
711Fosburgh: Wetland Easements1983
712Fosburgh: Water Congress/AWO (American Water Operators)/Waterline - newsletters etc.1985
713Fosburgh: WEB Mail Permit1985
714Fosburgh; Omnibus Water Bill 1985 - H.R. 6/S.3661985
715Fosburgh: Omnibus Water Bills S. 3661985
716Huron UDAG (Urban Development Action Grants)1984
717Juke Box H.R. 38581984
718Labor/HHS (Health and Human Services) 19851984
719Low Income Energy Assistance 19841983
720Reconciliation 84 Medicare Assignment1984
721Medicare Assignment1983
724Medicaid Penalties1984
725Social Security1981
726Health Services and Resources Programs: FY 1985 Budget1984
727H.R. 3021 - Health Care for the Unemployed1983
728National Science Foundation1983
729H.R. 2350 Health Research Extension Act of 19831983
730Older Americans Act 19841985
732H.R. 5580 - Organ Transplants1984
733Patent Restoration1984
735FCC (Federal Communications Commission) - ATandT1984
736Prospective Payment - Hospitals - Medicare1983
737Public Radio1983
738REA (Rural Electrification Administration) Telephone Loans1984
739Railroad Retirement1983
740Respiratory Therapy1983
741South Dakota Statistics / Budget Cut Effects1984
742Railroad Retirement1983
743Rural Hospitals1984
744Senior Citizen Statementsundated
745S. 2053 - Mental Health1983
747Tax Health - Insurance Bennies (Benefits)1983
748JJ - SS (Social Security)1982
749National Cable Policy1983
750H.R. 3520 - Rehabilitation Act Amendments1983
751Social Security Tax Exempt Bonds1983
752WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) / Child Nutrition1984
753Radio / Television Deregulation1983
754H.R. 41021983
755Universal Telephone Service1983
81Reagan 97th Proposals and Action1981
82Social Security Commission Report1983
83Social Security Financing1981
84Tommy Roubideaux1984
85Social Security - Statements, Releases etc.1981
86Social Security / Campaign1982
87Social Security Disability1982
88Social Security Disability - H.R. 3755 Reform1984
89Social Security COLA (Cost of Living Allowance)1984
810Social Security Conference Report H.R. 19001983
811Social Security 19831982
812Social Security / Committee and Floor Action1983
813Social Security Information For Tom's Meetings1981
814Social Security (campaign)1984
815Bell / Social Security1981
816Social Security - Two Tier1982
817Copies of Social Security Letters - Investment Policy1982
818Reagan Social Services Budget Cuts - Reconciliation1981
819Statement File1980
820Mental Health Systems Title XX also1982
8211981 Budget Cuts (1)1980
8221981 Budget Cuts (2)1980
823FTC (Federal Trade Commission) / Anti-Trust Rule1982
824Hospital Cost Control1979
825Budget Reconciliation1980
826Budget Reconciliation1981
828Various Social Security Legislation Proposal 97th1979
829Robo File1981
830Social Security / Investment Policy1981
831Clint / Thomas A. Daschle Vote Research1981
832Unemployable (Veterans Administration) - Disability1980
833Tinnitus and Hearing Loss1970
834Delayed Stress Claim1979
835Chris Johnson1981
836Agent Orange Claim1964
8371982 Budget Cuts1981
838H.R. 2626 - Hospital Cost Containment1979
839Social Security Trust Fund Investment Practices Reprints, mailings etc.1982
840Al Young1968
911983 SS (Social Security) Meetings1983
92The Beer Bill1984
93Business Loan Amendment1981
94Class-Action Suit1983
95Dear Colleague Letters - Alcohol Fuels Caucus1979
96Financier: Health-Care Policy1983
97FCC (Federal Communications Commission) / National Telephone Cooperative Association Case1984
98FTC (Federal Trade Commission) / Funeral Rules1983
99GAO (General Accounting Office) - Social Securityundated
910H.R. 5600 - To Amend Title 38, United States Code, to Restore Certain Social Security Benefits Repealed by Public Law 97-351967
911Health Care1982
912Health Care Financial Administration Letter1983
913Judicial Review1979
914American Legion Review of South Dakota VA (Veterans Administration) Hospitals1983
915No Address or Illegible Names1981
916Notching Social Security1981
918Handicapped - Rehabilitation Act1980
919Response to People Who Favor Reagan's Economic Recovery Program1981
920ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) Bill H.R. 51441982
921South Dakota Radio Stations1983
922Social Security 19831983
923Social Security Issue Briefs / Newsletters Fraud and Abuse1981
924Social Security Loophole Reform Act1983
925Social Security Minimum Benefit H.R. 43311981
926Social Security S. 1528 H.R. 43821981
927Social Security Subcommittee Hearing on Investment Policies1981
928Texas Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Convoy1984
929Unified Budget1981
930VA (Veterans Administration) Nurses1983
931Veteran Centers1983
932Vietnam TV History1983
933Vietnam Veterans Art Exhibit1982
101Debate File1984
102Defense Waste1984
103Carbons 1983 January 271983
104Carbons February1983
105Carbons March1983
106Carbons April1983
107Carbons May1983
108Carbons June1983
109Carbons July1983
1010Carbons August1983
1011Carbons September1983
1012Carbons October1983
1013Carbons December1983
1014Unpledged Delegates - Congressman Smith1983
1015Democratic Caucus1983
1016Hospital and Health Care Subcommittee - Field Hearings1983
1017Rick's Section - Old Information (1)1982
1018Rick's Section - Old Information (2)1983
1019Rick's Section - Old Information (3)1983
1020Veteran's Affairs1983
1021Post Office and Civil1983
1023Livestock, Dairy and Poultry Subcommittee - Field Hearings1983
1024House Schedule October-December1983
1025Daily Schedules - January1983
1026Daily Schedules - February1983
1027Daily Schedules - March1983
1028Daily Schedules - April1983
1029Daily Schedules - May1983
1030Daily Schedules - June1983
1031Daily Schedules - July1983
1032Daily Schedules - August1983
1033Daily Schedules - September1983
1034Daily Schedules - October1983
1035Daily Schedules - November1983
1036Daily Schedules - December1983
1037Whip, Memos, Meetings1983
1038Committee Hearings - May - September1983
1039Events - January1983
1040Events - February1983
1041Events - March1983
1042Events - April1983
1043Events - May1983
1044Events - June1983
1045Events - July1983
1046Events - August1983
1047Events - September1983
1048Events - October1983
1049Events - November1983
1050Events - December1983
111Revenue Foregone1983
112Revenue Sharing1983
113Rural Enterprise Zones1983
114HUD (Housing and Urban Development) - Rysavy1983
115Postal Service - Private Express1982
116Populism Caucus1983
117PILT (Payments-in-Lieu-of-Taxes) Program1982
118Post Office and Civil Service Committee (1)1983
119Post Office and Civil Service Committee Information (2)1983
1110Postal Service - Postal Rates1981
1111Postal Service - Electronic Messages1979
1112Postal Service - Zip Code1980
1114Miscellaneous Issues - Clips1985
1115Agent Orange 1961 Conference Agreement1984
1116Radiation Protection Standards1984
1117VVIC (Vietnam Veterans in Congress) Membership Drive1981
1118South Dakota Veterans List1981
1119VA (Veterans Administration) Construction Hearing 1982 April 11982
1120VA (Veterans Administration) Hospital Audits / South Dakota1981
1121Daily Schedules - January1982
1122Daily Schedules - February1982
1123Daily Schedules - March1982
1124Daily Schedules - April1982
1125Daily Schedules - May1982
1126Daily Schedules - June1982
1127Daily Schedules - July1982
1128Daily Schedules - August1982
1129Daily Schedules - September1982
1130Daily Schedules - October1982
1131Daily Schedules - November1982
1132Daily Schedules - December1982
1133April Invitations1982
1134South Dakota / D.C. Schedule January1982
1135South Dakota / D.C. Schedule February1982
1136South Dakota / D.C. Schedule April (1)1982
1137South Dakota / D.C. Schedule April (2)1982
121Tribally Controlled Community Colleges1982
122Tribally Controlled Community College Bill - 97th Congress1980
123Higher Indian Education1982
124Indian Water Issues - 97th Congress 1981-19821981
125Indian Legislation 97th Congress (Miscellaneous)1982
126Indians Miscellaneous - 97th Congress (1)1980
127Indians Miscellaneous - 97th Congress (2)1980
128Indians Miscellaneous - 97th Congress (3)1981
129Pierre Indian Learning Center 97th Congress1982
1210Proposal to Close Flandreau and Other BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Boarding Schools1982
1211Indian-Crow Creek Hospital / School Problems1980
1212Red Scaffold School1981
1213Indian Housing Act of 1982 (1)1982
1214Indian Housing Act of 1982 (2)1982
1215Education - Pine Ridge (also see Tribal College Files)1982
1216Pine Ridge Tribal Court Problems 97th Congress1981
1217Indian - South Dakota Legislative Resolution Re: Sisseton-Wahpeton1974
12181973 Wounded Knee Victims Case 97th Congress1981
1219Pete Young Buffalo1978
1220Various Testimony on FY 1983 BIA and Indian Health / Housing Budget Proposals1982
1221ACKCO American Indian Professional Services (Indian Consulting Firm)1982
1222Swift Bird Project (96th and 97th Congresses)1980
1223FY 1982 Interior Appropriations1981
131Loobey, Don1979
1321983 Jobs Bill1983
133VA (Veterans Administration) Budget FY 19841983
134Atomic veterans - Science1983
135Aging Veterans1984
136VA (Veterans Administration) Cuts / Reagan 2nd Term1984
137Daschle on Ag, Veterans, Water, Administration, Legislature, etc.1985
138Pressler Clips1985
139H.R. 14001981
1310VVIC (Vietnam Veterans in Congress) June 11983
1311FY 1984 Budget Hearing1983
1312Veterans Mark-up 1983 May 101983
1313Judicial Review Hearing 1983 August 261983
1314National Weather Service1983
1315Weather Station Studies1977
1316VA (Veterans Administration) Revalidation Process for Major Construction Projects1982
1317VA (Veterans Administration) Construction Hearings 1982 December 141982
1318Veterans Center Scandal1984
1319Veterans Committee Releases1984
1320Veteran's Educational Assistance Act of 19831983
1321VA (Veterans Administration) Budget FY 19851982
1322Weekly Reports1984
1323Westpo Briefs1983
1324Weather Modification1983
1325Tax Ranking By State1983
1326Tax Loopholes1981
1327Tax Expenditures1973
1328Mortgage Revenue Bonds1984
1329H.R. 4651 - Public Debt Control Act1981
1330H.R. 4587 - Repeal Windfall Profits Tax Exemptions1891
1331H.R. 4588 - Hunger Prevention and African Food Security Act1981
1332H.R. 4709 - Prompt Payment Act of 19811982
1333H.R. 4728 - Fixed-rate Real Estate Loans Shall Be Determined by State1981
1334H.R. 4786 - Bankruptcy Improvements Act of 19811982
1335H.R. 4835 - Single Audit Act1981
1336H.R. 4882 - Ceilings for Tax Expenditures1981
1337H.R. 4977 - Rename Nimitz to the Hyman G. Rickover1982
1338H.R. 5088 - Establish the U.S. Academy of Peace and Conflict Resolution1981
1339H.R. 5088 - U.S Academy of Peace and Conflict Resolution Act1982
1340H.R. 5117 - Gold Medal to Bryan Lewis Allen1981
1341H.R. 5127 - Incorporate the National Federation of Music Clubs1982
1342H.R. 5144 - Eligibility for Compensation of Senior Reserve Officers1981
1343H.R. 5176 - Extension of Time for Enrollment in College for SS Benefits1981
1344H.R. 5180 - SS Coverage of Hospice Care1981
1345H.R. 5192 - Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations to Include Elected School Board Officials1981
1346H.R. 5308 - Make Information Available Regarding Parolees1982
1347H.R. 5410 - Prevent Special Benefits to Members of Congress1982
1348H.R. 5439 - Open Season on Federal Employee Health Benefits1982
1349H.R. 5473 - Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act1982
1350H.R. 5508 - Energy Security Act1982
1351H.R. 7718 - Organic Farming Act of 19821982
1352H.R. 5666 - Defer payment of Principal and Interest of Loans1982
1353H.R. 5944 - Amend the Internal Revenue Code '54-mortgage Subsidy1982
1354H.R. 6124 - Low-Interest Rate and Economic Recovery Act1982
1355H.R. 6135 - Contract Sanctity Re: Agricultural Exports - Co-sponsor1982
1356H.R. 6142 - Surplus Agricultural Commodities Disposal Act of 19821982
1357H.R. 6236 - To Repeal Obsolete Language in Agricultural and Mechanical Arts Colleges1982
1358H.R. 6274 - Farm Crisis Act1982
1359H.R. 6485 - Amend and Extend Tribally Controlled Community college Assistance Act of '781982
1360H.R. 6507 - Veterans Employment Benefits1982
1361H.R. 6782 - Increase Compensation - Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses and Children1982
1362H.R. 6789 - Rural Electrical Coops Fees Exemption1982
1363H.R. 6794 - Improve Job Training and Job Placement for Veterans1982
1364H.R. 6818 - Farm Crisis Act (revised)1982
1365H.R. 6885 - Broadway / Times Theater District as Historical1982
1366H.R. 7012 - 50% of Funds Be Available to Those in Absolute Poverty1982
1367H.R. 7021 - Remove Limitation on Maximum Rate of Interest Paid on Certain Balances1982
1368H.R. 7109 - Retired Members of Armed Services May Serve on Local Selective Service1982
1369H.R. 7110 - Presumption of Service Connected Disability for Vietnam Veterans1982
1370H.R. 7146 - Resumption of Service Connected Disability for Vietnam Veterans1982
1371H.R. 7170 - Transfer From VA (Veterans Administration) to HHS Agent Orange Study1982
1372H.R. 7261 - Strategic Alcohol Fuel Reserve1982
1373H.R. 7688 - Energy Performance Based Tax Credit1980
1374Agriculture Appropriations for FY 1983 - 1982 December 151982
1375The Balanced Budget Battle Special to South Dakota Municipalitiesundated
141Institute for Policy Studies1986
142National Abortion Rights Action League1985
143March for Life1980
144National Abortion Rights Action League1982
145National Committee for A Human Life Amendment1979
146National Right to Life Committee1980
147Chamber of Commerce of the U.S.1980
148Business Industry PAC (Political Action Committee) - BIPAC1979
149National Association of Life Underwriters1970
1410National Association of Manufacturers1980
1411National Right to Work Newsletter1986
1412National Federation of Independent Business1981
1413Children's Defense Fund1981
1414Christian Voice1979
1415American Civil Liberties Union1983
1416Congressional Education Associates1981
1417National Association for the Advancement of Colored People1983
1418NCAI (National Congress of American Indians)1986
1419H.R. 4567 98th Congress1985
14201984 Tax (1040)1984
1421Abdnor, Daschle Debateundated
1422Campaign People1982
1423Indian Issues1982
1425Clips - Miscellaneous1981
1430Clips January1986
1431Clips February1986
1432Clips March1986
1433Clips April1986
1434Clips May1986
1435Clips June 1-151986
1436Clips June1986
1437Clips July1986
1438Clips September1986
1439Clips - Miscellaneousundated
1440Commercial Campaign Schedules1984
1441Summary Press Listings for Prior to 19781986
1442Summary Press Listings for 19781986
1443Summary Press Listing for 19791986
1444Summary Press Listings for 19801986
1445Summary Press Listings for 19811986
1446Summary Press Listings for 19821986
1447Summary Press Listings for 19831986
1448Summary Press Listings for 19841986
1449Summary Press Listings for 19851986
1450Summary Press Listings for 19861986
1451Mixed Date June, July 1984 Non Articles from Secondary Press Files1984
1452News Releases1982
1453Office and Staff1980
151South Dakota / D.C. Schedule February1980
152South Dakota / D.C. Schedule May (1)1982
153South Dakota / D.C. Schedule May (2)1982
154South Dakota / D.C. Schedule June 821982
155South Dakota / D.C. Schedule August 821982
156South Dakota / D.C. Schedule July 821982
157South Dakota / D.C. Schedule September (1)1982
158South Dakota / D.C. Schedule September (2)1982
159South Dakota / D.C. Schedule October1982
1510South Dakota / D.C. Schedule November1982
1511South Dakota / D.C. Schedule December1982
1512Trip Notes1982
1513D.C Staff Memos1981
1514Staff correspondence1980
1515MANDAN 500 KV Electric Transmission Line Project (1)1980
1516MANDAN 500 KV Electric Transmission Line Project (2)1978
161H.R. 3149 Introduction- Original Co-sponsor1985
162H.R. 3178 Co-sponsor1985
163H.R. 3201 Co-sponsor1985
164H.R. 3260 Co-sponsor1985
165H.R. 3297 Introduction- Original Co-sponsor1985
166H.R. 3328 Introduction - Original Co-sponsor1985
167H.R. 3427 Co-sponsor1985
168H.R. 3442 Co-sponsor1985
169H.R. 3530 Co-sponsor1985
1610H.R. 3557 Co-sponsor1985
1611H.R. 3599 Co-sponsor1985
1612H.R. 3622 Co-sponsor1985
1613H.R. 3643 Co-sponsor1985
1614H.R. 3645 Co-sponsor1985
1615H.R. 3732 Co-sponsor1985
1616H.R. 3733 Co-sponsor1985
1617H.R. 3738 Co-sponsor1985
1618H.R. 3747 Introduction1985
1619H.R. 3764 Introduction- Original Co-sponsor1985
1620H.R. 3800 Co-sponsor1986
1621H.R. 3894 Co-sponsor1986
1622H.R. 3968 Co-sponsor1986
1623H.R. 4060 Co-sponsor1986
1624H.R. 4086 Co-sponsor1986
1625H.R. 4105 Co-sponsor1986
1626H.R. 4130 Co-sponsor1986
1627H.R. 4135 Co-sponsor1986
1628H.R. 4186 Co-sponsor1986
1629H.R. 4241 Co-sponsor1986
1630H.R. 4267 Co-sponsor (Daschle-Bedell)1986
1631H.R. 4295 Co-sponsor1986
1632H.R. 4311 Co-sponsor1986
1633H.R. 4335 Co-sponsor1986
1634H.R. 4338 Co-sponsor1986
1635H.R. 4384 Introduction1986
1636H.R. 4393 Co-sponsor1984
1637H.R. 4455 Co-sponsor1986
1638H.R. 44211986
1639H.R. 4391 Co-sponsor1986
1640H.R. 4462 Introduction1986
1641Abdnor and Daschle on Government Spending1986
1642Daschle Poll 1986 January 191986
1643Clippings 1984-November1984
1644SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty)1986
1645Kathy Schwartz / Mount Zion Temple1981
1646South Africa H.R. 4868 Sanctions1986
1647Laura's Robos - House1986
1648Arms Control Symposia1985
1649Philip Stern - Campaign Reform1985
1650Foreign Aid - Section 551 1987 CR (Congressional Record)1986
1651Laura Petrou - Jordan Arms Sale1985
1652Laura Petrou - Marcos / The Philippines1985
1653Laura Petrou - Memos (House)1986
1654Vouchers and Invoices September1983
1655Vouchers and Invoices October1983
1656Vouchers and Invoices November1983
1657Vouchers and Invoices December1983
171Media Reports January (1)1984
172Media Reports January (2)1984
173Media Reports February (1)1984
174Media Reports February (2)1984
175Media Reports March (1)1984
176Media Reports March (2)1984
177Media Reports April (1)1984
178Media Reports April (2)1984
179Media Reports May (1)1984
1710Media Reports May (2)1984
1711Media Reports June 11984
181Statement - Balanced Federal Budget H. Con. Res. 345undated
182Biomass Production Incentive Act - Inserted into Congressional Recordundated
183Democratic News Article - Tax Expenditures and Water Developmentundated
184Democratic Party, South Dakota - Democratic News Article, Rebuilding the State Partyundated
185Congressional Committee Chairmen from South Dakota - Paper from Philip Grant into Congressional Recordundated
186Myths to Clear Up Regarding Balancing the Federal Budget - Statementundated
187Reconciliation Bill - Daschle Remarks1980
188South Dakota Land Improvement Contractors Association Speech1981
189Underground Waterundated
1810Farm Credit Act Amendments of 1980 H.R. 75481980
1811Imputed Interest Bill - H.R. 953 Congressional Record 1980 January 201980
1812Rural Rental Housing, Section 515 1980 August 221980
1813Fuel from Biomass Production Incentive Act 1980 September 41980
1814Satterfield, Dave - Remarks on Retirement 1980 November 131980
1815Gasohol Competition Act Debate and Statement 1980 November 171980
1816Ag - Sokota Hybrid Annual Meeting 1980 December 41980
1817Renewable Fuels Association Remarks 1980 December 41980
1818South Dakota Municipal League - Article 1980 December 121980
1819Democratic Party State Central Committee Meetingundated
1820Dear Colleague on Grain Embargo Bill 1981 January 231981
1821Retention and Recruitment of Reserve Forces and National Guard - 1981 February 31981
1822South Dakota American Legion Mid-winter Conference National Security, Energy - 2/7/19811981
1823Telegram to President of El Salvador - Statement 1981 February 111981
1824Declining Population of Family Farmers, Article to Mitchell Republic - 1981 February 131981
1825Balanced Budget - Congressional Record1981
1826SUM (Shallow Underwater Missile Submarine System), Congressional Record - Statement1981
1827Subcommittee on Energy Conservation and Power - Statement 1981 February 261981
1828National Farmer's Union Convention Address, Orlando, Florida - 1981 March 31981
1829Alcohol Fuels Caucus Dear Colleague Re: David Stockman - 1981 March 121981
1830Vocational Training Program, Vietnam Era Veterans - Statement 1981 March 101981
1831Congressional Alcohol Fuels Caucus1981
1832Food for Peace Program Before Agriculture Subcommittee - Statement 1981 Marcy 131981
1833Administration Policy on Alcohol Fuels: Committee on Budget - 1981 March 241981
1834The Real World, Re: Reagan's Budget Deficit for 1981 - Statement 1981 March 251981
1835In Favor of Alcohol Fuels; Agriculture, Rural Development, Related Agencies - Statement 3/30/811981
1836Imputed Interest Rates Subcommittee on Oversight of the Internal Revenue Service - 4/27/19811981
1837Tribute to Vietnam Veterans - Congressional Record 1981 April 271981
1838Balanced Budget - Statement before House - 1981 May 51981
1839Gramm-Latta Letter to Editor Huron Daily Plainsman - 1981 May 121981
1840Vietnam Veterans Outreach Program - Insertion of Testimony Into Congressional Record - 1981 June 151981
1841Opening Statement Subcommittee in Atlanta for Vet Centers - 1981 June 151981
1842Impact Aid - House Appropriations Subcommittee on Health, Education and Welfare - 6/16/19811981
