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Eminent Farmer and Homemaker Collection

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Collection Summary


UA 50.13


Eminent Farmers and Homemakers Program Collection


Eminent Farmers and Homemakers Program, South Dakota State University




3.80 linear feet (7 boxes) photographs




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

Access note

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Preferred Citation

Name of item . Eminent Farmer and Homemaker Collection. UA 50.13. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


The Eminent Farmer and Homemaker program began in 1927 by South Dakota State College, now South Dakota State University. The purpose was to recognize and to express appreciation to outstanding farmers/ranchers and homemakers in South Dakota; these people are the outstanding leaders in rural South Dakota. The collection is composed of scrapbooks, photographs, citations, and publications related to Eminent Farmer and Homemaker Program and South Dakota State University.

Historical Note

The Eminent Farmers and Homemakers Program has been a program of South Dakota State University since 1927. In that first year, following a campaign by the Farmer magazine and the South Dakota Agricultural Extension Service, the South Dakota Board of Regents named two South Dakota farmers Eminent Farmers. In addition to the degree granted by the Board of Regents, the farmer's portraits were hung on the wall in Agricultural Hall in what became known as the "Wall of Fame". In 1928, the Eminent Farmers were joined by two Master Farm Homemakers, a title granted by the Farmer's Wife magazine and the South Dakota Agricultural Extension Service. Women in 12 other states also received the citation, which began as an effort to heighten awareness of the role the farm home played in the community. These Master Homemakers also had portraits placed on the wall and were given the citation in a ceremony taking place at the same time as the Eminent Farmer ceremony. Beginning in 1935, the women's title change to Eminent Farm Homemaker and the women, along with the men, were granted the degree by the South Dakota Board of Regents. Later still, the title evolved to its current name Eminent Homemaker.

In the early years, the Board of Regents actually granted an honorary degree to the chosen nominees. In the 1950's, the terms were clarified to set the citations apart from that of an honorary degree yet are still a great honor. Today, the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, the College of Family and Consumer Sciences and the Cooperative Extension Service jointly administer the Eminent Farmer and Homemaker program at South Dakota State University. The college deans and the director of the Extension Service appoint a committee made up of faculty and staff of the respective divisions to take responsibility for the program. Each spring, this committee sends out a letter to County Extension offices asking for nominations and alerts the news media that nominations are being sought. The committee makes recommendations based upon the nominees' contributions to their communities, their families and the professions. Their final recommendations are sent to the president of South Dakota State University for approval and then forwarded to the Board of Regents for final approval.


This collection is arranged into four series:

Series 1. Scrapbooks

Series 2. Honoree Photographs

Series 3. Honoree Citations

Series 4. Publications

Contents Note

This collection is composed of scrapbooks, photographs, citations, and publications related to Eminent Farmers and Homemakers.

Series 1. Scrapbooks.

The Scrapbooks are composed of three scrapbooks of the Eminent Farmers and Homemakers. Scrapbook I covers the years 1928-1969 and includes a report of an annual business meeting, newsletters, newspaper clippings of eminent farmers and homemakers (mainly obituaries), correspondence, programs and memorabilia. Scrapbook II is titled "Sands of Time" and covers the years 1952-1982. This scrapbook includes newspaper clippings, photographs, minutes from annual meetings for the years 1965-1982, and a necrology report for 1972-82 that lists deaths of eminent farmer and homemakers and notes the year that they were honored. Scrapbook III is titled "History, 1972-1988". This scrapbook includes biographies of eminent farmer and homemakers, programs from annual meetings and notes any deaths that occurred during the year. Also included is a mailing list of Master Farmer Homemakers for 1972-1988.

Series 2. Honoree photographs.

The Honoree photographs are composed of photographs of Eminent Farmer and Homemakers for the years 1927-1991. These photographs formerly hung on the Eminent Farmer and Homemaker Wall of Fame in Agricultural Hall on the South Dakota State University Campus. Most of the photographs are approximately 14.5 inches x 18 inches in size. Due to the manner in which these photographs were displayed, many were damaged by UV rays. On the mat of each photograph was a caption that included the name, year honored, and county or town of the Eminent Farmer of Homemaker. The Eminent Farmer photographs also included their occupation or area of interest in the caption. The Eminent Homemaker photograph captions only stated that each was an Eminent Homemaker and most do not include the woman's first name, only the name of their spouse preceded by Mrs. (i.e. Mrs. John Doe). This seemed to remain the practice until the late 1980's.

Mats and frames that housed the Honoree Photographs were removed for preservation purposes. Care was taken in the removal of the mats, however some tape and dried glue residue still remains. Photographs and negatives were removed to the Photograph Archives for preservation and access purposes. The negatives that accompany these photographs are mainly 4 inches x 5 inches in size and cover the years 1960-1991. The negatives were produced after the photographs were removed from Agricultural Hall and before the mats were removed. The caption that was included on the mat of each photograph appears in these negatives. This material is arranged chronologically.

Series 3. Honoree citations.

The Honoree citations are composed of citations of Eminent Farmers and Homemakers. Each citation includes biographical information about the farmer or homemaker, information about how each manages their farm or household, and notes other awards or offices held. Some citations include a transcript of the acceptance speech given by the farmer or homemaker at the recognition banquet. The earlier citations generally include stories of how their families came to homestead in Dakota Territory and include accounts of dealing with blizzards and Indians. This material is arranged alphabetically.

Series 4. Publications.

The publications are composed of programs published for the Eminent Farmers and Homemakers banquet held annually to recognize that year's recipients of the award.

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Key Words

  • Farmers -- South Dakota -- Awards
  • Homemakers -- South Dakota -- Awards
  • Men -- South Dakota -- Awards
  • South Dakota State University -- Eminent Farmers and Homemakers Program
  • Women -- South Dakota – Awards