1843Delay in SS and VA (Veterans Administration) Benefit Adjustments - Statement - 1981 September 171981
1844Public Debt Control Act - Statement1981
1845National Convention of Impact Aid Superintendents - 1981 November 171981
1846H.R. 262 Closing Tax Loopholes - Statement1981
1847Committee on Rules - 1981 December 101981
1848Banking - Ag / Small Businessman on Fed - Statement1981
1849Holum's "Feed the Horses and the Sparrows Will Eat" - Statement1981
1850South Dakota Chamber Leads Energy Conservation - Statement1981
1851Jaycees Have Earned Recognition - Statement 1982 January1981
1852South Dakota Municipalities Deficit Has Doubled - Statement - 1982 January1981
1853South Dakota Municipal League - Article1982
1854Aid and Comfort for OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) - Statement1982
1855Repeal of Congressional Pay Increase Provisions - Statement1982
1856National Weather Service Offices Closure Due to Budget Cuts - 1982 February 21982
1857Congressional Pay Ceiling - 1982 February 21982
1858Back Door Natural Gas Price Decontrol - 1982 March 101982
1859Honoring Crazy Horse - Statement 1982 March 161982
1860Foreign Language Week - Statement 1981 March 161982
1861National Agriculture Day - Statement 1982 March 181982
1862Lantos Discharge Petition - 1982 March 251982
1863Analysis of Financial Aid Crisis - 1982 March 251982
1864Forecasts of a Worsening Economy Should Not Be Ignored - 1982 March 251982
1865Enlisting the Backs of Tax Avoiders - Statement1982
1866Testimony on Budget Proposals and Alternatives - 1982 March 311982
1867South Dakota Trucking Association Receives National Safety Award - Statement1982
1868Proposed Closing of Flandreau Indian School - Statement1982
1869Impact Aid Testimony - Statement1982
1870John Lawler - 1982 May 41982
1871Alcohols as Octane Enhancers - May 19821982
1872Higher Education Among Native Americans - 1982 May 201982
1873Credit Supplies - 1982 June 81982
1874Shell Game - Balance the Budget - 1982 June1982
1875Add name to H.R. 6077 as Co-sponsor - Airline Employee Merger Prot. - Statement1982
1876Keynote Address - National Rural Letter Carriers Association - Statement1982
1877Natural Gas Pricing, 1982 December 211982
1878Development Aid to be Targeted to Those in Absolute Poverty - 1982 August 181982
1879Interest Rates, 1981 September 101981
1880Thomas A. Daschle Tribute to Harry Chapin 1981 July 171981
1881Balanced Budget - 1981 May 121981
1882Congress to the Country with Rerraro, 1981 December 151981
1883Postal Service in Rural America - December, 19821982
1884Education for All Handicapped Children Act, 1982 September 131982
1885Food for Peace Program, 1982 March 131981
1886Domestic Hunger and Nutrition Programs, 1982 September 241982
1887Reduction in Student Assistance Programs, 1982 August 251982
1888Override Veto on Supplemental Appropriations Bill, 1982 September 91982
1889Fair Representation on the Federal Board of Governors, 1981 October 221981
1890Donald P. (Bud) Weiland Tribute in Congressional Record, 1982 October1982
1891The Selling of Reaganomicsundated
1892Interest Rates and the Homebuilders - Statement, 1981 November 51981
1893Economic Recovery Tax Reform Act1981
1894World Food Day Speech in Sioux Falls (Re: World Hunger / Nuclear Freeze)1982
1895Super NOW (Negotiable Order of Withdrawal) Accountundated
1896Shell Game or SUM (Shallow Underwater Missile Submarine System) - 1981 April 11981
1897OJT (On the Job Training), VA (Veterans Administration) Sponsored - 1981 March 101981
1898Biomass Information Dissemination - 1979 October 181979
1899Balanced Budget - 1980 April 241980
18100Repeal Oil Tax Breaks - 1981 September 231981
18101Repeal Oil Tax Breaks - 1981 September 241981
18102Indian Education Convention - 1982 October 151982
18103Speech and Communication Convention1982
18104Agriculture Appropriations Bill FY 1982 - 1981 July 291981
18105Development Aid to Those in Absolute Poverty - 1982 August 181982
18106Agriculture Appropriations Bill for 1982 - 1981 July 271981
18107Musical Tribute to Vietnam War Veterans - 1981 July 231981
18108Democratic Party Needs New Ideasundated
18109High Interest Rates Have Caused Damage - 1981 July 281981
18110Elderly and Veterans Should Not Suffer - 1981 September 171981
18111Western States Water and Power Consumers Conference 1982 September 201982
18112Federal Fleet Gasohol Use - 1981 July 301981
18113Reaganomics Gets its Test - 1981 September1981
18114National Tourism Policy Act - 1981 July 281981
18115Garrison Project Fundingundated
18116Queen Isabella March - 1981 October 201981
18117Soviets Should Be Permitted to Buy Grain - 1982 November 301982
181181966 Indian Claims Extension - 1982 December 131982
18119Economic Recovery Act of 1981 (2 copies)1981
191February Events1979
192March Events1979
193April Events1979
194May Events1979
195July Events1979
196February Invitations Confirmed1979
197March Invitations Confirmed1979
198April Invitations Confirmed1979
199May Invitations Confirmed1979
1910June Invitations Confirmed1979
1911July Invitations Confirmed1979
1912August Invitations Confirmed1979
1913September Invitations Confirmed1979
1914October Invitations Confirmed1979
1915November Invitations Confirmed1979
1916December Invitations Confirmed1979
1917January Schedules1979
1918February Schedules1979
1919March Schedules1979
1920April Schedulesundated
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1922June Schedulesundated
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1924August Schedulesundated
1925September Schedules1979
1926October Schedulesundated
1927November Schedulesundated
1928Past Committee Notices1979
1929Things To Do From Trip Book - Trip Notes February-December1979
1930Whip Checks1979
1931Whip Information1979
1932Whip Notices - 1979 February 16-May1979
1933Whip Notices - 1979 June-August1979
1934Whip Notices - 1979 September-December1979
1935Whip Schedules1979
201ACTION's Volunteer Programs1983
202Agent Orange Cleveland1984
203AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)1983
204AMA (American Medical Association) / Dioxin1983
205Anti-Cable H.R. 42991983
207Baby Doe1983
208Bell Divestiture1983
209Budget Cuts Affecting Children1982
2010Catastrophic Health Care1979
2011Cable Telecommunications Act of 19831983
2012Cable TV1983
2013Cable TV / Phones Abdnor1983
2014Chamberlain / Indian Health Service IHS1984
2015Child Abuse1983
2016Child Support Enforcement1983
2017Child Welfare1982
2019Dow and Dioxin (1)1982
2020Dow and Dioxin (2)1983
2022FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Access Charge Decision1983
2023Financial Interest and Syndication Rules H.R. 22501983
2024Grandparent Visitation Act1983
2026Handicapped / Disabled1982
2027Handicapped Kid1982
2028Head Start1982
2029Health Care Costs1984
2030Heroin / Relief1984
2031HHS (Health and Human Services) Budget FY 19841983
2032HHS (Health and Human Services) Budget FY 19851984
2033Hospital Costs1983
2034H.R. 2382 - FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Legislation1983
2035H.R. 41031984
2036IHS (Indian Health Service) - Related1982
2037Immune Suppression1978
2038Jacksonville / Vertac1979
2039Joe Prince1982
2040Room 334 Cannon HOB (House Office Building) Subcommittee On Compensation, Pension and Insurance Markup of H.R. 1961 - Agent Orange Compensation 1983 July 281983
2041Mid-Dakota Hospital1981
2042Rosebud Health1982
2043Senate Agent Orange1982
2044Summary of Legislation Affecting the Elderly1983
2045Times Beach1983
2046Vietnam Conference - January 19831982
2047VA (Veterans Administration) Agent Orange Registry1983
2048Vietnam Veterans Affairs1983
2049Veterans' Committee1983
2050Medical Technology1982
211Media Reports June (1)1984
212Media Report June (2)1984
213Media Report June (3)1984
214Media Reports July (1)1984
215Media Reports July (2)1984
216Media Report July (3)1984
217Media Reports July (4)1984
218Media Reports August (1)1984
219Media Reports August (2)1984
2110Media Reports August (3)1984
2111Media Reports September (1)1984
2112Media Reports September (2)1984
2113Media Reports October (1)1984
2114Media Reports October (2)1984
221Vocational Education (1)1979
222Vocational Education (2)1977
223Education - Ashbrook Amendment1980
224Department of Education Bill1979
225Education - Youth Act of 19801980
226Education - OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Circular A-211979
227Gay Rights1980
228General Accounting Office1979
229H.R. 5496, Historic Preservation Amendments1979
2210H.R. 5200 - Fair Housing Bill1980
2211Contract Schools - Marty, Francis, Crow Creek, Funding Problems 1980 June1979
2212Indian Materials - Miscellaneous 1979-19801979
2213Indian - Terry Pechota Proposal Re: Tribal Courts1980
2214Indians - Health 1979-19801979
2215Indian Health Care1980
2216American Indian Services Funding1979
2217Sinte Gleska / Oglala Sioux Colleges Funding (471 / Tribal Allocation)1980
2218Sisseton-Wahpeton Cut and Sew Operation1980
2219South Dakota Water Suit (Vis Avis Tribes)1980
2220Indian - CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act) Problems1979
2221Indian - Pine Ridge Housing Problems1980
2222Indian - Veblen Housing Project1979
2223Indian - Rosebud Census Problems1980
2224Indian Reservations - Issue of Unfair Social Services Resources1980
2225Interim Appropriations Bill1980
2226Sisseton / Wahpeton Community College1978
2227Indian Education P.L. 95-5611980
2228Library of Congress1976
2230Mammoth Site1979
2231The Year in Congress - 96th Congress1979
2232Metric System1978
2233New Releases - Daschle 1980 incomplete!1980
2234National Endowment for Arts and Humanities1979
2235Mid-East Letter Project1978
2236Office of Technology Assessment1980
233Presidential candidates1984
234Photo information1984
235Voting Qualifications (all states)1980
236Vietnam Veterans In Congressundated
237Thanksgiving Proclamation1980
238Tri-lateral Commission1978
239Toxic Shock Syndrome1980
2310School Prayer1980
2311Sewall-Belmont House1980
2312Social Security Administration Phone #'s to Call1981
2313Staff Memos1983
2314South Dakota Alcohol Fuels Associationundated
2315South Dakota Primary Results1980
2316D.C. Act 4-69 (Sexual Assault)1981
2317Water Hearings1984
2318White House Conference on Families1979
2319White House Liaison Listundated
2320Women - Employment on Capitol Hill1980
2321Weekly Newspapers (South Dakota)undated
2322Letters of Recommendations1984
2323Pay Equity1984
2324John's Section1984
2325Peter's Section1983
2326Ryan's Section1984
2327Decline Invites January1984
2328Decline Invites February1984
2329Decline Invites March1984
2330Decline Invites April1984
2331Decline Invites May1984
2332Decline Invites June1984
2333Decline Invites July1984
2334Decline Invites August1984
2335Decline Invites September1984
2336Decline Invites October1984
2337Decline Invites November1984
2338Decline Invites December1984
2339Department of Transportation Appropriations Bill (1) 19841984
2340Department of Transportation Appropriations Bill (2) 19851984
2341Mike's Section1983
2342Carbons September1983
2343Carbons October1983
2344Carbons November1983
2345Carbons December1983
2346Thomas A. Daschle Biographiesundated
2347Birth Certificates - South Dakotaundated
2348Alcohol - South Dakota Service Stations Which Sell Gasoholundated
2349Agent Orange (Scientific Studies Citations)1980
2350May 11 Agriculture Council of America - Farm Call-in1982
2351South Dakota Trip Thank You Letters From Organizations1983
2352High School Choral Group1980
2353Code of Ethics - House and Senate1980
2354Domestic Violence Act1979
2355WPA (Works Project Administration) Dams1984
2356Deficit Reduction Act1984
2357Elderly - Legislation of 97th Congress 1st Session1981
2358Gasohol Marketing Freedom Act H.R. 39581979
2359Saturday Work Scheduleundated
2360Farmhouse to Townhouse1984
241News Releases1981
242News Releases (Daschle partial)1982
243News Releases December1982
244News Releases (Congressional) January1983
245News Releases (Congressional) February1983
246News Releases (Congressional) March1983
247News Releases (Congressional) April1983
248News Releases (Congressional) May1983
2410News Releases (Congressional) July1983
2411Campaign Press Releases1982
2412T.V. Buys1980
2413Media Contract1980
2414South Dakota Trip Staff Preparationsundated
2415Law of Political Broadcasting1980
2416Nominating Petition for Partisan Election1980
2417New York Convention1980
2418Radio Station Correspondence1980
2419Tax Return Cynthia Dwyer (Staff Member)1980
2420Trip Book Materials1980
2421Campaign Fundraising Lettersundated
2422Slicks and Add Copiesundated
2424Mark-up Calendar1980
2425McGovern Request - Schedule1980
2426Media Schedules1980
2427South Dakota Miscellaneousundated
2428Car Informationundated
2429Washington Miscellaneous1980
2430Office Memos1980
2431Newspapers Contacts and Advertising1979
2432Whip Issue Paper1980
2433Janklow and Kull (Miscellaneous)undated
2434Democratic Party Officers1979
2435SDEA (South Dakota Education Association) Convention1980
2437Daschle Steering Committeeundated
2438Campaign 1980 Brochure Text Mailer Text, etc.1980
2439Campaign Memos1980
2440Event Responses, Income Records1980
2441FEC (Federal Elections Commission) Reports (copies)1980
2442D.C. Reception Information1979
2445Lake Preston Times1980
2446Radio Stations Cost for adsundated
2447Election Day Materials1980
2448Radio Station Bills September-December1980
2449Radio Station Bills 1980 December- 1981 January1980
2450Campaign Debates1980
2451Invitations Handled - Filed1980
2452Radio Contacts and Addresses1980
2453Sticker Designs1980
251Campaign Schedules, Correspondence - Cindy Dwyer1986
252Invitations - Cindy Dwyer1986
254The Daschle Record: Book 1 - Codes-Agriculture1986
255The Daschle Record: Book 1 - Appropriations1986
256The Daschle Record: Book 2 - Arts-Banking1986
257The Daschle Record: Book 2 - Balanced Budget-Character1986
258The Daschle Record: Book 31986
259The Daschle Record: Book 4 - Defense / Arms Control1986
2510The Daschle Record: Book 4 - Economic Development-Economy1986
2511The Daschle Record: Book 5 - Education-Energy1986
2512The Daschle Record: Book 5 - Environment1986
2513The Daschle Record: Book 6 - Federal Employees-Family1986
2514The Daschle Record: Book 6 - Foreign Policy1986
262Accomplishments - 1981-19821981
263Advance and Follow-up Ads1978
265Air Service1978
266Balanced Budget1978
267Business and Industry1978
268Campaign Projects1982
269Daschle Budget1982
2610Daschle Miscellaneous Issues1978
2611Debate Schedules1982
2613Roberts County #41978
2615Endorsements - Daschle1982
2616ERA (Equal Rights Amendment)1978
2617FmHA (Farmers Home Administration)1978
2618Campaign Fundraising Items1981
2619Grand Jury Reform1978
2620Health Care - Hospitals1978
2621Indian Affairs1978
2623International Wheat Price1978
2624Schentzow, Robert VA (Veterans Administration) / Labor1978
2626Obscenity Law1978
2627Postal Service1978
2629Senior Citizens / Social Security1978
2630South Dakota State Races1982
2632Campaign Thank Yousundated
2634Water Policy1978
2635Watertown Public Opinion Newspaper Tear Sheets1978
2636Brookings County1978
2637Brown County1978
2638Clark County1978
2639Clay County1978
2640Codington County1978
2641Day County1978
2642Deuel County1978
2643Grant County1978
2644Hamlin County1978
2645Hutchinson County1978
2646Kingsbury County1978
2647Lake County1978
2648Lincoln County1978
2649Marshall County1978
2650Minnehaha County1978
2651McCook County1978
2652Moody County1978
2653Roberts County1978
2654Turner County1978
2655Union County1978
2656Yankton County1978
271Gregory County Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Facility - Interim Report and Final Environmental Impact Statement Missouri River, South Dakota, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Montana - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Omaha District1982
272Federal Charges for Irrigation Projects Reviewed Do Not Cover Costs - Report to the Congress by the Comptroller General of the United States - General Accounting Office1981
2731984 South Dakota Water Quality - Water Years 1982-1983 - South Dakota Department of Water and Natural Resources1984
274The Streambank Erosion Control Evaluation and Demonstration Act of 1974 Section 32, Public Law 93-251 - Final Report to Congress - Main Report - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers1981
275Missouri National Recreational River1980
276USDA Backgrounders: 1985 Farm Bill1985
277Consortium on Trade Research, Agriculture, Trade, and Development: A Comparative Look at U.S., Canadian, and European Community Policies - United States Department of Agriculture1986
278FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Study1985
279Emergency Farm Credit1985
2710Pay Equity: Equal Pay for Work of Comparable Value - Part 1 - Joint Hearings - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 97th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 97-531982
2711Senior Executive Service - Hearings - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st and 2nd Sessions - Serial No. 98-121984
2712Payroll Deduction Facilitation Act - Hearing on H.R. 3879 - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-141983
2713Mail Fraud / False Representation - Hearings on H.R. 3973 - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 97th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 97-511982
2714President's Private Sector Survey on Cost Control - Report of General Accounting Office and Hearings - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 97th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 97-521982
2715Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (Mercer Report) - Hearings - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 97th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 97-541982
2716Oversight on Operation of Postal Service - Joint Hearings - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-181983
2717Retirement Contribution Requirements for New Federal Employees - Hearing - House of Representatives - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-171983
2718Federal Employees Health Benefits Reform Act of 1983 - Hearings on H.R. 656 - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-161983
2719Civil Service Spouse Retirement Equity Act - Hearing on H.R. 2300 - House of Representatives - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-131983
2720DOE (Department of Energy) Prohibited Personnel Practices - Joint Hearing - House of Representatives - Committee on Energy Conservation and Commerce, Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-44, Serial No. 98-1983
2721Contracting of Positions Reserved for Preference Eligible - Hearings on H.R. 828 and H.R. 829 - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-91983
2722The Hispanic Population: A Demographic and Issue Profile - Hearings - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st Session1983
2723Agricultural Census - Hearing - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-111983
2724Civil Service Authorization and Miscellaneous Amendments Act of 1983 - Hearings on H.R. 4133 - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-151983
2725Food and Agriculture Act of 1981 - Report of the Committee on Agriculture together with Minority Views [To Accompany H.R. 3603] - House of Representatives - 97th Congress 1st Session - Report No. 97-1061981
2726CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) Reauthorization - Hearings on H.R. 5447 - House of Representatives - Committee on Agriculture - 97th Congress 2nd Session1982
2727The Principal Laws Relating to Forest Service Activities - Agriculture Handbook No. 453 - United States Department of Agriculture1983
2728Agricultural Credit Situation and FmHA (Farmers Home Administration) Loan Programs - Hearings - House of Representatives - Committee on Agriculture - 97th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 97-XX1982
2729Farm and Forest Produced Alcohol: The Key to Liquid Fuel Independence - A Compendium of Papers - Joint Committee Print - Joint Economic Committee - 96th Congress 2nd Session1980
2730Emergency Preparedness Planning of United States Postal Service - Hearing - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 97th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 97-561982
2731Current Salary Schedules of Federal Officers and Employees Together with a History of Salary and Retirement Annuity Adjustments - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - Committee Print No. 97-51982
2732Farmers Home Administration Staffing Levels and Organization - Hearing - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-191983
2733Soviet Disruption of Mail Service Part I - Hearings - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-201983
2734Soviet Disruption of Mail Service Part II - Hearings - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 98-211984
2735International Postal Rates - Joint Hearing - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, Committee on Foreign Affairs - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-221983