Container List


Eminent Farmer and Homemaker Collection Container List. UA 50.13

1. Scrapbooks1ItemScrapbook I1928-1969
1. Scrapbooks2ItemScrapbook II Sands of Time1952-1982
1. Scrapbooks32Scrapbook III History 1972-19881972
1. Scrapbooks33Scrapbook III History 1972-19881973
1. Scrapbooks34Scrapbook III History 1972-19881974
1. Scrapbooks35Scrapbook III History 1972-19881975
1. Scrapbooks36Scrapbook III History 1972-19881976
1. Scrapbooks37Scrapbook III History 1972-19881977
1. Scrapbooks38Scrapbook III History 1972-19881978
1. Scrapbooks39Scrapbook III History 1972-19881979
1. Scrapbooks310Scrapbook III History 1972-19881980
1. Scrapbooks311Scrapbook III History 1972-19881981
1. Scrapbooks312Scrapbook III History 1972-19881982
1. Scrapbooks313Scrapbook III History 1972-19881983
1. Scrapbooks314Scrapbook III History 1972-19881984
1. Scrapbooks315Scrapbook III History 1972-19881985
1. Scrapbooks316Scrapbook III History 1972-19881986
1. Scrapbooks317Scrapbook III History 1972-19881987
1. Scrapbooks318Scrapbook III History 1972-19881988
1. Scrapbooks319Scrapbook III History 1972-19881989
1. Scrapbooks319Scrapbook III History 1972-1988 - SD?no year?
1. Scrapbooks31Scrapbook III History 1972-1988--Our Creedundated
1. Scrapbooks320Scrapbook III History 1972-1988—SD Guild of Master Farm Homemakers Mailing List1988
2. Honoree photographs418Abild, Henry A.; Farmer—Feeder; Clay | Dittman, Fred (Mrs.); Hyde | Meland, John; Farmer—Livestock; Roberts | Rehfeld, Louisa F. (Mrs.); Brown1947
2. Honoree photographs451Acheson, Earl P.; Lake | Brown, Paul E.; Brookings | Naughton, Elizabeth D. (Mrs.); Hyde | Schuh; Viola (Mrs.); Corson1980
2. Honoree photographs455Acheson, Mildred (Mrs.); Lake | Jorgensen, Martin; Tripp | Smith, John W.; McCook | Snyder, Janice (Mrs.); Meade1984
2. Honoree photographs413Agnew, Frank; Community Leader; Kingsbury | Kotrba, Mary E. (Mrs.); Davison | Rehorst, H.J. (Mrs.); Butte | Test, Lawrence D.; Farmer—Dairyman; Davison1939
2. Honoree photographs427Ahrens, Charles Henry; Community Builder—Farmer; Wagner | Cundill, Frank; Rancher—Public Service; Firesteel | Tupper, Bert (Mrs.); Madison | Wieting, Ethel (Mrs. Charles); Tulare1956
2. Honoree photographs435Anderson, Carl A.; Ranching—Community Service; Ziebach | Holscher, Fred H.; Farming—Conservation—Public Service; Faulk | Rice, Donald C. (Mrs.); Bennett | Wilson, Allan E. (Mrs.); Brown1964
2. Honoree photographs460Anderson, Harold D.; Hyde | Bachand, Jeanne; Meade | Heine, Doris; Clay | Sharp, Robert; Brown1989
2. Honoree photographs457Anderson, Selmer J.; Deuel | Homelvig; Mary; Fall River | Murphy, Mary Ellen; Pennington | Sutton, John E. (Matt), Jr.; Sully1986
2. Honoree photographs462Anderson, Virginia; Fall River | Cuppy, Bernice; Faulk | Glaus, John; Brule | Schuette, William; Hyde1991
2. Honoree photographs432Arne, Earl L. (Mrs.); Clark | Brooks, Louis J.; Crops—Livestock—Community Service; Bennett | Hansmeier, Henry F.; Crops—Seedsman—Public Service; Day Reynolds, Adeline (Mrs. Garrett C.); Sully1961
2. Honoree photographs45Babcock, Thornton N.; Farmer—Livestock Breeder; Codington | Ernst, George C. (Mrs.); Brown | Hill, Albert; Farmer—Livestock Breeder; Hanson | Johnson, Vincent S. (Mrs.); Lawrence1931
2. Honoree photographs428Bailey, Edward J.; Crops—Soils; Lucas | Dybvig, Henry N.; Horticulture—Crops—Public Service; Baltic | Larson, Lillian (Mrs. George); Lake Preston | Olson, Lillian (Mrs. O.V.); Huron1957
2. Honoree photographs430Barkley, Ivan L.; Rancher—Public Service; Fall River | Gross, Ellwood (Mrs.); Lake | Hodgson, George E. (Mrs.); Jerauld | Rush, Clifford R.; Livestock—Crops—Public Service; Hand1959
2. Honoree photographs434Barnett, Ray E.; Public Service—Farmer; Brookings | Bierschbach, Anton M. (Mrs.); Day | Blair, Enos E.; Public Service—Livestock; Meade | Herron, L.W. (Mike) (Mrs.); Potter1963
2. Honoree photographs436Baxter, Everett G. (Mrs.); Hamlin | Jorgensen, Martin F.; Livestock—Crop—Community Service; Tripp | Malone, Stella (Mrs. George H.); Shannon | Ripp, Henry P.; Livestock Improvement—Community Service; Hutchinson1965
2. Honoree photographs417Baxter, H.E.; Farmer—Crops; Hamlin | Cole, John A.; Farmer—Livestock; Bon Homme | Nold, Mary E. (Mrs.); Turner | Rogers, H.M. (Mrs.); Codington1946
2. Honoree photographs44Belk, John T.; Farmer—Cooperatives; Codington | Boe, Jorgen J.; Farmer—Livestock; Lyman | Davis, Carrie R. (Mrs. Willis H.); Spink | Renner, George L. (Mrs.); Minnehaha1930
2. Honoree photographs448Benson, Willard; Fall River | Daly, Richard F.; Brown | Hammer, Robert (Mrs.); Moody | Tompkins, Elden (Mrs.); Hyde1977
2. Honoree photographs438Bentley, Ida Marie (Mrs. Thomas O.); Haakon | Blair, Harry; Livestock—Public Service; Meade | Fenner, Merritt A.; Crops—Livestock Improvement; Beadle | Guindon, Edith A. (Mrs. Roy A.); Aurora1967
2. Honoree photographs461Berwald, Arlen; Deuel | Reeves, Lorraine; Moody | Schwab, John J.; Day | Shubeck, Carol; Clay1990
2. Honoree photographs445Biever, Violet (Mrs. Joe); Fall River | Eikmeier, Earl; Livestock Improvement—Community Service; Moody Melius, Genevieve (Mrs. Delos); Faulk | Mitchell, Elvin E.; Ranching—Community Service; Lawrence1974
2. Honoree photographs43Boe, Marith (Mrs. Norman Nelsen); Yankton | Crothers, Percy R.; Farmer—Dairyman; Kingsbury | Davis, Willis H.; Farmer—Livestock Breeder; Spink | Dickerson, Earl (Mrs.); Turner1929
2. Honoree photographs49Bogue, Edward; Farmer—Dairyman; Lincoln | Michaels, John Rudolph; Farmer—Livestock; Codington | Ruppel, W.A. (Mrs.); Beadle | Sloat, Addie (Mrs.); Potter1935
2. Honoree photographs454Bogue, Hilbert; Lincoln | Glaus, Florine (Mrs.); Brule | Nelson, Ruth E. (Mrs.); Roberts | Peterson, Orville K.; Hyde1983
2. Honoree photographs414Boyd, J.E. (Mrs.); Lake | Brakke, Andrew T.; Livestock; Lyman | Naessig, William M.; Farmer—Crops; Day | Vallery, Ella (Mrs. Peter P.); Butte1940
2. Honoree photographs410Briscoe, Henry J.; Farmer—Livestock; Potter | Cheney, Lisle (Mrs. Robert L.); Haakon | Fryer, Albert R.; Cooperatives—Grain; Spink | Halvorson, Herman C.; Farmer—Tree Specialist; Brookings | Laisy, E.W. (Mrs.); Harding | Murphy, Paul C.;  | Rancher—Sheep1936
2. Honoree photographs459Brockmueller, Gordon; Hutchinson | Daniel, William O.; Lake | Panek, Agnes; Lawrence | Putnam, Erna; Douglas1988