2736Impact of New Information and Communications on Postal Service - Hearings - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 98-231983
2737Federal Government Affirmative Action Policies and Programs - Joint Hearing - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office And Civil Service, Committee on the Judiciary - 98th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 33, Serial No. 98-251983
2738Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1982 - Hearings - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 97th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 97-551982
2739Labor Negotiation Rights of Overseas DOD (Department of Defense) Employees - Hearing - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 97th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 97-461982
2740Reductions in Force at Census Bureau - Joint Hearing - House of Representatives - Committee on Post Office and Civil Service - 97th Congress 2nd Session - Serial No. 97-441982
2741Rural Enterprise Zone Development - Hearing on H.R. 4576 - House of Representatives - Committee on Agriculture - 97th Congress 1st Session - Serial No. 97-JJ1981
2742Organic Farming Act of 1982 - Hearing on H.R. 5618 - House of Representatives - Committee on Agriculture - Serial No. 97-SSS1982
2743Public Law 95-113 - 95th Congress1977
281Trip #1 January 24-281985
282Trip #2 February 12-181985
283Trip to Philadelphia February 211985
284Democratic Issues Conference March 1-3 Greenbriar1985
285Comex March 8-101985
286Stop the Veto Rally March 61985
287Cleveland Trip March 151985
288South Dakota Trip March 22-251985
289South Dakota Trip March 28-311985
2810Seattle to Portland Trip April 13-151985
2811South Dakota Trip May 2-51985
2812South Dakota Trip May 9-131985
2813Trip to Newark May 17 - Formal Veterans Hearing1984
2814South Dakota Trip May 24-June 21985
2815South Dakota Trip June 6-91985
2816South Dakota Trip June 12-141985
2817Chicago / New York June 20-221985
2818Chicago June 241985
2819Hearing in Illinois July 21985
2820South Dakota Trip July 11-151985
2821South Dakota Trip July 25-291985
2822South Dakota Trip August 2-51985
2823South Dakota Trip August 18-221985
2824South Dakota Trip (1) August 28-September 61985
2825South Dakota Trip (2) August 28-September 61985
2826South Dakota Trip (Dick Gephardt Event) September 26-281985
2827Country to the Country September 201985
2828South Dakota Trip (Hunger Hearings - Pine Ridge) October 10-131985
2829Hunting Trip - South Dakota October 25-281985
2830Schedule Book January-May1984
2831South Dakota Trip November 8-131985
2832South Dakota Trip November 22-231985
2833South Dakota Trip December 11-171985
2834Fundraising (New York, Florida) December 3-71985
2835Minneapolis Reservations November 22-December 301985
2836Ferraro Visit September1985
2911984 Legislative Calendar1984
292Nordland Fest1983
293Harvest States1984
294Taiwan Trip - January1984
295Cenex-Minneapolis-February 1st1984
296COMEX (Commodity Exchange) - Florida - March 2-51984
297Texas April 15-171984
298Interment of the Unknown Serviceman of Vietnam May 171984
299Fundraiser Tuesday June 191984
2910South Dakota Trips1984
2911South Dakota Trip January 16-221984
2912South Dakota Trip #2 February 11-191984
2913Gephardt Visit February 171984
2914South Dakota Campaign Trip #1 October 8-151982
2915South Dakota Campaign Trip #2 October 16-201982
2916South Dakota Campaign Trip October 23-291982
2917South Dakota Campaign Trip October 30-November 21982
2918South Dakota Trip #3 March 9-101984
2919South Dakota Trip #4 March 30-April 21984
2920South Dakota Trip #5 April 6-81984
2921South Dakota Trip #6 May 11-141984
2922South Dakota Trip #7 May 18-211984
2923South Dakota Trip #8 May 25-June 11984
2924South Dakota Trip #9 June 15-181984
2925South Dakota Trip #10 June 22-251984
2926South Dakota Trip #11 July 3-91984
2927South Dakota Trip #12 July 27-291984
2928South Dakota Trip #13 August 5-61984
2929South Dakota Trip #14 August 21-261984
2930South Dakota Trip #15 August 31-September 51984
2931South Dakota Trip #16 September 7-91984
2932South Dakota Trip #17 September 22-241984
2933South Dakota Trip #18 November 28-December 21984
2934South Dakota Trip #19 December 19-231984
301Fundraiser October 11984
302Fundraiser March 22 Fundraiser1984
303Control Data October 30 - Speech1984
304National Convention1984
305South Dakota / D.C. Appointments January1984
306South Dakota / D.C. Appointments February1984
307South Dakota / D.C. Appointments March1984
308South Dakota / D.C. Appointments April1984
309South Dakota / D.C. Appointments May1984
3010South Dakota / D.C. Appointments June1984
3011South Dakota / D.C. Appointments July1984
3012South Dakota / D.C. Appointments August1984
3013South Dakota / D.C. Appointments September1984
3014South Dakota / D.C. Appointments October1984
3015Schedule Week of October 1-71984
3016Schedule Week of October 8-141984
3017Schedule Week of October 15-211984
3018Schedule Week of October 22-281984
3019Schedule Week of October 29-November 41984
3020D.C. Appointments January '851985
3021D.C. Appointments February '851985
3022D.C. Appointments March '851985
3023D.C. Appointments April '851985
3024D.C. Appointments May '851985
3025D.C. Appointments June '851985
311South Dakota Trip #1 January14-221983
312South Dakota Trip #2 January 28-301983
313South Dakota Trip #3 February 24-281983
314South Dakota Trip #4 March 18-211983
315South Dakota Trip #5 March 25-311983
316South Dakota Trip #6 April 26-May 11983
317South Dakota Trip #7 May 12-151983
318South Dakota Trip #8 May 27-301983
319South Dakota Trip #9 June 10-131983
3110South Dakota Trip #10 July 1-81983
3111South Dakota Trip #11 July 21-251983
3112South Dakota Trip #12 August 22-September 41983
3113South Dakota Trip #13 September 10-121983
3114South Dakota Trip #14 September 30-October 41983
3115South Dakota Trip #15 October 21-241983
3116South Dakota Trip #16 November 3-71983
3117South Dakota Trip #17 November 18-221983
3118South Dakota Trip #18 December 2-81983
3119South Dakota Trip #28 December 17-201982
3120Schedule for Congressman Kika de la Garza1983
3121South Dakota / D.C. Schedule January1983
3122South Dakota / D.C. Schedule February1983
3123South Dakota / D.C. Schedule March1983
3124South Dakota / D.C. Schedule April1983
3125South Dakota / D.C. Schedule May1983
3126South Dakota / D.C. Schedule June1983
321South Dakota / D.C. Schedule July (1)1983
322South Dakota / D.C. Schedule July (2)1983
323South Dakota / D.C. Schedule August1983
324South Dakota / D.C. Schedule September1983
325South Dakota / D.C. Schedule October1983
326South Dakota / D.C. Schedule November1983
327Constitution Jefferson's Manual and Rules of the House of Representatives of the United States 97th Congress - William Holmes Brown - 96th Congress 2nd Session - House Document No. 96-3981981
328Constitution Jefferson's Manual and Rules of the House of Representatives of the United States 98th Congress - William Holmes Brown - 97th Congress 2nd Session - House Document No. 97-2711983
329Deschler's Precedents of the U.S. House of Representatives - Volume 4 - Chapters 15-17 - Lewis Deschler - 94th Congress 2nd Session - House Document No. 94-6611977
3210Deschler's Precedents of the U.S. House of Representatives - Volume 5 - Chapters 18-20 - Lewis Deschler - 94th Congress 2nd Session - House Document No. 94-6611977
3211Deschler's Precedents of the U.S. House of Representatives - Volume 6 - Chapter 21 - Lewis Deschler - 94th Congress 2nd Session - House Document No. 94-6611977
3212Deschler's Precedents of the U.S. House of Representatives - Volume 7 - Chapters 22-25 - Lewis Deschler - 94th Congress 2nd Session - House Document No. 94-6611977
3213Deschler's Procedure in the U.S. House of Representatives - A Summary of the Modern Precedents and Practices of the U.S. House of Representatives - Lewis Deschler - 86th Congress-95th Congress - 1928-19741979
32141983-1984 Congressional Directory 98th Congress1983
331South Dakota Trip February 1-5undated
332South Dakota Trip #2 February 23-261979
333South Dakota Trip #4 March 8-121979
334South Dakota Trip #5 March 23-251979
335South Dakota Trip #6 April 6-91979
336South Dakota Trip #7 April 20-231979
337South Dakota Trip #8 May 18-21 and Rapid City Trip1979
338South Dakota Trip #8 May 18-211979
339South Dakota Trip June 15-191979
3310South Dakota Trip June 29-July 71979
3311South Dakota Trip July 14-161979
3312South Dakota Trip July 20-231979
3313South Dakota Trip August 5-12 (David) (1)1979
3314South Dakota Trip August 5-12 (David) (2)1979
3315South Dakota Trip August 25-September 31979
3316South Dakota Trip September 15-161979
3317South Dakota Trip September 20-221979
3318South Dakota Trip October 2-91979
3319South Dakota Trip October 26-291979
3320South Dakota Trip November 2-41979
3321South Dakota Trip December 1-31979
3322South Dakota Trip September-December1979
3323South Dakota Trip #1 January 7-131981
3324South Dakota Trip #2 February 6-101981
3325South Dakota Trip #3 February 12-161981
3326South Dakota Trip #4 February 27-March 11981
3327South Dakota Trip #5 March 19-231981
3328South Dakota Trip #6 April 10-131981
3329South Dakota Trip #7 April 21-261981
3330South Dakota Trip #8 April 4-51981
3331South Dakota Trip #9 May 15-191981
3332South Dakota Trip #10 May 24-261981
3333South Dakota Trip #11 May 29-June 11981
3334South Dakota Trip #12 June 26-July 81981
3335South Dakota Trip #13 July 11-121981
3336South Dakota Trip #15 July 24-271981
3337South Dakota Trip #16 August 20-251981
3338South Dakota Trip #17 September 1-71981
3339South Dakota Trip #18 September 11-141981
3340South Dakota Trip #19 September 25-281981
3341South Dakota Trip #20 October 2-41981
3342South Dakota Trip #21 October 7-121981
3343South Dakota Trip #22 October 16-191981
3344South Dakota Trip #23 October 26-271981
3345South Dakota Trip #24 November 11-161981
3346South Dakota Trip #25 November 21-221981
3347South Dakota Trip #24 December 3-71981
3348South Dakota Trip #26 December 11-141981
3349South Dakota Trip #1 April 6-12 (Laurie)undated
3350South Dakota Trip #2 June 27-July 7 (Laurie)1981
3351South Dakota Trip #3 July 17-19 (Laurie)1981
3352South Dakota Trip #4 August 1-7 (Laurie)1981
342South Dakota Trips - Trip Notes1980
343South Dakota Trip January 6-81980
344South Dakota Trip #2 January 14-191980
345South Dakota Trip #3 February 1-41980
346South Dakota Trip #4 February 13-181980
347South Dakota Trip #5 February 29-March 21980
348South Dakota Trip #6 March 14-161980
349South Dakota Trip #8 April 24-281980
3410South Dakota Trip May 4-7 (Laurie)1980
3411South Dakota Trip #9 May 11-121980
3412South Dakota Trip #10 May 17-181980
3413South Dakota Trip #11 May 24-281980
3414South Dakota Trip #12 June 6-81980
3415South Dakota Trip #13 June 20-221980
3416South Dakota Trip #14 June 27-291980
3417South Dakota Trip #15 July 3-91980
3418South Dakota Trip #16 July 18-211980
3419D.C. Appointments July1985
3420D.C. Appointments August1985
3421D.C. Appointments September1985
3422D.C. Appointments October1985
3423D.C. Appointments November1985
3424D.C. Appointments December1985
351Campaign Releases1986
352Releases October1985
353Releases November1985
354Releases December1985
355Releases January1986
356Releases February1986
357Releases March1986
358Releases April1986
359Releases May1986
3510Releases June1986
3511Releases July1986
3512Releases August1986
3513Releases September1986
3514Releases October1986
3515Releases November1986
3516Releases December1986
3517Wire Stories December1986
3518Clips December1986
3519Media Reports January1986
3520Media Reports February1986
3521Media Reports March1986
3522Media Reports April1986
3523Media Reports May1986
3524Media Reports June1986
3525Media Reports July1986
3526Media Reports August1986
3527Media Reports September1986
3528Media Reports October1986
3529Media Reports November1986
3530Media Reports December1986
3531Stars Testimony1985
361Agricultural Rural Route Postal Patron1985
362Reconciliation Statement: Veterans and Small Business1985
363McClure-Volkmer: Gun Discharge Petition1985
364Social Security Trust Fund (1985 November 14)1985
365Indian Alcohol Bill (1985 November 13)1985
366Water Survey November 19851985
367Fair Labor Standards Act 1985 November 11985
368LA Times Op-ed - Farm Crisis1985
369Bankers Questionnaire Farm Credit 1985 November 261985
3610Social Security Trust Fund November 261985
3611Indian Alcohol and Drug Abuse 1985 November 301985
3612Flandreau Indian School Legislation1985
3613Balanced Budget 1985 October 241985
3614Farm Credit Floor Statement1985
3615Satellite Dish - Letter to Tim Wirth1985
3617Conference Committee - Summary of Farm Bill1985
3618Timber Mailing Insert 1985 January 31985
3619Flandreau Indian School Udall / Wright Letter1985
3620Flandreau Indian School - Swimmer Letter1985
3622Enclosures for Wirth Letter and Post Article1986
3623Intern Information / CIMundated
3624Ethanol Reprint from Alcohol Week September 19851985
3625H.R. 1720 Ethanol Imports WandM (Ways and Means) Subcommittee on Trade Testimony1986
3626Terry Gulch Insert - Letter to Norman Seekel-Moruya Goldmines1986
3627H.J. Res. 3 - Test Ban - Statement1986
3628H.R. 4130 - VA (Veterans Administration) Home Loans - Statement1986
3629Veterans GI Bill1986
3630Liability Insurance Inserts - Congressional Quarterly Article1986
3631Liability Insurance Inserts - 2 Post Articles 1986 April1986
3632Community Service / Head Start 1985 May 61986
3633Satellite Dish Letter to Tim Wirth April 11986
3634Contra Aid Enclosure1986
3635Natural Gas 1986 May 81986
3636Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds1986
3637REA (Rural Electrification Administration) - Resolutions1986
3638Municipal Officials1986
3639Freeman Courier - Contra Aidundated
3640DOL (Department of Labor) Veterans Training1985
3641Abortion and Feed Information1986
3643Animal Rights Information1985
3645Congratulations: Pendingundated
3646Capitol Hill Maps1980
3647Cop-Killer Bullets1985
3650Education Information1985
3652Fuel Economy Information1985
3653FDA (Food and Drug Administration) / Color Additives1985
3654Garcia Decision1985
3656Letters: Copies1985
3658Medicare / Prospective Payments1985
3661Social Security - Medicare Information1986
3662Veterans Information1986
3663Supply Lists / South Dakota, D.C.undated
3664Tour Information1985
3665Visiting Constituent Formsundated
3666Washington Information1983
3667Employee Payroll and Benefits Information1981
371National #1 1987 January 91987
372Chicago December 131986
373South Dakota Trip #2 December 17-221986
374South Dakota Trip #1 December 30-January81985
375South Dakota Trip #2 January 24-261986
376South Dakota Trip #2.5 January 311986
377South Dakota Trip #3 February 13-191986
378South Dakota Trip #4 March 6-101986
379South Dakota Trip #5 March 31-April 61986
3710South Dakota Trip #6 April 23-281986
3711South Dakota Trip #7 May 2-51986
3712South Dakota Trip #8 May 9-111986
3713South Dakota Trip #9 May 16-191986
3714South Dakota Trip #10 May 27-June 41986
3715South Dakota Trip #11 June 13-161986
3716South Dakota Trip #12 June 20-231986
3717South Dakota Trip #13 June 30-July141986
3718South Dakota Trip #14 July 25-281986
3719South Dakota Trip #15 August 1-41986
3720Fundraising December 19 and 221985
381H.R. 3460 RACC Program1979
382H.R. 3480 No Reduced Controlled Airspace1979
383H.R. 3521 Tax Treatment of Telephone Cooperatives (Gore)1980
384H.R. 3532 Solar Energy Employment and Training1979
385H.R. 3567 Soft Drink License1979
386H.R. 3611 Food Security Act of 1979 (wheat reserve) Co-sponsor1979
387H.R. 3612 Food Security Act of 1979 - McHugh1979
388H.R. 3621 Oil Price Control Extension1979
389H.R. 3609 No More "Tax on Marriage"1980
3810H.R. 3635 Social Security Amendment (shorten waiting period for terminal illness patients to receive checks.)1979
3811H.R. 3657 Tax Credit for T.V. Decoders1979
3812H.R. 3720 Estate Tax Relief for Farmers (Panetta Sponsor, Tom Co-sponsor)1979
3813H.R. 3789 Great Plains Conservation Program (de la Garza)1980
3814H.R. 3892 Private Health Care for Veterans1979
3815H.R. 3905 Alcohol Plants Set Aside1979
3816H.R. 3958 Gasohol Amend Petroleum Marketing Practices Act1980
3817H.R. 4011 Omnibus Small Business Bill1979
3818H.R. 4015 VA (Veterans Administration) Geriatric Research1979
3819H.R. 4024 Eliminate Foreign Tax Credit1979
3820H.R. 4056 Federal Gasohol Purchase Act1979
3821H.R. 4067 Liberalize Disability Payments for the Blind1979
3822H.R. 4093 Regulate the Sale of Infant Formulas1979
3823H.R. 4119 Federal Crop Insurance1980
3824H.R. 4205 Credit for Teletypewriters1979
3825H.R. 4211 Omnibus Solar Energy Act1980
3826H.R. 4215 Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms1979
3827H.R. 4222 Crude Oil Tax Act of 19791979
3828H.R. 4237 National Grain Board Weaver1979
3829H.R. 4263 Diesel Fuel Amend Petroleum Marketing1979
3830H.R. 4314 Extend to 10 years Secretary of Agriculture Enter into Contracts1979
3831H.R. 4345 Replacement Motor Fuels Act 19791979
3832H.R. 4400 The Federal Civilian Employment Reduction Act1979
3833H.R. 4443 oil and Gas Act of 19791979
3834H.R. 4512 Oil Refinery Operation1979
3835H.R. 4562 Amend FDC (Food, Drug and Cosmetic) Act re: "Buffalo", "Waterbuffalo"1979
3836H.R. 4563 Uniform Weight and Length1979
3837H.R. 4646 Capital Cost Recovery Act - Co-sponsor 1979 September 251979
3838H.R. 4659 Exclusion from Income Tax of Interest on Savings - Glickman1980
3839H.R. 4660 Smaller Enterprise Regulatory Improvement Act (Russo)1980
3840H.R. 4678 Automotive Research Technology Development1980
3841H.R. 4717 Restrict Year-end Spending1980
3842H.R. 4748 Energy Antimonopoly Act1980
3843H.R. 4760 Alternative Fuel Engine Development1979
3844H.R. 4767 Tax Refund for Hearing Impaired Individuals (Mikulski)1980
3845H.R. 4776 Weatherization Program1979
3846H.R. 4843 Absentee Ballot Voting Corcoran1979
3847H.R. 4808 Distillate Supply / Demand Information1979
3848H.R. 4830 Middle Distillate Fuel Control Act1979
3849H.R. 4878 Limousine Limitation Act1980
3850H.R. 4955 Support for the Zablocki Amendment, Refugee Assistances Authorization October 25, 19791979
3851H.R. 4986 Consumer Checking Account Equity1979
3852H.R. 5127 Lamb Import Act of 1979 (Loeffler)1979
3853H.R. 5208 Amend 12/20/1944 Act1980
3854H.R. 5215 Federal Highway Aid Projects - Handicapped1979
3855H.R. 5241 Fuel Assistance for Low / Middle Income1979
3856H.R. 5288 Veteran Rehabilitation and Education Amendment - Hefner1980
3857H.R. 5293 Income Exemption for Deaf1980
3858H.R. 5308 Whittaker: Time Certificate Deposits Tax Treatment (CD's)1979
3859H.R. 5371 Federal Spending Limitation1979
3860H.R. 5371 Limit Budget Outlays - Jones (Oklahoma)1980
3861H.R. 5409 Equalize Travel Deductions for Volunteers1979
3862H.R. 5466 Exempt Nonprofit VA (Veterans Administration) from Copyright Holders1980
3863H.R. 5477 Elementary Guidance and Counseling Act - Tom Co-sponsor1979
3864H.R. 5518 Federal Artists Program Act, Co-sponsor1979
3865H.R. 5548 Gold Medal for Simon Wiesenthal1979
3866H.R. 5562 Facilitate Use of Alcohol Fuel1979
3867H.R. 5643 Tax Exempt Status of REAs and Rural Telephone Coops Dear Colleague cosigned 10/20/19791979
3868H.R. 5574 Farm Disaster Program Act of 1979 - Stenholm1980
3869H.R. 5581 Career Development for Vietnam Veterans1980
3870H.R. 5602 Bread Labeling1979
3871H.R. 5610 Deny Social Security Benefits fo Prisoners (Whitehurst)1980
3872H.R. 5643 Tax Treatment for Electric and Telephone Cooperatives1980
3873H.R. 5776 Energy Violations Special Prosecutor - Glickman1979
3874H.R. 5800 Gold Medal to Bryan Lewis Allen1980
3875H.R. 5892 Wind Energy Systems Research and Development Act - Mineta1979
3876H.R. 5858 Sunset Review Act of 1979 - Long of LA1980
3877H.R. 5892 Wind Energy Systems Research - Mineta1980
3878H.R. 5899 Limit Penalties for Certain Census Questions - Jeffords1980
3879H.R. 6012 Exemption from Taxation of Social Security - Albosta1980
3880H.R. 6050 Vietnam Veterans Bill - Daschle1979
3881H.R. 6074 Provide Funds for Fish Restoration Projects - Breaux1980
3882H.R. 6087 Agricultural Transportation Improvement and Regulatory Reform Act of 1979 - Sponsor1979
3883H.R. 6109 Raise Tariffs on Countries Uncooperative with Iran Policy1980
3884H.R. 6181 (S.330) Judicial Review of VA (Veterans Administration)1980
3885H.R. 5040 National Employment Priorities Act 79 (no longer a Co-sponsor)1979
3886H.R. 6296 Family Farm Development Act of 1980 - Brown (LA)1980
3887H.R. 6320 Web Authorization Legislation - Abdnor1980
3888H.R. 6327 Voucher Bill1980
3889H.R. 6345 Campaign Contribution Reform1980
3890H.R. 6376 Sunflower Loan Program - Daschle1980
3891H.R. 6377 Agent Orange1980
3892H.R. 6382 Voluntary Diversion Program1980
3893H.R. 6428 Diversion Program for 1980 Wheat and Corn - Daschle1980
3894H.R. 6485 Agriculture Emergency Act1980
3895H.R. 6486 White House Conference on Veterans1980
3896H.R. 6519 Rock Island Railroad Transition Act - Co-sponsor1980
3897H.R. 6552 Construction of the Alzada-Ekalaka Highway - Marlenee1980
3898H.R. 6587 Restriction on Exporting Hazardous Materials1980
3899H.R. 6593 Swine Health Protection Act - Madigan / Findley1980
38100H.R. 6635 Food Security Reserve for Wheat - Zablocki1980