2. Honoree photographs458Brooking, James; Sully | Daniel, Chrys; Lake | Olson, Ernest; Hamlin | Runner, Redella; Bennett1987
2. Honoree photographs48Bucher, Edward E. (Mrs.); Hand | Crowder, R.M.; Organization—Livestock Feeding; Union | Hayes, T.E.; Community Builder—Livestock; Perkins | Meehan, Louis L. (Mrs.); Lake1934
2. Honoree photographs46Cheney, Robert L.; Pure Alfalfa Seed—Livestock; Haakon | Dailey, William; Corn Breeder—Livestock; Moody | Hawkes, William P. (Mrs.); Douglas | Rasmussen, Charles A. (Mrs.); Brown1932
2. Honoree photographs437Clanton, Willo (Mrs. Russell Cather); Harding | Jones, Edith (Mrs. Lloyd); Deuel | Merry, Lyman G.; Crops—Conservative—Public Service; Minnehaha | Sperry, Allen R.; Livestock—Resource Development--Public Service; Brown1966
2. Honoree photographs440Clifford, Catherine A. (Mrs. Mortimer); Shannon | Durland, T. Floyd; Farm Mechanics—Community Service; Moody | Ingalls, Lawrence E.; Livestock Improvement—Community Service; Meade | Moe, Myrl (Mrs. Chester); Hanson1969
2. Honoree photographs449Cowan, Joseph (Mrs.); Day | Houck, L. Roy; Hughes | Kettler, Roman (Mrs.); Marshall | Strain, Eugene; Mellette1978
2. Honoree photographs47Croll, L.B. (Mrs.); Hand | Severson, Jacob B.; Farmer—Livestock; Minnehaha | Strand, Henry J. (Mrs.); Brown | Wenz, Titus C.; Farmer—Seed Grower; Brown1933
2. Honoree photographs421Curry, Joseph J.; Farmer—Livestock—Corn Breeder; Union | Eicholtz, Walter W. (Mrs.); Spink | Kelsey, Arthur C.; Farmer—Livestock; Miner | Moe, Peter (Mrs.); Roberts1950
2. Honoree photographs447Dailey, Leonard E.; Union | Goodroad, Vernon; Deuel | Hinrichs, James (Mrs.); Jerauld | Muchow, Martin (Mrs.); Minnehaha1976
2. Honoree photographs416Davies, John; Crops—Soil Building—Stock; Edmunds | Larson, Fredricka (Mrs.); Day | Morsman, Grant W.; Irrigation—Beets—Sheep Butte | Mossing, G.W. (Mrs.); Lawrence1944
2. Honoree photographs444Davis, Adele (Mrs. Wilmer); Brookings | Eitemiller, Vene C.; Agricultural Development; Charles Mix | Symens, Wilbert I.; Community Development; Marshall | Woods, Selma (Mrs. Monroe); Aurora1973
2. Honoree photographs415Davis, William M.; Farmer—Livestock; Beadle | Hicks, Anna (Mrs. Thomas H.); Grant | Larsen, Inga A. (Mrs. L.T.); Perkins | Wyatt, W.F.; Farmer—Livestock; Fall River1941
2. Honoree photographs424Dillon, J. Rees (Mrs.); Brentford | Johnson, Raymond P.; Livestock—Crops—Public Service; Rapid City | Rames, William; Crops—Livestock; Menno | Schuelke, A.J. (Mrs.); Groton1953
2. Honoree photographs41Downer, John M.; Farmer—Livestock Breeder; Turner | Wimple, Andrew J.; Farmer—Corn Breeder; Lincoln1927
2. Honoree photographs442Elsing, John E.; Community Service—Agriculture; Spink | Larson, Amy K. (Mrs. Chris); Butte | Petik, Evelyn (Mrs. Joseph); Corson | Wright, Warren L.; Youth and Rural Development; Minnehaha1971
2. Honoree photographs431Evans, Esther M. (Mrs.); Spink | Gaffin, Christine (Mrs. Leonard); Lincoln | Meyer, Otto G.; Rancher—Community Service; Perkins | Swope, Frank; Orient1960
2. Honoree photographs433Evans, Matthew (Mrs.); Edmunds | Keffler, Albert; Livestock—Public Service; Meade | Laue, Otto (Mrs.); Custer | Wallace, Percy J.; Crops—Community Service; Marshall1962
2. Honoree photographs423Fairchild, Grace (Mrs.); Haakon | Lien, Alfred J.; Livestock—Community Builder; Charles Mix | Sutera, Joseph (Mrs.); Bon Homme | Thomas, S.C.; Crops—Livestock; Bon Homme1952
2. Honoree photographs452Fauske, Ingebert; Jackson | Fuller, Chas. (Mrs.); Clay | Leonhardt, Roland; Kingsbury | Shindelbower; Albina (Mrs.); Hutchinson1981
2. Honoree photographs446Feller, Francis (Mrs.); Miner | Ginsbach, Peter H.; Minnehaha | Healy, Emmett (Mrs.); Brule | Rausch, William; Potter1975
2. Honoree photographs429Fletcher; Everrett A.; Potatoes—Public Service; Clark | Gallagher, Ann (Mrs. H.P.); Meade | Kratochvil, Fanny (Mrs. Will J.); Union | Preheim, Henry P.; Crops—Public Service; Turner1958
2. Honoree photographs439Gauger, John F.; Livestock Improvement—Community Service; Deuel | Hanson, Merle L.; Crops—Farm Organization—Public Service; Lincoln | Masteller, Margaret (Mrs. Merl); Walworth | Millar, George (Mrs.); Bennett1968
2. Honoree photographs441Hageman, Pauline G. (Mrs. Edward); Fall River | Hauffe, Albert C.; Rural Electrification; McPherson | Keller, Gyda (Mrs. Arthur W.); Potter | Norman, Roy; Community Service; Stanley1971
2. Honoree photographs426Ham, Ernest B.; Rancher—Stockman; Viewfield | Hinkley, Grace (Mrs. William P., Sr.); Hoven | Sanderson, E.G.; Crops—Public Service; Aurora | Wiersma, Niesje (Mrs. John); Volga1955
2. Honoree photographs453Hansmeier, Ralph H.; Day | La Bay; Louise (Mrs.); Spink | Schwanke, Walter; Codington | Stroschein, Oriska (Mrs.); Deuel1982
2. Honoree photographs420Hertel, Henry; Farmer—Crops; Sully | Johnson, Helen (Mrs. R.P.); Pennington | Opdahl,  Harold N.; Farmer—Community Service; Hamlin | Schlomer, Hannah (Mrs. John C.); Walworth1949
2. Honoree photographs422Jackson, T.A.; Conservationist; Fall River | Justice, Arthur R. (Mrs.); Brookings | McHugh, Frank J.; Livestock—Crop Improvement; Brown | Sisson, Myrtle (Mrs. George); Butte1951
2. Honoree photographs412Keehn, Thomas J.; Community Leader; Turner | Lacey, Christian K. (Mrs.); Minnehaha | Maas, August; Cooperatives—Irrigation; Butte | Torvik, Marie L. (Mrs. W.O.); Roberts1938
2. Honoree photographs450Kirsch, Laura E. (Mrs.); Mellette | Knochenmus, Henry J.; Minnehaha | Landekil, Camille (Mrs.); Moody | Zeller, Leslie L.; Clay1979
2. Honoree photographs456Leafstedt, Wendell; Union | Seas, Charlotte (Mrs.); Brookings1985
2. Honoree photographs463List of Eminent Farmer & Homemakers (by name; county/town) 
2. Honoree photographs419Ludwig, Mary Alice (Mrs. Van); Sully | McLoughlin, J.F.; Farmer—Livestock; Hanson | Mernaugh, Margaret (Mrs. S.C.); Sanborn | Slocum, Edward C.; Farmer—Community Service; Campbell1948
2. Honoree photographs443Martens, Selma (Mrs. Harry); Beadle | Miles, Ethel (Mrs. William E.), Gregory | Sutton, John Edwin; Agricultural Development; Sully | Witt, Harry; Livestock Improvement; Day1972
2. Honoree photographs42O'Banion, W.J. (Mrs.); Lincoln | Robertson, John S.; Fruit Grower—Nurseryman; Fall River | Sorenson, Martin Mrs.); Yankton | Sour, David; Potato Grower—Public Service; Hamlin1928
2. Honoree photographs411Rebbe, Henry L. (Mrs.); Lawrence | Rezac, Joseph J.; Farmer—Livestock; Yankton | Thompson, Olynphious S.; Cooperatives—Livestock; Minnehaha | Thoreson, Annie (Mrs.); Minnehaha1937