38101H.R. 6664 Resource Conservation and Development Act of 1980 - Jenkins1980
38102H.R. 6691 Credit Card / Gasohol Sales Bill - Hughes1980
38103H.R. 6877 Increasing Loan Rates for Corn and Wheat - Rose1980
38104H.R. 6878 Farmer Held Reserve Program - Rose1980
38105H.R. 6991 Gasohol Competition Act - Hughes1980
38106H.R. 7032 Clinical Study of DMSO1980
38107H.R. 7043 Repayment of 10 cents / gallon Import Fee to Agriculture, etc.1980
38108H.R. 4773 Postage Free Absentee Ballot - Tauke1980
38109H.R. 7102 Physician, Health Care Recruitment for VA (Veterans Administration) - Satterfield1980
38110H.R. 7117 Railroad Rehabilitation Taxation Bill - Harkin1980
38111H.R 7121 Soybean Emergency Act of 1980 - Mathis1980
38112H.R. 7141 Subterminal Facilities Act (2nd version) - Daschle1980
38113H.R. 7157 Agent Orange Disability Claims - Downey1980
38114H.R. 7254 Drugging of Race Horses1980
38115H.R. 7458 Veterans Refinancing of Outstanding Loans - Brinkley1980
38116H.R. 7482 Gold Medal for the U.S. 1980 Summer Olympic Team - Annunzio1980
38117H.R. 7503 Lowering Interest Rates on USDA Price Support Loans - Findley1980
38118H.R. 7622 Six Day Mail Delivery - Daschle1980
38119H.R. 7794 Bill Expanding 1980 Disaster Program - Co-sponsor1980
38120H.R. 7833 Recycling of Used Oil1980
38121H.R. 7873 Prohibit Restrictions on Use of Credit Instruments to Purchase Gas1980
38122H.R. 7688 Tax Credit to Home-builders1980
38123H.R. 7885 Biomass Energy Research1980
38124H.R. 8076 Appropriation for Navy Research1981
38125H.R. 8077 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 - Daschle1980
38126H.R. 8078 Deauthorization of Oahe - Abdnor1980
38127H.R. 8119 Ocean Dumping and Waste1980
38128H.R. 8251 Graduated Payment Loan1980
38129H.R. 8252 Flight Training1980
38130H.R. 8418 Sisseton-Wahpeton Heirship Bill1980
38131Acid Rain - Ottingerundated
38132Letter to Carter Urging Environmental Laws be observed in oil exploration off Prince George's Bank1979
38133Solar Coalition1979
38134Co-sign Letter to Carter Requesting He Hold Oil Price1979
38135Solar Energy Letter Co-sponsor1979
38136Black Hills Boy Scouts Co-signed1978
38137Fuel Supply and Allocation - George Hall, Director - Co-signed1979
38138Letter to Schlesinger Requesting That States Can Come Up with Ration Plan - Jenrette1979
38139Postal Stamps for Latins1979
38140Co-sign Letter to Carter on Nicaragua1979
38141United Nations Agrarian and Rural Development Conference Letter1979
38142Co-signed Letter to Bergland Re: New Weight of Pre-packaged Meat1979
38143Letter to Carter re: World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development1979
38144Co-signed Letter to Carter re: MX Missiles - ICBM1979
38145Co-sign Resolution on Chile1979
38146Letter to Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) re: Truck Back Haul Regulations1979
38147National Hunting and Fishing Day1979
38148Co-signed Letter re: Grasshopper Program1979
38149Co-signed Letters on Grain Millers Strike1979
38150National Architectural Barrier Awareness Week1979
38151National Veterans Hospital Week1979
38152Middle East Strikeforce for Use Against Persian Gulf States1979
38153Northern Tier Pipeline to Andrus September 281979
38154Letter to President Carter Re: Controls on Oil, Diesel 1979 October 231979
38155Letter: International Wheat Agreement October 231979
38156Latvian Human Rights1979
38157Co-Signed Letter Re: Cambodia Aid - 1979 October 301979
38158Co-Signed Letter to on Aid for Nicaragua - Blumenthal1979
38159Letter to Don Mattenry on East Timor1979
38160Co-Sign Letter Urging Greater Use of Modified Open Rule1979
38161Co-Sign Letter w/ Mikulski on the Impact of HEW Meals on Wheels Program1979
38162Co-Signed Letter Women on the Supreme Court - Oberstar 11-791979
38163Co-Signed Letter to CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) Re: Minneapolis - London Air Service 11-27-791979
38164Co-Signed Letter to DOT (Department of Transportation) Re: New Milwaukee Lines $ 1979 December 121979
38165Co-Signed Letter to EDA (Economic Development Administration) Re: New Milwaukee Lines $ 1979 December 121979
38166Co-Signed Letter to USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Re: New Milwaukee Lines $ 1979 December 121979
38167Co-Signed Letter to ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) Re: ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) for Milwaukee Railroad 1979 December 181979
38168Increase in Loan Rates for Corn - Bedell 1980 February 61980
38169Letter: EC (European Community) Wheat Flour Subsidy1980
38170Letter / Editor: Alcohol Fuels Huron Daily Plainsman 1980 April 171980
38171Letter / Co-Signed: Panetta Estate Tax Legislation H.R. 37201980
38172Letter to Sid Yates Re: Grassrope Irrigation 1980 April 291980
38173Letter to Bob Byrd Re: Grassrope Irrigation 1980 April 291980
38174Co-Signed Letter to Cong. Natcher Re: Education Funds 1980 June 161980
38175Co-Signed Letter to Ernest Green, Labor Dept. 1980 July 21980
38176Co-Signed Letter to Milwaukee Railroad Trustee Re: Loan 1980 July 181980
38177Co-Signed Letter to Udall Re: Alaska Lands Bill 1980 August 81980
38178Co-signed Letter Re: Staggers Amend. to Rail Act 1980 August 281980
38179Co-Signed Letter to Canadian Parliament Re: Acid Rain 1980 October1980
38180Dear Colleague Re: Emergency Grain Reserve (H.R. 3765) 1980 November 141980
38181Letter to Interior Appropriations Conferees Re: WEB (Walworth-Edmunds-Brown) 1980 November 181980
391Agriculture: Bergland Hearings in South Sioux City1979
392Daschle Testimony Before ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) Re: Milwaukee Railroad 12-19-791979
393Speech on the Medical Personnel Shortage in America1979
394Daschle Statement at Milwaukee Railroad Hearing 1979 May 191979
395Springfield Water Intake Facility - Public Works Committee1979
396Statement: Federal Crop Insurance Act of 19791979
397Statement: Agriculture Crisis, Lawrence Patnoe Letter1980
398Statement: Miss South Dakota Pageant1980
399Gasohol - Motion to Instruct the Conference on Windfall Profit Tax Vote1980
3910Statement: House Passage of Great Plains Conservation Program1980
3911Daschle Statement of Agricultural Subterminal Bill1980
3912Statement: Windfall Profits Tax Motion to Instruct1980
3913Statement: Gasohol Competition Actundated
3914Statement: H.R. 6291 Extension of the Economic Emergency Loanundated
3915Article: Alcohol Fuels Article for the South Dakotaundated
3916Statement: H.R. 6291 Extension of the Economic Emergency Loan1980
3917Statement: ASCS (Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service) Involvement in Crop Insurance Program1980
3918Statement: S. 2427 Non-Compliers into the Reserve Program1980
3919Statement: Conference Report on H.R. 2269 FmHA Economic Emergency Program1980
3920Statement: H.R. 7043 - 10 cents / gallon Rebate from Import Fee1980
3921National Agriculture Day1980
3922Agriculture Conference Report on S. 1309 Food Stamp1980
3923Statement: Committee on Agriculture in Support of the American Agriculture Movement (AAM)1979
3924Statement on the Saturday Mail Delivery Actundated
3925ASCS (Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service) Speech Promoting Gasoholundated
3926Gasohol A Bushel Is a Barrel1979
3927Statement on the Establishment of the Department of Education Proposal1979
3928Statement in Favor of the REA (Rural Electrification Administration) and October being the Coop Month1979
3929Daschle Floor Statement on Subterminal Bill H.R. 71411980
3930Daschle Speech Izaak Walton League State Convention 1980 June 81980
3931Daschle Statement - Milwaukee Rail Hearing1979
3932Western / Continental Merger - Statement of the South Dakota Congressional Delegation Statement Before Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB)1979
3933Daschle Speech to ASCS (Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service) Committeemen, Washington1979
3934Committee on Agriculture - Statement1979
3935H.R. 2551 Support of Agricultural Land Protection Act Study of Trends in Diminishing Agricultural Lands1980
3936H.R. 5607 White House Conference on Small Businesses Statement in Favor of Findings1980
3937Floor Statement on WEB (Walworth-Edmunds-Brown) Project Bill South Dakota1980
3938Antitrust, Monopoly and Business Rights Subcommittee Senate Judiciary Committeeundated
3939Field Hearings on Rail Abandonment and the Office of Rail Public Council1979
3940Statement Against FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Regulation Covering Voluntary Standards and Certification1979
3941Word Changes Requested for Alcohol Bill, Along with Other Changes1979
3942Comment on Senate Provision to Postpone K-Award Increase for Veterans1979
3943Statement in Reference to Iran Not Being Totally Behind Ayatollah Khomeini1979
3944Meat Import Act of 1979 to Revise the Out-dated 64 Act. Statement in Favor of 79 Act1979
3945Copper-Volstead Act Granting Farmers the Right to Organize Coops Without Regard to Anti-trust1979
3946Milk Price Support Act H.R. 41671979
3947Balanced Budget Statement 1979 February 221979
3948Statement Before the Subcommittee on Antitrust - Restraint of Trade Activities Affecting Small Business1979
3949Statement to Discuss the Election Contest Against Tom Daschle by Leo Thorsness1980
3950Daschle Education Speech to "Current Trends" Convention, Brookings 1980 August 81980
3951Statement: H.R. 4387 Supporting an Increase to 500 Million the Amount of Commodity Credit Corporation Loanundated
3952Statement on the Decline of the Number of Farmers in America and its Implications1979
3953Daschle Statement on H.R. 7235 Rail De-regulation Bill1980
3954Floor Statement on H.R. 3580 Rural Development WEB (Walworth-Edmunds-Brown) Bill 1980 September 151980
3955Daschle Speech to Bread for World Seminar Brookings 1980 October 201980
3956Sioux City Hearings on Corporate and Foreign Ownership of Farm Land 1980 September 221980
3957Daschle Speech at Kingbrook Water System Dedication 1980 October 91980
3958Bills Introduced During the 96th Congress1980
3959Farmers Union Speech March 3rd1981
3960Commodities Exchange March 16th1981
3961Farm Forum 1981 March 25-281981
3962Commodity Futures D.C. Meeting1980
3963MX Missile Briefing1981
3964Veterans Field Hearings June 15-221981
396596th Caucus September October1981
3966Farmers Union Day April 21st1981
3967Mondale Correspondence1981
3968Norman, Oklahoma October 30-311981
3969Hartford, Connecticut Trip November 2nd1981
3970Arkansas Trip November 291981
3971Operation SAC (Share a Congressperson) Time Estimate1982
3972Jefferson / Jackson Dinner1982
3973Announcement Event1981
3974Synar's Oklahoma Veterans Deal1982
3975Economic Task Force Hearings1981
3976NRECA (National Rural Electric Cooperative Association) Convention in Atlanta1982
3977Montana Hearing - Pat Williams1982
3978South Dakota GATE (Gerontology Association for Training and Education) Convention Claude Pepper1982
3979January Daily Schedules1981
3980February Daily Schedules1981
3981March Daily Schedules1981
3982April Daily Schedules1981
3983May Daily Schedules1981
3984June Daily Schedules1981
3985July Daily Schedules1981
3986August Daily Schedules1981
3987September Daily Schedules1981
3988October Daily Schedules1981
3989November Daily Schedules1981
3990December Daily Schedules1981
3991East River Client's Council1981
3992Pete's Trip Book - Political1981
3993To-Do Lists Done1981
3994Indian Issues (Karen's Miscellaneous)1981
403Small Business1981
406Energy Renewable Fuels1980
407Railroad Trip Book Material1981
408Agriculture Trip Book Material1981
409Senior Citizen Centers1978
4010Veterans Trip Book Material1980
4012Schedule Book / County Visits 19791979
4013Schedule Book / County Visits 19801980
4014Schedule Book / County Visits 19811981
4015Schedule Book / County Visits 19821982
4016Schedule Book / County Visits 19831983
4017Schedule Book / County Visits 19841984
4018Schedule Book / County Visits 19851985
4019Missed vote info 19851985
411Rosebud Ranch Enterprise1983
412Indian Juvenile Drug / Alcohol Prevention Act1984
413Indian Drug / Alcohol Abuse1983
414Sam Eagle Staff, Cheyenne River1984
415Buddy Red Bow / Dik Darnell1984
416Indian Co-signed Letters1985
417Lineal Descendency1985
418Indian Press-General1985
419Indian Health1984
4110Indian Education1985
4111Indian Health Studies1984
4112In The Spirit of Crazy Horse Peter Matthiessen1983
4113Marion Prison Mail Restrictions1984
4114Yankton Sioux Hospital1984
4115Oglala Tribe 5-Year Plan1984
4116Lower Brule Law Enforcement1984
4117Media Reports from Aberdeen1985
4118Media Scorecards for Sioux Falls1985
4119Media Reports from Sioux Falls1985
421Campaign Info: Yankton Voter Reg.1982
422Campaign Info: Clint File1982
423Campaign Info: Campaign Memos1984
424Campaign Info: Contributions File1984
425Campaign Info: Phoning Project1982
426Campaign Info: Campaign Mailings1982
427Campaign Info: Campaign Memos1982
428Campaign Info: The 1984 Democratic National Platform1984
429Campaign Info: Mondale Event1981
4210Campaign Information: NVC Mailings1982
4211Campaign Info: Daschle Election Day Manual1982
4212Campaign Info: Election Day Manual1984
4214Vacation Bible School - Grace Lutheran Church Nunda, South Dakota Thank-You Book1984
4215Clips June1985
4216July Invitations1988
4217August Invitations1988
4218Clips July1985
4219Clips September1985
4220Clips August1985
4221Releases June1985
4222Medicare FY 1988 reconciliation1986
431Alcohol Letter1984
432Indian Casework - Miscellaneous1984
433Indian Issues - Miscellaneous1984
434United Sioux Tribes Direct Employment Program1984
435IHS (Indian Health Service) Proposed Move1984
436Judicial Services Office Issue 1983-19841983
437Oglala Sioux Tribe1984
438Tribal Agricultural Land1982
439USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Indian Policies1982
4310Rapid City Service Council - Direct Employment Project1985
4311Current or Proposed Alcohol / Drug Programs 1981-19831981
4312Sisseton-Wahpeton Docket 363 Claim1984
4313Native American Programs Act1983
4314CERT (Council of Energy Resource Tribes) - 98th Congress1983
4315Indian Development Finance Act Corporation1982
4316Interior FY 1983 Appropriations (w/ Statute of Limitations)1982
43171983 Jobs Bill (Re: Indian Provisions)1983
4318Trip to Pine Ridge May 281984
4319Indian Child Welfare Act, 98th Congress1983
4320Oglala Lakota Nursing Program1984
441Equipment - D.C.1985
442Leases / field1985
4431985 Contributor List 1985 April 221985
444Office: Room Lottery Information1982
445Revolving Account GPO (Government Printing Office)1980
446Library of Congress1985
447Paper Products - Cost1985
448Office lease1985
449Originals for Mimeoundated
4410Telephone File1985
4412Dear Colleague Office Managementundated
4414D.C. Office: Vacation Time1984
4415Office Equipment1985
4416Stationery Receipts1985
4418Up and Coming Schedules1986
4419Subcommittee Travel1985
4420Congressional Internships1985
4421Office Space Drawing: Cannon House Office Building1981
4422Office Equipment1984
4423Computer: Copier Information1985
4424Lease Agreement1984
4425Office General Information1986
4426Northwestern Bell - Phone Credit Cardsundated
4427D.C. Office: Computer Operation1983
4428Petty Cash Fund1984
4429Office Leases1985
4430List of Lists1983
4432Interns / General Information1984
4433Summer Interns1985
4434Page information1982
4435Intern Letters1986
4437Spring 1986 Interns1985
4438Interns Spring of 19851986
4439Housing Interns1985
451Schedule January 231984
452Daily Schedule February1984
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4537Agriculture Committee 99th Congress1985
4538Select Committee on Hunger1984
4539Steering and Policy Committee1985
4540Veterans Committee1985
4541Caucus (Miscellaneous) Information1985
4542Whip Advisories / D.C. Calendars1985
4543South Dakota Schedules (1)1985
4544South Dakota Schedules (2)1985
4545Up and Coming Schedules1986
4546Schedules 1986 - Up and Coming1986
4547Farm Emergency / State Legislatureundated
4548South Dakota (Trips, etc.)1986
4549Out of State Schedules1985
461Fractionated Heirship 97th and 98th Congress Land Consolidation Act1983
462Alcohol / Drug Reports #11982
463Alcohol / Drug Reports #21977
464Copies of Juvenile Indian Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Act Summary and Congressional Record1984
465Indian Materials from Karen - Miscellaneous1984
466Indian Miscellaneous1985
467Notes from Alcohol / Drug Bill Meetings1983
468Indian Civil Rights1985
469H.R. 6196 Indian Juvenile Alcohol and Drug Abuse1984
4610Trip to Standing Rock1984
4611Cheyenne River Election1984
4612Pine Ridge - Prairie Dog Problem1984
4613HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Notes IRS (Internal Revenue Service)1984
4614Development of South Unit of Badlands1984
4615Lakota Communications KILI Radio1984
4616Juvenile Indian Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Act1984
4617Drafts and Summaries of Alcohol / Drug Bill1983
4618Indian Finance Act, 98th Congress1984
4619AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) / Indian Trust Last Dispute1982
4620Resume File1985
4621Rockefeller, Mrs. John1981
4622Rockefeller, John D. (Jay)1981
4623Brian Hisel - Mitchell (Trade Mission Member to Japan and Korea)undated
4624Tom's Personal1985
4625Invitations - Personal1985
4626Tom's Calling1985
4627Appointments December1986
471Office Correspondence1979
472Office Correspondence1985
473Thanks Done by Thomas A. Daschle1986
474Rapid City Indian Health Hearing1985
475Impact Aid - Double Dipping - Indian1986
476Disaster, Payments Complaint1985
477Dennis Banks1984
478Indian Issues, Miscellaneous 1984 January-June1984
479Miscellaneous Alcohol / Drug Bill1984
4710Articles - Alcohol / Drug Issues1984
4711Indian Lists1983
4712American Indian Day Remarks 1983 May 131983
4713Project Phoenix (Juvenile Alcohol / Drug Facility at Pine Ridge)1982
4714Alcohol / Drug Reports, #11984
481Journal of the Senate - 99th Congress 2nd Session - S. Pub. 99-221986
482Journal of the Senate - 102nd Congress 2d Session - S. Pub. 102-231992
483The United States Government Manual 1992/1993 (2 copies)1992
484Regulatory Program of the United States Government April 1, 1988-March 31, 1989 - Executive Office of the President, Office of Management and Budget1988
485Deschler's Precedents of the United States House of Representatives - Volume 8 - Chapter 26 - Lewis Deschler - 94th Congress 2nd Session - House Document No. 94-6611977
486Deschler's Precedents of the United States House of Representatives - Volume 10 - Chapter 28, parts 1-24 - Lewis Deschler, William Holmes Brown - 94th Congress 2nd Session - House Document No. 94-6611977
487Deschler's Precedents of the United States House of Representatives - Volume 11 - Chapter 28, parts 25-end - Lewis Deschler, William Holmes Brown - 94th Congress, 2nd Session - House Document No. 94-6611977
491Mail (Re: 1986 Senate Campaign)1987
492Economic Development Proposals1983
493FmHA (Farmers Home Administration) / Indian Issues1983
494Indian Gambling (Advertising Issue)1984
495Interior and Related Agencies Budget (Indian) FY 1985 and FY 1984 Supplemental1984
496Special Guests (Gary Hart, etc.)1986
496Special Guests (Gary Hart, etc.)1986
497Trip Notes January-December1986
498Abdnor - July1984
499Abdnor Clips - October Part I1984
4910Mixed 1982/1983/19841982
4911Abdnor Clips - November1984
4912Abdnor Clips - December1984
4913Indian Health Care Improvement Act, 98th Congress (1)1983
4914Indian Health Care Improvement Act, 98th Congress (2)1984
501Indian Health Issues, 98th Congress1982
502Indian Health Issues, 97th Congress1983
503Letters / Suggestions / General Background on Alcohol / Drug Bill1984
505Appointment Requests and Expenses1985
506Parking File1985
507January Invitations1987
508Bills to be Paid Prior to 1987 January 31986
509U.S. Senate Restaurant1986
5010Invitations / Letters1986
5011January Letters1985
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5023State Legislators 1981-1982 1983-19841981
5024Reagan, Ronald W. (President)1981
5025Congressional / Invitations to South Dakota - Cindy1981
5026D.C. and Other Contacts1981
5027Interns, Summer - Non-South Dakota - Office1983
5028Interns Fall - D.C. Office1983
5029Office: Interns, Spring1984
5030Office: Interns, Summer1984
5031Future D.C. Appointments1986
511H.R. 1156 Indian Juvenile Alcohol (1)1985
512H.R. 1156 Indian Juvenile Alcohol (2)1985
513Indian Budget Issues1983
514Thomas A. Daschle on Indian Issues1982
515License Platesundated
516Navajo - Hopi1986
517Indian Housing1986
518Indian Preference1985
519Eagle Feathers1985
5110Indian Staffersundated
5111Indian Hay - Cheyenne River1986
5112Fetal Alcohol Syndrome1986
5113H.R. 2416 Agriculture Inflation Protection Act of 1979 - Increase Target Prices by 9.5% Co-sponsor1979
5114H.R. 2444 Establish Department of Education1979
5115H.R. 2447 Assist Small Business1979
5116H.R. 2482 Employee Purchase of Small Business1979
5117H.R. 2542 Tax Credit for the Elderly Improvement Amendments1980
5118H.R. 2602 Health Insurance - Voluntary Certification1979
5119H.R. 2551 Land Protection Bill1980
5120H.R. 2647 Amend Clean Air Act - Alcohol1979
5121H.R 2968 Subterminal Facilities Act (1st Version) Daschle1979