2. Honoree photographs425Robins, Smith; Florence | Schenk, Orpha (Mrs. Joseph K.); Spearfish | Sherburne, Arthur (Mrs.); Gary | Taylor, Walter C.; Rapid1954
3. Honoree citations52Abild, Henry N.1947
3. Honoree citations53Agnew, Frank1939
3. Honoree citations54Ahrens, Charles Henry1956
3. Honoree citations55Anderson, Carl A.1964
3. Honoree citations56Arne, Earl L. (Mrs.)1961
3. Honoree citations57Babcock, Thornton N.1931
3. Honoree citations58Bailey, Edward J.1957
3. Honoree citations59Barkley, Ivan L.1959
3. Honoree citations510Barnett, Ray E.1963
3. Honoree citations511Baxter, Everett G. (Mrs.)1965
3. Honoree citations512Baxter, H.E.1946
3. Honoree citations513Belk, John T.1930
3. Honoree citations514Bentley, Ida Marie (Mrs. Thomas O.)1967
3. Honoree citations515Bierschbach, Anton M. (Mrs.)1963
3. Honoree citations516Biever, Violet (Mrs. Joe)1974
3. Honoree citations517Blair, Enos E.1963
3. Honoree citations518Blair, Harry1967
3. Honoree citations519Boe, Jorgen J.1930
3. Honoree citations520Boe, Marith (Mrs. Norman Nelsen)1929
3. Honoree citations521Bogue, Edward1935
3. Honoree citations522Boyd, J.E. (Mrs.)1940
3. Honoree citations523Brakke, Andrew T.1940
3. Honoree citations524Briscoe, Henry J.1937
3. Honoree citations525Brooks, Louis J.1961
3. Honoree citations526Bucher, Edward E. (Mrs.)1934
3. Honoree citations527Cheney, Lisle (Mrs. Robert L.)1936
3. Honoree citations528Cheney, Robert L.1932
3. Honoree citations529Clanton, Willo (Mrs. Russell Cather)1966
3. Honoree citations530Clifford, Catherine A. (Mrs. Mortimer)1969
3. Honoree citations531Cole, John A.1946
3. Honoree citations532Croll, L.B. (Mrs.)1933
3. Honoree citations533Crothers, Percy R.1929
3. Honoree citations534Crowder, R. M.1934
3. Honoree citations535Cundill, Frank1956
3. Honoree citations536Curry, Joseph J.1950
3. Honoree citations537Dailey, William1932
3. Honoree citations538Davies, John1944
3. Honoree citations539Davis, Adele (Mrs. Wilmer)1973
3. Honoree citations540Davis, Carrie R. (Mrs. Willis H.)1930
3. Honoree citations541Davis, William M.1941
3. Honoree citations542Davis, Willis H.1929
3. Honoree citations543Dickerson, Earl (Mrs.)1929
3. Honoree citations544Dittman, Fred (Mrs.)1947
3. Honoree citations545Downer, John M.1927
3. Honoree citations546Durland, T. Floyd1969
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3. Honoree citations549Eikmeier, Earl1974
3. Honoree citations550Eitemiller, Vene C.1973
3. Honoree citations551Elsing, John E.1971
3. Honoree citations552Ernst, George C. (Mrs.)1931
3. Honoree citations553Evans, Esther M. (Mrs.)1960
3. Honoree citations554Evans, Matthew (Mrs.)1962
3. Honoree citations555Fenner, Merritt A.1967
3. Honoree citations556Fletcher, Everett A.1958
3. Honoree citations557Fryer, Albert R.1937
3. Honoree citations558Gaffin, Christine (Mrs. Leonard)1960
3. Honoree citations559Gallagher, Ann (Mrs. H.P.)1958
3. Honoree citations560Gauger, John F.1968
3. Honoree citations561Gross, Ellwood (Mrs.)1959
3. Honoree citations562Guindon, Edith A. (Mrs. Roy A.)1967
3. Honoree citations563Hageman, Pauline G. (Mrs. Edward)1970