5122H.R. 3042 CCC National Grain Board1979
5123H.R. 3106 Tax on Foreign Investors / Farmland1979
5124H.R. 3245 Independent Contractor Tax Clarification1980
5125H.R. 3364 Regulatory Reform Act1979
5126Co-sponsors (1) Daschle1986
5127Co-sponsors (2) Daschle1985
5128Co-signed Letters (1)1985
5129Co-signed Letters (2)1985
521Indians - Miscellaneous January-June1983
522Indians - Miscellaneous July-December1983
523Proposed Oglala Sioux Voter Registration Project1984
524Voter Registration, Shannon County1984
525Oglala Sioux Housing, 98th Congress1984
526Oglala Sioux HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Dispute1977
527Miscellaneous Indian Casework1983
528Norm Janis - VA (Veterans Administration) Case - Paralyzed Veterans of America1984
529Pine Ridge / BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Budget Priority Dispute1983
5210IHS (Indian Health Service) Reorganization, 98th Congress1983
5211Lower Brule Election1983
5212Yankton Election1983
5213Minority Business issues1983
5214Pine Ridge Airport Lights1983
5215Pine Ridge Mineral Rights Issue1983
5216ACKCO, Inc. (American Indian Professional Services) Artichoker, White1982
5217Harlan, Gunville - Rodeo Project1984
5218Win-Dak Homes Project1984
5219Oglala Sioux Products (Moccasin Factory)1983
5220Rosebud Housing1983
5221Harley Sazue Case1983
531American Conservation Corps Act1983
532Indian Housing Act of 19831983
533Indian Jurisdiction Issues 98th Congress1983
534Indian Affairs1983
535Indian Miscellaneous Legislation 98th Congress1983
536Job Training Partnership Act Regulations 98th Congress1983
537Indian Cultural Center Rapid City (Lori Rhodell)1983
538President's Commission on Reservation Economies 98th Congress1984
5310Indian - Miscellaneous1985
5311Indian Bingo - H.R.19201985
5312Johnson O'Malley Program 98th Congress1983
5313Cheyenne River School1985
5314Indian Boarding Schools 98th Congress1983
5315Tribal Colleges Funding (1)1983
5316Tribal Colleges Funding (2)1982
5317Tribal Colleges Funding (3)1984
5318Cheyenne River Community College - Title IV 98th Congress1982
5319Oglala Sioux Tribe Education Code1983
5320Flandreau Indian School1984
5321Little Wound School, Kyle South Dakota 98th Congress1984
5322Contract Schools 98th Congress1983
5323Oglala Sioux Tribe - Johnson O'Malley1983
541H.R. 1 Financing of General Election Campaigns1986
542H.R. 2 Re-authorize Government Programs - 10 yrs.1986
543H.R. 118 Amend Agriculture Act of 19491979
544H.R. 451 Poison Gas in Laos1979
545H.R. 486 Social Security1979
546H.R. 490 Unobligated Balances1979
547H.R. 1006 Gasohol Motor Fuel Act1979
548H.R. 1050 National Agricultural Cost of Production Board1979
549H.R. 1071 State O.K. Nuclear Waste Storage Facility1979
5410H.R. 1071 Radioactive Waste Storage1979
5411H.R. 1836 Amend Chapter 35 of Title 441979
5412H.R. 1910 Beginning Farmers Entry Assistance Act1979
5413H.R. 2153 See H.R. 39051979
5414H.R. 2172 International Sugar Agreement1979
5415H.R. 2172 Sugar Stabilization1979
5416H.R. 2647 Clean Air Act and Alcohol1979
5417H.R. 2648 Alcohol Production1979
5418H.R. 2803 Gregory South Dakota Hydro-Electric1979
5419H.R. 2895 (Physical Disabilities)1979
5420H.R. 3153 Natural Gas Pricing Amendments Act1979
5421H.R. 3204 Parking for Handicapped1979
5422H.R. 3283 Nuclear Reactor Repair Cost Passthrough1979
5423H.R. 3421 Windfall Profits Tax1979
5424H.R. 3532 Solar Energy Employment and Training1979
5425H.R. 3558 Wind Energy Research, Development and Demonstration1979
5426H.R. 3621 Oil Price Control Extension1979
5427H.R. 3905 National Fuel Alcohol and Farm Commodity Production1979
5428H.R. 4024 Oil Foreign Tax Credits1979
5429H.R. 4056 Federal Gasohol Purchase Act1979
5430H.R. 4215 Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Amend Internal Revenue Code to Facilitate the Production of Alcohol Fuels1979
5431H.R. 4222 Crude Oil Tax Act of 19791979
5432H.R. 4345 Replacement Motor Fuels1979
5433H.R. 4443 Oil and Gas Tax Act of 19791979
5434H.R. 4512 Oil Refinery Operation1979
5435H.R. 4638 Medicare Quality-Assurance Bill1979
5436H.R. 4678 Automotive Research and Technology Development1979
5437H.R. 4776 Weatherization Program1979
5438H.R. 4808 Distillate Supply / Demand Information1979
5439H.R. 4830 Middle Distillate Fuel Control Act1979
5440H.R. 5241 Fuel Assistance for Low / Middle Income1979
5441H.R. 5776 Energy Special Prosecutor1979
5442H.R. 5892 Establishment of Wind Energy System Research, Development and Demonstration Program1980
5443H.R. 7688 Passive Solar Tax Credit1980
5444H.R. 7833 Used Oil Recycling1980
5445H.R. 7885 Biomass Research and Development1980
5446H.R. 8119 Nuclear Ocean Dumping1980
5447H.R. 8121 Strategic Petroleum1980
5448Tourism Week - Statement 1986 May 221986
5449Human Rights in Iran - Statement 1986 May 151986
5450Air Force IDEA (Individual Development and Educational Advancement) Remedial Education Program1986
5451REA (Rural Electrification Administration)1986
5452James River Valley Irrigation - Amendment1986
5453Election Day Manual 1984 November 61984
5454Candidate Index of Supporting Documents - Federal Election Commission1985
5456Graphics - Mastheadsundated
5457Peter Lindstrom Originals (Campaign Expenditures)1986
5458Abdnor Senate Activity1986
5459FEC (Federal Elections Commission) Newsletter1983
5460Council for a Livable World1985
5461Campaign Manager List1985
5462Direct Mail1985
5463National Individual Contributors1985
5464South Dakota Congressional Club and $1,000 Donorsundated
5466VIPs - New York1985
5467Energy Contacts1985
5468Labor Contributions1985
5469Roster - Fund for Assuring an Independent Retirement1985
551H. Con. Res. 34 Cooperation with Mexico1979
552H. Con. Res. 128 Energy Information1979
553H. Con. Res. 131 Oil Production and Pricing1979
554H. Con. Res. 219 International Conference on Cambodia1979
555H. Con. Res. 344 Require Daily Physical Education Programs1986
556H.J. Res. 22 Limit Terms of Congress1979
557H.J. Res. 220 Energy Education Day1979
558H.J. Res. 267 National Teachers Day1979
559H.J. Res. 291 Include Energy Prices in Anti-Inflation1979
5510H.J. Res. 362 Energy Conservation Week1979
5511H.J. Res. 378 Energy Information1979
5512H.J. Res. 514 Alzheimer's Disease1986
5513H.J. Res. 617 National Adult Day Care Center Week1986
5514H.J. Res. 620 National Bowling Week1986
5515H.J. Res. 694 National Drunk and Drugged driving Awareness Week1986
5516H.J. Res. 740 National Women in Sports Day1986
5517H.J. Res. 745 Freedom of Information Day1986
5518H. Res. 222 Nuclear Information1979
5519H. Res. 339 Diesel Fuel Allocation1979
5520H. Res. 355 Solar Energy Tax Credits1979
5521H. Res. 225 Keep Forest Service and FHA Business and Industry in USDA1979
5522H. Res. 399 Consumer Energy Conservation Devices1979
5523H. Res. 635 Federal Reserve System to Reduce Interest Rates1980
5524Cosigned Letters (3)1986
5525Congressional Record-House (Energy legislation)1980
5526Speeches and Rough Drafts1979
5527Article written for the South Dakota Municipality magazine 10-5-3 - Statement1980
5528AFL-CIO Voting Record for the Key Votes of the Fair Housing Enforcement1980
5529DNC (Democratic National Committee) Co-sign Letter of the Democratic Platform1980
5530News Release National Association of Social Workers1980
5531Network Voting Record July1980
5532Chamber of Commerce Platform 1980 June 271980
5533Letters from South Dakota - 1980 June 17 - Statement1980
5534Conservative Caucus Research Senate1980
5535Letter to the Farmers Union and the South Dakota Federation of Labor - Farmer-Worker Conference1980
5536South Dakota 4-H Doings - Editorial by Tom Daschle1980
5537Draft Green Thumb Meeting 1980 July 291980
5538Gilmore - Dear Colleague Letter 1980 June 261980
5539Congressional Senior Citizen Intern Program - Statement1980
5540Statement - H.R. 7394 Veterans Education1980
5541Statement - Disapproval of Presidential Oil Import Fee - 1980 June 41980
5542Statement - Saturday Mail Delivery Act - 1980 June 191980
5543Letter to Janklow Concerning WEB (Walworth-Edmunds-Brown)1980
5544Statement - Agricultural Subterminal Facilities Act of 1980 - 1980 June 31980
5545Testimony of Marvin Meek Before Committee on Agriculture1978
5546Statement - Tribute to Agriculture 1980 June 31980
5547Statement - Workers and Farmers Have Common Goals - 1980 June 171980
5548Statement - Synthetic Fuels - 1980 June 261980
5549Statement - Saluting the Congressional Senior Citizens Intern Program 1980 - July 221980
5550Statement - Concerning the Wilsonundated
5551Statement on H.R. 7584 - State Commerce1980
5552Statement File - Legal Services Corporation1980
5553Co-Sponsor File - H.R. 7833 Used Oil Recycling Act of 19801980
5554Statement - Veterans Camp 
5555Statement - The Forceful Annexation of the Baltic States: 40 Years Later1980
5556Agent Orange - Veterans Affairs Subcommittee - Statement1980
5557South Dakota Delegation Co-Sign Letter - Grass Rope Irrigation Project1980
5558H.R. 7873 To Prohibit Restrictions on Use of Credit Instruments in the Purchase of Gasohol1980
5559Gasohol - H.R. 3000 Directing the Department of Energy to Collect and Evaluate the Prospects of Biomass Energy Resources (Statement)1979
5560Gasohol - H.R. 3958 Gasohol Marketing Freedom Act (Statement)1979
5561Railroads - House Joint Resolution #341 - Statement in Support of Such Measures1979
5562Local Initiatives 221 CSA Fund Distribution - Statement1979
5563Agriculture H.R. 1982 Limits for the FmHA Loan Program (Statement)1979
5564Statement on the Republican Strategy for the Presidency1979
5565Veterans Affairs H. R. 1608 Defeated in1979
5566Veterans Affairs - Vietnam Veterans Act to Address the Particular Needs of these Veterans (Statement)1979
5567Business - Small Business Ownership Act (Statement)1979
5568Veterans Affairs - Statement on Public Land #78-16 1943 to Update and Expand for Vocational and Rehabilitation Programs1979
5569H.R. 13 To Repeal the Carryover Basis Provisions Added by the Tax Reform Act of 19761979
5570H.R. 39 To Provide for the Designation and Conservation of Certain Public Lands in the State of Alaska1979
5571H.R. 128 To Provide for the Disclosure by Lobbyists and for Other Purposes.1979
5572H.R. 130 To Abolish Diversity of citizenship as a Basis of Jurisdiction of Federal District Courts1979
5573H.R. 131 A Parent Who Kidnaps His or Her Child Shall be Fined Not More than $1,000 or Imprisoned for Not More Than One Year1979
5574H.R. 222 To Amend Chapter 5, Subchapter II of Title 5, U.S. Code to Provide for Improved Administrative Procedures1979
5575H.R. 355 To Amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 in Order to Encourage Small Corporate Employees to Estimate Retirement Pension1979
5576H.R. 378 Committee on Standards of Official Conduct; Representative Diggs1979
5577H.R. 451 To Prohibit the Importation into the U.S. of Certain Agricultural Products of Cuba1979
5578H.R. 1918 To Provide a Service Pension for Veterans of WWI Who Have Annual Incomes of Less Than $10,000 and for Spouses1979
5579H.R. 362 Expressing the Sense of the House of Representatives With Respect to the President's Providing Emergency Assistance to Indochinese Refugees.1979
5580H.R. 372 Urging the President to Convene a Meeting of Grain Exporting Nations to Coordinate Grain Exporting Policies and Prices.1979
5581H.R. 388 Amending the Rules of the House of Representatives to Create a Standing Committee on Energy in the House.1979
5582H.R. 389 Appropriations for the Interior Department for the Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 19801979
5583H.R. 417 Appropriations to Carry Endangered Species Act of 1978 During Fiscal Years 1980, 1981 and 19821979
5584Honoraria 1986 Filing1986
5585Ethics in Government Act for 19851985
5586House Financial Disclosures: 1979-19861986
5587Forward Funding for Indian Education 98th Congress1984
5588Sisseton Tribal School1984
5589Marty Indian School1984
5590Library Services and Construction Act1984
5591Albert White Hat1984
5592Morrill Act - Tribal Colleges1984
5593Indian Education Issues 98th Congress1984
5594H.R. 7885 Biomass Research and Development Act of 19801980
561Anne Frank1985
562Arbitron Television Ratings Books July1983
563Arbitron Television Ratings Books November1983
564Cease Fire1985
565Cong: Clerk Hire Records1984
566Daschle Radio Affidavits1984
567Daschle Radio - Done1984
568Daschle T.V. Affidavits1984
569Daschle T.V. - Done1984
5610Indian Affairs March1985
5611Indian Health Care Improvement Act1985
5612Maryland Withholding - Cindy1982
5613McIntyre v. O'Neill (1)1985
5614McIntyre v. O'Neill (2)1985
5616Payroll / Tax Information1986
5617Press List (South Dakota)1981
5618Postal Patronsundated
5619Senate Interns1984
5620Senate Race Plan1986
5621Staff Memo1985
571Labor List1984
572Kitchen Cabinet1986
573AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) List1986
574Lists Compiled for Staffundated
575Lists Entered into Computer1985
576VIPs - California1985
577National Contact Sheet1985
578Donor Swaps1986
579National Committeesundated
5710Record on Issues of Interest to Business1985
5711Jewish Campaign Issue1985
5712Daschle / Abdnor "Business"1984
5713Daschle / Abdnor Oil and Gas1985
5714Fundraising Ideas / Information1984
5715House Targeted Mail1985
5716Favorable Comments / Daschle1985
5717Press Releases1985
5718Press Releases January1985
5719Press Releases February1986
5720Press Releases April1986
5721Press Releases May1986
5722Press Releases May/June1986
5723Press Releases June1986
5724Press Releases July1986
5725Press Releases August1986
5726Donors Big and PAC (Political Action Committee)1985
5727Press Clips1985
5728Press Clips January1986
5729Press Clips February1986
5730News Clips May/June/July1986
5731News Clips August1986
5732News Clips May Newsletter1986
5733Employee Tax Forms1986
5734Kitchen Cabinet1986
5735Newsclip Summaries May/June/July1986
5736Senator Daschle - Williamson Administrative Files1986
5737News Summaries1986
5738TV Advertising Statements1986
5739Employee Payroll and Benefits Information1986
581American Conservative Union1985
582Americans for Constitutional Action1983
583Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress1985
584Conservative Alliance Call for Action1981
585Conservative Caucus Research, Analysis and Education Foundationundated
586Liberty Ledger1981
587Review of the News Conservative Index1983
588American Institute of Architects1986
589Associated Builders and Contractors1986
5810Associated General Contractors1977
5811Public Citizenundated
5812Consumer Federation of America1980
5813American Security Council1978
5814Business Executives for National Security, Inc.1985
5815Coalition for a New Foreign and Military Policy1979
5816Council for a Livable World1981
5817Friends Committee on National Legislation1979
5818Nuclear Control Institute1986
5819SANE - Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy1983
5820National Education Association1984
5821American Federation of Teachers AFL-CIO1980
5822United States Student Association1982
5823American Council on Education - Action Committee for Higher Education1984
5824American Public Power Association1984
5825Atlantic Richfield1980
5826Independent Petroleum Association of America1986
5827National Rural Electrification1986
5828Friends of the Earth1984
5829National Farmer's Union1980
5830League of Conservation Voters1985
5831Water Appropriations Hearings 1986 February1986
5832Water: Miscellaneous1985
5833South Dakota Water Resources1983
5834Water Survey1985
5835West Potter Water Resource District1986
5836Karen's Section - Old Information1982
5837Voting Records Abdnor v. Daschle1976
5838Voting Records and Interest Group Ratings1976
5839The Spotlight1986
59197th Congress Bills Introduced by Rep. Daschle1981
592H.R. 2 Require Reauthorization of Budget Authority for Government Programs1981
593H.R. 7 Reduce Capital Gains Tax Rate1981
594H. Con. Res. 17 Sense of Congress Re: Periods of Silence in Public Schools1981
595H.R. 27 Strengthen Penalty for Use of Firearms1981
596H.R. 43 Commend President Carter and Algeria for Hostage Release1981
597H.R. 46 No Spare Parts or Military Equipment to Iran1981
598H.R. 55 Tax Cuts Should be Linked to Equal Spending Cuts1981
599H.R. 58 Periodic Congressional Review of Federal Programs1981
5910H. Con. Res. 59 Acquisition of U.S. Firms by Foreign Nationals1981
5911H. Con. Res. 60 - Small Business Stamp1981
5912H.R. 65 Amend Title II, Social Security Benefits Payable Exempt From Taxation1981
5913H.R. 101 Human Rights in Guatemala1981
5914H.J. Res. 102 June 1, 1981 Begins National Garden Week1981
5915H. Con. Res. 118 Disapprove Sale of Airborne Warning and Control Aircraft (AWACS) to Saudi Arabia1981
5916H. Con. Res. 121 Follow-up Hearings on Helsinki Final Act1981
5917H. Res. 122 Urging International Code on Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes1981
5918H.J. Res. 124 August 13, 1981 "National Blinded Veterans Recognition Day"1981
5919H.J. Res. 128 National Beta Sigma Phi Week on April 30 Each Year1981
5920H.J. Res. 141 October 4-10 "National School bus Safety Week"1981
5921H.R. 148 To Remove Certain Internal Revenue Code Limits on Contributions1981
5922H.R. 150 Constitutional Amendment to Make House Terms Four Years, Limit Terms to 12 Years.1981
5923H.J. Res. 151 Square Dance1981
5924H.J. Res. 159 Commission on Presidential Nominations1981
5925H.J. Res. 162 Women's History Week1981
5926H.J. Res. 168 September 1981 National Rehabilitation Month1981
5927H.J. Res. 174 Designation of September 6, 1981 as "Working Mothers Day"1981
5928H.J. Res. 176 Youth Art Month1981
5929H.J. Res. 180 Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment1981
5930H. Con. Res. 178 Disapproving Federal Trade Commission Rule Relating to Used Motor Vehicles1981
5931H. Con. Res. 184 Opposing Any Delay in Cost of Living for Veterans and Social Security1981
5932H. Con. Res. 189 Social Security Cost of Living Be Maintained1981
5933H. Con. Res. 190 Postponement of Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment1981
5934H.R. 197 Resolution Regarding Minimum Social Security Benefits1981
5935H.J. Res. 182 National Recognition Day for Veterans of Vietnam Era1981
5936H.J. Res. 202 African Refugee Relief Day1981
5937H.J. Res. 214 National Family Week1981
5938H. Con. Res. 216 Regulations for School Lunches1981
5939H.R. 219 Rescind New Zealand Butter Agreement1981
5940H.J. Res. 220 Proclaim Raoul Wallenberg Honorary Citizen1981
5941H.J. Res. 225 Management Week in America June 1 - June 7, 19811981
5942H.R. 234 Commending the Cultural Laureate Program1981
5943H.R. 239 Fair Representation on Federal Reserve Board1981
5944H.J. Res. 243 World Food Day1981
5945H.R. 247 Index Marginal Tax Brackets / Personal Exemption to Rate of Inflation1981
5946H.R. 252 Clean Air Act Should Be Maintained and Strengthened1981
5947H.J. Res. 259 To Express Intent of Congress to Make No Changes in Student Loan Programs1981
5948H.J. Res. 260 October 2, 1981 "American Enterprise Day"1981
5949H.R. 262 Request President to Submit Fiscal Year 1982 Tax Expenditures by 12 %1981
5950H.R. 265 Management of U.S. Assets1982
5951H.J. 272 National Medic Alert Week1982
5952H. Con. Res. 278 Community Service Employment Programs for Senior Citizens be Maintained or Increased1982
5953H.J. Res. 279 June 14, 1981 "National Softball Week"1981
5954H.J. 285 National Productivity Improvement Week1981
5955H.J. Res. 293 National Energy Education Day1981
5956H.J. Res. 318 National PTA Membership Month1981
5957H. Con. Res. 77 Sense of Congress Re: Decontrol of Natural Gas1981
5958H.J. Res. 84 October 4 - October 11 National Diabetes Week1981
5959H. Con. Res. 92 Sense of Congress Re: Permanent Conversion of Agricultural Lands to Nonagricultural Uses1981
5960H.R. 97 Authorize Reprinting of Report "International Information Flow"1981
5961H.J. Res. 319 Lower Interest Rates Substantially in Next Thirty Days1981
5962H.J. Res. 323 National High School Activities Week1981
5963H.J. Res. 326 National Guard Day1981
5964H. Con. Res. 344 Supplementary Environment Impact Statement1982
5965H.J. Res. 346 National Student Safety Week1981
5966H.J. Res. 359 National Disabled Veterans Week1981
5967H.J. Res. 375 National Orchestra Week1981
5968H.J. Res. 379 National Jaycee Week1981
5969H.R. 382 With Respect to the Acceleration of Natural Gas Prices1982
5970H.R. 383 Cost Overruns Should Not Be Permitted on B1B Aircraft1982
5971H.J. Res. 386 Baltic Freedom Day1982
5972H.J. Res. 395 Parliamentary Emphasis Week1982
5973H.J. Res. 404 National Agriculture Day1982
5974H. Con. Res. 408 Surplus U.S. Grain Should Be Used to Feed Hungry People1982
5975H.J. Res. 428 National POW / MIA Recognition Day1982
5976H.J. Res. 430 World Food Day October 16, 19821982
5977H.J. Res. 439 Constitutional Amendment to Change Budget Procedures1982
5978H.R. 501 Amend Internal Revenue Code, Charitable Deduction to Taxpayers1981
5979H.R. 612 President Should Offer USSR Extension on Grain Sales1982
5980H.R. 741 To Eliminate Fringe Benefit Taxation1981
5981H.R. 747 Extend Period of Vietnam Veterans Eligibility for Readjustment Counseling1981
5982H.R. 768 Amend Internal Revenue Code, Standard Mileage Rate1981
5983H.R. 808 Amend to Immigration and Nationality Act, Preferential Admission1981
5984H.R. 878 Former Presidential Enough is Enough and Taxpayers Relief Act of 19811981
5985H.R. 953 Imputed Interest1981
5986H.R. 1003 Hostage Medals1981
5987H.R. 1005 Exclude From Taxation Interest Earned on Deposits Used for Mortgage Lending1981
5988H.R. 1010 Amend Congressional Budget Act of 1974, Two-Year Budgeting Cycles1981
5989H.R. 1053 10-5-3 Capital Cost Recovery1981
5990H.R. 1100 Veterans Administration Health Care for Prisoners of War Expanded1981
5991H.R. 1113 Resource Conservation and Development in Department of Agriculture1981
5992H.R. 1140 Permit Disabled Veterans to Travel on Military Aircraft1982
5993H.R. 1177 Repeal Family Rental Tax (Reform Code of 1954)1981
5994H.R. 1200 Congressional Pay Reform Act of 19811981
5995H.R. 1240 Remove Nontariff Trade Barriers on Agricultural Goods1983
5996H.R. 1294 Uniform Margin Requirements of U.S. Corporations by Non-U.S. Persons1981
5997H.R. 1300 Require Congressional Notification of Substantial Changes by Postal Service1981
5998H.R. 1311 National Tourism Policy and Government Agency to Carry out Policy1981
5999H.R. 1331 Judicial Review of Determinations Made by Veterans Administration1981
59100H.R. 1337 Treat Adoption Expenses as Medical Expenses1981
59101H.R. 1373 End Embargo1981
59102H.R. 1374 Underground Water Rights1981
59103H.R. 1400 Establish New Educational Assistance for Veterans and Armed Forces Personnel1982
59104H.R. 1464 Amend the Power plant and Industrial Use Act of 1978 to Permit Local Distribution of Natural Gas1981
59105H.R. 1490 First Home Ownership of 19811981
59106H.R. 1507 Gasohol Tax Repeal Act1981
59107H.R. 1509 Terminate U.S. Military Assistance to Government of El Salvador1981
59108H.R. 1576 Amend Title 5 as per Air Traffic Controllers' Benefits and Salary1981
59109H.R. 1578 Veterans With Service Connected Disabilities May Receive Treatment, Veterans Administration1981
59110H.R. 1642 Family Enterprise Estate and Gift Tax Equity Act1981
59111H.R. 1651 Federal Support to Prevent Domestic Violence1981
59112H.R. 1700 Married Individuals Filing Separate Tax Forms, Pay Unmarried Tax1981
59113H.R. 1776 Amends Title 5 of U.S. Code to Improve Agency Rulemaking1981
59114H.R. 1809 Social Security Payroll of 19811981
59115H.R. 1819 Family Farm Estate Tax Relief Act of 19811981
59116H.R. 1918 Service Pension to $150 for World War I Veterans and Spouses1982
59117H.R. 1932 Emergency Home Purchase and Inventory Reduction Act of 19811981
59118H.R. 1955 Authorize Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1982 for Navy Research Shallow Underwater Missile (SUM)1981
59119H.R. 1960 Tax Credit to Homebuilders Using Solar Energy1981
59120H.R. 2053 Real Estate Construction and Rehabilitation Tax Incentives Act of 19811981
59121H.R. 2103 Index the Sale Price of Primary Home to the C.P.I.1981
59122H.R. 2157 Agent Orange1981
59123H.R. 2233 Support Loan Levels in Case of Suspension of Export Sales of Agriculture1981
59124H.R. 2245 Reduce Tax Rate on Corporation Below $500,0001981
59125H.R. 2319 Inventory Simplification and Reform Tax Act of 19811981
59126H.R. 2322 Audit of the Federal Reserve1981
59127H.R. 2372 Establish Procedures for Setting Targets and Ceilings1981
59128H.R. 2373 To Amend the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act Re: Beginning Farmers1981
59129H.R. 2391 Provide Education and Training Opportunities for Vietnam Era Veterans1981
59130H.R. 2492 Six Day Mail Delivery1981
59131H.R. 2493 Presumption of Service Connection for Herbicides in Southeast Asia1981
59132H.R. 2500 Commission to Examine National Service1981
59133H.R. 2509 Moratorium on Federal Trade Commission Decisions1981
59134H.R. 2543 Debt Collection Improvement Act of 19811981
59135H.R. 2793 Eliminate World Hunger and Malnutrition and Promote World Security1981
59136H.R. 2828 State and Local Government Act of 19811981
59137H.R. 2835 Arts and Humanities Tax Reform Act of 19811981
59138H.R. 2888 Provide for Improved Congressional Oversight of Reorganization of Veterans Administration1981
59139H.R. 2889 Imposes Quantitative Restrictions on Lamb Meat Importation1981
59140H.R. 2901 Establish an Export Grain Bank1981
59141H.R. 2953 To Provide Medical Care for Vietnam Veterans1981
59142H.R. 2963 Small Business Procurement Reform Act of 19811981
59143H.R. 2977 Guaranteed Loans Under States Assistance for Family Farms1981
59144H.R. 3091 Amend Small Business Act Federally Funded Research1981
59145H.R. 3116 Government Cost Reduction1981
59146H.R. 3120 Establish Price Supports for 1981-1985 Sunflower Seed Crops1981
59147H.R. 3164 Reauthorization of Belle Fourche Project1981
59148H.R. 3181 Income Tax Simplification Act of 19811981
59149H.R. 3204 Provides Feasibility and Design Study Money for District Heating / Cooling1981
59150H.R. 3205 Assist Municipalities in Research and Development for Heating and Cooling Systems1981
59151H.R. 3269 Clarify Licenses Selling Trademarked Malt Beverages1981
59152H.R. 3300 Protect Firearms' Owners Constitutional Rights1981
59153H.R. 3423 Education and Loan Programs for Vietnam Veterans1981
59154H.R. 3427 Landowner's Transfer of Time on Condemned Land to Participate in Sec. 2032A1981
59155H.R. 3496 Correct Inequities Between Sales Representatives and Their Principals1981
59156H.R. 3499 Extend Vietnam Veterans' Readjustment Counseling and Agent Orange Benefit1981
59157H.R. 3502 Provide Greater Coordination and Sharing of Medical Facilities of VA (Veterans Administration) / Defense Department1981
59158H.R. 3525 Amend Internal Revenue Code 1954 to Eliminate Certain Tax Expenditures1981
59159H.R. 3575 Commemorative Girl Scout Stamp1981
59160H.R. 3614 Amend Internal Revenue Code Clarify Mortgage Subsidy Bonds1981
59161H.R. 3643 Federal Emergency Management Becomes Office of Civil Defense1981
59162H.R. 3661 Bill for the Relief of Samuel Bo-Wen Huang1981
59163H.R. 3680 Provide State and Local Governments Flexibility - Federal Assistance1981
59164H.R. 3722 Moratorium on Activity of Federal Trade Commission1981
59165H.R. 3670 Federal Meat Inspection Act1981
59166H.R. 3882 Family Enterprise Estate and Gift Tax Reduction1981
59167H.R. 3976 Amend Small Business Act1981
59168H.R. 3973 Strengthen Investigatory and Enforcement Powers of Postal Service1981
59169Budget Cuts1981
59170H.R. 3995 Amend Title 38 U.S. Code Cost-of-Living Increase Disabled Veterans1981
59171H.R. 4004 Amend Internal Revenue Code - Biomass Fuel1981
59172H.R. 4126 Amend Federal Meat Inspection Act Imported Meat Be Labeled as Such1981
59173H.R. 4288 Chiropractic Care in Health Care to Veterans1981
59174H.R. 4326 Strengthen Small, Innovative Firms in Federally Funded Research1982
59175H.R. 4332 Employment of Highly Qualified Air Traffic Controllers1981
59176H.R. 4347 Development of WEB (Walworth-Edmunds-Brown)1981
59177H.R. 4373 Strengthen Role of Small Innovative Firms in Federally Funded Research1981
59178H.R. 4382 Amend Social Security Act1981
59179H.R. 4449 Amend Social Security Act to Limit Benefits1981
59180H.R. 4526 Designate Sunflower as National Flower of the U.S.1981
59181H.R. 4576 Rural Enterprise Zone Act1981
601Child Abuse1984
602African Aid1984
603Daschle Sponsored Legislation1984
604List of Daschle Involvement1983
605H.R. 7458 Veterans Refinance Home Loans1982
606Vietnam Veteran Letters1983
607Against H.R. 1961 Agent Orange1983
608Miscellaneous Veteran Letters to be Answered1983
609Action on Phone Request (James)1983
6010Things / Files Completed1982
6011Speech - Balanced Budget Proposal - 1985 October 111985
6012Speech - Senate Balanced Budget Proposal - 1985 October 91985
6013Congressional Record - Deficit - 1985 October 241985
6014Commemorative - Dear Colleague: National Guard Commemorative Resolution - Introduced1986
6015Commemorative - Dear Colleague: National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - H.J. Res. 524 Co-sponsor1986
6016Commemorative - Record Statement in Tribute to Lee Edel1986
6017Commemorative - Statement: Charles E. Emery Retirement - See Indians1986
6018Commemorative - Congressional Record: Joe Floyd - Salesman - 1985 October 51985
6019Communications - Mailings: H.R. 1840 and H.R. 1769 Satellite Dish Legislation - Mailings1986
6020Education - H.R. 4421 Community Services Programs Amendments of 1986 - Statement1986
6021Education - Speech: Impact Aid - 1985 May 81985
6022Education - Speech: Higher Education Act of 1965 - 1985 December 31985
6023Energy - Testimony: Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade H.R. 1720: Ethanol Imports1986
6024Energy - Statement: Privatization of Federal Power Marketing Administrations Record1986
6025Campaign Finance1983
6026Testimony Before Interior on Central South Dakota Water Supply System (CENDAK) and Lake Andes / Wagner1984
6027Energy - Congressional / Record - REA - 1985 April 21985
6028Energy - Address by Leo Flynn REA 50th Anniversary - 1985 May 111985
6029Farm - Statements on Passage of H.R. 21001985
6030Farm - Statement: H.R. 4267 One Minute on Bedell-Daschle Emergency Farm Bill - Daschle,
6031Farm - Speech: Draft Statement for Agricultural Crisis Special Orderundated
6032Farm - Hearing - Plight of the Family Farm - 1985 May 61985
6033Farm - H.R. 2100 Provisions of 1985 Farm Bill1985
6034Farm - Dear Colleagues: Farm Emergency Credit Bill of 19851985
6035Farm - Dear Colleagues: Mike Synar Letter - 1985 February 281985
6036Health - Statement Record: CARE 40th Anniversary1986
6037Health - Hearing Statement: Hunger / Testimony: Interior Subcommittee Appropriations1985
6038Health - H.R. 2151 - Statement1985
6039Indians - Statements: H.R. 38091985
6040Indians - Statement: Black Hills Lands Bill1985
6041Indians - Statement: "Charles E. Emery, Distinguished Career of" ...1986
6042Indians - Speech: American Indian Institute Workshop - Oklahoma City, OK - Indian Alcohol1987
6043Indians - Indian Juvenile Alcohol - Statements; Testimony1985
6044International Relations - Dear Colleague - Ariel Hidalgo - Cuban Prisoner1986
6045International Relations - Arms Sale to Saudis - Statement: Record H.J. Res. 5891986
6046International Relations - Kurt Waldheim - Inauguration1986
6047International Relations - Statement: H.J. Res. 3 - 1986 February 261986
6048International Relations - Dear Colleague Cosigned Letter: Soviet Jews1985
6049International Relations - Statement: H. Con. Res. 269 Andrei Sakharov1986
6050International Relations - Statements1985
6051International Relations - S. Con. Res. 62: Statement1985
6052Judiciary / Civil Rights - Statements: H.R. 9451985
6053Labor - Statement: H.R. 35301985
6054Post Office - Statements1985
6055Public Welfare - Statements1985
6056Taxes - Statements: Tax Reform1985
6057Tourism - Statements1985
6058Trade - Statements: H.R. 15621985
6059Trade - Statements1985
6060Veterans - Statement: H.R. 512 VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) Charter - Statement - 1986 May 121986
6061Veterans - Statement: Record on New GI Bill - 1986 March 191986
6062H.R. 4130 - VA (Veterans Administration) Home Loan Guaranty Program - Statement1986
6063Veterans - Statement: New GI Bill, 1986 March 191986
6064Veterans - Statement: Record H.R. 4384 (introduced) Veterans Readjustment Appointment1986
6065Veterans - Statement File: H.R. 33931985
6066Veterans - Statement File: H.R. 37471985
6067Abdnor - Water Statements1985
6068Aurora-Brule (A-B) Rural Water Association1986
6069Bureau of Reclamation - General1986
6070CENDAK (Central South Dakota Water Supply System)1986
6071Bureau of Reclamation Budget: FY 1989undated
6072Belle Fourche1985
6073CENDAK (Central South Dakota Water Supply System) Planning Report Hearings1985
6074Clark Rural Water System Interest Rate Adjustment1986
6075CENDAK (Central South Dakota Water Supply System) - Authorization Bill1985
6076CENDAK (Central South Dakota Water Supply System) II1986
6077Garrison Letters1986
6078Garrison: Standing Rock Sioux1987
6079H.R. 6: Cost sharing1985
6080Hilltop - Grey Goose Irrigation1985
6081H.R. 6 (Omnibus Water Resources Bill) - Electric Power Amendment1985
6082Indian Press Summer1986
6083James River Dredging1985
6084James River Dredging - Permit1985
6085James River1985
6086Kesterson Refuge1985
6087Lake Andes-Wagner Field Hearing 1985 October1985
6088Moreau Irrigation Project1986
611Turning Over National Weather Service to Private Sector Wrong - Statement1983
612H.R. 2780 General Revenue Sharing Program - Statement1983
613Revenue Sharing - Amendment to Increase Entitlements1983
614H.R. 4072 Wheat Improvement Act1983
615Wine Equity and Export Expansion Act1984
61698th Debates Situation from the Congressional Record1984
617Should Natural Gas Be Decontrolled? - Statement1983
618Montana Dakota Utilities1984
619Mortgage Revenue Bonds and FY 1984 - Congressional Record1983
6110Disaster Programs - Congressional Record1984
6111FY 1984 (Budget)1983
6112Grace Commission and Congress and the Budget, The - Congressional Record1984
6113U.S. Military Involvement in Latin America and Conservation Districts1984
6114Tax Limitation and Balanced Budget Amendment - Statement1983
6115H.R. 4170 Against the Rule, Debate on1984
6116H. Con. Res. 280 - Budget Resolution, Debate on1984
6117Conservation Districts Qualify for Bulk Mail Rates - Statement1983
6118Daschle on Increase of the Debt Limit1983
6119Deficits and Recovery1984
6120Federal Power Act Amendment1984
6121Flat Tax - Statement1984
6122H.R. 5617 Upright Grave markers - Statement1984
6123IMF, The1984
6124H.R. 5155 Landsat - Statement1983
6125Satellite Systems - Limit Transfer to Private Ownership - Pressler1984
6126Line-Item Veto1984
6127H.R. 4214 Mineral Exploration - Statement1984
6128Mortgage Revenue Bonds1984
6129Water Research - Statement from Abdnor1984
6130Water Resources Development Act - Statement from Abdnor1983
6131Daschle - Opposition to Conte Amendment on Garrison Project1983
6132H.R. 5900 Private Wetlands1984
6133Winston and Josephine Hall1984
6134Yellow Rain - Statement from Pressler1983
6135Young, Milton Tribute - Statement from Pressler1983
6136H.R. 5617 Upright Grave Markers - Statement1984
6137Call for Soviet Negotiations - Statement1984
6138Floods, etc. (Co-Signed Letters)1983
6139Budget and Federal Spending - Statements1984
6140H.R. 5712 - FY 1985 Commerce, Justice, State and Judiciary Appropriations, Debate on1984
6141H.R. 6300 Balanced Budget - Statements1984
6142Repeal Withholding Taxes of Interest and Dividends - Statement1983
6143Tax Reform and Alternatives - Statements1983
6144Telephone Rates - Statement from Pressler and Abdnor1983
6145H.R. 3391 Trade Adjustment Assistance Act - Statement1983
6146H.R. 4784 Trade Remedies Reform Act1984
6147Travel and Tourism - Statements by Pressler Importance of the Industry1983
6148Treasury Funding - Statement from Pressler1983
6149Treasury, Postal and General Government Appropriations Bill Amendment offered by Abdnor1983
6150U.N. Assistance to Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) - Statements by Pressler1983
6151Sen. Res. 115 Relating to U.N. Consumer Guidelines - Statements by Pressler1983
6152U.N. Funding - Statement from Pressler1983
6153U.N. - U.S. Needs U.N. - Statement from Daschle1983
6154U.S. Assistance to El Salvador1984
6155Universal Telephone Service - Statement from Daschle1983
6156Veterans - Direct Loan - Statement from Pressler1983
6157H.R. 4472 - VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) Charter, Debate on1984
6158Veterans Grave markers - Statement1983
6159Dear Colleague: Vietnam Veterans and Dioxin1983
6160Final Battle With Agent Orange, A - Statement1983
6161Agent Orange Treatment - Statement1983
6162Agent Orange Settlement - Statement1984
6163Daschle Criticizes AMA (American Medical Association) Regarding Dioxin Article1983
6164Veterans Administration Health Programs Amendments of 19831983
6165H.R. 1961 - Introduction1983
6166SBA (Small Business Administration) Loan Money for Veterans - Statement1983
6167Sports Violence Arbitration Act of 19831983
6168H.R. 6301 Steel Export Stabilization Act1984
6169Vietnam Veterans Art Exhibit - Statement1983
6170H.R. 2355 Emergency Vietnam Veterans Jobs Training Act, Daschle Support of1983
6171New Disclosures Regarding Agent Orange - Statement1983
6172H.R. 2920 Readjustment Program for Vietnam Veterans, Daschle Support of1983
6173Vietnam Veterans Involved in NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Activities - Statement1983
6174Dioxin and Cancer - Statement1983
6175Extension Veterans Education and Employment1984
6176Veterans Compensation Amendments - Statement1984
6177Veterans Administration Complaint - Statement1984
6178Vocational Education Grants - Statement from Pressler1984
6179Vocational Technical Amendment1984
6180Voice of Democracy - Statement1984
6181Water Development for South Dakota1983
6182U.S. Military Involvement in Latin America - Statement1984
6183H.R. 2972 Military Construction Authorization, Support of1983
6184Colloquy on Rep. Shannon1984
6185100th Anniversary of Wolsey Post Office, Daschle on1983
6186Why I Missed Vote of February 2, 1983 - Statement1983
6187Jimmy Carter Helps South Dakotas1983
6188National Agriculture Day - Statement from Daschle1984
6189Natural Gas and Consumers1984
6190National Federation of the Blind1984
6191Joint Res. 13 Nuclear Freeze, Support of1983
6192Nuclear Radiation - Statement1983
6193Oil Company Acquisitions1984
6194Promoting Travel to Olympics - Statement from Pressler1983
6195Pick-Sloan Basin Project - Statement from Daschleundated
6196PIK (Payment-in-Kind) New Policy or New Patch - Special to Mitchell Daily Republic1983
6197Politicization of U.S. Food Aid - Statement from Daschle1983
6198Pork Imports - Statement from Pressler1984
61100Social Security1983
61101H.R. 15 Select Committee on Hunger, Debate on1984
61102Smoot-Hawley Tariffs1984
61103Railroad Retirement - Statement1983
61104Revenue Measures: Select Subcommittee - Statementundated
61105Daschle on Ray Roebuck's 29th Anniversary at Food Service1983
61106Rural Electrification Administration Renewal - Statement from Daschle1983
61107Debate H.R. 3030 REA (Rural Electrification Administration) Bill1984
61108Secret Service Authorities - Statement from Daschle1984
61109Sherwood, Audrey - Statements by Pressler on Her Great Citizenship1983
61110H.R. 1900 Social Security Act Amendments of 1983, Support of1983
61111Extension Older Americans Amendments1984
61112H.R. 3484 Soil Conservancy1984
61113Soviet Aggression (Soviet Downing of Airliner) - Statement from Abdnor1983
61114Call for Soviet Negotiations - Statement1984
61115Superfund and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Statement on1984
61116Debate H.R. 5504 Surface Transportation Act1984
61117Surface Transportation Act of 1982 Hearings - Statement from Pressler1983
61118Synthetic Fuels Corporation - Statement1984
61119Taiwan Friendship - Statement1984
61120Dorgan Inserts Remarks by Daschle on War Powers Act in Taiwan1984
6112140th Anniversary of Flood Control Act of '441983
61122Daschle on Authorization of the Gregory County Hydroelectric Pump Storage1984
61123Health Care Improvements, From the Record1984
61124Labor / Health / Human Resources, From the Record1984
61125Highway User Fees - Statement from Abdnor1983
61126S.R. 5358 Honey Research, Promotion and Consumer Information Act, Statement of Support1984
61127Howe Oscar - Statement by Pressler and Abdnor1983
61128Debate H.R. 1983 Emergency Housing Assistance of 19831983
61129Illegal Aliens - No Social Security Benefits Statement from Pressler1983
61130Sisseton-Wahpeton Consolidation Bill1984
61131Tribally Controlled Community Colleges Act - Statement1983
61132Hunger in America1983
61133H.R. 6196 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (Summary)undated
61134H.R. 619 Juvenile Indian Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention - Daschle pro1984
61135H.R. 4567 Indian Health Care Amendments1984
61136Tribally Controlled Community Colleges Act - Statement1983
61137H.R. 5973 Interior Appropriations, Debate on1984
61138International Security and Development Cooperation Act1984
61139International Organizations Public Procedures Act of 1983 - Statements by Pressler1983
61140Jobs Bill - Regarding Areas of High Unemployment1983
61141Latin America - U.S. Policy In1983
61142Library Services and Construction Act1984
61143H.R. 430 Mandela Freedom Act, The1984
61144Marine Disaster in Lebanon - Statement from Pressler1983
61145Martin Luther King Day - Statement by Pressler1983
61146Meat Import Act of 1979 Amendment Offered by Abdnor1983
61147Waste at the Pentagon - Statement by Michel1983
61148U.S. Ties With China and Taiwan - Statement from Pressler1984
61149Debate of H.R. 5297 CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) Sunset Act1984
61150Civil Aeronautics Board Funds Needed - Statement from Daschle1984
61151H. Con. Res. 261 Support of the Contador Group Peace Initiative - Statement1984
61152H.R. 1010 Coal Pipeline Act - Statement1983
61153Congressman Committee Chairman from South Dakota - Statement1984
61154DAIRY Amendment to Require Dairy Production Assessment be Levied on Imported Milk and Products - Pressler1983