3. Honoree citations564Halvorson, Herman C.1936
3. Honoree citations565Ham, Ernest B.1955
3. Honoree citations566Hansmeier, Henry F.1961
3. Honoree citations567Hanson, Merle L.1968
3. Honoree citations568Hauffe, Albert C.1970
3. Honoree citations569Hawkes, William P. (Mrs.)1932
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3. Honoree citations578Ingalls, Lawrence E.1969
3. Honoree citations579Jackson, T.A.1951
3. Honoree citations580Johnson, Helen (Mrs. R.P.)1949
3. Honoree citations581Johnson, Vincent S. (Mrs.)1931
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3. Honoree citations583Jorgensen, Martin F.1965
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3. Honoree citations585Keffeler, Albert1962
3. Honoree citations586Keller, Gyda (Mrs. Arthur W.)1970
3. Honoree citations587Kelsey, Arthur C.1950
3. Honoree citations588Kotrba, Mary E. (Mrs.)1939
3. Honoree citations589Kratochvil, Fanny (Mrs. Will J.)1958
3. Honoree citations590Lacey, Christina K. (Mrs.)1938
3. Honoree citations591Laisy, E.W. (Mrs.)1936
3. Honoree citations592Larsen, Inga A. (Mrs. L.T.)1941
3. Honoree citations593Larson, Amy K. (Mrs. Chris)1971
3. Honoree citations594Larson, Fredricka (Mrs.)1944
3. Honoree citations595Larson, Lillian (Mrs. George)1957
3. Honoree citations596Laue, Otto (Mrs.)1962
3. Honoree citations597Ludwig, Mary Alice (Mrs. Van)1948
3. Honoree citations61Malone, Stella (Mrs. George H.)1965
3. Honoree citations62Martens, Selma (Mrs. Harry)1972
3. Honoree citations63Masteller, Margaret (Mrs. Merl)1968
3. Honoree citations64McHugh, Frank J.1951
3. Honoree citations65McLoughlin, J.F.1948
3. Honoree citations66Meehan, Louis L. (Mrs.)1934
3. Honoree citations67Meland, John1947
3. Honoree citations68Melius, Genevieve (Mrs. Delos)1974
3. Honoree citations69Mernaugh, Margaret (Mrs. S.C.)1948
3. Honoree citations610Merry, Lyman G.1966
3. Honoree citations611Meyer, Otto G.1960
3. Honoree citations612Michaels, John Rudolph1935
3. Honoree citations613Miles, Ethel (Mrs. William E.)1972
3. Honoree citations614Millar, George (Mrs.)1968
3. Honoree citations615Mitchell, Elvin E.1974
3. Honoree citations616Moe, Myrl (Mrs. Chester)1969
3. Honoree citations617Moe, Peter (Mrs.)1950
3. Honoree citations618Morsman, Grant W.1944
3. Honoree citations619Mossing, G.W. (Mrs.)1944
3. Honoree citations620Murphy, Paul C.1936
3. Honoree citations621Naessig, William M.1940
3. Honoree citations622Nold, Mary E. (Mrs.)1946
3. Honoree citations623Norman, Roy1970
3. Honoree citations624O'Banion, W.J. (Mrs.)1928
3. Honoree citations625Olson, Lillian (Mrs. O.V.)1957
3. Honoree citations626Opdahl, Harold N.1949
3. Honoree citations627Petik, Evelyn (Mrs. Joseph)1971
3. Honoree citations628Preheim, Henry P.1958
3. Honoree citations629Rasmussen, Charles A. (Mrs.)1932
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4. Publications71Eminent Farmers and Homemakers of South Dakota1927-1956
4. Publications72Eminent Farmers and Homemakers of South Dakota1965-1995
4. Publications73Recognition Banquet programs1927-1974, 2005
4. Publications74South Dakota Eminent Farmers & Homemakers by Mylo Hellickson1996

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