61155Legislation Introduced to Repeal 50-cent Assessment on Dairy Production - Statement1983
61156Dairy Supports - Statement from Daschle1983
61157H.R. 2969 Defense Authorization for 1984, Daschle Support of1983
61158D.C. Appropriations - Amendment by Daschle1984
61159Disaster Farm Aid - Statement from Daschle1984
61160Dorgan: Good Choice for Ways and Means1983
61161Dow Chemical Company and Dioxin Issue1983
61162The Lindamood Breakthrough Concerning Dyslexia - Statement1984
61163Education - Payments to Local Schools - Statements from Abdnor1983
61164Electric Coops1984
61165Embargo Politics - Statement1983
61166H.R. 1398 Energy Conservation Daylight Savings Act - Statement1983
61167Superfund Expansion, Debate on1984
61168Equal Rights Amendment1983
61169Paul Doran Reviews Development of Proposed ETSI (Energy Transportation Systems, Inc.) Pipeline - Statement1983
61170Debate - Emergency Appropriations Act and H.R. 1131983
61171Famine in Ethiopia - Statement1983
61172National Federation of the Blind Month1984
61173Federal Communications Commission Reauthorization Bill - Statement from Pressler1983
61174Extension - Daschle Supports Democratic Position against Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Access Fee1984
61175Ferguson, Odessa Tribute - Statement from Daschle1983
61176Forest Service Recreation Use Fees - Statement1984
61177Funds for Fire Prevention - Statement from Pressler1983
61178Child Support Enforcement - Statement from Abdnor1984
61179H.R. 1590 African Food Aid, Support of1983
61180H.R. 6196 Juvenile Indian Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Act (Daschle is Sponsor)1984
61181H.R. 3231 Export Administration Act - Statement1984
61182Veteran's Day Events Schedule1984
61184H.R. 1961, Debate on1984
611851961 Compromise Legislation, Agreed to1984
61186Agent Orange and Veterans Relief1983
61187H.R. 6094 Mandatory Fish Inspection Act1984
61188Daschle on the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)1983
61189Boost for Alcohol Fuels - Statement1984
61190Alcohol Fuel Tax Incentive Uniformity Act, The - Statement1983
61191Alcohol Fuel1983
61192Benefits of Alcohol Fuel, The - Statement1984
61193AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) Services and Other Aging Policies Statements - Statement from Pressler1983
61194H.R. 5743 USDA Appropriations, Debate on1984
61195PIK (Payment-in-Kind) Program - Statement1983
61196Agriculture (Committee)1984
61197Agricultural Programs Adjustment Act - Statements from Pressler and Abdnor1984
61198McCurdy Colloquy on Agriculture Problemsundated
61199Towns with Supplemental Views from Other Members Including Thomas A. Daschle - Statement1983
61200Farmers Home Administration Deferral Bill - Statement1983
61201PIK (Payment-in-Kind) Program, Daschle on - Statement1983
61202Department of Agriculture Statement of H.R. 1190 Agricultural Credit Act of 1983, Daschle on1983
61203American Indian Affairs1983
61204Antisatellite Weapons from the Record1984
61205Argentina's Economic Crisis - Statement from Pressler1984
61206Arms Control Subcommittee Report - Statement from Pressler1983
61207Arms Race - Statement from Daschle1983
61208Baltic Freedom Day - Statement from Daschle1983
61209Belle Fourche Project - Testimony1983
61210Black Hills Workshop and Training Center - Statement from Pressler1983
61211Fair Tax System - Statement1983
61212Administration Fiscal 1984 Proposals1983
61213Paneta on Daschle Article in LA Times on Dioxin1983
61214Business Development Programs - Statement from Pressler1983
61215Cable Telecommunications Act of 1983 - Statement from Abdnor1983
621H.R. 1883 Tax Credit for Solar Energy Construction (Homebuilders)1983
622H.R. 1914 Amend Title 38 Compensation to Veterans Exposed to Nuclear Radiation, etc. - Co-sponsor1983
623H.R. 1918 Amend Title 38; Service Pensions for World War I Veterans and Spouses - Co-sponsor1983
624H.R. 1928 Indian Housing Program - Co-sponsor1983
625H.R. 1959 Veterans' Affairs - Co-sponsor1983
626H.R. 1961 Agent Orange Bill Same as H.R. 20171984
627H.R. 2017 Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Relief Act1983
628H.R. 2027 Exempt Entities of REA (Rural Electrification Administration) from Fees - Co-sponsor1983
629H.R. 2071 Amend Payment in Lieu of Taxes - Co-sponsor1983
6210H.R. 2090 Equality of Economic Opportunities for Men and Women - Co-sponsor1983
6211H.R. 2090 Programs of Economic Opportunities for Men and Women - Co-sponsor1983
6212H.R. 2124 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 Re: Tax on Highway Use and Diesel Fuel by Heavy Trucks - Co-sponsor1983
6213H.R. 2154 Limit Natural Gas Prices - Co-sponsor1983
6214H.R. 2187 Amend Title 38 Increase Compensation Available to Blinded Veterans with Hearing Disabilities - Co-sponsor1983
6215H.R. 2187 - Increase Compensation for Blinded Veterans Who Have Hearing Disability1983
6216H.R. 2204 Amend Title 38; Extend Eligibility for GI Bill to Vietnam Veterans - Co-sponsor1983
6217H.R. 2225 Reduce Holding Period for Long Term Capital Gain1983
6218H.R. 2253 Dairy Production Act of 19831983
6219H.R. 2262 Malt Beverage Licensing Clarification1983
6220H.R. 2264 Deductions from the Proceeds of Milk Marketed Commercially by Producers1983
6221H.R. 2271 Encourage Reduction fo Trade Barriers1983
6222H.R. 2307 To Amend the Tribally Controlled Community College Assistance Act of 19781983
6223H.R. 2323 Amend Title 38 Vietnam Veterans Psychological Adjustment Period - Co-sponsor1983
6224H.R. 2355 Emergency Vietnam Veterans Job Training Act of 1983 - Co-sponsor1983
6225H.R. 2373 Repeal Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 - Co-sponsor1983
6226H.R. 2382 Amends the Communications Act of 19341983
6227H.R. 2385 Provide Equity to Daytime Radio Broadcasters1983
6228H.R. 2414 Agricultural Productivity Act - Co-sponsor1982
6229H.R. 2449 Prohibit Implementation of Regulations of Office of Personnel Management - Co-sponsor1983
6230H.R. 2468 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 Spousal Compensation - Co-sponsor1983
6231H.R. 2546 Amend the Federal Reserve Act - Co-sponsor1983
6232H.R. 2566 Amend Federal Reserve Act, Increased Representation of Small Business and Agriculture - Co-sponsor1983
6233H.R. 2599 The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 19821983
6234H.R. 2615 Amend Energy Conservation Weatherization of Low-Income Units Create Employment - Co-sponsor1983
6235H.R. 2697 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 re: Mileage Rates - Co-sponsor1983
6236H.R. 2708 Foreign Language for National Security Act of 19831983
6237H.R. 2708 Grants for Improvement of Proficiency in Critical Languages - Co-sponsor1983
6238H.R. 2714 Improve Productivity of American Farmers1983
6239H.R. 2746 Increase Voter Registration - Co-sponsor1983
6240H.R. 2822 Dairy Production Act of 19831983
6241H.R. 2837 Assume Availability of Quality Outdoor Recreation - Co-sponsor1983
6242H.R. 2911 Authorize Program of Water Resources Research1983
6243H.R. 2920 Amend Title 38;Revise Health-Care Program of Veterans Administration - Co-sponsor1983
6244H.R. 2928 No Assistance for Highly Erodible Land; Reimburse Conservation Practices - Co-sponsor1983
6245H.R. 2936 Amend Title 38 Increase Number of Members of Board of Veterans Appeals - Co-sponsor1983
6246H.R. 2937 Increase in Compensation for Veterans - Co-sponsor1983
6247H.R. 2948 Amend Title 38; Mortgage Assistance to Veterans - Co-sponsor1983
6248H.R. 2977 Church Audit Procedures Act of 19831983
6249H.R. 2988 Clarification of Agricultural Cooperatives for Small Business Act Assistance - Co-sponsor1983
6250H.R. 2991 Steps to Improve Competitiveness of U.S. Industries - Co-sponsor1983
6251H.R. 2996 Transportation to Annual National Meetings of Next of Kin of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia1983
6252H.R. 3010 Medicare Vision Reform Act of 19831983
6253H.R. 3016 Veterans Chiropractic Care Reimbursement - Co-sponsor1983
6254H.R. 3050 Rural Electricity and Telephone - Co-sponsor1983
6255H.R. 3072 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 Extend Energy Tax Credit for Investments - Co-sponsor1983
6256H.R. 3079 Retired Armed Forces Members on Local Selective Service System - Co-sponsor1983
6257H.R. 3080 Veterans Compensation for Disabilities - Co-sponsor1983
6258H.R. 3101 Spur Alcohol Fuel Production - Co-sponsor1983
6259H.R. 3104 Control Importing of Elephants - Co-sponsor1983
6260H.R. 3108 Protect U.S. Caribbean Possessions - Co-sponsor1983
6261H.R. 3130 - Statement on File1983
6262H.R. 3137 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 Deductions Denied in Corporate Takeovers - Co-sponsor1983
6263H.R. 3245 Establishment of National Conference on Education - Co-sponsor1983
6264H.R. 3245 National Summit Conference on Education - Co-sponsor1983
6265H.R. 3297 Amend the Packers and Stockyard Act of 1921 - Co-sponsor1983
6266H.R. 3300 Provisions for Veterans Affairs - Co-sponsor1983
6267H.R. 3337 Reduced Postage for Conservation Districts - Co-sponsor1983
6268H.R. 3348 In Honor of Congressman Leo J. Ryan Award Congressional Gold Medal - Co-sponsor1983
6269H.R. 3371 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 - Co-sponsor1983
6270H.R. 3400 National Acid Deposition Control Act of 19831983
6271H.R. 3420 Provide Home Buyers Access to National Secondary Mortgage Market - Co-sponsor1983
6272H.R. 3457 Prohibit Payment to Persons Who Produce on Highly Erodible Land - Co-sponsor1983
6273H.R. 3478 Bronze Medal Men Missing in Southeast Asia - Co-sponsor1983
6274H.R. 3487 Health Insurance Premiums Allowed as Business Deduction1983
6275H.R. 3502 Amend Patent law - Co-sponsor1983
6276H.R. 3564 Require Early Announcement of 1984 Crop Feed Grain Program - Co-sponsor1983
6277H.R. 3614 Award Gold Medal to Daughter of Harry S. Truman - Co-sponsor1983
6278H.R. 3642 Establish National Monument in Hawaii "Kamehameha" - Co-sponsor1983
6279H.R. 3643 Repeal Second 50-cent Assessment on Milk Marketed Commercially - Co-sponsor1983
6280H.R. 3737 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 Provide Full Credit for Campaign Contributions - Co-sponsor1983
6281H.R. 3790 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 to Provide for Cost-of-Living - Co-sponsor1983
6282H.R. 3795 Assure Equivalent competition for All Wine Moving in International Trade - Co-sponsor1983
6283H.R. 3803 Reporting of Tips in Cases of Certain Food and Beverages Places1983
6284H.R. 3811 Recognize American Gold Star Mothers Inc.1983
6285H.R. 3871 Hourly Rates for Federal Employees1983
6286H.R. 3914 Earlier Announcement of 1984 Corp Feed Grain Program1983
6287H.R. 3987 National Archives and Records Administration Act of 19831983
6288H.R. 4005 Department of Defense to Limit Contracts by Negotiation - Co-sponsor1983
6289H.R. 4052 Disaster Assistance to Agricultural Producers and Ranchers - Co-sponsor1983
6290H.R. 3778 In Response to War Powers Act Specifically in Central America - Co-sponsor1983
6291H.R. 4082 to Establish a Wheat Incentive Program1983
6292H.R. 4092 Amend Small Business Act; Increase Participation in Procurement Process - Co-sponsor1983
6293H.R. 4092 Amend Small Business Act to Increase Small Business Participation in the Procurement Process1984
6294H.R. 4093 Amend Title II of the Social Security Act to Protect Benefit Levels - Co-sponsor1983
6295H.R. 4098 Synthetic Fuels Corporation Fiscal Accountability Act of 19831983
6296H.R. 4105 Tax Incentives for Certain Alcohol Fuels1983
6297H.R. 4110 Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians - Co-sponsor1983
6298H.R. 4212 Change American Veterans of World War II (AMVETS) Charter1983
6299H.R. 4214 Establish State Mining and Mineral Resources Program1983
62100H.R. 4221 Establish Position of Under Secretary of State for Agricultural Affairs - Co-sponsor1983
62101H.R. 4282 Amend Military Code to Let Retired Personnel Serve on Board1983
62102H.R. 4284 Federal Crop Insurance Against Losses from Elevators1983
62103H.R. 4285 Financial Information for the Commodity Credit Corporation1983
62104H.R. 4286 Expedited Determinations of Interests in Grain1983
62105H.R. 4287 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954; Re: Unrelated Taxable Income of Private Corporation - Co-sponsor1983
62106H.R. 4294 naming of Veterans' Administration Centers in Altoona, Pennsylvania and Dublin Georgia - Co-sponsor1983
62107H.R. 4300 Missing Children's Assistance Act of 19831983
62108H.R. 4324 Amend Communications Act of 1934 - Co-sponsor1983
62109H.R. 4360 Industrial Competitiveness Act1983
62110H.R. 4428 Amend Federal Election Campaign Act to Limit Nonparty Contributions1983
62111H.R. 4440 Human Needs and World Security Act - Co-sponsor1983
62112H.R. 4447 Suspension of Deportation of Nationals of El Salvador1983
62113H.R. 4468 Amends Native American Programs Act of 19741983
62114H.R. 4495 Violence in Sports1983
62115H.R. 4496 Central South Dakota Water Supply System (CENDAK)1983
62116H.R. 4497 Lake Andes Water Project1983
62117H.R. 4548 Housing Allowance for Military and Clergy1983
62118H.R. 4567 Amend Indian Health Care Improvement Act - Co-sponsor1983
62119H.R. 4594 Revoke the Recent 3.5 percent Pay Raise for Members1984
62120H.R. 4599 Federal Employees Pay Equity Act of 19841984
62121H.R. 4642 Fair Insurance Coverage Act1984
62122H.R. 4682 Home Buyers Assistance Act of 19841984
62123H.R. 4686 Upright Grave Markers1984
62124H.R. 4772 Federal Charter Vietnam Veterans of America - Co-sponsor1984
62125H.R. 4833 Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder1984
62126H.R. 5845 Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act of 19841984
62127H.R. 4863 Supplemental Appropriations for African Aid1984
62128H.R. 4908 Collective Bargaining in Chapter 11 Cases1984
62129H.R. 4916 Recognize Senior Center Week1984
62130H.R. 4923 Phantom Tax Reform and Least Cost Electric Energy Planning Act of 19841984
62131H.R. 5011 Title IX Clarification - Co-sponsor1984
62132H.R. 5015 Senior Citizens Tax Improvement Act1984
62133H.R. 5038 Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Act of 19841984
62134H.R. 5092 Equal Pay for Equal Work1984
62135H.R. 5123 Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act1984
62136H.R. 5232 Truth in Savings Act1984
62137H.R. 5297 Civil Aeronautics Board Sunset Act of 19841984
62138H.R. 5315 Country Revenue Enhancement Act of 19841984
62139H.R. 5327 Rural Housing Assistance Act of 19841984
62140H.R. 5377 Trade Agreement With Israel for Import Restrictions1984
62141H.R. 5381 Nondiscrimination in Business Expense Deduction Act of 19841984
62142H.R. 5398, Statement on File1984
62143H.R. 5490 Title IX, Clarification of Application1984
62144H.R. 5571 Nuclear Moratorium1984
62145H.R. 5617 Veterans' Administration Housing1984
62146H.R. 5618 Veterans' Administration Health Programs1984
62147H.R. 5639 Lake Traverse Indian Reservation1984
62148H.R. 5688, Statement on File1984
62149H.R. 5727, Statement on File1984
62150H.R. 5768 Limit the Maximum Interest Rate to Loans under the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act1984
62151H.R. 5799 Veterans Preference on Government Contracts1984
62152H.R. 5835 Armour Piercing Ammunition1984
62153H.R. 5903 Amend Federal Water Pollution Control Act to Renew Quality of Nation's Waters1984
62154H.R. 5936 Amend Act of April 24, 1950 Regarding User Fees1984
62155H.R. 5937 Gold Medal to the Family of Harry Chapin1984
62156H.R. 5947 To Provide Assistance to Livestock Producers in Economic Distress1984
62157H.R. 6017 Aberdeen Rights of Way on Railroad Abandonment - Sponsor1984
62158H.R. 6021 Tax Treatment of Debt Instrument Issued for Property1984
62159H.R. 6022 Gray Goose Hilltop Irrigation District - Sponsor1984
62160H.R. 6032 Repeal Limitation on Aggregate Amount of Private Activity Bonds1984
62161H.R. 6066 Balanced Budget Amendment1984
62162H.R. 6094 Mandatory Fish Inspection1984
62163H.R. 6136 Omnibus Congressional Compensation Reform Act of 19831983
62164H.R. 6196 Indian Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, 98th Congress 2nd Session1984
62165H.R. 6203, 98th Congress 2nd Session1984
62166H.R. 6315, 98th Congress 2nd Session1984
62167H.R. 7081 Bribes not to be Tax Deductible1982
631Honorarium File1986
632.1Financial Disclosure Statements (1)1985
632.2Financial Disclosure Statements (2)1985
636Ethics Financial Statement1983
637Honorarium and Taxes1984
639Democratic County Officers1985
6310Missed Vote File1986
6311Veterans - Statements1985
6312Water Projects - Statements1985
6313Water Projects - Testimony1985
6314H.R. 3008 Statements1985
6315H.J. Res. 574 Introduction1986
6316H.R. 584 Introduction1985
6317H.R. 1035 Introduction1985
6318H.R. 1408 Introduction1985
6319H.R. 2151 Introduction1985
6320H.R. 2328 Introduction1985
6321H.R. 2547 Introduction1985
6322H.R. 2715 Introduction1985
6323H.R. 2896 Introduction1985
6324H.R. 2872 Introduction1985
6325H.R. 2937 Introduction1985
6326H.R. 3079 Introduction1985
6327H.R. 3393 Introduction - Dear Colleague1985
6328H.R. 3434 Introduction1985
6329H.R. 3309 Introduction1985
6330Resources Conservation1985
6331H.R. 4545 Co-sponsor1986
6332H.R. 4591 Co-sponsor1986
6333H.R. 4623 Co-sponsor1986
6334H.R. 4671 Co-sponsor1986
6335H.R. 4715 Co-sponsor1986
6336H.R. 4756 Co-sponsor1986
6337H.R. 4876 Co-sponsor1986
6338H.R. 4919 Co-sponsor1986
6339H.R. 5047 Cosponsor1986
6340H.R. 5138 Cosponsor1986
6341H.R. 5242 Introduction and H.R. 52231986
6342H.R. 5354 Co-sponsor1986
6343H.R. 5484 Co-sponsors1986
6344H.R. 5497 Co-sponsor1986
6345H.R. 5524 Introduction1986
6346H.R. 5587 Sponsor1986
6347H.R. 5623 Introduction1986
6348H.R. 5669 Sponsor1986
6349H.R. ____ (Section-by-Section Summary of Acid Rain Control Program of 1986)1986
6350H.R. ____ New GI Bill - Introduction1986
6351H.R. ____ (Closing Midwest Fort Snelling VA (Veterans Administration) Insurance Center)1986
6352H. Con. Res. 37 Co-sponsor1984
6353H. Con. Res. 40 Co-sponsor1985
6354H. Con. Res. 48 Co-sponsor1985
6355H. Con. Res. 64 Co-sponsor1985
6356H. Con. Res. 69 Co-sponsor1985
6357H. Con. Res. 71 Co-sponsor1985
6358H. Con. Res. 84 Co-sponsor1985
6359H. Con. Res. 114 Co-sponsor1985
6360H. Con. Res. 117 Co-sponsor1985
6361H. Con. Res. 125 Co-sponsor1985
6362H. Con. Res. 129 Co-sponsor1985
6363H. Con. Res. 132 Co-sponsor1985
6364H. Con. Res. 167 Co-sponsor1985
6365H. Con. Res. 169 Co-sponsor1985
6366H. Con. Res. 176 Co-sponsor1985
6367H. Con. Res. 190 Original Co-sponsor1985
6368H. Con. Res. 2071985
6369H. Con. Res. 241 Introduction1985
6370H. Con. Res. 2441986
6371H. Con. Res. 269 Co-sponsor1986
6372H.J. Res. ____ Co-sponsor (Prohibit Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia)1986
6373H. Con. Res. 285 Original Co-sponsor1986
6374H. Con. Res. 3081986
6375H. Con. Res. 3101986
6376H. Con. Res. 354 Introduction1986
6377H.J. Res. ____ Co-sponsor (Polish American Heritage Month)1986
6378H.J. Res. 3 Co-sponsor1986
6379H.J. Res. 20 Co-sponsor1985
6380H.J. Res. 23 Co-sponsor1985
6381H.J. Res. 27 Co-sponsor1985
6382H.J. Res. 33 Co-sponsor1985
6383H.J. Res. 46 Co-sponsor1985
6384H.J. Res. 50 Co-sponsor1985
6385H.J. Res. 64 Co-sponsor1985
6386H.R. 74 Co-sponsor1985
6387H.J. Res. 76 Co-sponsor1985
6388H.J. Res. 77 Co-sponsor1985
6389H.J. Res. 85 Co-sponsor1985
6390H.J. Res. 100 Co-sponsor1985
6391H.J. Res. 105 Co-sponsor1985
6392H.J. Res. 106 Co-sponsorundated
6393H.J. Res. 121 Co-sponsor1985
6394H.J. Res. 125 Co-sponsor1985
6395H.J. Res. 129 Co-sponsor1985
6396H.J. Res. 131 Co-sponsor1985
6397H.J. Res. 135 Co-sponsor1985
6398H.J. Res. 136 Co-sponsor1985
6399H.J. Res. 154 Co-sponsor1985
63100H.J. Res. 159 Co-sponsor1985
63101H.J. Res. 160 Co-sponsor1985
63102H.J. Res. 161 Co-sponsor1985
63103H.J. Res. 167 Co-sponsor1985
63104H.J. Res. 172 Original Co-sponsor1985
63105H.J. Res. 173 Co-sponsor1985
63106H.J. Res. 179 Co-sponsor1985
63107H.J. Res. 192 Co-sponsor1985
63108H.J. Res. 211 Co-sponsor1985
63109H.J. Res. 216 Co-sponsor1985
63110H.J. Res. 263 Co-sponsor1985
63111H.J. Res. 278 Co-sponsor1985
63112H.J. Res. 281 Co-sponsor1985
63113H.J. Res. 284 Co-sponsor1985
63114H.J. Res. 293 Introduction - Original Co-sponsor1985
63115H.J. Res. 299 Co-sponsor1985
63116H.J. Res. 300 Co-sponsor1985
63117H.J. Res. 305 Co-sponsor1985
63118H.J. Res. 308 Co-sponsor1985
63119H.J. Res. 311 Introduction - Original Co-sponsor1985
63120H.J. Res. 3161986
63121H.J. Res. 320 Co-sponsor1985
63122H.J. Res. 325 Co-sponsor1985
63123H.J. Res. 336 Co-sponsor1985
63124H.J. Res. 340 Introduction - Original Co-sponsor1985
63125H.J. Res. 358 Introduction - Original Co-sponsor1985
63126H.J. Res. 381 Co-sponsor1986
63127H.J. Res. 4171985
63128H.J. Res. 428 Original Co-sponsor1985
63129H.J. Res. 433 Co-sponsor1985
63130H.J. Res. 439 Co-sponsor1985
63131H.J. Res. 451 Co-sponsor1986
63132H.J. Res. 497 Co-sponsor1986
63133H.J. Res. 500 Co-sponsor1986
63134H.J. Res. 519 Co-sponsor1986
63135H.J. Res. 522 Co-sponsor1986
63136H.J. Res. 532 Co-sponsor1986
63137H.R. 538 Co-sponsor1986
63138H.J. Res. 541 Co-sponsor1986
63139H.J. Res. 542 Older Americans Month - Co-sponsor1986
63140H.J. Res. 553 Co-sponsor1986
63141H.J. Res. 561 Co-sponsor1986
63142H.J. Res. 5841986
63143H.J. Res. 589 Ban 5350 Saudi Arms Sale1986
63144H.J. Res. 5961986
641H.J. Res. 1 Amend Constitution relative to Equal Rights - Co-sponsor1983
642H.J. Res. 2 Mutual and Verifiable Freeze1983
643H.J. Res. 3 Prevent Nuclear Testing1983
644H.R. 10 National Development Investment Act1983
645H.J. Res. 13 Freeze on Nuclear Weapons - Co-sponsor1983
646H.R. 15 To Establish the Select Committee on Hunger1983
647H.R. 16 Select Committee on Children Youth and Families1983
648H.R. 17 President Should Award Benjamin Elijah Mays the Presidential Medal of Freedom1983
649H.J. Res. 20 National Retired Teachers Day - Co-sponsor1983
6410H.J. Res. 22 Month of April 1983 as National Child Abuse Prevention Week - Co-sponsor1983
6411H.R. 31 Amend Title 10 Chiropractic Care Included in Armed Forces - Co-sponsor1983
6412H.R. 31 Include Chiropractic Care to Armed Forces and Dependents1983
6413H. Con. Res. 40 Federal Government Should Maintain Efforts in Nutrition - Co-sponsor1983
6414H. Con. Res. 43 Increase Number of Positions for Senior Citizens in Community Service - Co-sponsor1983
6415H. Con. Res. 45 Grandparents Visitation Rights1983
6416H.R. 46 Jobs With Peace - Co-sponsor1983
6417H. Con. Res. 47 Role of Administrator of Veterans Affairs - Co-sponsor1983
6418H.J. Res. 49 Week of 11/2-11/13 as National Reye's Syndrome Week - Co-sponsor1983
6419H.J. Res. 62 Month of March 1983 as National Eye Donor Month - Co-sponsor1983
6420H.J. Res. 65 Prohibit Sale of Helicopter Spare Parts to Guatemala - Co-sponsor1983
6421H.R. 67 Government of USSR Should Release Anatoly Shcharansky - Co-sponsor1983
6422H.J. Res. 70 Week of 3/6/1983 as Women's History Week - Co-sponsor1983
6423H.J. Res. 74 National Day of Peace1983
6424H. Con. Res. 89 President Should Negotiate with USSR on Long-Term Sale1983
6425H.J. Res. 93 Gold Medal to Danny Thomas - Co-sponsor1983
6426H.J. Res. 95 Week Commencing with Third Monday in February of 1983 as National Patriotism Week - Co-sponsor1983
6427H. Con. Res. 100 Urge USSR to End Forced Labor - Co-sponsor1983
6428H.J. Res. 101 American Business Woman's Day - Co-sponsor1983
6429H.J. Res. 102 Week of 3/20/1983 as National Mental Health Counselors Week - Co-sponsor1983
6430H.J. Res. 103 Week of 3/11/1984 National Surveyors Week - Co-sponsor1983
6431H.J. Res. 105 National Historically Black Colleges Day - Co-sponsor1983
6432H.J. Res. 119 National Residence Hall Month1983
6433H. Con. Res. 121 Oppose Cuts in Library Programs - Co-sponsor1983
6434H. Con. Res. 126 100th Birthday of Harry S. Truman - Co-sponsor1983
6435H. Con. Res. 127 Celebrate 200 Anniversary of Treaty of Paris - Co-sponsor1983
6436H.J. Res. 132 National Adult Day Care Center Week September 251983
6437H.J. Res. 137 National School bus Safety Week1983
6438H.R. 139 Restore Balance in Federal Energy Budget - Co-sponsor1983
6439H.J. Res. 139 Week of 6/24/1984 as Federal Credit Union Week - Co-sponsor1983
6440H.J. Res. 140 May 1983 as National Physical Fitness and Sports Month - Co-sponsor1983
6441H.R. 145 President Should Negotiate with USSR on Long Term Grain Sales - Co-sponsor1983
6442H.R. 147 Human Rights of Romanians to Self-determination by Government of Romania - Co-sponsor1983
6443H.R. 147 Concerning Human Rights Violence in Hungary1983
6444H.J. Res. 153 Week of 10/2/1983 as National Children's Week - Co-sponsor1983
6445H.J. Res. 155 National Energy Education Day1983
6446H.R. 159 President to Supply Information to House with Respect to Honduras and Nicaragua - Co-sponsor1983
6447H.J. Res. 160 Week of 5/15/1983 as National Parkinson's Disease Week - Co-sponsor1983
6448H. Con. Res. 165 Impartial Tribunal to Investigate Aquino Assassination1983
6449H.J. Res. 168 Week of 5/29/1983 National Tourism Week - Co-sponsor1983
6450H. Con. Res. 170 Steel Industry Resolution1983
6451H.R. 172 Limit Percentage of Imported Garments - Co-sponsor1983
6452H. Con. Res. 174 Expressing Disapproval of Trade Embargos1983
6453H.R. 175 Urging for Improvements in Federal Inspection Services - Co-sponsor1983
6454H.R. 190 Equal Rights in Educational Opportunity - Co-sponsor1983
6455H.R. 194 President to Provide Consideration of International Currency Exchange Rates - Co-sponsor1983
6456H.J. Res. 196 Designate Week of 6/5/1983 as National Garden Week1983
6457H.J. Res. 201 June 14, 1983 as Baltic Freedom Day - Co-sponsor1983
6458H.J. Res. 209 National Poetry Day - October 151983
6459H.J. Res. 210 National Atomic Veterans Day1983
6460H.R. 213 Amend Rules in the House of Representatives to establish - Co-sponsor1983
6461H.J. Res. 215 Week of 4/3/1983 as national Drug Abuse Education Week - Co-sponsor1983
6462H.R. 216 Changes in Federal Estate Tax Laws by Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 not to be Modified - Co-sponsor1983
6463H.J. Res. 218 National Sewing Month1983
6464H.J. Res. 225 Designate 6/12-6/18, 1983 as National Scleroderma Week - Co-sponsor1983
6465H.J. Res. 227 Week of 9/25-10/2, 1983 as National Respiration Therapy Week - Co-sponsor1983
6466H. Con. Res. 227 Adverse Impact of Early Projections of Elections Results - Co-sponsor1983
6467H.J. Res. 228 National Animal Agriculture Week1983
6468H. Con. Res. 231 Assistance in Paying Bill for Home Heating1983
6469H.J. Res. 237 Shays Rebellion Week1983
6470H.J. Res. 239 National Day of Recognition for Mohandas K. Gandhi1983
6471H.J. Res. 243 Propose to Amend Federal Budget - Co-sponsor1983
6472H.J. Res. 247 National Day of Remembrance of Mans Inhumanity to Man1983
6473H.J. Res. 253 National Tuberous Sclerosis Week1983
6474H.J. Res. 258 Day of 8/3/1983 as National Paralyzed Veterans Recognition Day - Co-sponsor1983
6475H.J. Res. 263 World Food Day - Co-sponsor1983
6476H.J. Res. 268 Week of 11/27/1983 as National Home Health Care Week - Co-sponsor1983
6477H.R. 269 First Annual President Calvin Coolidge Week - Co-sponsor1983
6478H.J. Res. 271 National Inventors Day1983
6479H. Con. Res. President Should Urge Canada to Discontinue Travel Literature Taxes1984
6480H.J. Res. 278 Myasthenia Gravis Awareness Week - Co-sponsor1983
6481H.J. Res. 283 Week of 11/6/1983 National Disabled Veterans Week - Co-sponsor1983
6482H.J. Res. 284 Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of NASA1983
6483H.J. Res. 286 Negotiate to Halt Production of Plutonium - Co-sponsor1983
6484H.R. 287 Proceedings of House to be Recorded Verbatim - Co-sponsor1983
6485H.J. Res. 292 National Theatre Week - Co-sponsor1983
6486H.J. Res. 309 Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week1983
6487H.R. 310 To Restore Democracy in Chile - Co-sponsor1983
6488H.J. Res. 311 Proclaim National Agriculture Day - Co-sponsor1983
6489H. Con. Res. 315 Public Broadcast Announcement During the Olympics1984
6490H.J. Res. 317 Day of 10/22/1983 as Metropolitan Opera Day - Co-sponsor1983
6491H.J. Res. 321 Celebrate 200th Anniversary of Treaty of Paris - Co-sponsor1983
6492H.R. 321 President Should Request Resignation of James Watt Secretary of Interior - Co-sponsor1983
6493H.J. Res. 324 Week of 10/16/1983 as National Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Week - Co-sponsor1983
6494H.J. Res. 329 Week of 4/8/1984 as National Deaf Awareness Week - Co-sponsor1983
6495H.R. 330 8/20/1983 as National Volunteer Firefighter Recognition Day - Co-sponsor1983
6496H.J. Res. 331 Designate 10/2-10/9, 1983 as National Housing Week Co-sponsor1983
6497H.J. Res. 333 Congratulate New York County on Tricentennial - Co-sponsor1983
6498H.R. 334 Imbalances in Dollar-Yen Relationship Adverse Relationship - Co-sponsor1983
6499H.J. Res. 336 Day of 3/23/84 as National Energy Education Day - Co-sponsor1983
64100H.J. Res. 342 Coast Guard Day1983
64101H.J. Res. 345 Week of D17, 1983 as National Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Week - Co-sponsor1983
64102H.J. Res. 353 Condemnation of Downing of KAL 007 by USSR - Co-sponsor1983
64103H.J. Res. 373 Frozen Food Day1983
64104H.J. Res. 375 A Domestic Economic Summit to Prepare a Plan to Reduce the Deficit - Co-sponsor1983
64105H.J. Res. 377 Week of 10/17/83 as National Adult Continuing Education Week - Co-sponsor1983
64106H.J. Res. 382 Establish Bipartisan National Commission on Federal Budget Deficit Reductions - Co-sponsor1983
64107H.R. 382 Upright Grave Markers1983
64108H.J. Res. 384 Delay U.S. Pershing II and Cruise Missile Deployment for Six Months if U.S.-USSR Agree - Co-sponsor1983
64109H.J. Res. 386 National Congregate and Meals on Wheels Week Second Week in November1983
64110H.J. Res. 388 National POW / MIA Recognition Day1983
64111H.J. Res. 394 Gold Medal for Lady Bird Johnson for Humanitarian Contributions Beauty of America - Co-sponsor1983
64112H.J. Res. 407 Week of 4/8/1984 as National Hearing Impaired Awareness Week - Co-sponsor1983
64113H.R. 411 Reduce Federal Budget Deficit by $30 Billion1984
64114H.J. Res. 415 National Mental Health Counselors Week1983
64115H.J. Res. 418 National Duck Stamp Week - Co-sponsor1983
64116H.J. Res. 420 Resolution Honoring Chad Knutson1983
64117H.J. Res. 422 Women's History Week1983
64118H.J. Res. 423 National Eye Donor Month1983
64119H.J. Res. 427 President and Congress to Adopt Pay as You Go Budget - Cosponsor1983
64120H.R. 430 The Mandela Freedom Resolution1984
64121H.J. Res. 432 Parkinson's Disease Awareness Week1983
64122H.J. Res. 434 Freedom of Information Day-March 161983
64123H.J. Res. 437 National Employ the Older Worker Week1983
64124H.J. Res. 446 National Dance Week1984
64125H.R. 451 Presidential Medal of Freedom to David Phillip Vetter1984
64126H.J. Res. 452 Recognizing the Important Contributions of the Arts on Education1984
64127H.J. Res. 455 National Amateur Wrestling Week1984
64128H.J. Res. 466 Older American Month1984
64129H.J. Res. 477 Youth Art Month1984
64130H.J. Res. 478 National Week of the Ocean - Cosponsor1984
64131H.J. Res. 480 Jewish Heritage Week1984
64132H.J. Res. 482 Establishment of National Law Enforcement Heroes Memorial1984
64133H.J. Res. 484 National Arts with the Handicapped Week1984
64134H.J. Res. 487 D-day national Remembrance1984
64135H.J. Res. 489 Directing President to Secure Full Accounting of MIA's in Southeast Asia1984
64136H.J. Res. 491 National Sewing Month1984
64137H.J. Res. 497 Veterans Preference Month1984
64138H.J. Res. 499 National Women Veterans Recognition Week1984
64139H.R. 500 Repeal Sections 302 through 308 fo the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 19821983
64140H.J. Res. 501 Gold Medal to Elie Wiesel1984
64141H.J. Res. 505 National Adult Day Care Center Week1984
64142H.J. Res. 509 National Physical Fitness and Sports Month1984
64143H.J. Res. 512 National Down's Syndrome Month1984
64144H.R. 513 Statement on File (Renewable Energy Tax Credits)1984
64145H.R. 526 Statement on File (National Animal Health Week)1984
64146H.J. Res. 529 National Drug Abuse Education and Prevention Week1984
64147H.J. Res. 531 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty between U.S. and Russia1984
64148H.J. Res. 532 Missing Children Day1984
64149H.J. Res. 543 National Ice Cream Month1984
64150H.J. Res. 545 Emergency Medicine Week1984
64151H.J. Res. 546 Hawaii Statehood Silver Jubilee Day1984
64152H.J. Res. 547 Smokey Bear Week1984
64153H.R. 550 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 to Exclude Tips from Gross Income - Co-sponsor1983
64154H.J. Res. 555 Space Exploration Day July 20, 19841984
64155H.J. Res. 558 National Nurses' Recognition Day1984
64156H.J. Res. 563 National Child Passenger Safety Awareness Day1984
64157H.R. 565 National Groundwater Commission1983
64158H.J. Res. 567 Statement on File (St. Lawrence Seaway)1984
64159H.J. Res. 570 Hire a Vet Month1984
64160H.J. Res. 572 Statement on File (Food for Peace Day)1984
64161H.J. Res. 577 Polish American Heritage Month August, 19841984
64162H.J. Res. 580 Kahlil Gibran Memorial in District1984
64163H.J. Res. 583 National Jerome Kern Day1984
64164H.J. Res. 587 Ostomy Awareness Month1984
64165H.J. Res. 590 Statement on File (National Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Week)1984
64166H.J. Res. 591 National Diabetes Month1984
64167H.J. Res. 595 National Spina Bifida Month1984
64168H.J. Res. 603 National Day of Recognition for Father Junipero Serra1984
64169H.J. Res. 604 African Refugees Relief Day July 9, 19841984
64170H.J. Res. 606 National Housing Week1984
64171H.J. Res. 616 Establish National Commission on Federal Budget Deficit Reductions1984
64172H.J. Res. 624 Freedom of the Press Day1984
64173H.J. Res. 629 National Tourism Week1984
64174H.J. Res. 630 National School Guidance and Counseling Week1984
64175H.J. Res. 631 Mental Illness Awareness Week1984
64176H.R. 822 Prohibit and Negotiate with USSR for Limit on Chemical Weapons1983
64177H.R. 873 Correct Imbalances in Natural Gas Market - Co-sponsor1983
64178H.R. 877 Authorize and Direct Auditing of Various Federal Operations - Co-sponsor1983
64179H.R. 881 Improve the Quality of Education - Co-sponsor1983
64180H.R. 898 Improve Management of Federal Procurement Programs - Co-sponsor1983
64181H.R. 922 Non-recourse Loans on Commodities Received as Payments in Kind - Co-sponsor1983
64182H.R. 922 Commodities Received in Payment-in-Kind (PIK) Eligible for Regular Government Corp Loans1983
64183H.R. 960 Citizenship Posthumously on Corporal Wladyslaw Staniszewski1983
64184H.R. 999 Conserve Resources on Public and Indian Land - Co-sponsor1983
64185H.R. 1023 Repeal Withholding Tax from Interest and Dividends1983
64186H.R. 1024 FmHA Loan Deferral Bill 1/27/19831983
64187H.R. 1025 Federal Employees and Annuitants Transfer of Health and Benefits Plans1983
64188H.R. 1031 Agricultural Produce Bailment Bankruptcy Amendments Act of 19831983
64189H.R. 1036 Funds for Unemployment - Co-sponsor1983
64190H.R. 1077 Federal Funds Exempt for Agricultural Production on Highly Erodible Land - Co-sponsor1983
64191H.R. 1084 Provisions Requiring Withholding Tax from Interest and Dividends - Co-sponsor1983
64192H.R. 1136 Long-term Capital Gain Treatment for Distribution of Earnings by Small Business1983
64193H.R. 1137 Amend Title 38 Establish Advisory Committee on Women Veterans - Co-sponsor1983
64194H.R. 1176 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 to Allow Mortgage Revenue Bonds to be Issued - Co-sponsor1983
64195H.R. 1190 Emergency Credit Assistance to Farmers1983
64196H.R. 1197 Amend Export Administration Act of 1979 which Relate to Domestic Oil1983
64197H.R. 1240 The Fair Trade for Agriculture Act1983
64198H.R. 1249 Establish U.S. Academy of Peace and Conflict Resolution - Co-sponsor1983
64199H.R. 1264 Commission to Examine Volunteer Service - Co-sponsor1983
64200H.R. 1270 Declaring President's 1983 Certification to El Salvador Null and Void1983
64201H.R. 1282 Belle Fourche Irrigation Project1983
64202H.R. 1285 Amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 Remove Limitations on Charitable Contributions - Co-sponsor1983
64203H.R. 1296 Tax Payer May Treat For Income Tax Purposes Crop under Payment-in-Kind (PIK)1983
64204H.R. 1300 and 1299 Storage Fees and Surplus Food - Co-sponsor1983
64205H.R. 1386 General Revenue Sharing Payments to be Made Fifth Day of Each Quarter - Co-sponsor1983
64206H.R. 1400 Amend Title 38 New Educational Assistance for Veterans and Armed Forces - Co-sponsor1983
64207H.R. 1415 Protects Automobile Dealers from Unfair Price Discrimination1983
64208H.R. 1418 Amend Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 and Internal Revenue code of 1954 to Permit Mortgages - Co-sponsor1983
64209H.R 1429 Social Security Loophole Reform Act of 19831983
64210H.R. 1436 Amend the Highway Revenue Act of 1982 and Internal Revenue Code of 1954 Heavy Trucks and Fuel - Co-sponsor1983
64211H.R. 1443 Amend Title 38 Extend Period of Vietnam Veterans Psychological Adjustments - Co-sponsor1983
64212H.R. 1491 Salary Adjustments for Members of Congress1983
64213H.R. 1587 Amend Internal Revenue Code of 1954 Reporting of Tips - Co-sponsor1983
64214H.R. 1592 Include Soybeans in Support Program1983
64215H.R. 1595 Renewable Energy Acts and Solar Energy (SENSE) Co-sponsor1983
64216H.R. 1597 Promote Use of Energy-conserving Equipment and Biofuels by Department of Defense - Co-sponsor1983
64217H.R. 1598 Create Jobs in Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Industries - Co-sponsor1983
64218H.R. 1601 Repeal Provisions of Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 - Report Tips - Co-sponsor1983
64219H.R. 1617 Changes in Membership and Operations of Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations1983
64220H.R. 1645 Increase Per Diem by VA (Veterans Administration) to States Providing Hospital, Domiciliary, Nursing Care1983
64221H.R. 1689 Second Morrill Act1983
64222H.R. 1706 Square Dance as National Folk Dance in U.S. - Co-sponsor1983
64223H.R. 1743 Amends National Labor Relations Act1983
64224H.R. 1773 Amend the Internal Revenue Code of 19541983
64225H.R. 1776 Congressional Review of Agency Rules and Expanded Judicial Review1983
64226H.R. 1800 Consumer and Agricultural Bankruptcy Bill - Co-sponsor1983
64227H.R. 1870 Secretary of Treasury to Coin and Sell Medal in Honor of Vietnam Veterans - Co-sponsor1983
64228H.R. 1879 Fix the Level of Tax Expenditures of Congressional Budgets - Co-sponsor1983
64229H.R. 1881 Federal Charter National Society - Co-sponsor1983
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7242Washington Weekly1986
731Clips Summer1984
732Clips - Campaign1985
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734Clips May (1)1986
735Clips May (2)1986
736Clips June (1)1986
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742Media Clips 1986 April 1-31986
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748Media Clips 1986 September 22-October 101986
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7410Media Clips 1986 October 22-December 181986
7411South Dakota Trip #3 Laurie August 8-181980
7412South Dakota Trip #17 August 8-181980
7413South Dakota Trip #18 August 23-241980
7414South Dakota Trip #19 August 29-September 11980
7415NADO (National Association of Development Organizations) Conference August 271980
7416South Dakota Trip #20 September 12-131980
7417South Dakota Trip #21 September 19-221980
7418South Dakota Trip #22 September 26-291980
7419South Dakota Trip #23 October 3-71980
7420South Dakota Trip #24 October 9-111980
7421South Dakota Trip #25 October 13-201980
7422South Dakota Trip #26 October 23-271980
7423South Dakota Trip #27 October 29-November 61980
7424South Dakota Trip #28 December 4-61980
7425South Dakota Trip #29 December 11-151980
7426Fundraising Trip #6 January 9-141986
7427Fundraising January 27-291986
7428Fundraising January 31-February 21986
7429Fundraising (New York) February 10-121986
7430Fundraising February 21-231986
7431National (Oklahoma) February 27-March 21986
7432Fundraising March 21-271986
7433Fundraising April 10-141986
751Media Report Week of January 3-121985
751.1Daschle Press System: Pre 19781978
751.2Daschle Press System: 19781978
751.3Daschle Press System: 19791979
751.4Daschle Press System: 19801980
751.5Daschle Press System: 19811981
751.6Daschle Press System: 19821982
751.7Daschle Press System: 19831983
751.8Daschle Press System: 19841984
752Media Report Week of January 13-191985
752.1Daschle Press System: 19851985
752.2Daschle Press System: 19861986
753Media Report Week of January 20-261985
754Media Report Week of January 27-February 21985
755Media Report Week of February 3-91985
756Media Report Week of February 10-161985
757Media Report Week of February 17-231985
758Media Report Week of February 24-March 21985
759Media Report Week of March 3-91985
7510Media Report Week of March 10-161985
7511Media Report Week of March 17-231985
7512Media Report Week of March 24-301985
7513Media Report Week of March 31-April 61985
7514Media Report Week of April 7-131985
7515Media Report Week of April 14-201985
7516Media Report Week of April 21-271985
7517Media Report Week of April 28-May 41985
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761Carbons January 19841984
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7610Public Concerns Foundation Inc.1986
7611National Federation of Decency1986
7612National Child Abuse Coalition1895
7613Missouri Bank Stabilization: 19881984
7614Rosebud Rural Water Project1985
7615Rural Water Development1986
7616Rural Water Funding - FmHA Grants1986
7617Rural Water: Generalundated
7618Standing Rock Tribe - Eagle Unit Irrigation1985
7620Small Reclamation Project Act - H.R. 20251985
7621Small Reclamation Projects Act1985
7622Sioux River Bank Stabilization1984
7623Soil Conservation Act of 19851985
7624Big Sioux River Flood Control - Study1985
7625Tower and Greenwood Irrigation1981
7626Tower and Greenwood: Erosion1987
7627Turkey-Clay Creek Watershed - Objections1984
7628Union Creek Watershed Project1985
7629Water Letters - General1985
7630Water Survey - Fall 19851985
7631WEB (Walworth-Edmunds-Brown) - 99th Congress1985
7632Health Care Cost Control Act1983
7633Health Planning Act1981
7636Human Services Amendments1984
7637Modification of the Average Schedules (1)1986
7638Modification of the Average Schedules (2)1971
7639Statistics Health / Welfare / Medical1981